Afzali texts Sheriff Jenkins

Kathy Afzali, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

Surrounded by friends at a fire company banquet earlier this month, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins was stunned when his phone lit up with a searing text message sent by one of the people in the crowd.

“You have no power. Get used to it,” stated one of the texts, according to the sheriff.

“You are such a wimp and phony,” said a follow-up text message that Jenkins read to The Frederick News-Post several weeks later.

The messages came from an unfamiliar number but were clearly sent by someone in the room since they mentioned a banner near Jenkins, he said.

Stunned, Jenkins said he started scanning the crowd to pinpoint his unknown enemy. He was confused. The Vigilant Hose Co. banquet was celebratory, complete with a catered meal, alcohol, live music and awards for company members.

“I was thinking, ‘Who in the room was a Chuck Jenkins hater?’” the sheriff said.

Jenkins later learned the author of the text messages was none other than the chairwoman of the county’s legislative contingent to Annapolis, Delegate Kathy Afzali.

Afzali acknowledged writing the text messages that Jenkins read to The News-Post. However, she was initially reluctant to speak further about the exchange.

“My comment is: I have no comment. If the sheriff would like to speak to me, he can call me. He has my number,” Afzali said Tuesday.

But on Wednesday, Afzali provided a written statement.

“On January 3rd, reacting out of hurt and anger, I sent Sheriff Jenkins a text message that I probably should have just kept to myself. I was reacting after he went on a local radio show and attacked me and other elected Republican officials calling us juvenile names,” Afzali stated.

Sen. Michael Hough said the sheriff had sounded off on him and Afzali on a WFMD radio program called “Frederick’s Forum.” The show’s participants accused Hough and Afzali of pushing the local GOP central committee to overlook former Mount Airy Councilwoman Wendi Peters as a nominee for an open District 4 delegate seat.

Jenkins said that by passing over Peters, the central committee had “thumbed their nose at the voters” who had supported her unsuccessful bid for the District 4 post last year.

Also during the program, the nickname “Icky” was used to refer to Afzali, and the moniker “Power Ranger” was used for Hough. While Hough said he heard Jenkins use the nicknames, a review of the show’s online recording indicated that the host, Pattee Brown, was the only person to employ them.

Hough, R-District 4, said after the radio show aired, Afzali was upset and vented her frustration via text.

“I guess when you mess with the little bull, you get the horns,” he said of Afzali, referencing her petite stature.

But in attacking Jenkins, Afzali took aim at the man some have dubbed the most popular Republican in Frederick County. Jenkins bagged almost 63 percent of the vote in last year’s general election and about 75 percent in the GOP primary.

Many of the sheriff’s Republican supporters hail from District 4, the area that Afzali represents, and the sheriff said Afzali wronged her constituency by lashing out.

“She represents a lot of voters in this county, and I think her comments were inappropriate and misguided,” Jenkins said.

In her written statement, Afzali conceded that she shouldn’t have sent the text.

“While I am still disappointed in the Sheriff’s behavior and name-calling — two wrongs don’t make a right,” she wrote.

The Jan. 3 fire hall banquet that set the stage for the text exchange took place at the Mother Seton School in Emmitsburg. The first text message Jenkins received mentioned a school banner that discouraged students from bullying, he said.

“Maybe some wise words for our sheriff to learn,” the text message stated, according to Jenkins. “You have no power. Get used to it.”

Jenkins searched the crowd for the sender, but with his investigation coming up empty, he turned back to his phone to craft a reply.

“I don’t threaten, intimidate or bully anyone. Never implied I have any power,” the sheriff says he wrote.

He added that he does have the trust of about 49,000 voters who elected him into office.

“If you’re interested in a conversation, we can certainly have a conversation. Don’t know what your beef might be, but I would like to hear. Open line always,” Jenkins said he concluded.

A short time later, Jenkins received a reply from the text sender:

“Figure it out and call me if you have the guts. You are such a wimp and phony. Just keep endorsing losers. That’s all I ask.”

