Two key staff positions at the county's nursing and assisted living centers are seeing turnover after a recent change in facility ownership.

Aurora Health Management, the buyer of the county facilities, is seeking a replacement for the administrator of Montevue Assisted Living. In addition, the director of nursing position at Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center has changed hands, said Stanley Snow, Aurora's president.

However, Snow said he doesn't anticipate staffing shake-ups as Aurora settles in as owner of the facilities' finances and employer of 323 former county workers.

"We're not looking to make any changes. We very much want to continue with the people we have there," he said.

Aurora offered a job to Diane Grove, Montevue's administrator, but she turned it down because she wanted to keep working for the county, Snow said. Grove, a 20-year county employee, is staying at Montevue for 30 days while Aurora looks for someone to take over the position, he said.

Benita Fisher, director of nursing at Citizens who worked for the county for 12 years, left her post in part due to differences of opinion between her and Aurora, Snow said.

"That was kind of a mutual agreement that it wasn't really working out, and we needed to go in a different direction," he said.

The company named Richie McAlevy as the new director of nursing, he added.

Reached by phone, Fisher said she is encouraging her staff at Citizens to focus on providing quality care to residents.

"They need to put the needs of the residents first, and if they do that, regardless of the challenges they are experiencing, they will be OK," she said.

"There's no changing what happened, but they've got to understand that for the security of the residents, they need to accept the change that has occurred and do everything they can do to make sure the residents don't end up suffering as a result."

The county handed ownership of center operations to Aurora on May 1. Though the company now controls the finances and employs the staff, the building and the land still belong to the county; officials plan to sell the property to Aurora at a later date. Until these sales, the company is renting the building from the county for $1.44 million per year.

Critics of the sale and some employees have faulted the county and Aurora for communication failures in the lead-up to the recent transition. A couple of days before the shift, county officials classified talk of a May 1 changeover as rumor and said Aurora still didn't have needed financing in place. Then on May 1, staff members learned they had become Aurora employees overnight.

"There was a lot of cloud, a lot of secrecy," said Augusta Sankey, former unit manager at Citizens. "I would have respected them (Aurora) more if they had been more transparent with the residents and their families."

Sankey, who worked for a private contractor, supervised the ventilator unit at Citizens until the end of April, when her company's contract was ended. Previously, she managed a dementia unit and worked for the county as acting assistant director of nursing. 

Under the county's management, the centers were like a family, she said, and the ownership change should have been handled with great sensitivity.

"These are old people who have gone through a lot of loss in their lives, who have gone through a lot of changes. ... This is one change that I think the company should have been more transparent and forthcoming with," she said.

Aurora met with center employees in August to prepare them for a transition, Snow said, but the sale was complicated and prolonged unexpectedly by legal challenges. Snow said he only learned April 30 that Aurora had the financing necessary to take ownership of operations.

As part of the sale deal, Aurora agreed to extend employment offers to facility staff who used to work for the county. The 323 employees are receiving comparable benefits and identical salaries to what the county provided, Snow said.

However, the purchase agreement between the county and Aurora does not promise the employees their jobs for any specific length of time.

"Nobody is guaranteed a job regardless of their performance," Snow said. "But as long as people are doing a good job, there is no reason that we would make a change."

He also said he and his business partner, Robert Owens, have never cut pay at the 17 other care facilities they have acquired together.

During a Thursday report to county commissioners, Snow said Aurora representatives have met with residents at Citizens and Montevue. The company is working to provide dialysis services at the centers, he said.

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Think fast and run to the polls. This BOCC needs to go. (except Gray). Remember what Hitler did to the Jews. A Frederick Holocost is unacceptable as well.


LovelyPlace used to put up a list of all the businesses that support this bunch. I stopped patronizing them, but would like to see the list again. The only way to get the attention of this bunch is to hit below the belt and in the wallet. I suggest that everyone who disagrees with what they are doing follow suit.


The Team at Frederick Chronicles first published the Blaine Boycott List and appreciate that other sites picked up on the idea and shared it with their social networks...


Take a few minutes and let each company, sponsor and / or supporter know they are being boycotted. If desired, use the BOYCOTT MESSAGE text as your template.

Please visit each company website and / or FB page and leave a private message letting them know that they are on the boycott list.
Please do not post anything directly on a FB timeline (Wall).

Bob Miller "Morning News Express" radio show on WFMD ...
... Bob Miller promotes Blaine Young and provides air time for Blaine Young "sound off" rants...a county official pretending to be a private citizen.
Buckingham's Choice ...
Catoctin Mountain Orchards ...
Dixie Electric ... ... email :
Drees Homes ... 3 local locations
... 7210 Corporate Ct., Frederick ... (301) 620-6104
... Hemingway Dr., Frederick ... (301) 663-0671
... 1900 Belford Ct., Frederick ... (301) 694-0755
Engage, LLC ...
Flamingo Pool Supply ... ... email :
Fountaindale Auto Center ...
Frederick Air ...
Frederick County Bank ...
Frederick Equipment Company ...
Frederick Jewelry and Loan ... ...
Frederick Shell and Car Wash ... ... email :
Interstate Mobile Advertising, Inc. ... ... email :
Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant ...
Jimmy John's Sandwiches ... 2 local locations
... 5221 Presidents Ct., Frederick ... (301) 695-4669
... 3321 Worthington Blvd., Ijamsville ... (301) 874-0700
Little Sparkie Electric ...
McCaskill Financial Advisors ...
NZ Cramer & Son ... ... email :
Premiere Dental Arts ... ... email :
Putman Plumbing & Heating ... ... (240) 356 - 4455
Red Wing Shoes ... Evergreen Plaza Shopping Center ... 5831 G Buckeystown Pike ... 301-815-5430
Sylvana Institute Med Spa ... ... email :
Terrace Lanes Bowling Lanes ... ... email : ... 301-662-2777
WFMD Radio Station ... ... email : (Program Director)

