School Mask Protest

Barbara Ryan, of Thurmont, left and Bridget Kalivretenos and her three sons joined more than 70 protesters gathered outside the board room of the Frederick County Public Schools headquarters to protest the decision to require staff and students in all schools to wear masks when school begins in two weeks.

About 75 people gathered outside the Frederick County Board of Education building Wednesday, protesting the school system’s recent decision to require masks when school resumes in two weeks.

Waving signs with phrases such as “end medical tyranny” and “choice not force,” the demonstrators chanted “masks don’t work” and “my body, my choice.” Motorists traveling past the East Street building in downtown Frederick often punctuated their calls with loud honks of encouragement.

“Breathing is our fundamental right,” said one attendee, Bridget Kalivretenos. She brought her three young sons along to the protest, each of them toting a large cardboard sign. “I will never send my kids to school in a mask.”

Kalivretenos has pulled her kids — two 9-year-olds and a 4-year-old — out of FCPS, she said. She plans to send them to a private school but will homeschool them if masks are mandated there, too.

Many parents at the demonstration Wednesday echoed her, saying they’d either already pulled their children from the public schools or were considering it.

School Mask Protest

More than 70 protesters gathered outside the board room of the Frederick County Public Schools headquarters.

In May, FCPS asked parents to choose whether they’d send their child to school for in-person instruction in the fall or opt for all-virtual programming. The deadline for that decision was June 1, at which point the system had hoped to operate without masking or distancing requirements come August.

But as the highly transmissible delta variant of the coronavirus began to spread this summer, and public health guidance began to shift, FCPS reversed course.

April Montgomery said her daughter, a middle schooler, dealt with panic attacks and struggled to concentrate while masked in class last spring. She was signed up for in-person learning this fall and had looked forward to going to school mask-free. But now, Montgomery is looking to switch her to the virtual option.

FCPS spokesman Brandon Oland said that’s been a common request since the mask mandate was announced last week. He emphasized that the system had been clear all along that its plans could change if health metrics shifted.

As of June 1, only about 1,400 FCPS students were slated for all-virtual schooling — roughly 3 percent of the system’s population. Now, Oland said, there’s a waiting list for families who have changed their minds.

The number of students on the waiting list varies by grade level and changes daily, Oland said, making it hard to pin down an estimated total.

“We have to make sure that we have the staff that are needed to accommodate virtual learners,” Oland said. “They aren’t physical spaces, but it’s not going to be a good experience for anyone to have 85, 90 students in a classroom.”

After the afternoon protest, which was organized by Mason Carter, a rising Walkersville High School senior and Republican candidate for County Council who said his policies are inspired by former president Donald Trump, about a dozen parents and community members filed into the board’s public meeting.

School Mask Protest

Vincent Kalivretenos, 9, carries a sign as he joined more than 70 protesters gathered outside the board room of the Frederick County Public Schools headquarters to protest the decision to require staff and students in all schools to wear masks when school begins in two weeks. His mother has removed he and his two brothers from public schools. She does not want them attending a school that requires the wearing of masks.

Several of them spoke against the mask mandate during the time allotted for public comment, most arguing that it violated students’ bodily autonomy. Some asserted that masks were ineffective or that children were largely immune to the dangers of the virus.

In recent weeks, the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics have both called for masks in schools, regardless of students’ or teachers’ vaccination status.

FCPS Superintendent Terry Alban said she estimated that between 75 and 80 percent of the system’s staff were vaccinated. She arrived at that number, she said, by coupling together the share of educators who said they wanted the shot — 72 percent — with the fact that FCPS couldn’t fill its vaccination clinics by the time they had enough doses.

Staff largely declined appointments because they had already been vaccinated elsewhere, Alban said.

Alban stood firmly behind her decision to implement the mask mandate. Her priority, she said, is keeping students in school throughout the year without constant disruptions due to quarantine requirements or virus outbreaks.

But parents at the meeting weren’t swayed. As board members responded to their comments, defending the masking decision, many shook their heads, occasionally interrupting with frustrated exclamations.

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TLM Trolls Lives Matter


My good friends here on the FNP posting boards...

We are not in a pandemic. We are not in a constitutional rights argument. We are not in a public health emergency.

WE ARE in an IQ test. The only side effects of the vaccine, besides those easily tolerable, is adulting.


I still heart ❤️ you even though I disagree


Let them protest. And let them die.