Later, a couple of Jenkins’ friends confirmed that the messages had come from Afzali’s cellphone number, he said.

Hough said at least Afzali contacted the sheriff one-on-one rather than airing their dispute publicly.

“As elected officials, we need to treat each other with respect and agree to disagree, and I think the last place this should play out is … in the newspapers and the radio,” Hough said.

Afzali indicated that she wasn’t anticipating her texts would be widely seen.

“My expectation that my venting to him was in private was incorrect, as he has chosen to make my text public,” she wrote. “At this point I am going to do what I should have done in the beginning, and what I tell my daughters to do … ignore people who call you names.”

Jenkins said he didn’t initially intend to broadcast the text exchange. He related it to The News-Post upon request and discussed the exchange Tuesday on WFMD.

Brown said she doesn’t remember Jenkins referring to Hough and Afzali by nicknames during her Jan. 3 show. In fact, off the air, Jenkins refused to use the epithets, she said.

She said she dubbed Afzali “Icky” because her show had received a nasty email from the delegate. She coined Hough’s nickname because she believes he is power-hungry.

Follow Bethany Rodgers on Twitter: @BethRodgersFNP.

(110) comments


First there is Billy key/parkinggate........then there is Kirby 1st ammendgate.....and now we have Kathy you see a trend here?


Encouraging these idiots is why we continue to see these stupid stories.


I think I finally have figured everything out about Frederick County politics: The elected officials are trying to get a reality TV show. It's about the only explanation other than they are immature boors with little couth and less intelligence.

On second thought perhaps the latter is more likely to be true. I mean after all, I don't think the world is ready for a reality show with less going for it than even the Kardashian or Jersey Shore garbage.

Is being a childish buffoon and or a raging bully a prerequisite for being electable in this county anymore?


You seemed to have it figured out better than the rest of us. Pitiful, huh?


Why is it that Jenkins is always doing STUPID stuff?

Its one thing to be a contraversal public figure. And another thing to always do stupid stuff.

Jenkins makes the paper for his idiot trip to texas.

Jeenkins makes the paper for dog shooting and lawsuit.

Jenkins makes the paper for thee illegal immigrant lawsuit whch he lost.

Jenkins makes the paper because someone send him a text saying thee truth that he's a wimp and a bully and a drunk loser.


Surely you can list more than that, Bickle could and did,didn't make any difference.


It's tough picking a dog in this fight. We'd be better off just having an ugly dog contest.


Why is jenkins meddling in everything but what he was elected to do?


He is not very well educated, but I do think he got out of high school. He couldn't make corporal, ran for Sheriff and the Republicans elected him. You figure!


Shame on you Kathy. Your credibility took a nose dive.


Don't know if my FCPS TAX money paid for their education, but some of it was wasted. They got to 6th grade and got stuck there emotionally. Return your diploma. This includes the generation that birthed them.


I lost my key!

I can't find my parking space!

He insulted me!

She called me a phony!

Sound familiar? This is where I would step in with the 6-year-olds and say "Don't make me pull the car over…"

On the one hand, all this is very entertaining. It's like John Stewart thanking God that Lindsay Graham is running for president. It will provide endless hours of satire. On the other hand, these people are supposedly running the county. I hope the Republicans out there are satisfied with the level of public discourse.


He is "well liked", in Fredneck County!


Chuck is a wimp and a unqualified Ideologue. His continued reelection shows how gullible and ignorant the majority of Fredneck County is!


I love it when a voter who did not vote for Chuck calls the majority of us who did ignorant because Chuck won the election. Who really is the ignorant one here Vic?