Source : Annual Financial Disclosure Statement for: Blaine Young Provided April 30, 2013
Source : Blaine Young "Sponsorship money is paid to Interstate Mobile Advertising, Inc., which I own 100%," Blaine R. Young April 30, 2013
Source : Citizen spotters reporting advertisement placards and / or signs on Yellow Cab Co. vehicles.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Some people may want to contribute to this boycott list, but desire to keep their name out of public view ... we completely understand.
For these people, just send your information in a private message and we will add it to the list ... keeping your name private.

NOTE : To keep your additions and the list from getting fragmented, we will periodically integrate new information into the full list contained here.


Thank you for this list, I will need to patronize all these places more often!


This article (or paid political advertisement) is like so many others.

1. There are commentators who publish one-liner, back hand talking points ... devoid of facts, and

2. Those who publish cogent comments, verifiable information and qualified links to support their comments.

I hope old-timers and new-comers can see the difference and devote their time to the exploration of facts, so that Frederick County can construct a new trajectory for its future.


here are aurora's links to their new facilities. i'm sure it makes blaine proud.
just think - WE BUILT THIS:


stanley snow is a 'managed healthcare' shark - you bet he's had plenty of experience turning profits for his buddies in the private nursing home business:

" Stanley H. Snow, President

Mr. Snow was a principle of Millennium Health Services, LLC, where he acted as General Counsel and Vice President of Development. With Millennium, Mr. Snow was responsible for all legal matters regarding Millennium Health Services and its affiliates, including, coordinating litigation, overseeing all labor and employment matters, and managing regulatory affairs. His duties also included business development, acquisition management, negotiation of managed care contracting, risk management, oversight of renovations and construction management. While there Mr. Snow helped Millennium to expand to nine nursing homes in the state of Maryland, with over 1,200 long-term care beds, and annual revenue in excess of $70 million, before selling the company to Trans Healthcare, Inc. ("THI") in November, 2002. Mr. Snow stayed on with THI as General Counsel and Vice President of Development until December, 2004."


on the same aurora webpage, snow’s bio states;
” Mr. Snow currently serves on the Maryland State Board of Nursing Home Administrators,”

He did serve in 2008, but the term is for only 4 years - so he served thru 2012.

here is the current listing of Maryland State Board of
Nursing Home Administrators from the state’s website:

Patricia A. Hannigan, Executive Director (410) 764-4750; 1-877-463-3464 (toll free); e-mail:
Appointed by Governor with advice of Secretary of Health & Mental Hygiene (consumer members also appointed with Senate advice & consent) to 4-year terms:
J. Brian Pabst, Chair (chosen by Governor), 2014
Christine L. Mour, Vice-Chair (chosen by Governor), 2016
Michelle F. Kraus, 2014; Triceia Nurse, 2014; Alice H. Hedt, 2015; Jennifer V. Dutrow, 2016; Thomas E. Flanagan, D.D.S., 2016; Jeffrey T. Metz, 2016; Belinda B. Strayhorn, 2016; Timothy J. Berry, 2017; Thomas Edmondson, M.D., 2017; Bernardine Lawrence-Gregory, 2017; John Lee White, 2017.
Representing Office of Health Care Quality: Margaret A. Heald


Would Blaine have treated DEVELOPERS with thi same disregard ???...After all,

Auroras is just leasing the facilities, doesn't the County still have liability as a

landlord, I mean 'slumlord'...Just asking' ???...*Me


Not going to be so profitable after a couple HIPAA violations. Blow that whistle shake that tree!

Failure to release patient information in a timely manner

Another addition of the Final Omnibus Rule is the requirement of medical facilities to release electronic copies of medical records to patients upon request. Should your facility be unable to respond to the request in a timely manner, you could be fined.

Failure to establish contracts with business associates

The Final Omnibus rule has extended the umbrella under which an entity's "business associates" may fall. Should your business employ any outside party to handle, process, or transmit PHI, you must immediately establish a new contract with the agency. In this contract, your business associates must agree to comply with HIPAA regulations


When the county built the new Citizens and Montevue, they did so with the support of the community after a lot of public discussion. The sale and lease have been loudly opposed.

It seems the only people who support it are a small group including Darth/Blaine, Marty, Farrell, Jill King, and MPosey. This cabal writes daily in defense of the Young BOCC spewing a lot of insults to people who disagree and sharing a lot of inaccurate information. A much larger public voice is not on the side of the sale or lease. No matter what Blaine mails out likening the nursing homes to Obamacare, the public will not be swayed. Can't wait for the election!


SaveFred....for the record I don't write for anybody, I don't support developers, and I'm beholden to NO ONE. If however I agree with "some" of the things Blaine young and the BOCC have done then it's because I agree.

