We are coming to the end of the third year of a developer-controlled majority of the Board of County Commissioners. You might think their anti-environment, anti-education and budget-depleting gifts to their friends and contributors would begin to subside. Not so. There’s more coming — and soon:

n First is the monstrous new 1,500 dwelling unit development in the agricultural region of Monrovia, without adequately planned road and school upgrades. The planning commission public hearing will be at Winchester Hall today, with a 4:30 p.m. rally in front of the building. If you care about the future of Monrovia, please turn out for this rally and hearing!

n Also important is the reduction of natural vegetation along streams throughout the county. In the Linganore watershed soil erosion off barren stream banks creates the sedimentation that we now see in Lake Linganore. Taxpayers are currently on the hook for $8 million to pay to dredge that soil from the lake. (Additionally, this BoCC has approved more than 5,000 new homes in the Linganore watershed, growth that will require stripping vegetation and exacerbate erosion.) The public hearing about streamside buffer reduction is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 31 at 10 a.m. in Winchester Hall, third floor.

n The BoCC has requested staff to create legislation to eliminate impact fees for the thousands of new housing units. Commissioner Young has signaled to his loyal commissioners that the abolishment of impact fees and replacement with transfer taxes (to take the cost of development’s infrastructure off the developers’ backs and place it on homeowners’) is his priority. Watch how they vote.

n Finally, take note that more and more “public hearings” are now scheduled during the day when most people are at work and cannot attend. Stealth legislation.

There is one year left for this BoCC majority to undermine good planning and give county funds away for developer interests, and other special friends like Aurora healthcare. As a commissioner now for 19 years I have never seen a group of elected commissioners who so blatantly favor their personal and special interests over the citizens and future well-being of this county.

I am disgusted to witness these and prior actions of the last three years that leave a legacy of environmental neglect, growing bills and future tax increases, in the millions, to be shouldered by Frederick County taxpayers.

DAVID GRAY, Frederick County Commissioner

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It dosent work that way Chesapeakecounty. You may chose to observe that, but the fact was everyone,, and i mean everyone wanted Urbana. Not to mention the Natoli family gifting the entire Library to the comunity. Huge difference here.


Funny, much larger and nearby Urbana was approved and built out by prior boards with very little objection or fanfare. It seems to me people only choose to get upset about an issue when it's "not their guy" in office.


Holy Cow!

You're right!

Forget, for a moment, that I-270 runs past their neighborhood.
Also, forget the fact the developments were planned for full families.
And, how forgetful of me, several new schools (including Urbana High) were built.

Holy Cow!

You're wroooong!


Thank you commisioner Gray for having the courage to speak out for the citizens of Frederick. Big money runs the show and sadly, we are paying the price for corruption.


Why do people keep putting Blaine in the TEA PARTY is beyond me.


Blaine's not tea party, he's an opportunist using the platform to elevate himself since tea party goals in some part coincide with his financers' goals. Developers all hate government of all sort, it costs them money.


Sorry, but you own this.


Did I miss the Tea Party's Yellow Taxi Boycott? I don't remember reading about the Tea Party rally outside Winchester Hall. I do, however, remember the "property rights" talk used to justify the BOCC's end-run around the county's comprehensive plan. It's all about wrestling back liberty from the county government, or so we were told.

The Boston Tea Party was a reaction to the Tea Act, law foisted on the colonists for benefit of the East India Company. Now, we have a fellow who's bending the law for the developers while foisting the future costs onto us taxpayers. It seems RALE has more in common with the Sons of Liberty than the local GOP does. I absolutely agree with you, Rover!


A "developer-controlled" majority BoCC selling off two nursing care homes for the elderly poor in this community.........

And when voters elected an All Republican BoCC these developments should come as any surprise to anyone?


PS........Care for the elderly and poor, the "least among us"?.........did not Jesus on the Sermon On The Mount preach......"Blessed are the fiscal conservatives, developers, and the wealthy".....


Tea baggers are razing our heritage for campaign donations.[sad]


The Tea Republican Party will go the way of the Anti-Federalist, the No Nothings, and the Whig Party.............all extinct.

US demographics are working against the GOP............94% African American, 72% Hispanic, 58% Women, and 63% Youth.........have been voting Democratic in the last six Presidential elections.......five of the last six Presidential elections the majority popular vote was for a Democrat presidential candidate. Gore received half a million more votes than Bush in 2000.

Do the math............as old, privledged whites pass away...the Grand Ole Party will pass away with them.

The GOP will continue to try and game the system.....gerrymandered districts, minority voter surpression, a conservative Supreme Court ruling "corporations are people" campaign donations, etc. etc. etc.....

But time is ticking........even gaming the system will lose to the ascending Democratic Party!!!!


Your commentary on the Monrovia and Linganore over-development is spot-on and its all about the MONEY as I'm sure you are aware...would like to hear you speak out on the Montvue and incinerator travesties as well...they too are all about the money and all of it is coming OUT of the pockets of the taxpaying citizens ....


That's funny. Gray voted for WTE and was/is in full supporr of it. He was also in favor if the Mintovia development. But that all started under the previous BoCC, not the current one


Yes but the current BOCC has the power to change any prior decision just like it's doing with transferring the nursing care centers to private use.

Imagine what would happen if the current Frederick County BOCC agreed with Carroll County BOCC and said you're right the WTE isn't what we thought it would be, keep your $3 million.