You are claiming to be the same chldish bully that Jenkins, Afzali and Hough have made themselves out to be in public. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this latest exchange look and sound more like kids playing in a sand box, thumbing their noses at the other and calling each other names? At the end of any day you choose, what does this kind of UNPROFESSIONAL childish behavior represent any more than a repeat performance of what WE have witnessed in the RECENT past as childish power manipulations of the citizen population of FREDERICK County, Maryland? If the citizen population of Frederick want to play in the sand with their part-time elected officials, simply for the sake of playing GOTCHA games, why are we even electing these people into their part-time governing positions and agendas when all they want to do is play games with what was once a DEMOCRACY under the guise of a Republic that was more about getting things done than just playing with small shovels and buckets to see who can build the bigger fortress and then watch it being kicked down by another child player who wants to play king of the hill, hoping no one would object to his or her stand on yet another one sided conversation. Is this who is leading the State of Maryland and it constituents?


Glen - to whom are you typing? You really think anyone is gonna sit here and read ALL that??? Get real.....

Glen Shiel

You mean the way Obama's re-election showed how gullible and ignorant the majority of the country's democrats are? [lol][lol][lol]


Nope, you just have not learned and you should have after what Bush did to the country.


BUT didn't we vote for a REPUBLICAN last time around? Or, do you even care to recall who got us here in the first place, through unregulated Wall Street, willfully lying to the Nation, brought the Nation to its knees through a RECESSION and brought us to two unfunded wars and still willing to repeat the same mistakes in the same kind of war they have perpetuated for over a decade. Try taking that kind of hand-off from your Republican leader and see how far you make it down the field and certainly not beyond the line of scrimmage.

This is not about gullible or ignorance. It's all about making recorded history into something it never was or intended to be. Unless of course you want to give up your cheap seats for the sidelines?


I didn't vote for him, did you?


The true problem is that the majority of Frederick is absolutely ignorant of what goes on right beneath their noses, so they don't bother to vote in local elections. I doubt most people would actually support much of this buffoonery, but they're distracted.


Chuck has been after Afzali for years. Obviously he didn't have the guts to call her or he would have. My family had a issue a couple of years ago and she was the only delegate or Senator that returned my call. She fixed the issue and was very gracious. He is a coward and a bully. In the article she said she shouldn't have sent the text.
Maybe the sheriff should have called her and not the paper., Maybe he needed someone to pay attention to him. He has lost my vote.


I was wondering why he spent time looking around and questioning, makes you wonder doesn't it? Most people with a high school education would have been smart enough to at least do that.


totally unnecessary and unprofessional behavior....why is it that a face to face adult dialog couldn't take place rather than texting at a celebratory event....and as it apparently turns out the supposed commentary by the sheriff was actually made by the moderator , Pattee Brown....maybe she can act as mediator and solve this problem that we do not need especially at this point in time...didn't we have enough childish behavior in this county the past 4 years ...get over it already and move on.


How can anyone move on from this field of PLAY to the next, when our leadership can't even get out of their respective sandboxes?

Kafir al-Amriki

Afzali is clearly wrong here. First, Jenkins apparently did not say what she accused him of saying (it was the radio host), then she handles it like a Middle School drama queen. Get over yourself and be professional. And they did ignore the will of the voters!


Maybe Afzali was wrong, but the Sheriff acting like a two year old doesn't help. He could easily acted like an adult and called her. And no matter how wrong it was of her, what he did was worse. At least Afzali did not try to keep it going like Jenkins did. The knock on him, during the election was he is vindictive and he just proved that.


I didn't need to know this.
Slow news day?


"Icky", "Power Ranger" and the "Stooges": a Saturday a.m lineup by kids for kids! Oops, the stooges were just pulled off the air (2 of 4 anyway).


Great column:

jill king

ReadPhred, It was in the process of a Freedom of Information Act, this was an official phone. Delegate Afzali sent this publicly, people watched her. It was calculated and premeditated. It isn't like she has the number on speed dial.


Perhaps so, Though I've seen nothing anywhere about an FOIA request being involved here. That said, FOIA requests are usually initiated by some trigger event. I doubt some one sat around and said "gee, I wonder if there was an inappropriate text sent by someone or to someone" If a FOIA request was involved, then someone someone said something about this or did something that triggered a request. If you have information that supports that then rather then saying it was a FOIA request, tell us who initiated it and why. If it was the FNP then somehow they received information to trigger their asking about this. What was the trigger. Who wanted this out in the public?