If you support higher taxes, tree hugging policies, downzoned land, a ton of county employees, and taking losses on a nursing home where everyone doesn't get to use then vote for Jan, I'm sure you will. Good for you, that's America


So for you, in your opinion, the ends justify the means as long as you agree with them. Abuse of power is fine as long as you benefit (or, as you eloquently said, agree).

I thought as you do now, which is why I voted for Blaime Young. But, as we now see, our entreaties and petitions are met with shady back room deals and singlehandedly written contracts improperly signed by a single elected official.

That is never acceptable and against tenets of FairPlay.


Another good post, Marty, thanks!


You prove my point Marty! Jan didn't raise taxes, Blaine did. Blaine raised taxes 5% on the citizens of Thurmont that you represent. Jan did not. Jan brought you the Thurmont Regional Library. Blaine did not. Jan brought you new schools in Thurmont. Blaine did not. Jan treated county employees with respect. Blaine did not. Blaine has replaced employees through privatization often at a higher cost so now we all get to pay more for less. What a deal! Oh, and Blaine cut all the funding to the Thurmont Senior center. So much for taking care of Thurmont. More taxes, less services. Thurmont citizens should vote against Blaine and for Jan. Blaine has done nothing for Thurmont residents but raise their taxes and cut their services, while Jan worked hard to build schools, provide a beautiful and well-used library and didn't raise taxes to do it.


SaveFrederick : Given that Blaine's comments of having "...a deal in hand...", (Feb, 2013), four months prior to the faux public hearing and vote have been well documented and NEVER denied by Blaine or his posse .... you may not have to wait for the election ... just the investigation(s) and indictment(s).

The FredCo Ethics Commission currently has a multi-count complaint document pending their ruling ... with 5 of 6 counts containing criminal offense implications, which the Ethics Commission is prohibited to rule on (by law) and MUST refer to the MD State AG and MD Office of the State Prosecutor.

It is important to note that these charges of criminal misconduct have been in the public domain for over a year and Blaine,, have not denied ANY of the charges.

Ethics Complaint filed on Feb. 17, 2014..:

Guidance provided to County Attorney & Ethics Commission regarding the Commission's scope of jurisdiction regarding criminal offense(s) conducted by BoCC Members and / or County Employees...

Transparent eMail Exchange with County Attorney's Office, which provides legal advice to the Ethics Commission ... :


if you don't like what this bocc is doing, rally the troops. convince them to register R for this election, to vote for david gray and for the opponents of shreve, delauter, otis, and all other bought and owned by developer interest candidates. don't let any of them past the primaries, where turnout will be low. i personally have convinced 200+ to go and am going to give all of them who need it rides to their polling places. talk to your neighbors and do your civic duty. grassroots activism is the only defense against the money they wield.

Extra Ignored

No worries. After Aurora drives the nursing home into the ground the county can take it over again like WICOMICO COUNTY, MARYLAND had to do in 1972.



The other nursing homes in Frederick aren't run by the government and they are doing fine. Private sector workers and private-sector businesses are fully capable of running nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We don't need government to run everything in this country. That is the definition of communism.


Either communism or socialism, what would you call terminating a charitable legacy that survived two World Wars, the Great Depression, Korean & Vietnam wars? How can you defend dismantling a line of charity that extends through the Uncivil War and is older than Barbara Fritchies' Home?

It's those little bits of history that depart and never can be restored that sterilizes a community and turns a hometown into Baltimore City.


It seems a majority don't seem to get the point (or choose to ignore it) that the charity doesn't end. The county will still pay for the care for those in the home once it goes private. No beds are being lost, no one is being kicked out, only the operational end of the facility will change. The people who live there shouldn't notice any difference at all.


That is where we differ. The ousted Board of Directors have emphatically disagreed with your premise. And, if you consider that Blaime Young's signature was the only one on the employees' severance agreement, how can I believe for an instant the current residents won't be sold even quicker because the checks stop showing.


Wigwam ... Just to clarify, the "other" facilities in Frederick County, being "for profit" facilities ... Homewood and Buckingham's Choice ... have requested and received beneficial financial treatment from this BoCC.


Jacksback: Amen, we all have a date with father time.


mburns: Hearing one person refer to an elderly person in an infirmary as a "lead anchor around our necks" kind of grates me raw. Karma will dictate that you will rue the day you made those comments. Perhaps it will be your folks, or better, maybe even you who seek comfort and aid in your older years only to find that you are the reason that it's not available to you then when you need it most.


Karma happens to those that bring it on themselves, however wishing bad Karma on someone lets others know you most likely really don't understand the concept.


yes, stuckon270. karma IS.

John Lennon got it:

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you right in the head
You better get yourself together
Pretty soon your gonna be dead

What in the world you thinking of?
Laughing in the face of love
What on Earth you tryna do?
It's up to you, yeah, you

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you right in the face
You better get yourself together darling
Join the human race

Read more: John Lennon - Instant Karma Lyrics | MetroLyrics


Blaine stated that the County would continue to subsidize the nursing homes four

more years to protect the employees pay and benefits...That statement didn't last

a month...Good job Blaine not only is the County subsidy money going down the

toilet but so are the employees and staff...Me


Another sad example of voting for an All Republican BoCC. How come with Republicans the wealthy ALWAYS come out on top......ALWAYS. The poor and elderly ALWAYS at the bottom? As I recall from Sunday School, Jesus never preached...."Blessed are the fiscal conservatives"..."Blesssed are the wealthy developers"....."Blessed are balanced ledger books".......

