Sailing Through the Winter Solstice

Carroll Creek was awash in color Saturday evening, the first night of the Sailing Through the Winter Solstice display.

Beginning this weekend, taking a stroll along Carroll Creek will include seeing sailboats of every shape and size decorated with lights — in addition to two baby sea monsters.

This is the fourth year of “Sailing through the Winter Solstice,” an installation and fundraising opportunity from Friends of the Carroll Creek Urban Park. The organization is also responsible for Color on the Creek, but branched out when they decided they wanted to do something specifically for winter.

“I grew up in Wisconsin and we used to drive around the neighborhood and look at tacky lights. And that’s fun. But this is just something different,” said Peter Kremers, co-founder of Sailing through the Winter Solstice. “I think it highlights the creek ... it’s usually kind of dark and a little gloomy in the winter down there and this is something that brings people down.”

This year, it’s bigger than ever. There are 16 boats on the water and two out of the water. One will be featured in the Kris Kringle Parade, and one will be perched on top of Brewer’s Alley.

The 16 boats began launching bright and early on Saturday morning, in brisk temperatures. Several volunteers from the Friends of Carroll Creek Park and the participating organizations were in the creek itself, most of them in fishing gear or wetsuits to protect from the cold.