DISTRACTION or just another EXCUSE?


Shades of Kirby Delauter! Dumb and dumber! Ms. Afzali is a politician and as such, has no right to privacy when she acts childish and vindictive. For one thing, she continued to accuse Jenkins of name-calling when he clearly didn't, and Hough backed her up? Check your facts, you two! Well, she's really got a black eye now, and so does Hough. If this childish behavior continues, those two can kiss their ambitions as representing us in Frederick County goodbye!


Political Ambition is secondary to ETHICS!


From every avenue of thought you can imagine, where do we find ETHICS in Frederick? ETHICS is just another ASSIGNED committee, surround by family values that wouldn't know an ethics violation if it bit them in the butt. Without ETHICS, all you get back from part-time elected governance is more of the same vague excuses we've been looking at for a decade or more. Politicians and people just don't want independent thought in their daily agendas. It runs against the grain of being found out and that's the last thing most people would prefer not to hear or do anything about. Like it or not, the cat is out of the bag and has been since our last election. The player's roster keeps getting longer on a weekly basis and yet we want to field the same players for want of not knowing how corrupt governance remains in our own back yards and allowed another 4 years to GROW into the weeds they are/were from the outset and continue to be thrive because DDT is no longer allowed and lying to ourselves is.


I think there is plenty of blame to go around to all involved. None of it should have happened.


Ah, the maturity of these elected officials...


Icky, halarious, she is worthless.

jill king

Sheriff Jenkins did not want this to go public. This text was sent to the Sheriff's official phone. Delegate Afzali uses her personal email and phone to attack people, then plays victim. Hough enables her victim status, in his responses here. Delegate Afzali should step down from her leadership role. She is a mean vindictive woman.


"... message that Jenkins read to The Frederick News-Post ..." Nuff said.


Jill you have no clue what you are talking about, you're wrong. And I didn't even see you there so why are you trying to be all like you're in the know??


BUT so are most politicians.


Michael Hough dabbles in Machiavellian political behavior. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he is the one who made up the story that Jenkins called her a name. Both Hough and Afzali are power hungry and will stop at almost nothing to get their way.

There is a small group of people in the local Republican party who are determined to take and hold power. When I hear names like Hough, Afzali, Young, Delauter, Shreve, Smith, Dacey, I know that something is rotten in Denmark...or in this case, Frederick.

I urge all voters to thoroughly research the candidates before casting their ballot. This group of power grabbers must be stopped and the only way this can be done is by informed voters. Fortunately this is only a small group of misfits, there are many good people in the Republican party and I hope they will rise to the top.


Hough cut up Brinkley real bad, both Republicans, so this is nothing new for Hough. But, in this case, he is more of a watcher than cause or other involvement. I am sure he was just trying to support Afzali, who he considers a friend. Now, it might have been smarter to just not get involved, but it is too late now.


Machiavelli was nothing more than a war reporter of his day. That's why the Prince turned his back on Machiavelli and the truth of lost war stategies in favor of the lie that we keep telling ourselves on a daily basis. We can name names all we want but the Prince rose to power only because his many operatives put him into power. These operatives are the sum total of what the LIE can do if unabated. It's told over and over again, by conscious and intentional manipulation of a County or even a National population that remains tired at the end of a long work day, who agrees by DEFAULT that the LIE is the truth, for the sake of just getting a good night's sleep.

So, aren't we still asleep in our beds, and WAITING for another 4 years to pass, so we can wake up again at the same resting point we started from, 4 years ago and voting our conscience by proxy and a soundbite scripted message that gets told over and over again so as to put us back to sleep?

I believe Jan is looking for some good people to manage ethics in Frederick without being compromised by family values or the incestual nature of piolitics?


so our sheriff is a tattle-tail, great... no need to bring this to a newspapers attention...
she is correct he is a wimp!


GOP of Frederick County in freefall.