Wasn't there something in the Bible about the poor, caring for the "Least Among Us"?


blaine young's a-preachin' at his campaign fundraisers:

'Lift up yer checkbooks and open them up to me...
...and we also accept cash.'


How are the poor and elderly being on the bottom? The facility isn't closing, no beds are being removed. no one will have to leave the facility as the county will continue to pay for their care. Your comment is just more emotional rhetoric that doesn't pass the sniff test....


I believe the same was told to a young couple not too long ago.
The wife was pregnant with their firstborn child.

"I'm sorry. There's no room at the inn."


What could possibly go wrong?

Aurora Senior Living of Cromwell, a nursing home in Cromwell, CT received a 1 out of 5 overall rating from CMS of the Dept of Health and Human Services on June 29th 2012. This score means that Aurora Senior Living of Cromwell is rated much below average overall based on health inspections, nursing home staffing and quality measures.

Aurora Senior Living of East Hartford, a nursing home in East Hartford, CT received a 2 out of 5 overall rating from CMS of the Dept of Health and Human Services on March 19th 2013. This score means that Aurora Senior Living of East Hartford is rated below average overall based on health inspections, nursing home staffing and quality measures.



The BoCC apologists are out in force this morning. For them I can only should go back to Church, or grow a heart. A much loved, century and a half institution dedicated to caring for the elderly poor in our community is gone. And yet another For Profit nursing facility has emerged. Wealthy developers and Aurora owners benefit, the indigent poor.....who cares? Right?

jill king

The developers and builders were hired by the Gardner board to build this during a recession at a cheaper rate. How did developers prosper?


Frederick County government will provide more than $26 million this year to help poor and needy citizens.

In response to concerns and questions raised from those in the community, Frederick County Government issued the following press release on March 5, 2014 to clarify its long-standing history of providing assistance to the underprivileged:

"The plight and the needs of poor and homeless people in the community have been topics of considerable discussion during recent weeks. The county currently delivers over $6 million a year in housing assistance. In addition to this, the county has recently proposed to join with The City of Frederick to increase funding for the cold weather shelter to make it a year-round shelter for needy individuals. Providing appropriate housing assistance is one of the most important benefits that can be provided for the poor. Providing basic food, housing and medical care for children is also a high priority for the county. The county’s FY2014 budget provided over $26 million in citizen services for those in need. This includes $6.2 million for housing grants; $8.8 million for the Health Department; $6.3 million for TransIT Services; $2.2 million for seniors; $2.3 million for families and children, and $1.4 million for employment services, plus over $200,000 to non-profits for pharmacy assistance, mental health assistance, housing and food for the needy. This is in addition to the meals that are provided for needy children through Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS)."

Since 1832, when the Alms house was built on the 88-farm deeded to Frederick County (Montevue Hospital for the sick, indigent, and insane replaced it in 1870), many charitable organizations and government programs have been established to assist the poor and needy. They include:

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Welfare)
Supplemental Security Income
Medical Assistance (Medicaid)
Food Stamp / Supplement Program (FSP)
School Lunch and Breakfast Programs
Head Start
Emergency Food Assistance
Public Housing Assistance Program
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants Program
Consolidated Health Care Centers Program: Health Care, Insured or Not
Health Insurance for Uninsured Children
Veterans Health Care Program
Earned Income Tax Credit
Maryland Legal Aid
Maryland Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program
Section 8 Vouchers for Housing Expenses
Low Income and Emergency Housing Assistance
Maryland Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP)
Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP)
Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP)
Utility Service Protection Program (USPP)
Burial and Funeral Assistance Program
Temporary Cash Assistance from Maryland Family Investment Program
Maryland Children's Health Insurance Program
Qualified Medicare Beneficiary and SLIMB (Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary
Maryland Pharmacy Assistance Program
Maryland Senior Assistance
Maryland Department of Aging
Frederick County Department of Aging
Frederick County Department of Aging Meals on Wheels
Frederick County Government Rental Allowance Program
Frederick County Mental Health Association
Frederick County Department of Social Services
Frederick County Housing and Community Development
Frederick Community Action Agency
Frederick Soup Kitchen Program and Food Bank
Other Local Food Banks and Food Sharing Programs
Local Churches
Mission of Mercy (free healthcare, free dental care and free prescription medications)
Religious Coalition of Frederick County


I fail to grasp your point.
$26 million was expended for everything on the list you provided?
I saw quite a few items on your list that Frederick County BoCC paid ZILCH for.


