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Changing demographics, increased turnout helped flip Frederick County in 2020

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Trending Blue

Sharp rises in voter turnout, an evolving electorate and gains in key areas of Frederick County were all factors in helping to turn the county blue in the 2020 presidential election for the first time since the 1960s.

President Joe Biden flipped more than two dozen precincts that Republican candidate Donald Trump won in 2016, and Biden made significant gains in others in the county’s first vote for a Democratic candidate since Lyndon Johnson in 1964, according to an analysis of voting data by The Frederick News-Post.

While the Republican Trump won the county by exactly 3,000 votes in 2016 over Democrat Hillary Clinton, Biden captured 13,993 more votes than Trump in 2020.

For years, Frederick County’s rural, conservative makeup led to its somewhat affectionate “Fredneck” reputation around the state. But as the county has added more urban and suburban areas, the political dynamic has changed.

Overall, the county added 9,500 households and 21,300 people between 2015 and 2020, according to statistics from the Division of Planning and Permitting.

Political scientists and elected officials are divided on whether the county’s Democratic turn is a move toward the future or a momentary adjustment.

Todd Eberly, a political science professor at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, believes it could be the start of a trend as regional growth continues in the county.

“The suburbs are essentially growing, the circles are getting larger and larger around the urban areas,” Eberly said. “Whereas 20 years ago, Frederick was a more rural county and we thought of Montgomery County as the suburbs of D.C., Frederick County is very much a part of those suburbs and has absorbed a lot of those people who have moved out of Montgomery County or out of Howard [County] and have moved into Frederick just to be a little bit further away from things, and that changes the demographics of a county.”

Carin Robinson, a political science professor at Hood College, also mentioned Frederick County’s growing connection to the Washington region, especially through Interstate 270.

The change has caused the county to transform from a more rural to more urban environment.

“Frederick County looks like a suburb,” she said.

The shift

A comparison of election precinct results from the past two presidential elections.

While the influx may be bringing more Democrats, there also may be more “lukewarm Republicans,” Robinson said.

Steven Clark, chairman of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee, agreed that the Washington suburbs have expanded to the north and west, with Frederick County areas such as Urbana and the Ballenger Creek neighborhoods outside Frederick attracting younger people who tend to lean Democratic.

“We’re not seeing a lot of party switchers. We’re just seeing new people who are Democrats moving into the county,” Clark said.

In 2016, the county had 65,905 registered Republicans and 60,747 registered Democrats, said Deborah Carter, chairwoman of the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee.

By 2020, there were 72,487 Democrats and 68,757 Republicans.

Those numbers have helped lead to increasing numbers of Democratic elected officials.

In 2018, the county elected all Democrats to the technically nonpartisan Board of Education, Carter said.

The city of Frederick’s mayor and Board of Aldermen have all been Democrats since 2017, and the county has had a Democratic county executive since 2014 and a majority Democratic County Council since 2018.

“I think people see locally that we have better governance than in the redder counties, and so they’re encouraged to vote for more of it,” she said.

Most concerning to Republicans has been the growth in the city of Frederick, which was represented by a Republican state senator as recently as 2010, Clark said.

Regardless of what happens long term, local election data shows the stark shifts between the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

In one precinct on the western edge of Frederick, Biden turned Clinton’s five point loss in 2016 into a 26-point win last November.

A precinct southwest of Frederick along U.S. 15 added 1,168 registered voters between the two elections and saw a shift from 50 percent for Trump and 41 for Clinton to a 59-38 percent win for Biden.

Even in areas where Biden didn’t run away with a victory, he significantly narrowed Trump’s margins or even eked out close wins.

A precinct outside of Brunswick changed from an 18-point Trump win in 2016 to a 48-48 percent split in 2020, while one near Braddock Heights saw Biden improve 15 points on Clinton’s loss, where he lost by just over half a point to Trump.

One of the biggest swings was in Monrovia, where Biden turned a roughly 33 percent Trump victory in 2016 to a 49-48 win. The precinct grew from 1,908 ballots cast in 2016 to 3,828 ballots in 2020.

In a precinct that spans from Jefferson south to near Point of Rocks, Biden gained nearly 23 points in a loss to Trump. Clinton had lost to Trump there in 2016 by about 31 points.

Democrats in 2016 were able to capture people in the middle of the political spectrum that they hadn’t in the past, Robinson said.

Biden’s persona appealed to the ethos of Frederick County in ways that Clinton’s didn’t, she said.

Brian Stipelman, Frederick Community College’s Dean of Liberal Arts and a political science professor at the institution, also pointed to another factor: overall growth.

Many precincts saw a significant increase in the number of ballots cast between 2016 and 2020, ranging from the city of Frederick to increases in rural areas countywide.

Trump did gain votes in numerous areas but was only able to flip two precincts in the entire county that he lost against Clinton—with less than a dozen votes cast in those areas in 2020.

Last Day Early Voting

Frederick County voters cast ballots in the 2020 election, which was the first time the county voted for a Democrat for president since 1964. While a number of factors contributed to Joe Biden’s victory, opinions are mixed about whether the results represent a long-term shift in the county or a temporary swing.

