The city of Frederick will study ways to get residents to scoop their pet's poop.

The Board of Aldermen approved at its Thursday meeting a $20,000 grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust to research why people don't pick up after their pets and then develop a program to encourage them to do so.

As part of the research, the city will evaluate its current programs and determine whether more trash cans or pet waste bag dispensers might help.

Joe Adkins, deputy director of the planning department, said the grant will be used to create a public relations program and that the city will apply for grant funding to implement the program next year.

"Hopefully, this will address why people aren't picking up their pet waste," he said in a phone interview.

Improperly discarded pet waste is not only unseemly but also can spread diseases and parasites. Feces is also high in nitrogen, which feeds algae blooms and endangers the health of the Chesapeake Bay. The program should help reduce the amount of nitrogen going from Frederick to the bay, Adkins said.

The average dog leaves behind about three-quarters of a pound of waste each day, Adkins said, speaking at the city meeting.

"If you add that up with all the dogs in the city, it's quite a load," he said.

The number of licensed dogs in Frederick was unavailable Friday, but there are about 4,800 licensed dogs across Frederick County, according to Animal Control.

This study will not be the first time the city has tackled the poop problem.

Area merchants and the Downtown Frederick Partnership partnered to install seven waste bag dispensers downtown.

Unique Optique owner Maria Higgins played a large role in spearheading the pilot project, which will expand to include 10 more dispensers soon.

Flying Dog Brewery bought the dispensers, and CARE Veterinary Center will be responsible for bag refills.

Higgins said she believes that pet waste has become a problem in Frederick, but the bag dispensers seem to be helping.

"I think the availability of bags is key," she said.

Higgins has listened to ideas such as making it easier to issue a citation for leaving waste in the street, but she wasn't so sure how feasible that would be.

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I would be willing to bet when all is said and done, it cost more to administer this 20k grant from start to finish than 20k. Government efficiency at work.


Is this for real??? 20k for a study on dog droppings?? To save the Bay???

Sooo glad our rain tax is going to good use


I live off of Schifferstadt and it is a friggen poop garden over here. The only way to get people to actually clean up after their pet is to fine them period! Yes the are lazy but they also just don't care. You might also try rubbing the pet owners nose in it.


Really 20 k could be used much more wisely Our govt be state national or local wastes so much funds on BS


Impound the animal.

If its waste isn't being properly disposed of what kind of care is it receiving?

I'm not talking about the four legged animal.


the police can harass the homeless and give out tickets for loitering and littering and flicking cigarette butts or being too loud but they cant do nothing to these people that let their dogs poop everywhere?


PURE LAZINESS. Ok, now you can pay me $20,000. for identifying the problem.

The solution,
if people want to walk their pets in Frederick City, they and their pets should be billed $250 annually for the privilege of walking their pets within the City limits. The pet and the owner will each have a Poop License that MUST be visibly displayed each and every time they walk their pets. If they are caught breaking the Poop Law, they will be fined $500 the first time, $1,000 the second time, and the 3rd time their privileges will be revoked.

Signs should be made for every CITY LIMITS sign that will add - THIS IS A PET POOP FREE ZONE. VIOLATIONS WILL BE ENFORCED. Visitors with pets may obtain a temporary Poop License (at a location to be determined) for only $10. ENJOY YOUR VISIT! When visitors 'check in' to get their License they should be given a postcard outlining the Mission behind this License and what the violations are. Similar to the NO CELL PHONE TALKING AND TEXTING signs.

Most people have a cell phone that will take a picture. TAKE A PICTURE if you see someone breaking this "common sense" law. Each individual who legitimately reports an offense will be rewarded $50, payable by the pet owner. If the pet owner cannot be identified, the City will pay a $15 reward to the individual reporting an offense.

Soon, the neighborhoods in the County will have to enact the same Law. Despite HOA requirements, signs, and poop station supplies, it's incredible how many pet owners just keep on walking.