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Welfare) - don't know
Supplemental Security Income - nope, no BoCC funds
Medical Assistance (Medicaid) - nope, we pay extra for that
Food Stamp / Supplement Program (FSP) - nope, no BoCC funds
School Lunch and Breakfast Programs - I think that's part of FCPS funding
Head Start - nope, no BoCC funds
Emergency Food Assistance - nope, no BoCC funds
Public Housing Assistance Program
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program - nope, no BoCC funds
Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants Program - nope, no BoCC funds
Consolidated Health Care Centers Program: Health Care, Insured or Not - nope, no BoCC funds
Health Insurance for Uninsured Children - nope, no BoCC funds
Veterans Health Care Program - nope, no BoCC funds
Earned Income Tax Credit - nope, no BoCC funds
Maryland Legal Aid - nope, no BoCC funds
Maryland Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program - nope, no BoCC funds
Section 8 Vouchers for Housing Expenses - not aware of this funding
Low Income and Emergency Housing Assistance - nope, no BoCC funds
Maryland Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP) - nope, no BoCC funds
Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) - nope, no BoCC funds
Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) - nope, no BoCC funds
Utility Service Protection Program (USPP) - nope, no BoCC funds
Burial and Funeral Assistance Program - the only fund they would easily fund
Temporary Cash Assistance from Maryland Family Investment Program
Maryland Children's Health Insurance Program - nope, no BoCC funds
Qualified Medicare Beneficiary and SLIMB (Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary - nope, no BoCC funds
Maryland Pharmacy Assistance Program - nope, no BoCC funds
Maryland Senior Assistance - property tax assistance only, no other BoCC funds
Maryland Department of Aging - nope, no BoCC funds
Frederick County Department of Aging - really? What about all other departments while you're at it!
Frederick County Department of Aging Meals on Wheels - uses convict labor
Frederick County Government Rental Allowance Program - don't know this one
Frederick County Mental Health Association - nope, no BoCC funds
Frederick County Department of Social Services - again with county departments?
Frederick County Housing and Community Development - sorry, don't know this one
Frederick Community Action Agency - really? Taking credit for this one?
Frederick Soup Kitchen Program and Food Bank - nope, no BoCC funds
Other Local Food Banks and Food Sharing Programs - nope, no BoCC funds
Local Churches - think about it - really?
Mission of Mercy (free healthcare, free dental care and free prescription medications) - the only charity I remember being funded
Religious Coalition of Frederick County - nope, no BoCC funds


In my comment I wrote:

"Since 1832, when the Alms house was built on the 88-farm deeded to Frederick County (Montevue Hospital for the sick, indigent, and insane replaced it in 1870), many charitable organizations and government programs have been established to assist the poor and needy. They include..."

I listed government programs at the local, state and federal level available to assist the poor and needy. I also included charitable organizations that help the poor and needy.

Some of the programs on the list are Frederick county programs funded by county taxpayers. They have "Frederick County" in the name.


Religious Coalition of Frederick County?
How do the very elderly benefit from them?


I believe I see your point.

Begging for dollars. The very elderly and whitless amongst us are suppose to look after themselves. After all, isn't it their own fault?

Let us know how I misunderstood your point.


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why the Republican party has an image problem. Vote them out of office people !


To any new arrivals here in Frederick County.

I apologize that you have to read such postings here on this message board. We openly welcome free debate (and it does get rough here at times) but there can never be hard feelings when the conversation is honest and the intent is pure.

Feel free to post your to your free will and desires. Your observations and how you want your hometowns to look in 5, 10, 20 years from now.

After all, that is what the rest if us do!


2 people out of 328. Wow. The end of the world has come.

Not one single fact posted on all the problems where counties don't own/operate a nursing home


No, not one fact about other counties' issues.

This is a local problem. Why should I be denied what I know to be a perversion of public service?


Aurora has only been in charge for one week. Give them time, they'll show their true colors in time.


Their true colors are green and pink.

Green for themselves and pink for the staff.


That's right, Darth!


And one of the two is leaving so that she can continue to work for the county. I expect others will leave if they can find another job with the county -- government compensation is superior to most private sector jobs.

Non-uniformed Frederick County employees reach normal retirement date on the first day of the month on or after completing 30 Years of Eligibility Service or, if earlier, the date they both: (1) reach age 65, and (2) complete at least five Years of Eligibility Service. Example: Susan earned 34-4/12ths years of Creditable Service all as a non-uniformed employee. Susan has 360 hours of unused sick leave when she terminates employment. Susan’s average pay is $4,000 per month. Susan’s monthly benefit at her normal retirement date would be $2,305.

A county pension is for the lifetime of the retiree, with COLA increases.

Only a very small percentage of private companies offer traditional pension plans like those provided to local, state and federal government employees by the taxpayers. Most private sector employers offer 401ks and match only the first 3% of earnings, which means most private sector workers can't retire before 40 years in the workforce, unlike public sector wokers who are eligible for a full pension after working 30 years.


To paraphrase what you wrote:

CEOs and their officers can retire early with million dollar golden parachute packages negotiated as part of their pre-employment interviews. Some are even fired by their boards of directors and still receive full negotiated severance totaling millions of dollars.

Now, what were you saying about our treasured public servants?


How much money is being lost or given to Blaine's and Delauter's friends (contractors)? A better question would be how much is coming back to them?Same old back room BS.


You people amaze me. These facilities were losing $2,000,000-$4,000,000 per year, Then the previous BOCC decided hey, we're losing 2-4 MILLION dollars a year for only 60 people out of 250,000 that live in the county so let's build a $38,000,000 facility....Yeah let's do it that makes sense. We should be able to make it profitable then.

NOW this BOCC is trying to sell this lead anchor that's still losing money. Per Jan Gardner's own words on the radio this facility lost AT A MINIMUM $20 MILLION dollars while she was in office for 12 years, and was only break even for 2 months after the new facility was built.

