ANNAPOLIS — A state board on Wednesday voted to put off a decision on the sale of two Frederick County-owned facilities until two court cases challenging the transactions are resolved.

Those who oppose the sale of Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Living hailed the Maryland Board of Public Works action as a major victory.

“Miracles do happen,” Sonja Sperlich, former chair of the board of trustees for the centers, said quietly as she left the meeting room.

Because the state invested $200,000 in the construction of the two facilities, the public works board must weigh in on the sale. The questions before the public works board are whether to approve the sale and whether to require the county to return the state grant.

Commissioners President Blaine Young brought a $200,000 check with him as he stepped up to the podium to address the board and said the county was prepared to return the grant money to the state. Comptroller Peter Franchot, who sits on the public works board along with the state governor and treasurer, said that, as much as he would like to take the check, he thought a postponement would be wiser.

This was the second time the board has delayed a decision on the sales; last month, they voted to defer it so they could seek legal guidance.

The board’s reservations stemmed from a pair of legal matters filed against the county commissioners for their June 25 vote to sell Citizens and Montevue for $30 million. Both cases are currently in Frederick County Circuit Court.

Several sale opponents attended the public works board meeting and testified that the centers are important for serving needy members of the community who can’t afford the cost of private assisted living care.

“These people need to be taken care of. It is part of of our obligation as citizens of this country,” said Leslie Powell, attorney for the plaintiffs in the two court cases against the county.

She also said the county did not undertake any needs assessments as part of the privatization process.

Commissioner David Gray, the only county board member to oppose the sale to Aurora Health Management, also spoke at Wednesday’s meeting to ask the state panel to postpone further action until “the court challenge to the sale is settled.”

However, following the meeting, Young said he didn’t think the board’s unanimous decision Wednesday will slow down the county’s move toward a potential December closing date.

In the meantime, he said the county will voluntarily return the grant money.

“I don’t think there will be a delay in closing unless the state wants to sue us for money that we’ll pay them,” he said.

Comments made by public works board members Wednesday led Young to believe they think the county is asking to keep the grant. But if the county volunteers to give back the funds, the state will have no further role in the sale, a state of affairs that Young thinks would suit the public works board.

“They don’t want to be involved in this,” he said.

Though county officials initially thought the state had contributed $200,000 to Citizens and Monteuve, they recently learned the actual amount is $191,000, Young said. He said he expects the county will send the money to the state within a couple of weeks.

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(66) comments


What make this look illegal is there was a cash check imediatly available to get the state off the complaint.
Then what makes it look worse is when the state said not nesessary and the Tea Party is going to give it back ANYWAYS
soory guys, but it is too late, If you would have done that before the judgment no interestes would be stired.
But as it is now it apears to be an effort to cover up impropiretary actions concening Developers, real estate sales and ?


But again the argument that this land was to be used for the "benefit of the poor" isn't a good one, it isn't being used that way now..


Hey, coming from a Conservative, if the opposition can come up with a plan to make these places financially self reliant I'll support not selling them.


Gray is going to furnish all lost money at the Nursing home . Oh really?? He just spends more of our taxes.A real dem lover too.


Quemzeee, Usgov a comedian thats all.he writes a comic strip to annoy some ,not me.His family in a nursing home he don't want death a comic again[wink]


gibberish-unintelligible or confused speech or language.


USgov. what you are suggesting is to assist in death, that is still called homicide. What we do have in place here is called Pallative care. Meaning no heroics. It means the person chooses and no extra to prevent happens
When you say euthinasia. That is homicide. Hilter did Euthinasia as part of the Eugenics studies.
I believe you mean pallative care?


Stevebruns---Thanks for the info...I wonder if it's month to month and who negotiated the price if there is no contract...This is not ethical in any form...Why was there no open meetings about Aurora taking over management ???...Is there NO Frederick company that would qualify before an out of company ???...Answers, citizens and taxpayers NEED answers...HELLO is anybody listening ??????...Me


WOw so many democrats ready to pay up for the nursing home. Really?, a big no ,just comments,no money we home owners pay too.Ah these dems. mouthy too.