If you unwilling to protect yourself, as well as MY family and OUR community, let 'em fill up the morgues, crematoriums and firepits.

And if they over age 18 and willingly stayed unvaccinated, they should be required to post a $25K up front fee before being admitted to a local hospital on my taxpayer dime.

Your right to be stupid ends where my right to be smart begins.



I would agree with you if those same people would go out of their way to stay out of public.

We are in every zombie movie right now and realizing that a significant number of the people we are with in this movie would get bit by a zombie and never say anything.

Not only would they not say anything. They are fighting for their right to become a zombie.

This is the stupidest GD timeline.


I know right..this is just like the Walking Dead. It's us against the Zombies..and us against the people that want to become zombies. Like you I never dreamed we would be living the Walking Dead world...but at least we know how to prepare...


Those parents who protest the mask mandate in schools should loose their income tax deductions and credits they get for having their children. Since I pay more in income taxes than they do (ceteris paribus) and therefore more money is taken from me to provide for education than is taken from the parents, I should have more of a say on what goes on with my tax money and I say mask up in the children are going to be in schools instead of virtual learning. We are going back to mask mandates in general because of selfish and ignorant and/or stu pid people. It's time for them to pay the costs of their actions.


You don’t have ANY say in how your taxes are allotted. You use things that are supported by taxes that others don’t use. Should they have more say on how their tax money is spent? Your whole schtick about paying more taxes than people with kids do is ridiculous. Everybody pays more taxes for some things than others.


That is your belief. You apparently believe it is appropriate to tax someone more for not using a service than someone who does. Where is the logic or equity in that line of thinking? There should be no income tax deductions/credits for having children. I'd go further to say there should be no income tax deduction/credits period. If the government wants to exempt the first $x amount of a filer's income and it is the same for everyone, fine, but the government should use the income tax program to drive social behavior, and it should have a system where someone who doesn't use a service (or services) is taxed more for not using the service(s). People who argue otherwise are being selfish and more importantly inequitable.


No MD, I’m saying that the taxes we pay fund hundreds of services, not all of which are used by all. But we pay for them whether we use them or not. You are isolating one service that you don’t use and complaining about it. But you use many other services that people with children may not. So we all share equally all of the services and benefits our tax money supports. Just have a child, think of all the money you’ll save.


Phydeaux, once again you are making up your own narrative and ignoring the plain fact that ceteris paribus people with no children are being taxed more because they do not have children. I am not arguing that people shouldn't pay into general services whether or not they use any of those individual services. I've stated that before and you intentionally ignore that statement. However, the fact is that, ceteris paribus, people with children use more government provided services than those who have no children and yet they pay less in income taxes. That is a fact. I doubt there are many if any government services I use that people with children do not use (I can't think of a single one). However, there certainly are a number of government services that some, many or all people with children use that I do not.


Also if you reread my comment I say "should have more say" not "do have more say." I know I don't have any say (except through voting, and writing in to politicians) on where my tax dollars go. Yet again another example of your intentionally twisting what was written. You do that so often that I cannot take you seriously respond to you anymore.


FWIW -- MD, as you know, I agree that we should not be using the tax code to encourage people to reproduce. Our population is at over double its sustainable level (according to 11,000 climate scientists from around the world).

That said, we know that unfortunately, people who cannot afford kids still have them. We obviously have to make sure their children are cared for. It's not their fault their parents were/are irresponsible. So as much as it bothers me, we are put in a position where we must pay to help raise children that belong to others.

One thing we definitely should do is MEANS TEST all social safety net programs. The last thing we want is to encourage people to have kids by taking money from working class and lower middle class taxpayers and blindly doling it out to parents who are wealthier than they are and do not need it! That is clearly wrong and must stop.

That is a matter of simple fairness, and, hopefully, slowing our population growth a bit.

Apart from that, there are plenty of government programs that many of us do not, and may never, use. That can be aggravating when it's a program or action we don't agree with, but there's not much we can do about it. If everyone paid for only what they use/like a lot of services would go by the wayside.

