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Andrea Shuford, an immigration lawyer and Hood College alumnae, speaks Tuesday afternoon about what creating a sanctuary campus would require.

José Galarza wants Hood College to be a place that protects and supports all of its students.

But after Tuesday, the senior business major feels differently about how the college can achieve that goal.

When Galarza saw the trend of college students around the country starting petitions demanding that their schools become sanctuary campuses for immigrants, he wanted to take a different approach.

“I don’t think Hood is the kind of place where its students should be demanding something like that,” he said. “I don’t think that is how our students should go about things.”

Instead, he asked Hood College administrators — Charles Mann, vice president of finance and treasurer, Provost Debbie Ricker and President Andrea Chapdelaine — to start a discussion about what it would take and mean to make Hood College or any other university a sanctuary campus. Most sanctuary campuses are modeled after sanctuary cities, which are cities that limit the amount of cooperation with government to enforce immigration law.

In response, the school hosted Janis Judson, chair of the Department of Law and Criminal Justice at Hood, and Andrea Shuford, principal attorney at Shuford Immigration Law in Virginia and a graduate of Hood, to answer questions and discuss what a sanctuary campus is, and what it isn’t. More than 30 students, teachers and faculty attended the discussion.

Judson, whose background is in constitutional law, discussed immigration law and who has the power to set and enforce immigration. Immigration law is evolving and has been a constant issue of which all three branches of the federal government have battled.

In June 2012, the Obama administration implemented the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — or DACA — to allow recipients who were illegally brought into the country as children to receive a renewable two-year grace period to avoid deportation and the opportunity to receive eligibility for a work permit. These recipients are often referred to as “dreamers.”

More than 750,000 people nationally have benefited from DACA since the program was implemented, Judson said. There are 34,000 people who qualify for DACA benefits in Maryland, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

However, recent restrictions from the Trump administration on immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally have heightened concerns for dreamers about whether President Donald Trump’s commitment is to them.

“In today’s atmosphere of intolerance, undocumented immigrants and students remain frightened, and understandably so,” Judson said.

Shuford, who has offered pro-bono services to students at Hood College who may face immigration issues, said making it a sanctuary campus wouldn’t really have much meaning. The term sanctuary has no basis in law and no legal status in federal law, Shuford said.

Limiting cooperation with law enforcement would not mean aiding and abetting or harboring a person who has entered the country illegally, Shuford said. Instead, it means the campus wouldn’t actively assist law enforcement in detaining such a person.

One example of actively assisting law enforcement is secure communities, Shuford said. Secure communities are communities that, when authorities detain someone and find out that they may be in the country illegally, the authorities hold them and wait for Immigration and Customs Enforcement — or ICE — to pick them up.

Shuford said those agencies often hold that person longer than they should under due process rights, which can lead to lawsuits.

“We have had situations where someone has been detained for 14 days longer than they should have been,” Shuford said. “That is a major due process violation.”

Since 2008, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins has partnered with ICE under the 287(g) “Criminal Alien Program,” which allows the sheriff’s office to identify and begin the deportation process for undocumented immigrants in cooperation with ICE.

Shuford said she would not recommend Hood College choose to become a self-designated sanctuary campus because that often does more harm than good, and can make immigrants here illegally a target.

Instead, colleges can come up with procedures and guidelines for students and faculty to know their rights in the event that an ICE officer might arrive on campus to execute a search warrant, or search archives for records of immigrants in the U.S. illegally.

Colleges can also provide housing for students who are on visas or DACA status and are fearful that if they leave the country they won’t be able to return, Shuford said.

After the discussion, Galarza said even though he originally wanted Hood to become a sanctuary campus, he understood why it might not work.

“I think that would make anyone who is an undocumented immigrant feel like they’re a target,” he said. “I think it is best to let them have privacy.”

Galarza agreed that it might be a good idea for the school to develop some guidelines and policies for students. He also said there should be student representation involved in that conversation.

“I think helping in making guidelines, even something as simple as handing out ‘know your rights’ cards could go a long way in showing we support them,” Galarza said. “And I think student representation could help in developing those policies.”

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Come on Trump, lets start building that wall already!!!!


With your money, not mine!


Whoever suggested this, whether it was faculty or staff, they should be arrested for inciting students into illegal practice, i.e. disobeying federal immigration laws.


