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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Could outdoor gambling be at least a partial solution to an impasse between Atlantic City casino workers who want smoking banned indoors, and gambling executives who fear a smoking ban would hurt business and cost jobs?

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Dear Doctors: Why does our skin get thinner and more fragile as we age? My mom is 67, and it’s happening to her. She reached for something between the couch cushions, and the pressure tore her skin. She also bruises more easily than before. How can you protect aging skin?

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Seeking homeostasis? Visit Fox Haven to talk about herbs that support the endocrine system. Tour the garden, enjoy a tea tasting with Fox Haven staff, and learn about the plants that are ripe for harvest. From the ferny plant that made Absinthe to the root that made the first marshmallow to …

With Sunday's incident of a man committing suicide after crashing into a barrier at the U.S. Capitol, and the Associated Press reporting on an "increasing number of threats" facing law enforcement after the FBI's search of the Mar-a-Lago estate, are you more worried about increasing political violence than you were previously?

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