It may be impractical, but one idea that I like is the IRS allowing taxpayers to designate where at least a portion of their taxes go -- and/or having a 'wish list'. Perhaps people would feel a little bit better about paying taxes if they could control how at least a fraction of it is spent.


mrnatural [thumbup]


Again, Mrnatural I don't argue against paying any taxes for programs I don't use. I simply argue against paying more taxes because someone chose to have children. I am willing to pay the same amount of income tax as parents do (although it could/should be less just like many other programs are run, for example some of all of our taxes go to fund highways however those who drive aren't charged less, they are charged more through gas taxes, license fees, registration fees toll roads, tickets, etc,) I am all for safety net programs (although many could be run more efficiently and/or effectively) that provide a certain amount of protection. The problem is people aren't held responsible for reproducing at will when they are mentally, physically and or economically ready for it and that automatically puts their children at a disadvantage. In other words they are being selfish by putting their desires ahead of their future children's well being. Or to put it yet another way, they are having sex while we (those without children) are getting screwed. I can't deduct my family of choice nor do I ask for help from others to care for them. Education is one program that could./should have base funding from everyone and user fees for those that put the burden on the governments for those services since those services make up a high percentage (in some cases such as in MoCo the majority) of the budget requirements.


One would think that accumulated experience would make what must be done painfully necessary.

Comment deleted.


Seriously dude, WTAF is wrong with you? Did you fall out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down?


It is really a shame that COVID doesn't attack only those that are unvaccinated. Wouldn't that be an efficient deadwood eliminator? The very concept of protecting other people is apparently too much to comprehend. I love all of the medical experts who never bothered with the nuisance of medical school.

Comment deleted.




If you are part of the quiet majority who supports the mask policy, please sign the petition below so we can be counted. The BOE needs to know these protestors are a vocal MINORITY. Please also share this link widely with your networks.


If FCPS is following the science there should be no need for this petition, I will sign it but it shouldn’t matter how many signatures they receive in support, the science should speak for it’s self, the fact you seem to think that science doesn’t speak for itself is troubling????

Why doesn’t FCPS just for once show some spine and stand up and be the adults in the room and send a message loud and clear that masks are required for attendance just like vaccines are and if you send your child to school without a mask they are going to send your child right back home?

Really who is the boss here? The lunatics or FCPS?


@Polite W. Woman aka N.W. aka P.P. aka L&M

FCPS WILL do the right thing.

After they have tried everything else.


Yep I have noticed that...and that's what frightens me. How many children will have to die for that to happen?

Comment deleted.

I will point out that the virus DNA has been sequenced so yes, it HAS been isolated.

Comment deleted.

Artie illustrates why she should probably go back to school herself. Clearly she did not learn critical thinking skills.

Comment deleted.

Art..OMG and again OMG and you just provided another example as to why FCPS needs to open virtual school immediately because what you posted is actually true, Alberta Canada did lift restrictions...,,but Patrick King didn't have a thing to do with it.....something to do with vaccination rates and the like...

Canada's health minister asks Alberta for science behind plan to lift COVID rules

OTTAWA — Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu has sent a letter to her Alberta counterpart saying she shares concerns about the province’s plan to lift all of its COVID-19 health restrictions.

In the letter, addressed to Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro, Hajdu says she agrees with the Canadian Paediatric Society’s description of the move as an “unnecessary and risky gamble.”

She says recent modelling for Alberta forecasts a more serious resurgence in cases fuelled by the Delta variant, and all governments need to take reasonable steps to protect Canadians.

Hajdu says she wants to better understand the rationale and science behind Alberta’s decision.

Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, offered her rationale in an op-ed shared with media Wednesday.

She apologized for the way she communicated the province’s decision, but said she ultimately decided it was a good time to redirect COVID-19 resources to fighting other health crises because of Alberta’s vaccination rate.

Shandro, along with Premier Jason Kenney, has maintained the province’s plan was based on science.

Once again Art you are misrepresenting the data.....and your audience isn't as stupid as you would like..why don't you head on over to OAN or Fox and post your crap, that's audience that will eat this up....

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

Oh, please A&A, would you just please stop! This was debunked. Please provide a credible source for this story, andnot some QAnon wannabe website and their barn full of BS. 826,000 dead people in the US (and counting), 4.26 million dead people worldwide (and counting) and their families proves otherwise. Furthermore, the viral RNA has been sequenced, and virus grown from patient samples. So yes, it exists. Are you sure you're not a part of a Russian troll farm? Maybe Iranian, Chinese, or N. Korean? [ban]

Comment deleted.

Crackers. Just crackers.

Comment deleted.

630,000 individuals might disagree with you if they were still alive. You sir, are delusional.