She must have been in the same anger management class with Kirby


Blaine should have had them in his class, he learned, didn't he? You just can't help laughing at this nonsense.


Very cowardly!


Unbelievable, the caliber of people that either represent or serve us. Petty, and little integrity. Self serving and representing or serving their views. Not really concerned with what the constituency think. They can't even get along within their own party, does anyone feel there is any chance they would actually work together with others.

Time for a clean sweep.


But alas, no elections for awhile. We have to live with it but, we should make it clear how we feel about the behavior of all three. Every player in this story needs a lesson.


Afzali shows real immaturity sending text messages to the Sheriff. If she had a problem with what he said go speak to him directly. Seems real childish on her part.


Obviously Afzali did not listen to the show (or she would have known that Jenkins did not call her any name). Instead she sent a message to someone based on a rumor that was in fact false. I don't like elected officials sending nasty messages to ANYONE based on a rumor that they did not do ANY fact finding on. Jenkins offered to speak to her to work out any misunderstanding, but instead she sent back another nasty text. Not very grown up behavior from her. Her attitude on Mid Maryland Live when she was interviewed about it was completely arrogant.


I do not expect these people to be fact based anymore. [beam]


Is it an arrogance virus? [beam]


I do not blame the Sheriff.

Who is the cause is the self-loving, self-admiring, self-absorbed, self-obsessed, conceited, self-centered, self-regarding radio host mentioned in the article. That is why I stopped listening on Saturday's except when Dave Schmidt is the sole host.

Are you listening Frank Mitchell?


Is this Frank's decision? I was under the impression that that radio show is owned and controlled by the former host.


I suspect you mean that you have stopped calling except when Dave Schmidt is the sole host. Having Jill, Farrell and Cindy be the first three callers each week was getting really, really old.


Chuck Jenkins is in fact a "bully".

I am not going to mention names. Nor am I going to mention the job title(s).

There was someone who worked at the FCSO who was doing an outstanding job. jenkins recognized what a good job he did. Well, it took a while, but when this person applied for a new position he used a family member as a reference. jenkins then realized that this good FCSO employee is kin to someone that Jenkins had personal issues with. And would not advance this FCSO employee because of who he is related to.

So yes. Jenkins is a bully. And I'm sure there are more similar stories out there.


Not much altitude to the attitude? [beam]


Yes, yes there is.... I won't put my brothers business on here. But, I agree.


Having our elected officials behave like petulant schoolchildren is one of the charms of this county.


So true, so true.


I read an analysis of some national political disputes within the GOP describing the firing squad still being arranged in a circle. Seems that dynamic is playing out on the local level as well.

And yes, it was dumb to send Jenkins a bunch of preteen-level harassment texts, but he has taken it to the next level (a disservice to everyone really) by taking to the media to hash out the dispute.

If we can't have dignity, at least we have entertainment, I guess.


Most news is like the roman colosseum for entertainment of the masses...[beam]


WOW, still always amazed to see that no matter how old you are or what position you hold some would rather send a nasty text then step up at least have the courage to speak face to face. When people say I'm "Old School" I take that as a compliment !


All three of the main actors are at fault: Patti Brown for being unprofessional and calling people names on the air; the sheriff for going along with it and for making a private matter into a public spectacle; and Afzali for the childish drama.


Pattee Brown's show (Saturday 9am-11am) is the most likeable thing about WFMD. I'm pretty much hooked.


First, I would observe that you are damning with faint praise.

I've generally found Ms. Brown to be woefully under-prepared and unable to deal with some of the more questionable claims proffered by her guests.


I agree completely. In general, the good old developer boys play her like a fiddle. Rocky Mackintosh in particular. But the probability of hearing a liberal viewpoint represented on WFMD from anyone other than her or Frank Mitchell is zero.

Rick Blatchford

An apt and fair analysis. After some thought, I ultimately decided that Kathy could have been totally blameless - IF she has ID'ed herself in the texts. Alas, she did not. Everyone (even Kathy) is entitled to their opinion.