This BOCC decided to sell, yeah they will lose money SO WHAT! losing money will ONLY happen for a time and then the County Residents will not have to pay $2-$4 MILLION dollar losses FOREVER because we won't have this lead anchor around our necks anymore.

I only think we owe the employees the opportunity to transfer to other positions so they don't lose their retirement. That's the ONLY thing we should do, but selling or not selling this is a business case no brainer.

My mother was indigent and SHE couldn't benefit from this facility, and we were paying for it. Building or running a facility and paying for a service THAT IS NOT A CORE FUNCTION OF COUNTY GOVERNMENT, is why this country is broke. wake up. Selling these facilities is the right move.

If you want to spend money on the indigent, then every resident should be able to realize the service.


Your amazement is confounding as well.

There is a right way to dispose legacy treasures. Bring it to a public vote. If there is a very measurable and visceral response, back off and fight the battle another day.

Public education is key, and anything ANYTHING <\B> ANYTHING <\b> that brings out public participation in these numbers should be treated with great respect.

As I said, there is a correct way to privatize these organizations. What we got was a perversion of the democratic process.


Excellent points Marty! Farrell Keough


Except only the ballot box votes matter.
All politics are local - damaging voter relations will get you kicked out of office, and their supporters as well.


Farrell, you forgot to post as Darth?


And how much money does the county "lose" on maintaining golf courses for the wealthy few in Frederick County? Better to keep the gated community happy hitting a little white ball around the greens than keep the indigent poor in our community in a decent nursing facility.

Grow a heart.


I don't know Mr. Lincoln. How much does the county pay for maintaining golf courses. Perhaps you can let us all know when you find it in the county budget.
I will help.


The city of Frederick maintains the golf course, not the county.

A senior needs analysis showed that as many as 400 people in the county would be eligible for subsidy status at Montevue. Montevue's maximum capacity is 75 ($150 per day per resident).

Ideally, it would be best to find a way to keep seniors in their homes or homes of their relatives. If that is not possible, the next best solution would be to use county taxpayer funds to subsidize the assisted living costs of needy seniors in the various privately-run facilities in Frederick County, not just Montevue.

Montevue is clearly known in Frederick County as the assisted living facility for the indigent of Frederick, although there are some full-pay residents living there. Some potential residents probably would not consider the facility as their future home because they wouldn't want to be confused with being 'indigent'. It would be better for Montevue to be known simply as a privately-run assisted living facility, like the other facilities in the county, and for the 'indigent' (subsidized by taxpayers) to be integrated with other seniors in the various facilities, rather than be housed in one facility as a group labeled 'indigent'.

The concept is similar to how, with the elimination of State-run institutions, the developmentally disabled population is integrated into the community via residential homes and how government housing projects have been replaced with section-8 vouchers to integrate the low income population into the community — those who are developmentally disabled or low wage earners would prefer not to be assigned housing that isolates and separates them from the rest of the community because of their intellectual or income status.


Excellent post, Marty, as always!

jill king

[thumbup] Absolutely true!


mburns, you make excellent points. Concerning the former county employees, those with 10 years or more of service are vested in the Frederick County Employees Retirement Plan, a defined benefit pension plan; those with less than 10 years of service received a return of contributions (non-uniformed employees were required to contribute 6% of their base pay to the plan), plus interest credited at 4% per year.


Alllllllllll ab-oard!!!!!!!!!

It's the Blaime Young Looooo-ooove Train!


WFMD Dumpling Gang beach pyramid in action


I can only hope, that those of you who supported this current board,will have a loved one using this facility.

jill king

The facility is still available to those who are in need of federal subsidies. Stop spreading the lies. People deserve facts and not fear mongering.


Really? The Let-Them-Eat-Cake defense didn't work out so well for the French monarchy.


"... she turned it down because she wanted to keep working for the county,"

Wants a government job or no job


Belittle them at your amusement.


No. It was a choice of a govt job or a new private sector job. Give the value of a DB pension, she likely made a wise financial choice. Don't you just hate it when government employees are rational?


The taxpayers fund the county pensions. Why should government employees have it better than the people who pay their salaries, benefits and pensions?


darth / blaine - don't you have a government job, and want another?

your remarks consistently show disdain for every subject and everyone...
other than yourself, of course.


Who is darth/blaine?


if you are not blaine, then your his twin




You are either BY or his ghost writer.


Hmmm, Snow only learned there was funding on April 30 and the sale went through May 1? What a coincidence...sounds like a lie to me. Blaine Young is written all over that.


of course. blaine was just waiting for the ink to dry on the paperwork - cooked in his ongoing back room deal w/ snow and aruroa, as he lied in the bocc session earlier that same week.

too bad the voters selected a person in blaine young
who we now see is a compulsive liar.

if elected officials knew they'd be charged w/ pergery when they spoke in the capacity of their elected office, we'd have a much more HONEST political climate in frederick county and nationwide.

the ultimate remedy for his chicanery is to fire him at the polls in June, and if he survives the primary, boot him out in NOVEMBER, for good. he is not fit to serve in office... the only serving he should be doing is a prison term for graft and corruption.


please pardon me. i meant to say:

if elected officials knew they'd be COULD BE charged w/ pergery when they speak
and LIE in the capacity of their elected office, we'd have a much more HONEST political climate in frederick county and nationwide.