This reminds me of the FNP photos of the deputies on crime scene standing around chatting it up with no face coverings.


With an abundance of caution, Superintendent Terry Alban should be replaced immediately and School Board should be voted out 11/22. They all have forgotten that they are ultimately answerable to the parents… not the teachers union, teachers, or Democratic Party. Enough, with their patronizing attitude towards their superiors (taxpayers).


All over a mask. Pathetic. You people made this political. Which was simply selfish. So here we are, enjoy Delta.



Please go and make patriotic choking noises somewhere else.


You must not read the papers; the Board isn't answerable to ANYONE. They don't listen to teachers, or engage in good faith negotiations with the FCTA. They all need to go; the sooner the better.


We are hopelessly stupid. And some of us are certainly proud to show their illiteracy in public.



While it is great to use the royal "we". Let's be completely honest here, this is the work of the Republican party and Conservatives.


Definitely a big heaping spoonful of proper blame, NM. I don't disagree. But there is also a tremendous vaccine deficit in minority populations, regardless of reason and that's utterly unacceptable as well.



Correct. It looks like the data says that the easiest way to get minorities to take the vaccine is really just to make it free (check) and to give people a day off to get it. If we do that, we can be successful.

The Rs have said that they trust the death cult. You can't reason with unreasonable people.


God help those kids that are going to be homeschooled by these parents.


What is absolutely shameful here is that these same parents are co-opting messaging from BLM protests. These are some of the most horrible of your neighbors. Remember their faces because you will see them "Karening" their way through the rest of your lives.


I didn't notice any POC in the above protests..just polite privileged white people. So I guess this mask protest is once again a display of polite people white privilege?

Oh yeah systemic racism doesn't exist.....silly me.


@Polite W. Woman aka N.W. aka P.P. aka L&M

It really is. POC typically don't protest for the right to kill others with our germs. That seems to be mostly a privilege for others.

I am really hot over the co-opting of BLM messaging. These people would happily lick the boots of police beating "others" in the street, but have no problems holding up signs saying "I can't breathe" when asked to be minorly inconvenienced.


Yeah lick the boots and look up and ask for more boots to lick...yeah the I can't breath signs held up by polite white people is racist to me....covert racism. Teaching racism to children...without even having to utter a word.

I could just imagine the coverage and response had the protestors been POC....below is an example and like commenter dtwigg said how did the FNP know these were honks of encouragement?

"Motorists traveling past the East Street building in downtown Frederick often punctuated their calls with loud honks of encouragement."

How did the reporter know this for a fact?? FNP is showing their bias once again....and you know FNP would have written this article completely different had the protester's been POC...POC are not allowed to act in any way privileged. The above would have been written this way:

Motorists traveling past the East Street building in downtown Frederick often punctuated their calls with loud honks of discouragement...


That’s bad. But what I find even more shameful are the adults who would allow a child to hold up a sign “can’t breathe” when so many Coronavirus deaths, 100’s of thousands just in America, not to mention the World were due to literally not being able to breathe. They suffocated to death. No sensitivity. Not appropriate.



It is the equivalent of holding up a sign saying "All Cancers Suck" in front of a person holding up a sign saying "Breast Cancer Sucks".


These parents have a choice. Mask-it, or casket.


Natural selection


Mostly littles and middleschoolers hauled along. In only a few short years, they will be convinced their parents are idiots and behave accordingly. Some never reconsider, and when no one argues with them, there’s your clue whose behavior to question.


Teachers, staff and students should all be vaccinated. It has been a requirement for about 100 years. No mask, no school.


Flu shots aren't required every year, so there's that.


If masks don't work then why do surgeons wear them while operating? [huh] smh


Yes, I hope my surgeon is wearing a homemade mask made from cheap JoAnn's fabric that his grandmother made them. I will feel super comforted and safe.


They aren't wearing N95's during surgery - it's just a surgical mask...... ask a doctor


Is so the patients don’t smell their bad breath LOL


The original mask mandates were more for (1) staff and (2) older relatives living with the students as they were 10x or more at risk from getting hospitalization or death from COVID as were the kids. Also with OG COVID (not sure about Delta), I thought the under 12 set weren't even that good at giving each other COVID (compared to the over 12 set).

At this point anyone over 12 in the USA who hasn't gotten a vaccine or at least scheduled one doesn't really want one or has parents that are expressly forbidding them.