“There is just a massive increase in the numbers of people who don’t necessarily normally vote, but showed up to vote for either Trump or Biden,” Stipelman said. “And Trump’s numbers increased as well—it’s just the majority of the new voters, and quite a substantial part of the swing in Frederick County, ended up either voting for Biden or against Trump.”

Sen. Michael Hough (R-Frederick and Carroll) has represented parts of Frederick County in Annapolis since January 2011 when he started a delegate. He seconded Stipelman’s belief, noting Trump gained votes but also performed worse versus Biden than against Clinton.

It’s a sign, perhaps, of the changing political landscape of not only the county, but the region.

“The closer you get to the Beltway, those areas are just turning more and more blue because the federal government is exploding in size, and there’s more employees, there’s more contractors,” Hough said. “And if you work for the federal government or you’re a contractor, those people just trend very hard toward the Democratic Party.”

County Executive Jan Gardner (D), who has won two terms in what were deemed competitive races, believes unaffiliated voters were key in 2020 versus 2016. In Trump’s victory year, 36,035 unaffiliated voters were registered pre-election. By 2020, that amount had jumped by well more than 6,000, according to state and local election data.

That bloc of voters—along with Democrats and even some moderate Republicans—was key for Biden’s sizable win in 2020, Gardner said.

“Elections are fundamentally about math, and getting your voters to turn out,” she said. “And I do think that growth has turned the county blue, I think young people are turning the county blue, and parents that are Republicans have children who are Democrats.”

10 key swing precincts

The following is a review of 10 precincts in Frederick County which flipped from former President Donald Trump in 2016 to President Joe Biden last year, with the largest swings. The swing column indicates the difference between how many points Trump won the precinct in 2016, versus how Biden did in 2020. Please note third-party candidates and write-in candidates are not reflected here, so candidate votes do not add up to total ballots cast in 2016 and 2020. Also, precincts with a small number of voters (less than a dozen) are more likely to flip, so we did not include that in our analysis.

Precinct Location 2016 ballots cast Trump votes Clinton votes Trump percentage Clinton percentage 2020 ballots cast Trump votes Biden votes Trump percentage Biden percentage Swing
09-009 Southeast of Frederick city 476 270 167 56.96 35.23 1350 540 762 40.15 56.65 38.23
09-002 Monrovia 1905 1176 557 61.99 29.36 3828 1827 1872 48.03 49.21 33.81
21-003 Clover Hill 608 296 252 48.93 41.65 1212 430 732 35.80 60.95 32.43
24-005 West end of Frederick 470 229 204 48.83 43.50 761 273 470 36.11 62.17 31.39
07-007 East Monocacy Battlefield 144 81 51 56.64 35.56 579 252 309 43.52 53.37 30.93
24-002 West of Golden Mile 474 267 166 56.57 35.17 787 349 418 44.46 53.25 30.19
21-007 Northwest Frederick border 311 189 100 60.97 32.26 625 297 305 47.67 48.96 30.00
23-001 Southwest of Frederick, along U.S. 15 2285 1127 935 49.69 41.23 4014 1515 2365 37.92 59.20 29.74
13-003 East Frederick along border 154 86 55 56.21 35.95 487 209 254 43.09 52.37 29.54
09-005 East New Market 821 478 280 58.65 34.36 1248 574 639 46.18 51.41 29.52

Follow Ryan Marshall on Twitter: @RMarshallFNP

Ryan Marshall is the transportation and growth and development reporter for the News-Post. He can be reached at

Steve Bohnel is the county government reporter for the Frederick News-Post. He can be reached at He graduated from Temple University, with a journalism degree in May 2017, and is a die-hard Everton F.C. fan.

(79) comments


I’ve been saying in these chat sections since early in the ba’lane Days that he, Kirbie,

And Billie were turning the county blue.

The last election for county sheriff when Trumpkins won by just 3% was the proof. I speculate that’s the lowest margin of victory in the history of the county’s elections for


I don’t think the FNP needed to interview any college professors. All the had to do was ready my comment posts and ask me!

Balanes tenure as county commissioner sure did blow up in his face. Wondering how he who is a known republican plans to run for mayor the city of Frederick.....


What a shame and you can attribute it to the folks fleeing MC to bring their socialist views to what once was a great conservative place to live peacefully...and we will all pay the price for the shift to ugly blue




P.G. County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Prince William County have already or are going through exactly the same process jethro. Rural to Urban. Some planned for it better than others, Frederick County hasn’t yet, even though it started 20 years ago. I have lived in P.G., MoCo, Carroll (very briefly, big mistake), Howard and now Frederick Counties during their growing pains. It’s happening around every mid to large City in America as job opportunities become more and more concentrated and their suburbs creep out in larger and larger circles. And I’ll give you a clue jethro, Frederick County houses the most unhappy population of any place we’ve lived.


On another note, I’m terms of becoming urban, I can see a big difference in rush hour traffic flow and emergency vehicles getting through traffic in Montgomery county compared to frederick county. I’m frederick county, I watch emergency vehicles struggle as they try to navigate through rush hour traffic as they try to respond to calls. But in Montgomery county I watch the emergency vehicles breeze through the congestion just as slick as butter.