Impeach Blaine

I dunno Woody, the FNP online poll says the majority is against.

You don't lose an election because you're so well liked


Why is Aurora managing the nursing homes if they don't own them ???...Was there a separate contract to run the homes not included in the sale contract ???...If so how much is that management contract for and was it open to competitive bidding ???...Some more 'splaing due in addition to just paying 200K plus interest and penalities...Blaine's an idiot if presenting a check or sending it in solves the problem...The state has to endorse it on the back for it to complete the deal...Until then they can refuse to sign it or say it got lost in the mail...A piece of advice for the Wizard Blaine, try electronic transfer it saves on gas and public embarrassment...Me


At the June 25 public hearing, the BoCC voted 4 - 1 to install Aurora management at Montevue/Citizens before the real estate transfer was concluded. This item was not on the published agenda for the meeting and there was no competitive bidding for the contract. Aurora assumed management of the facilities on August 1 and will be paid $50,000/month.

Impeach Blaine

Handing the contract over to aurora was unethical and illegal. This needs to be looked into.

Comment deleted.

I believe that usgov's over-the-top comments are always intended to offer an extremely wry and satirical portrayal of the conservative point of view. Taken in that context they are always humorous, or meant to be. At least I hope so.

Impeach Blaine

Folks - I see the Facebook comments here.

The sale WAS NOT "stopped".

In all reality the news of delaying the decision is nothing more than a formality. And has nothing to do with preventing the sale.


There you go again.

Impeach Blaine

"Go again" with what?

People are posting on the FNP Facebook that the sale was "stopped".

That is not true.

It was not stopped.

Just because I do not like Ba'Lane does not mean we can't stick to the facts. The sale was NOT "stopped".


Because we can't afford to care for these people they should be offered a dignified escape clause (euthanasia).

Comment deleted.

Brilliant! Your work just gets better and better. I see Pulitzer in your future (political commentary and satire). I really hope you are saving these.


“These people need to be taken care of. It is part of of our obligation as citizens of this country,” said Leslie Powell, attorney for the plaintiffs in the two court cases against the county.

Actually, we are not so obligated. We can choose to be charitable but are not obligated. That being said, it seems to me to be an optimal strategy for people living in a society.

"In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets, and steal loaves of bread." ~ Anatole France


That isn't what you said in another post. You implied we were obligated through religious mandate.


Say what? First, I implied no such thing. You inferred incorrectly -- again.

Second, I'm atheist, as I've said before. I'm the last person who would suggest a divine mandate for anything.

Third, I'm Jewish, as I"ve said before. We don't push our religion on gentiles.

Finally, in case you haven't glommed onto this yet, the Hebrew Scriptures are full of terrible moral values -- including the notion that people are obligated to be "charitable" to others. How is "charity" under threat of punishment charity at all?


Why would an atheist quote and defend scripture???

And if you're an atheist you're not Jewish. Seems impossible don't you think? Can one be an atheist and religious?

Next time don't try me and I'll consider your referenced posts retracted.


Why so much excitement? The facility is still going to be sold and there is nothing that the cry baby's can do about it. I love the picture posted on the FB paper of the naysayers. The caption should read charter meeting of the political losers in the 2014 election especially Gray and Gardner.

Impeach Blaine

Jill you are probably not in a position to be calling anyone "political losers".....


Nice to see you taking a break from campaigning to come shake the pom-poms for Blaine, Jill.

Impeach Blaine

And Ba'Lane didn't wave one single Pom Pom at all for Jill yesterday.

We learn to recognize who are real friends are


Up until a year ago, Jill King posted her bizarre ideas and venomous personal attacks under her real name--and boasted about it. Then, she disappeared from public view, with the evident realization that her style doesn't exactly fit with the voters. Well, now she's back as "girlpolitic". Thanks for posting the link to the Stop the Sale of Montevue/Citizens FB page, Jill! BTW: Here it is again--


We will see who the losers and cry babies are in the next election. I believe that Frederick County will correct its mistakes.