The recent Delta spikes in the UK and Israel (and maybe other countries?) had (1) high vaccination, (2) high case loads, and (3) lower hospitalization and death - and even there, the unvaccinated were overrepresented. We're seeing this in the high-vax parts of the USA, and in the lower-vax parts ... it's as if the vaccine never happened. Since - for them - it didn't, and Delta is transmissible enough to overcome the de facto social distancing that even 40% (and 70% among the over-65 crowd) vaccination rates imposes on all but an explicitly anti-vax crowd (like if you have 30 people, of which 12-15 are vaxxed, the virus has to jump over gaps to get to the unvaxxed people, but Delta seems to be better at this than OG COVID.)

If 150M people have gotten both shots, 2% getting a breakthrough case is still 3M cases. Now does the 3M cases lead to 60k or so deaths (as was the case with pre-vax COVID) or does it lead to more like 1-2k deaths?

The vaccine is NOT an impenetrable force field. No vaccine is. But instead, it's like thicker castle walls that make it harder for the barbarians at the gate to get through in any large numbers. Once inside, the castle guards can descend upon the barbarians and slaughter them.

I think after some 1.17 BILLION people who've gotten the vaccine around the world, the data is VERY clear on there being a lack of short-term effects, at least compared to the short-term effects of getting COVID.

As for long-term effects of the vaccine, I'll concede that those are unknown. But so too are the long-term effects of getting COVID.

Likewise, the vaccine offers an all-star array of antibodies, whereas natural immunity gained from OG COVID last year is less effective against Delta than the all-star antibodies the vaccine gives you.


If you go to PubMed and type in "masks, covid", you will find dozens of scientific, peer reviewed articles that demonstrate that masks do work.


Exactly. Flu cases were at a record low this past winter. And why? Because we were masked up and limiting the transmission. They're not 100%, but they help drastically.






The 17 year older (Mason Carter) who organized this political protest stunt is in his senior year at Walkersville High School. I wonder will he follow the mandate and wear a mask to school or go the virtual route?


I had completely missed that this was organized by him. I applaud him for his ambition, but he's not old enough to make decisions based on real life experience. Another example of how children follow what they see from their parents.


NewsPostReader, Did you happen to know that the FCPS has BOE *student* position? It may be deemed illegal. There was a lawsuit filed in Howard County about whether or not it's Constitutional to have a minor on the Howard Co. BOE.

How This School Board Violates Basic Voting Rights, Creating Clear Conflict of Interest Hans von Spakovsky / March 18, 2021


This Mason Carter?……Mason Carter was born and raised in Walkersville, living in Frederick County his whole life. He grew up playing multiple sports through Glade Valley Athletic Association and Frederick County Parks and Recreation. Mason became politically inspired and motivated in 2015 by President Donald Trump, and then again in 2018 by Frederick County Councilman Kirby Delauter.




He may want to beef-up his resume. And find better mentors. Just sayin 🤷‍♂️


GW Bush may have been right when he said that a mind is a terrible thing to use.


The saddest part is seeing the kids being involved in this. They really don't understand what they are participating in. Their parent(s) gave them a sign and told them to hold it. I guarantee not a single one of those kids really have a problem wearing a mask. And if you're going to protest, you can't do better than digging some cardboard out of a dumpster and spray painting it? Seems like your "protest" isn't quite a priority for you.



That's what makes this feel like astroturfing. If it were 75 parents I would be more concerned, but this is probably like 30-40 parents and like 30 kids.

The parents should know better and the kids are just emulating their parents.


All of their signs might has well have simply said "I am an idiot". I also dislike when parents use their kids as props.



That smell you smell is desperation as they believe their non-belief in science is worth more than your right to not get sick from their bad decision.


The reaction of protesters is driven by the lack of information and planning from FCPS. Alban doesn't know the number of vaccinated staff and guesses based on her hunches? Their spokesman doesn't know how many people asked for the virtual option? Sure thing. The computers must be busy tabulating that info. They don't have staff for visual learning when they did... two months ago? Whaaa? When FCPS lies and obfuscates people lose trust.


You sound a litter bitter FCPS - get passed over or reprimanded in some way?


No FcpsAdmin2 is not bitter but telling a hard truth.....everything they posted is true. FCPS is making this harder not easier....they are being obtuse about many things which is why no parent should trust them right now. It's the parents that weren't protesting that should be concerned...those are the parents that are terrified to send their children to school.....they are thinking can they trust FCPS to enforce mask wearing among things and right now they are thinking that because of the lunatics, FCPS is more on the lunatics know because of the obfuscation from FCPS. There was probably a hidden message in there someplace that the lunatics thought they had chance with this protest.