BR young, you are correct. escorted out the door she was, ANNNNd then at least two Walkouts by head staff.
Auroa got nervous and got with the county to "pad" certain key emplyees records so they would get the county retirement, annnnd then be employed by Aurora.
Ethics commision, ?


what possible good could this bocc appointed so-called ethics commission do?

they're also in blaine's pocket, no matter what charge / issue if before them
- they're part and parcel to the current bocc's core of corruption.

jill king

Buyouts happen all of the time in the private sector and all of this is standard procedure. Most companies do transition without warning. The benefit here is that the poor and most vulnerable taxpayers in Frederick County no longer have to pay for the employment and benefits of government employees.




I know you are trying your best to soothe hurt feelings.

It's not helping. Another large piece of Frederick County employees were rudely pased over to a private enterprise without the underlying contract being vetted by the public.

On purpose

Without public knowledge or input

Without other commissioners' knowledge or consent

Blaime Young has continued to dance his jig and dared the rest of us to do anything about it.

jill king

This is reality and decisions that were made due to the findings of past boards that were not politically popular.

Unfortunately, transitions of companies are not peachy. There is typically some fall out of management personnel, but operations continue as usual.

Can you say that those receiving services are receiving different care?


Yes I can say that a substandard level of care is being provided.
All I have to do is point at the empty beds that would have been provided to citizens hurting for those services but shut out after the Board of Directors were tossed out of office.

All I have to do is point at the million dollar contract that denies new enrollment but somehow "promises" that payment may be made next year for continued care - how can I possibly believe that care will be continued when Blaime Young singlehandedly prepares and signs contracts?

jill king

The beds were empty because they built on specialized additions, without looking to the needs of the area. Citizens has had empty beds since this was built by the Gardner Board. Other rooms were used by those from out of state and county in majority.

Are you telling me, we couldn't even fill this with out of County needy and vulnerable? Seems someone was lacking on doing proper studies before they decided to build it.

jill king

Gardner was famous for leaping before she looked. The BOE building created a huge loss and then the Government run nursing facilities. How much taxes does she think people can spend on her poor readings of studies and what is viable? She has cost the taxpayers unnecessary millions.

Saying needy and vulnerable is her only defense, because she is void of the facts on this matter.


That is a strange reading - I shall wait for a proper audit by a freshly seated council before deciding is Jan Gardner is to be congratulated or lambasted.

Houses are amortized for 30 years

You are willing to sell out after three and with the lowest bidder.


jill king said: "Buyouts happen all of the time in the private sector and all of this is standard procedure. Most companies do transition without warning. The benefit here is that the poor and most vulnerable taxpayers in Frederick County no longer have to pay for the employment and benefits of government employees."

I completely agree. Public sector expectations can be unreasonable. They demand more from the taxpayers every year. When they want more, they increase taxes, create more fees, or borrow more money for the taxpayers to pay back.


So let's just take a step back then and look at the bidding process for this sale. Who bid, how much, what were the criteria for selection? At some point you just say "it didn't meet the reserve" and this bid didn't seem to have done so. The land is worth far more than is being paid. Why?


Blaine's fingerprints make it apparent
that he fought a transition transparent
it is quite clear to me
you have eyes and can see
that his hate for the poor is aberrant.


What I can't comprehend, screams the bard,
Makes my head hurt; it's too hard.
So I flail and I rail
But ultimately, I fail
Oops, hoisted by my own petard


I have to say that armillary is the king at these limericks and you should probably just give it up


This was a lot uglier than this article indicates. Security escorts


The escorts are necessary to assure privitazation documents were not removed by the county employees (they still are county employees).


The one former employee talks about Aurora being more transparent in the change over. Why not talk about the county commissioners being transparent about the changeover?


Ah and so it begins, another typical nursing home with horrible care and non caring personnel for our elders or sick. Now I suppose it will be no different then the other 4 around Frederick. Very sad.

jill king

That is a shameful to put down nursing care in the private sector, when the County has faced numerous shut downs and violations in the past, besides the introduction of new policies and requirements that have to be funded by poor and vulnerable taxpayers.


It is an ugly statement to make, isn't it?

Let me tell you why that comment is so ugly.

The commenter has not other means to state their feelings except to transfer the horrible way Montevue and Citizens have been handled from day one, and to make the gut decision that what they saw is happening with private care as well.

If Blaime Young treats a historical treasure this badly, what (and who) is next?

Water Company?


Fire Response?

Power and Gas?


There is no end to the damage Blaime Young can do, and even I am seeing a disturbed and muted response from the other four commissioners - only one other proffered a weak letter to the editor.


Damage? What damage? Did something happen to the building thay isn't reported?



A chain of continuing a 200 years old legacy has been damaged.
The damage will be measured by the costs to resolve the legal matters caused by such a perverted and disgraceful abuse of office.


The intention of the family who deeded the 88-acre farm to the county in 1828 was to build an Alms house and self-sufficient community for the sick and needy of all ages. They had dairy cows, chickens, fruit trees and vegetable gardens. They were almost completely self-sufficient. Most of their expenses were for clothing, shoes, and medical supplies, rather than food (the residents provided most of their own food and water up until the 1960s).

By 1870, it was no longer being used for that purpose. It was replaced with a newly built hospital on the property to house the insane, homeless and indigent, known as Montevue Hospital. All the residents of the Alms house were moved into the hospital and the house was left empty.