I heard a portion of Patti Brown's show. This first time listener will not be returning. She is totally juvenile - not worth adult attention.

Sheriff Jenkins- I've been a supporter. How do you defend making a private matter public? Disappointingly petty on your part. I expected better.


Rick, I've had the same impression of the show at times. Some Saturday's it's like Good Morning America, and others it's like 60 Minutes. It's not always juvenile.




SO, why are your making EXCUSES for their bad behavior?


Nailed it.


You got it exactly right![beam]


LOL! Icky Afzali apparently thinks that she and Ho-hum Hough have the "power". What that power might be is anyone's guess.



It only took a little over a month, but liberal media outlets need GOP conservative canon fodder because the DEMS and LIBS were dumped sooooo badly in the Fall elections

Glen Shiel



Is that why they are having a middle school drama at the banquet? Good to know they're so eager to sacrifice themselves at the altar of the liberals needs. It defies reason, but whatever. Carry on, then.


Chuck reads the texts unbelieving
concerned by the threats he's receiving
it was Kathy, so mean
but she couldn't be seen
as her booster seat they were retrieving.

Glen Shiel



Crickets chirping at that one.


You have always done good, but you really had me laughing with this one. [beam]


I forgot how much I disliked middle school spats


I'm thinking we need to return almost all of our local elected Republicans to the store and get some new ones. The ones we have don't function as advertised.




Good idea!


I'm reminded of the old saying about the departmental jostling that goes on at universities: Academic politics are vicious because the stakes are so low.


That's for sure. I never knew local politics could be so vitally important to so many and cause such passion until I moved to Frederick county. It still surprises me.


There needs to be a telenovela about Frederick County politics.

Just when the Blaine Young subplot ended with Blaine resigning, we now have the new delegate drama, which this appears to be a spin-off from.


Do you realize that Otis said he would act statesmanlike and has adhered to that, so far. He is the one Republican acting like an adult.


Why must it be a one at a time gig, though? I always felt bad for David Gray.


Jenkins said he didn't initially intend to broadcast the text exchange? Yeah right. Jenkins is a bully. I have a cousin that works in the Sheriff’s dept and says he is a bully. The question is, why didn’t he just call her? Why go public with a private text message? He was clearly trying to embarrass her but embarrassed himself in my opinion. I heard parts of the Frederick Forum that day and thought a sheriff should never have been allowing elected officials to be demeaned in such a way. For him to go along with it was really odd and petty. Ken Timmerman phoned in and called out the sheriff for behaving so badly on that show. She had a right to send a private message. He IS a bully for making it public and trying to intimidate her. Poor form on Chuck’s part.


Just showing who they are after the election...[beam][beam]


Really my high school student has more respect than to send juvenile text messages. And to text during a banquet to honor local volunteers is also rude and disrespectful.


What, no Hate You, "Yours Truly, Afzali"[beam]



Glen Shiel

The last two days on my way home from work I've listened about this incident on WFMD's Mid Maryland Live show, which included several people calling in who know Afzali and her temperament quite well and, after reading about it here, sincerely believe that, even as old as she is, Afzali has a lot of growing up to do.


Good for voters to know. How about that program that Blaine went to? [beam]


Seriously Kathy? ....Geesh


Kind of funny, because I believe both sides are right, but Jenkins should have kept it private. Not to keep it private means you cannot ever have a one on one conversation, when you disagree and people will always have disagreements.

I do feel Jenkins is a bully, Afzali was right on that. If he can't take the heat, he should get out of the kitchen. But there is no doubt Hough is power hungry too. However, the whole thing should never have been escalated to the FNP. I don't know what Jenkins hopes to gain by that;


The same could be said of Afzali.


She didn't make it public, Jenkins did.


Is it not a good thing to get to see what they are like?

Is it not like the tea party and the reasonable side of the GOP in DC?



Ah the love in Frederick County…. Chuck be careful what you like on Facebook that can also get you directed love from this crew.

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