If FCPS had shown some spine at the very beginning..........and been truthful...well this wouldn't be happening and those protesters probably would have just stayed home...knowing that they couldn't push FCPS around..sometimes you have to be the adult in the room and make those tough decisions and tell everyone else like or lump it..this is how it's going to be deal with it. FCPS has failed to do that time and time again..


I'll disagree - the situation is both fluid and unprecedented.... And, yes, he/she does sound a little bitter...


FCPS is following CDC guidance, as it should. Done.


FcpsAdmin2, could you share the numbers of how many of these parents were the same people complaining about virtual learning last school year?


4 children, all attended face-to-face classes all of last school year, private school, all wearing masks every day. Funny thing! None died of suffocation!


How did the reporter know that the "loud honks" were in support and not in derision?

Perhaps they should have been looking to see how many middle fingers they saw too?


Our grandson will be in the 10th grade and has had the vaccine but he chooses to wear a mask were he feels unsafe at times. He has no problems wearing the mask his problem is virtual learning, praying he never sees that as.his full time school.again.

Just Wondering

It amazes me that people are so blind to what is happening around them and the science that is being presented. Over the past week, on the evening news there are people who are currently hospitalized with Covid who say they wish they had been vaccinated to avoid this terrible illness. These parents who are against masks in school, will they still be against masks if their child gets Covid and ends up in the ICU?


@Just Wondering

They will be the next group wailing in the ICU when their kids are on ventilators. They will say they didn't know and they wish that they had listened. Of course it won't matter then and everyone will want to say how much we told them so, but won't. The idiots will still keep fighting reality.


In today's soaring pandemic situation every person, regardless of age or vaccinations, should be required to wear a mask when around others, no matter where they are other than their own homes. Everybody!! Health Insurance companies should not cover people who refuse to mask up and get vaccinated and contract the disease. Any person who refuses to wear a mask or get the vaccinations thereby infecting another should be exposed to legal jeopardy both civil and criminal. All politicians, preachers or others who interfere with proven medical practices, such as masking and vaccinations should be summarily impeached and banned from holding any office of public trust.


Masks work as do vaccines. Ask those who are now hospitalized who wish they had both.


A whole crowd of people embracing their likeminded ignorance. Wow, what they could accomplish. It reminds me of January 6th.


If 10 electricians said my house had faulty wiring and it was a fire hazard, but a plumber disagreed? I’d fix the wiring.

If 10 liver specialists said I needed medical treatment, but a massage therapist disagreed? I’d get the treatment.

When people say that they have done the research, it’s often laughable that they spent a couple of hours on Goggle and think they know more than people that have made a career of doing medical research.

Trust the experts, not political pundits and people caught up in a mob mentality.




Really, you put your child's health at risk because of a mask? Stupid.


Members of the board of education, please don’t listen to these imbeciles. Your job is to keep our children safe & educate them. The lunatics among us shouldn’t be allowed to dictate public policy.


I guess you can’t help stupid but you shouldn’t want to advertise it.

FCPS expect many angry parents calling tomorrow demanding virtual school be opened up, it’s not fair to the children to have to be in the middle of a mask war! Open up virtual school and there won’t be a war, don’t, and there will be! And it won’t be nice!

I refuse to be held hostage by lunatics, 4 years of Trump were plenty, not standing down this time. FCPS let the lunatics come to school without masks and allow the rest of us non-lunatics to keep our children safe from the lunatics!

See I knew this was going to happen..


smh...we can alleviate ignorance with education. We can assuage fear with courage. But there is no fixing stupid. Unbelievable.


“You can send me to college but you can’t make me think.”


What is wrong with these people? The masks help protect the unvaccinated kids. So stupid, so selfish, so deadly.


They are ignorant and self-centered to answer your question. Dunning-Kruger in action at all times.


[thumbup] that is what it all boils down to. When it comes to moral values People just teach them or have them anymore in life. Kids are taught to only think and do what is best for them. So it is a Me Me, I, I, world out there today!

Kids mimic their parents so when they are negative and selfish. The kids are going to be negative and selfish. It's a vicious cycle [sad]


The work of educators will never end.

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