The Crystal Ridge Ski Area is a trash heap, quite literally it is a pile of litter. Located within the city limits of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the ski area is located on a landfill. No kidding! There are bulldozers and dump trucks in the parking lot. I watched a dump truck drop off a load from the ski lift. This is an urban renewal project gone alpine.

See http://www.dcski.com/articles/view_article.php?article_id=1005


Commissioner Gray, I am happy you finally came out and told it like it is. You are a good man and I know you have been treated badly by your fellow BOCC member. Thank you for taking the time to write this LTE. Jean


It's absolutely amazing, Commissioner Gray, that you have been able to hold your own while surrounded by your four colleagues who don't give one whit about the citizens of this County. You deserve a medal for even having to be in their company. I think there are many who, should you decide to run for County Executive, would be honored to cast their ballot for you.

Linganore Native

You got my vote Gray! It is good to see somebody talk about Linganore. I have lived there for over 23 years and it has changed so much. I love how some people actually think that the developers will make all of these nice changes to the community. NO, they will build the houses and pave the roads that the houses are on and then they are gone. This is already happening in the woodridge community all I see are people driving cars that are worth more than my annual salary who drive 50 mph in a 25 mph neighborhood and no new improvements to the community. Linganore is unique becasue the development is surrounded by natural features and a lot of the older houses have a lot of character to them. Now all of the new houses look the same and hug up to one another and you can see everything your neighbor is doing 24/7. This is not the city.

I am not against development completly as long as it is done well and reflects the rest of the community, but the developers around here are so greedy and want to squeeze in as many houses as they can.


The Nursing home was supposed to be the Begining of what was being called "The one stop Shop"
M.V.A, Mental Health, 9-11, County health refferals and D.S.S was all supposed to be rebuilt on this same property.
As it is now, NO one can find anything here in Frederick county any longer.
The "LAW MALL" was highly succesfull and the Citizens/Montevue/ health care of the county was supposed to all do the same on this very property.
It was the Rebuclican party that botched all the money. It was the Tea Party that will profit from it.
Frederick County needs alot of work to improve dosent it.

Comment deleted.

Blaine's on the radio telling us what he thinks. Blaine's on county TV telling us what he thinks. Blaine's on the Tentacle, telling us what he thinks. Blaine writes LTE's every few weeks, telling us what he thinks.

And so one LTE from Gray is "as bad as Blaine tooting his own horn, just from the other direction."

Your point falls flat, in my opinion.


The developers won, you lost!


This is happening all over the country. Republicans are fed up with tea party antics and are starting to criticize their mean spirited agendas. Mr. Gray is to be thanked for speaking out.




What in God's name does the Tea Party have to do with Frederick County Development? NOTHING.


This is the "old school" GOP I grew up knowing and voting for! Responsible, pragmatic, and fair. Here's hoping they hold their ground against the "small tent," willfully ignorant, tea party wing that's grabbed the reins nationally and locally.


Commissioner Gray speaks the truth
Blaine's what's wrong with America's youth
puts himself above all
robbing Pete to pay Paul
these past three years have given us proof.


As most know you were part of former jan Gardner to build the newer nursing home,a hugh waste. Why no mention of this traitor.GRAY resign now. Only a few are on your side from the dems only.Former board approved many too nit wit, in too long,out the majority hope.Are you getting donaations from Jan and formerBOCC to pay for the nursing home, NO just us tax payers ,not you Gray.Democrat losers love GRAY.

Comment deleted.

^^^ Well stated, fredneck, very well stated. [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


Absolutely! [thumbup]


David Gray has been a loyal Republican and a trustworthy statesman.

His ethics are impeachable and beyond reproach by the likes of those so willing to demote their neighbors into third class citizens.

What has become of Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment?


Thank you Commissioner Gray.


Wasn't over 1600 homes in Monvrovia approved by the orior board?


I see what you did there.
You commingled Montevue with Monrovia.
That's a good one.

I have another one for you - didn't Blaime Young's BoCC vote to switch 1600 retirement homes into 1400 full family homes?


The prior board approved an age-restricted development - a completely different concept with far less impact on the community - and when the dollars weren't there to fix the glaring infrastructure issues, there and elsewhere, they made the responsible decision NOT to build. The developer then sued and lost. The dollars still aren't there. The all-age development proposed now will be far more impacting. Why is this even back for consideration?


Interesting to note that the contenders for Mayorial position of Frederick City are also stating the same thing. The Rebulican and Democratic contenders openly state Caution has been pushed aside in this open door policy of Development.
A good example of this is now Summers Farm. It was totaly neglected as to building a school in this massive devleopment so now [ becuase the developers refuse to re-do any of the houseing plans] a school will have to be built in a totaly removed area which brings a huge cost to the tax payers.
Nobody is happy about devlopers here now. Rebulican and Democrat alike


ALL of Frederick county is under the heavy hand of the developers money.Build ,build,build! But hey,dont improve roads and bridges,schools etc.What a steaming pile this entire BOCC is to begin with,money talks,bullSh*t walks............


A more honest and accurate assessment of the putrid developer-loving commissioners, led by that grossly obscene and obnoxious Blaine Young, will never be found. I have heard of several instances where just by entering a room Blaine Young makes those already present to pass gas and develop twitches in their abdomens. Such a charismatic leader should be employed shoveling horse manure, and the only development he should worry about is where to unload the next wheelbarrow.

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