Cry baby? Keep playing.

Comment deleted.

armillary : I just peed myself !!! ,,,[scared]


Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) signed into law what Compassion & Choices, a group that advocates suicide, calls a "breakthrough" moment. In doing so, Shumlin approved a law that, according to the advocacy group, supposedly “will let dying, mentally competent people determine when they have endured enough suffering and empowers them to end their lives with dignity.


usgov. that is not an option here in the states. That was done in Europe a few years back and is currently being done in Muslim countries.
I am sure you did not mean it the way it sounded.


The reality is a decent care facility costs 6k a month yet a 1/3 of all US workers earn less than 25k a year and the average US retiree only has 25k for retirement. A better soultion would be offering legalized euthanasia to residents .[scared]


That was a bad move to try to return the check of 200,000.00 of tax payers money so arbitrailiy.
Bad move indeed.
Now the new owners are looking at this and wanting out.
The four of the commisionors. One an attourney, One a real estate broker, One a developer and One a bussiness man are all under scrutiny.
This is looking pretty bad legaly.
J.T was wrong, P Smitth was ill advised, and the county attourney is close to unemployment


Crossing my fingers that you are correct! [wink]


The $200K was an appropriation from the state. It had conditions. The conditions made the state a stakeholder in the facilities. It was signed into law by the governor. It was law, not a quickie payday loan as Blaine would like to pretend. “They don’t want to be involved in this,” Blaine said of the BPW. The truth is they have both a right and an obligation to the people of Frederick county and Maryland to be involved with this. At the very least, they should require a referendum to show that it's the will of the people to divest of these facilities we just built. Only a fool would think of selling brand new facilities right after they were built.


The WFMD Happy Hour Dumpling Gang trying to return some I'm sorry I missed them sweating bullets, wringing their hands and teetering on the balls of their feet.

Impeach Blaine

Vincent - I hope today is better for you. Best wishes to you and Lisa :)

Comment deleted.



Dems do comment against,OK pay up dems, you won't.Cheap comments, no money gifts.[wink]


And one more time in english, please?


More of our tax dollars with this suit ,Will they pay the lost dollars for the nursing home . NO just cause us to pay more taxes.The land for the poor with no building.Oh no.Gee no income ,no pay.Oh oh taxpayers pay.


Yesterday, WFMD caller Kitty dialed the show to tell Blaine, who wasn't there, about her fall and subsequent, not so pleasant 6 hour visit to Frederick Memorial Hospital. It was there that they informed her she must select a care home to be transferred to for rehab. "Citizens" please. They advised her there was no room. Citizens was operating at full capacity. "Now why not let the home make money?" (So good to hear Kitty is feeling better. She is a hero for making her first concern that of the welfare her fellow seniors and the home).

Impeach Blaine

As much as I oppose the sale and despise Ba'Lane this is no big deal. Not sure why the paper had this as the headline. Ba'Lane already stated months ago that they will give the money back to the state.

Also this has no bearing on the sale.


This would be a beautiful case study for someone pursuing a law degree. What would be the liability of the state agency accepting a check written for twice, or thrice, the grant amount? I wonder if future BoCC could claw that check back...


Blaine showed up with a check in his hand
tried to buy his way out of a jam
BPW said no
don't mistake us for ho's
go back home in your cab and pound sand.


You have a great gift, my friend.


“These people need to be taken care of. It is part of of our obligation as citizens of this country,” said Leslie Powell, attorney for the plaintiffs in the two court cases against the county

Really? Is that the script you continue to read from?

The audacity and arrogance of the liberal left and Statist -- everyone needs to give more of their fair share -- the collective deserves your tax dollars -- at any cost.

And yet, how has Leslie Powell contributed to her community? By Taking -- one lawsuit at a time . . .