What we are talking about here are ILLEGAL aliens , there is no problem with IMMIGRANTS , only those who broke the law by coming here without permission and if the writer was doing his job he would have quoted the president who has said numerous times that the Dreamers have "NOTHING TO FEAR"...but I understand why he would not report that doesn't fit what he is attempting to portray....more FAKE news....Build The Wall and stop this nonsense already...Sanctuary cities and colleges are setting poor examples by breaking federal law willfully....and BTW, costing the taxpayers more than $200 BILLION annually


The "Dreamers" which are recipients of the DACA program, still do not have official legal status as you suggest. Even though they have presented themselves to authorities, passed a background check, paid all applicable fees for enrolling into the DACA program, received work authorization, and pay taxes, they are not protected by the nations immigration laws as they currently stand. The DACA program is simply an executive order signed by the last president, as the Trump administration has shown DACA recipients have no protection from deportation and they take a big risk by enrolling in the program without any protection from the current laws. This is why we need a permanent solution on DACA, whether give them their green cards or find some other solution.


Right! The law already provides green cards and student visas. There really was no reason for DACA other than obama's usual habit of writing his own laws since executive orders are only suppose to define the application of existing laws. Not creating new ones. Laws can only be created by Congress...the legislative branch, not the executive branch which is to only execute those existing laws.


Jerseygrl42 - Amen!


Sure, the president SAYS that, but several Dreamers have already been deported. And if you read the law you will realize that a sanctuary city is not breaking the law. It is not required by law to check the immigration status of someone detained or arrested, nor is it required by law to hold them for ICE. Someday you will provide a citation for that ridiculous $200B number, but since it isn't real I'm not holding my breath.


Look on the FAIRUS dot Org website. The numbers are all there. It is real.


No, they are not.


As stated, if you go to the FAIRUS dot Org website, the numbers are there, plain as day. The costs are even broken down by education, medical, law enforcement, public assistance, etc. You are not looking likely because you don't want to know the truth. If you are a tax-paying citizen, illegal aliens live here partially at your expense. They cost YOU money.


Those numbers aren't sourced properly. Where are the actual data from government sources that compile them?


Sanctuary cities are absolutely breaking the law by directing their law enforcement agencies and personnel to disregard federal law. Federal laws, just as local laws, are crafted around the US Constitution and they are either upheld or struck down according the SCOTUS. interpretation of said laws. So, until the SCOTUS rules that the laws are unconstitutional, they ARE the law of the land and ALL have to abide by and enforce those FEDERAL laws. For you to say any differently is merely your opinion and an incorrect one at that.


Local police are not charged with upholding federal laws.


Shiftless88, police (local, state, etc) are charged with upholding the constitution and it's laws. Further, they are required to take an oath of office which states that they will uphold the constitution and it's laws.

Educate yourself - your posts will be fewer.


Exactly! It is their civic duty as a good citizen to assist in upholding all laws. It should be voluntary so that it doesn't have to be made into a penalty by law but...some people fail to learn that. (Even educators, like at Hood college, fail to learn that.)


For federal laws it is different (when they are strictly federal laws). This is why we have federal police agencies. Why have ICE if we can just leave it to local police? Similarly, we don't have FBI agents setting speed traps in local roads.


Read this; you will see that they CAN enforce these laws in some cases, but they are not broadly authorized to do so nor are they required to.


Not sure why illegals are called "immigrants." They are "trespassers" as they are on our land without permission.


This article begs the question, how do these students (illegal immigrants) afford the tuition, room & board, etc. at a high-priced campus such as Hood? Grants and/or loans? Which means the allocation of funds to illegal immigrant students decreases the funds available to the potential legal US citizens/students who may want to attend/enroll in college but can't afford to do so. Seems quite unfair in my opinion. When will people focus on the needs of legal citizens?


You might be surprised at how much money parents can save when they work hard and live cheaply. Nice assumptions, though. Talk about a straw man!


Shifless88, you must also be Clueless99. Look up the cost of tuition at Hood! Tuition alone for full-time students is $37,000 per year! Tuition for part-time students is $1,090 per credit! That's just the cost for tuition and does not include books, room & board, meals, and other fees! You can likely assume that parents of these illegal students do not have extremely high paying jobs. There is NO way, regardless of how much money one saves by "living cheaply" (whatever that means), that they could afford to pay cash for tuition, etc. on their own dime. No way!


You apparently don't know much about hard work and saving. Or much about who are illegal immigrants and where they come from or how they got here. You probably think they are all poor Mexican farmers.


It's just a feel-good thing.


"The term sanctuary has no basis in law and no legal status...". Back to class, kids.



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