So, people, part of owning a pet is cleaning up after them! If you just cannot stomach this responsibility, don't get a pet OR hire a responsible young person who will walk your pet and immediately clean up after them. There are many youths living in downtown Frederick who would love to earn money to learn the value of responsibility.

Further, everyone walking their pet should be carrying supplies for such normal animal behavior. Just like parents carry the appropriate supplies for their babies and children. Would you allow your child to poop in the street or on sidewalks?

Any 'grant' money could be MUCH better spent on real needs of children and people who need assistance.

Frederick Officials - Really?

Frederick City Police - aren't there extra officers providing protection from crime? Leaving animal poop in the City Limits is a crime - give these people a ticket!

Congratulations to the store owners that have stepped up to donate supplies toward this effort.

Congratulations to everyone who does clean up after their pet.


really frederick, you need a 20K grant to understand what to do w/ pet waste?
how about spending it on more collection containers, and hire a company to pick up and recycle it for you. here's one for starters:

and what about lazy folks who don't pick up after their pets in the city limits?
how about fining them if they leave their pets' deposits on the sidewalks.
(don't we have them caught in the act w/ cameras all around the city? post their pics and see what happens, maybe they can be embarrassed into being more courteous.
just try this in new york city and see what happens...)
WOW. this is more evidence of lack of leadership in frederick county md...

we do need a county wide disposal and recycling capability added to our waste management program, before it all goes up is smoke, a la the bocc's wishes.

Here's the Scoop: San Francisco to Turn Dog Poop Into Biofuel


Have the cops get out of their cars start writing tickets!


On Mill Island at Worman's Mill most were picking up after their pets. But lately there is a lot along the sidewalks and even near the model homes. I guess some people are new and have not caught on to the local customs yet. I expect the property associations will scold them some more. A few do pick up (free bags are made available at several locations) and then try to hide the bags in plain sight. They get part of it, but still want to be original.


Many dog owners are lazy. Period. That was easy, wasn't it? You can't fix lazy no matter HOW many plastic with waste dispensers you provide.


Come to my community (which will remain nameless), it's a regular land mine!
People who are that inconsiderate won't change, unless they're caught and pay a hefty price. And, often they are out close to dark.

I will never donate to the Chesapeake Bay Trust if this is how they spend their money.


"Quite a load" indeed.

Is it even possible to convince people that don't care about anyone but themselves to care about others? My question is relevant to dog walkers as well as candidates for public office.


If they don't pick it up take their dogs away from them. After the animal shelter gasses a few of them maybe the owners will think twice before letting them go on the streets


You can't fix stupid. Not with $20,000, not with $100,000, not ever. And the people who leave the waste are stupid..and lazy...and self-centered...filthy. Nice WASTE of our tax money. Thanks for nothing.


Ah, those days of old
When dogs were bold
Before scoopers were invented,
They fouled the foot path
Incurring your wrath,
And walked away contented.


How about instead of adding more 'deposit' areas to throw away the poop, we throw away the poops caught not picking up after their pets!


Dog poop is unsightly
and it smells to beat the band
but picked up in a plastic bag
it gently warms your hand.


Really, I like the effort. It surprised me.


From what I've observed in my community, I can tell you why those dog owners don't pick up the waste. First; they don't care to do so in the first place and, second, they have the leach in one hand and their cell phone in the other.

$20,000.00 could have been used for a better reason than this grant from that Chesapeake Bay organization. This is one reason Maryland taxes are so high. Funds can just be thrown away on this kind of nonsense. Not to mention that the article states that due to this grant, another one can be applied for next year to implement the program. Oh, please.


"Leach?" Well it may be a typo, but it could be on purpose.


Why do we need a grant? Young should raise taxes to pay for it. Or better, tax dog owners. After all, they are the ones that cause the problem. Let them pay for the solution as well.


The solution is to register each and every dog and take a DNA reading. Then catch the offenders.


Or use your camera phone and send the video to Frederick police.


How much does it cost to process a DNA test of poop?

Maybe some of the HOA will want to pursue it.

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