Auditors from the federal government are delving into the debacle of Maryland’s health insurance exchange, The Baltimore Sun reported Wednesday.

All we can say is, good. No government program that cost this much money and went this awry should be permitted to quietly fade away from public consciousness.

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I attempted to sign up through the site after seeing a friend painlessly do it the month prior, right when it rolled out. At the time I was visiting the site, there was much change from HTTP to HTTPS to HTTP to redirects, slow page loads, etc. My gut told me this was intentionally being sabotaged. I had a few internet security friends check it out and they found numerous errors that also suggested hackers or programming errors. Laymen hackers? Opposition hackers? Or industry hackers? I do not know. I'm sure nothing will materialize from their investigation and if something does, nothing will change. Regardless, the Affordable Care Act allowed friends to finally afford health coverage and reduced my out of pocket expenses.


Hackers weren't responsible for this wasteful disaster; it was political hacks who are incompetent, fraudulent — or both — that created this mess and don't deserve to hold public office!


"Things went terribly wrong, and a lot of money was wasted."
Riiiiiiight, we have never heard this about anything ever before, so the lack of citizen outrage is truly astounding.
Thanks for the poke in the eye. Ow.


hopefully the blue-staters will remember brownie's transgressions when they hit the polls, he is a partner with omalley in raising taxes/fees 81 times in 6 years of wasteful spending of other peoples hard earned dollars , he also is addicted to feeding at the public trough rather than going out to get a real job so much so that he could not do the job assigned to him by omalley to assure the health care website was done properly....and on Day 1 he didn't even know that the project manager ( another loser) was in the Caymans sunning herself.....brownie is an MT suit who will just continue the wealth transfer and giveaway policies of the current administration while chasing away business and citizens who are able to relocate , all the while welcoming with our $$$, folks who are here without permission. There is absolutely NOTHING in his resume to justify a vote for him


Anthony Brown essentially had one job — to ensure the successful rollout of Obamacare in the state with the responsibility of implementing the Maryland Healthcare Exchange.

Two years and $170 million tax dollars later, Maryland is abandoning Brown's bollockeds website and shelling out another $40 million-plus for a new design based on another state's software in the hopes of producing a system that actually works this time.

And now the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is investigating this fiasco for fraud.

Who in his or her right mind would vote for this man to be governor — or even dog catcher? If Brown worked in the private sector he would have been fired already!

Regardless of whether it was incompetence, negligence or malfeasance, Brown's lack of accountability and unwillingness to accept the responsibility for the failure has demonstrated he does not deserve our votes to become Maryland's next chief executive. I will cast my ballot for anyone BUT Brown come November.


The editor states, "That this federal inquest is politically motivated, as least in part — it was initiated by U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, Maryland’s lone Republican House member — is not in question.

Ah, yes, "surely you can't be serious. -- I am serious... and don't call me Shirley"

The last 8 years of Omalley and the liberal DEMS is just as much of a farce as Airplane -- the comedy doesn't seem to end

It took a lone Republican to shout that the proverbial emperor has no clothes, or in this case - no working health care exchange -- but the debacle sure made quite a few liberal leeches rich off of taxpayer money!


excellent commentary


Ultimately, government management is at fault. Whether the specifications were bad or the contractor failed, the government does not simply hand out a pile of money and walk away. The contracting process should provide specifications and carefully monitor cost, performance and schedule throughout the entire process. If the specifications were bad, it's the government's fault. If the contractor failed, there should be dozens if not hundreds of cost, schedule and performance milestones built in the contract which should have indicated problems and allowed remediation by many means. And, they allow politics to interfere with the process.

The government (local, state, federal) insists that it's cheaper to contract everything rather than doing the work itself. The government is mostly not allowed to compete with private industry. However, they have lost the technical and management expertise to even award and manage these contracts. The failures of many major systems are both embarrassing and costly. This happens with every agency. The solutions are simple but will never happen. Hire enough people with the right skills. Allow them to do their jobs without political intervention. Be realistic about cost and schedule estimates. Fully understand your needs and options before spending money. Since the government is rarely willing to manage on this basis, major system failures will continue indefinitely.

Their major concern is not how to fix the process, only where to assign the blame so they still get their bonuses. They rely on the fact that the public's memory is even shorter than their own. A billion wasted? Tomorrow nobody will remember and there's plenty more money where that came from. Never enough to do it right but always enough to do it over.


"Close enough for government work"
- and if someone honestly never heard that before, it didn't originate here.

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