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Frederick Police Department Officer Desiree Palmer, far right, describes an overdose call she responded to in the past during a panel discussion during a opioid epidemic forum Saturday at Faith Baptist Church in Knoxville.

No longer ashamed or embarrassed that a loved one is suffering from the opioid crisis, Tamala Sappington decided to speak up – and act – to bring hope back to her community.

Along with the Women’s Outreach Ministry of her church, Ebenezer A.M.E Church of Brunswick, Sappington hosted a forum, titled “There is Hope!” as a space where people could be informed about the crisis’ local impact while also comforted by spirituality.

“Sometimes, people don’t know which way to go,” said Anne Whisonant, head of the Women’s Outreach Ministry, “...don’t know that there is a solution.”

That’s why, at the event, the church hosted a panel of a police officer, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, county official, youth recovery advocate and drug treatment center founder – to share multiple experiences and perspectives on the crisis.

Kevin Simmers, a retired Hagerstown Police officer, first thought about addiction as something to be punished and addicts as people to be locked up.

But his understanding of addiction changed when his daughter, Brooke, formed an addiction to Percocet that snowballed into an addiction to heroin, and eventually, her death.

When he opened up a treatment center, Brooke’s House, in her honor, he asked himself “would anyone support this house for women who are seeking help?”

Like Simmers, Frederick Police Department Officer Desiree Palmer also had a tough stance on addiction that has since taken a more holistic outlook.

Palmer said that, as a police officer, she used to be angry at addicts for not being able to get clean, but when she took painkillers for a surgery, she said that she finally understood why addicts had a hard time detoxing.

There was “no way,” Palmer recounted, that the painkillers could have turned her into an angry, “’getting ready to fist-fight kittens’ type of person.”

Now, with a kinder outlook, she keeps a list of resources for housing and jobs for addicts that she encounters on her beat.

But, because of the police budget, officers don’t get the proper training to interact with addicts, Palmer said.

And there are less resources for female addicts than for male, Palmer said, because 67 percent of addicts are men, so “there’s nowhere for women [addicts]” to go.

But, in general, “access to treatment” is one of the biggest obstacles to ending the crisis, Simmers said.

“It’s extremely hard to get treatment,” Simmers said. “It’s extremely easy to get heroin.”

Treatment centers turn away those without insurance or whose coverage stops, Rishidian said.

And a county-funded detox center won’t be open until the end of 2020, County Executive Jan Gardner said.

All of the panelists also emphasized those with with addictions should be treated with grace and understanding.

Like how panelist Sean Nicholson, who is a recovered addict and board member of the Phoenix Foundation of Maryland, was treated with grace by someone who he used to do drugs with and had since become clean.

According to their website, the Phoenix foundation serves “those affected by alcohol and drug addiction.”

And since becoming clean himself, Nicholson is “trying to give back what someone gave to me,” through education.

“It’s all about education,” Nicholson said. “It’s about people who understand the whole big picture.”

And, to the panelists, it’s also about how addiction is a public health issue and not as a personal fault.

Palmer didn’t beat around the bush.

“The fact of the matter is people are dying and we have to do something about it,” Palmer said.

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A chiropractor? Just another form of woo,


vogon poetry


I too fail to see how moralizing idiots running off at the mouth helps anyone addicted to anything. Who forced these people to get addicted in the first place? Lessons: Don't do drugs. Just say no. Decisions have consequences. Just ask our good friend Volodymyr Zhukovskyy how using drugs is a personal choice and doesn't affect anyone.



Many times I have thought you are a person who must hate FCPS and intentionally uses that fake moniker. It is hard to imagine a normal person writing what you post. To the people trying to help Thank you,


It is always easy for those that do not participate in trying to find a solution to a horrible epidemic to make comments like you do. It is only idiotic for someone who closes their eyes and hearts to those that did go down the wrong path. We have to look at WHY they choose to try or use drugs in the first place. I feel we need to start

younger to get ahead of this.

Not saying those who try to find a solution are idiots.


It would be nice if our taxes went to Opiod Treatment which is scientifically proven . But instead we have moralizing idiots excuse me I meant honored judged sending people into 12 step programs and half way house and better yet church programs. Shame on the so called leaders of Frederick County. No one is helping the addict because no one can admit there is no TREATMENT other than hope currently . Shame .

Ask a scientist instead of a priest what to do. If you care but these people don't . Churches are a work program for useless dolts.



Why disparage these folks for educating and seeking to learn ways to help. What scientific ways are available? If there are any they would be widely known because this is a monstrous problem.


you must think very little of judges installed by moralizing idiots. liberty u, falwell,etc are places useless dolts go to complete their brain washing.

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