Montevue Hospital was replaced with an assisted living facility for indigent seniors in 1987. So the 88-Acre farm no longer is being used to provide a self-sufficient community for the poor and needy of all ages (only 75 indigent seniors can be served in the assisted living facility).

Starting in the 1960s, the farm and out buildings were apportioned to various county agencies. Most of the land now is used to house Frederick County's animal control, emergency services, health department, highway department, and transit services; the University of Maryland Extension is also located on the land.


The original Alms House and the Montevue Hospital that replace it were both demolished long ago. It's a shame that those buildings were demolished. They had historical significance.

In 1946, the county planned to shutdown Montevue Hospital for the insane, homeless and indigent, so plans to to repair it were postponed. County commissioners thought that a new plan by Social Services would place all Montevue residents into foster homes. Believing that Montevue was going to be vacated, county commissioners did not set aside funds for the necessary improvements. However, the residents were never moved into foster homes, so in 1958 the first of many renovations to Montevue began. In the late 1970s, county commissioners met to discuss the future of Montevue since the home, despite the restoration efforts, was not going to be inhabitable for long. It was decided that Montevue would be destroyed and a new home would be built across the street, next to Citizens nursing home. In 1987 Montevue Hospital was replaced with the assisted living facility for indigent seniors, Montevue. Today, the Frederick County Health Department occupies the site of the old Montevue Hospital and another county department is housed in the former assisted living facility (they ripped out the old entrance and parking lot and put in a new one even though the old one seemed perfectly fine).

Check out a photo of Montevue Hospital here:


What an imagination you have! The facilities have only been open since July, 2012, so the research on this wouldn't have taken long, had you tried. The only "shut down" occurred under Aurora's control. From January 14 - February 4, the facilities were quarantined due to an outbreak of gastroenteritis. According to Executive Administrator Mike Roles, 62 of the roughly 220 patients were affected. I asked him if any had died and he said no.

I checked the FNP obits for that period and found that three people residing at CCRC/MALF had died and two others died at FMH with no address listed. In Aurora's Clinical Indicators Report for the period, there were no deaths listed.

Under government control, our homes have consistently ranked in the top 25, statewide. Here’s what the News-Post had to say on June 22, 2013:

”Citizens currently has above-average ratings for overall quality and health care.

“But according to the Medicare website, two of Aurora's seven facilities were graded as below average, and another is rated as much below average. The Medicare scoring system ranked two more of the centers as average, one as above average and one as much above average.

“Health inspection ratings for the seven centers also are all over the map; a couple got high or fair marks, but three centers received only one star, the lowest possible grade.”

Letter writer Ken Ernst wrote:“Based on the Medicare star ratings for Aurora’s seven facilities listed in your paper, they have a cumulative grade point average of 1.64 or a D.” (Bad grades, bad care? Tuesday, June 25, 2013)

Transparency from Aurora? Not even close. Aurora's quality of care? The facts speak for themselves.


I have been curious, Steve, did you have or do you have a loved one at Citizen's/Montevue? If you'd rather not respond, I understand but I was just curious. My aunt was there, my dad was at Beverly Healthcare (now Goldenyears) and my mom was at Northampton. I have always thought Northampton gave the best care. All 3 of my loved ones were at the homes I listed for many years.


wow. 'sounds criminal, on aurora's part.
no state investigation re: 3 unreported deaths to the county by aurora?

if it's criminal, and unreported, it's fine with blaine ( his m.o.) , evidently.
he hasn't said or printed a word about this, have your darth / blaine?

jill king

I'll trump your 200 year old tradition of building and employing unnecessarily at the taxpayers expense to serve out of state and out of county residents, subsidized by federal programs put into effect 100 years ago. Past boards knew it was a waste, but were afraid to do something about it. Commissioner Thompson frequently has said that it was not a worthwhile venture and poor use of public funds.


The two years prior to Aurora taking over, there were multiple times Citizens was quarantined for outbreaks.


It's the same personnel. So what are you talking about?


I don't know, but I suppose Prezel is stating that the care at Montevue and Citizens will change, and, for the very elder amongst us, change is NOT good.


I think the above commenters should see if the batteries in their irony meters need changing.


Who's darth/blaine?


that's you, blaine, or just another twisted soul that
you've cloned / commandeered to bark on your behalf.


Why would the care change? Nothing but the ownership has. Same people, pay, and benefits.

It's an irrational comment


That is a beautiful and naive thought. There was a time when any staff at our nursing homes could approach the board of directors with any and every concern and with any compliments for superior service.

Then, overnight, there was a bloodbath and the BoCC usurped the seated Board of Directors and replaced them with nobody except inapproachable thin skinned county commissioners.

So, as innocently as you wish to make this, it still is a perversion most foul.


Agreed, darth.


In the state of Maryland. Groups like Auroa are not held legaly responsible for licsenced nursing assitants,or nurses for any acusations.
In the state of Maryland. the licsensed staff are held leagaly responsible for ANY acusations.
Groups like Auroa love Maryland. They dictate policy, and are not held responsible. That is what Mrs Fischer is stating.
good luck , Auroa is a cover for profits at any costs. If the county, can not [ or will not ] make money there, and they keep "Truck Maintenenc" Why do you think Aurora wants in so bad
Good luck to all who work with them. you will need it.

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