Yea, wanting to protect a home for destitute, needy elderly rather than line rather than line one's pockets with dirty money.. truly narcissistic. Do you even know what that word means?


Can the WFMD Muppets please leave a comment without political labels? Very intolerant bunch...The closer the topic to their pocket books the more ignorant and rapid their replies.


So our BoCC President thinks he can deliver $200K and wipe the slate clean.

Think again.

You looked foolish thinking returning the $191K principle would erase the GRANT like it was an interest-free loan. Just where did you say you got your business degree from?

That $191K wasn't meant to build somebody else's for-profit business. But now that this BoCC has floated the notion, there's got to be a process to convert this grant into a proper loan. There's principle, there's interest, and there's fees involved.




>>> "Comptroller Peter Franchot, who sits on the public works board along with the state governor and treasurer, said that, as much as he would like to take the check, he thought a postponement would be wiser."

Arrogance . . . the State, MoM, and the DEMS continue to raise taxes and fees, yet feel compelled to 'wait' for the refund of a Grant . . . arrogance and irony -- truly defines the narcissistic left

BTW -- can the activists find any legislation that MoM passed that provide benefits to our most need citizens . . . hmmm? keep looking for that needle in the haystack!


Blaine's attack upon Frederick is freaky
now the top of his mop has gone streaky
and the cause of his ills
is Walter T. Mills
and a bottle of bleach that was leaky.


Unbelievable. They just keep popping out of your head, and you can't do anything about it, can you? This must be how Einstein, Picasso, and Dangerfield all felt.


"Commissioners President Blaine Young brought a $200,000 check with him as he stepped up to the podium to address the board and said the county was prepared to return the grant money to the state."...did anyone actually see the check because I'm thinking it was a blank check, because Blaine did offer the board twice that amount, to the tune of $400,000...I am also thinking they cannot simply return the money and proceed with the sale because if it REALLY was that simple Blaine could of just mailed them a check weeks ago, but instead he offered them twice what the county no Blaine you know it is not as simple as giving the money back...

Blaine and Co. are being looked at VERY closely, the evidence is there, it is all over The Shame the Blaine Campaign FB page, so anyone with some cojones is more than welcome to start an investigation at any old time...but for reason, no one seems to have the cojones to investigate Blaine and Co....and there is evidence that has yet, but will be posted to the page...somethings have to kept close to the vest...for now.

It is the world of politics and there are so many back room deals that go on in Frederick City and County it would make your head spin...the BPW has shown they have some perhaps it will be a catalyst for others to prove that they don't lack the cojones.... [wink][wink][wink][wink][wink]


Of course the state stepped in to delay the sale why wouldn't cash straped folks want to keep paying for a losing proposition on in the delusional state if maryland.


BY said as of 8/1 Arora is already runng CCRC and MAL what about the County employess what about all the other parts of the county that is still being supported by the County


"Because the state invested $200,000 in the construction of the two facilities the public works board must weigh in on the sale" charity with strings. Was this is a contract anywhere?

A very good reason why you should NEVER take money from govt. I often tell people when the govt gives you something they can then tell you want to do.


Yes, it was in a contract. The board didn't have a problem with it, because support for Citizens and Montevue had obviously never been higher. After all, they were building the new facilities at that time. Only a fool would think of selling brand new facilities right after they were built. Only a fool.


Franchot & O'Malley had to be secretly chuckling and counting their votes when Moe Young "stepped up to the podium to address the board." NOW is the time for someone - an investigative reporter, a cop, a prosecutor, SOMEONE! - to dig deep enough to uncover The Stooges' criminal behavior.





Daddy Young won't let burping Blaine get too much of a spanking. Let's hope he gets enough to free Frederick from the developer's sleezy grasp.


Finally, some good news on this debacle. Here's hoping the original board is reinstated ASAP. Can't wait to see what kind of tantrum blaineypoo throws over this one...


He will find some teenage referee to cus out so he can reistate his manhood!!!![beam]

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