A crowd member outside Tuesday’s public hearing was asked to leave the building after yelling at Commissioners President Blaine Young and calling him a Nazi, officials said.

The encounter happened as Young entered Jack B. Kussmaul Theater through a spirited crowd that booed at him as he passed. Young said once he was in the building, a man walked up to him and started screaming. Young asked the man to leave him alone, but the person kept getting closer to him and used profanity.

When deputy sheriffs asked the man to step away from the commissioner, the man hit a deputy’s hand away from him, Young said. The man was then asked to leave the building and told not to return, said a county spokesperson.

Outside the building, about an hour before the hearing started, scores of people gathered for a rally against selling Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Living. Crowd members rang cowbells and waved signs as they chanted, “Blaine says, ‘Cut back.’ We say, ‘Fight back.’”

Two Citizens nurses standing on the outskirts of the group said they hope county officials give their center a chance to show it can become financially self-sustaining.

Kathi Schlump, who said she has worked at Citizens for about five years, said she worries that she doesn’t want to lose her job caring for the residents she has grown to love.

“They’re not just a job. They’re a family,” she said.

Her colleague, Linda Hill, said Citizens is already suffering from cost-cutting measures and doesn’t believe a private company would restore these resources.

Dylan Petrohilos, a Frederick resident who helped coordinate the rally, said he’s not sure the gathering would sway commissioners, but believed it was worth holding regardless.

“I think we are saying more as a group than we do individually,” he said.

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Can't keep upsetting the public and expect to be elected for anything. But, I'm not sure getting re-elected for anything is the goal of this BOCC. Sure doesn't seem that way.


Moe totally lost his cool on his radio show about an hour ago.. The caller was a jerk, but Moe's response sounded like some backwoods rube with about a 4th grade education. I'm pretty sure that the old lady that was on the show had to change his diaper during their next commercial break. A complete disgrace to his family (of no-accounts), the other Stooges (none of whom are worth a fiddler's fart) and to everyone in "Fred-ick" County.


Fiddler's Fart....OMG..stealing that for the Shame the Blaine Campaign FB page...thanks[beam]


I think it may be rather hard to show his face around Frederick for quit awhile without getting it slapped.....Like and or view the Shame the Blaine Campaign FB page...all comments are welcome and needed..update us with Blaine sightings, keep others posted, let us know where and what Blaine does, challenge his decision, stand up to him, DO not SHUT-UP and SING..keep on singing and singing and singing........


Thanks fourstooges. I was the caller. It's hard not to sound like a jerk I guess trying to shout over top Blaine's big mouth. I ran into Blaine Young at Starbucks earlier and told him he was a disgrace to Frederick County to which he replied "F@#$ You" and then ran and asked the manager to call the cops (seriously)! I followed up with him on the radio show where he mostly just yelled over top of me and lied about the entire thing but I did get my point across. Publicity, profanity and pornography is what he's all about.


I still wonder who is going to run for the County Executive position??? Maybe the BOCC will keep the nursing home, then tear it down, and build more houses on the land??


It should have been a female protester to make it a fair fight...Me


More likely a teenage basketball official. If it had been a female, Moe Young would have tried to offer her money for treating him rough.




Frederick City and County would be a better place if all the voters would resolve not to vote for anyone name Young ever again: Blaine, Ron, Karen, Their time and policies have come and gone.


Blaine is no more than a good waste of perfectly good air that I could be breathing. I saw him in his COP CAR WANNABE by ROY ROGERS on EAST ST. His demeanor and arrogance makes me sick.


He offered to knuckle up with a minor in school but not a grown man in public.


Blaine is no easy win in a fight.I know, not much fear in him,a fighter.


Awww how cute you standing up for your man!!! [smile]


Actors in the movies always look brave too but it's all staged and rehearsed.


I'm no Blaine fan either, but I have respect. The police should have thrown that man in the can.


Even if you have no respect for someone else, have respect for yourself. Live to fight another day.


Often discretion, by the Police, is better that valor. Hopefully, we train them to use that discretion in their line of work. A warning ticket, rather than an expensive speeding ticket, may do the job just as well and in the end earn respect both for the office and the law.[smile]


I thought law enforcement got overtime pay to go to court for spending tickets. Whose money do you think they want to save?


Why is money everything? Try thinking about the job they do and what they are really trying to accomplish. Maybe you can do some internet postings and come back with your 3, 202 post!


Some errors work out so wonderfully "spending tickets" should have been "speeding tickets."


Heck if they stop one give them a ticket not a warning. We need the revenue to pay them to be out there.


I have no use for Young,but calling someone a Nazi or Hitler destroys ones credibility.


kinda like people keep doing to Obama huh???


So you are excusing the behavior or are you agreeing that, like the people who say the same thing to Obama, this guy who called Blaine a Nazi has no credibility?


Poor lucy lucy and dems ,just can't win. Real losers just comment and read their junk mail Read their dumb comments.Dumb and dumber are they.Typical losers.


It's a comfort reading the comments each day knowing that president8444/woody/christmas/OLDAL will always be here with his same demmie, demmie, loser, loser, dumb and dumber taunts. Some things never change.


woody the dumbest thing I ever see is your attempt to use the english language. TRUTH!! [sad]


woody you forgot global warming, taxpayer owned stadiums, and drunk confederate soilders!! [smile]


The jail is the safety net. If the resident refuses to leave they'll be arrested. If the resident survives the arrest they'll be taken to the jail by ambulance. I hope the jail has enough wheelchair accessible beds.


Luckily the person wasn't a teenage basketball referee or blainethevader would have cussed him out on thge spot. [beam]


Probably one of blainethevader's drivers hired to do the bit. Anyone else would have been arrested on the spot.


Or at least tazed and pepper sprayed. [beam]


In Blaine's world there's no safety net
the gutter's as low as he gets
if you think this is all
of the taxpayer's gall
then you haven't seen anything yet.


Dylan Petrohilos---Is an awesome person..the BoCC 4 stooges on the other hand are not awesome, very very far from awesome....in fact they are the complete opposite of awesome...whatever that may be....[angry][angry][angry]


The opposite of awesome would be unremarkable, unimpressive, uninspiring, unamazing.

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