This is because MOCO, their roads are congested, but there was planning. Their congested roads flow. In frederick county the roads are like a can of sardines, everyone crammed in, in one place. No flow.


Much of the changes were due to Donald Trump and what a bad POTUS he was. Still, some Republicans aren't too happy with their party and even if they haven't changed yet intend to change. Republicans like Cox and Hough aren't helping the Republican party.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

[thumbup] that's a fact CD, although many here weren't here for that and won't remember. However, Blaine Young did us no favors, nor ultimately himself.


"Changing demographics, increased turnout helped flip Frederick County..." This makes it sound like it had little to do with the Republican candidate. But I know more than a few R's that didn't vote for him the second time. Between his vindictive careening and his lack of interest in the hard work of governance they had seen enough.


Glad to here that... I would hope Republicans don’t share Trumpism principles. If there are any. Begone.


The GOP has become ever more associated with people who don’t value self-reliance while the Dems have been more welcoming of independent-minded folk. Rural areas tend to be more populated by people who gladly put their fate in the hands of someone else rather than fending for themselves. Those folk are a shrinking portion of the population. The GOP needs to get back to the traditional American values.

Agreed but first we need to define "traditional American values" ?

Because your idea of traditional American values and my idea of traditional American values will probably be totally different?

There are quite a few traditional American values that I never want to go back to...speaking as a woman.


Oh, absolutely...speaking as a woman.


Why no data on non-aligned registration? I recently read the fastest growing segment of voters in Maryland is non- aligned.


Here’s another interpretation: Frederick Countians had more information about Trump in 2020 than in 2016.




Lots of data to digest here, but the overarching factor for the large swings is development. Democrats added voters to their rolls by a 4:1 margin over Republicans. And all the precincts with the highest swings are in areas with heavy development over the last 5 years. People who are filling these new houses are mostly democrats - it’s really that simple.

Republicans can blame themselves for this - especially the Blaine Young BoCC and their reckless, blitzkrieg development approvals. The Gardner board that preceded Young was way more conservative about growth. They pumped the brakes by re-zoning many large parcels in designated growth areas to agricultural. Blaine came in and immediately undid those changes. A few landowners and developers made out, while everyone else woke up to massively overcrowded schools and unsafe roads. He did all this thinking developer money would carry him to County Exec; instead he put himself out of politics.

Bad judgement.


You wrote all that when allnyou had to say was “as Kelly Alzan stated”

Comment deleted.

See, you snooze you lose. Woulda saved you a lot of your previous valuable time!

Comment deleted.

Precious. Not previous!


Yeah, even a broken clock is right twice a day Plumbum. That doesn't mean we keep looking at the broken clock for the correct time. Most would realize the clock is broken, and ignore it.


Doesn’t seem to be the case here. Especially with you!

Always a great time at the monthly FNP Commenters Lunches!


Thanks for making my point Pb. You are continually at 11:32 am, and at 11:32 am folks will agree that you are correct that it is 11:32 am. We agree about the hotel. The rest of the time you are full of, well, you know, and have no credibility. Hence, my comment that is in agreement with matt.


And back at you GH! Are you happy you got your 5 minutes one on one with me? The moment you been yearning for? [love][love]

Your comment about ignoring is pretty neat! I’m hard to resist, as you know!


Yeah plumbum, its like a natural reflex. You lie, I reply. I feel we will have a lot of interaction.


There are characteristics in this clock that are changing times . If not, why would one climb the U.S. National Capitol walls to overthrow our government? You might not see it, feel it, understand it, but others do.

Domestic terrorist groups (white supremacists and QAnon followers) think so. Right? You don’t support them. Right? Or did a friend tell you that it’s so one else's fault for your views? Just asking.


What in the world are you going on about aw? Who are you addressing? Your TDS with TT sequelae is getting worse. If you are somehow implying that I was a Trump supporter, or supported the $#!+ that happened on 06 January, man, you truly are delusional. He's gone, and good riddance. Breathe deep, it'll be OK.


AW, what are you doing interrupting GH, can’t you see she’s flirting with me?


GH you have this thing if calling me a liar when I write anything that you either do not agree with or when I wrote about something that your not aware of.

No, I’m not obligated to post links and sources when you demand.

After 12+ months of

Your trolling me. Name calling me. Harassing me. What do you think you will ever accomplish? Seriously?

You’re significantly older than me. And the age difference, you’re dwelling on things that younger just don’t lose sleep over. In other words,

You’re not of any significance to me.

I have my style. And I’m not asking for approval. Although, most do enjoy my style. Most enjoy the straight forward no beating round the Bush.

But it doesn’t matter. Im here. And staying. And I’m not changing. And you have no bearing on any of my upcoming content here. Trolling me hasn’t done anything for you. The name calling - others have told you you look silly. And the harassment you do isn’t getting you in my sheets either.

I know you love me. But I’m not available. I think Joel is closer to your age and more your type


LOL, like I said [lol][lol][lol]


GH it’s a nice cold ribeye weekend. Everyone has a cozy fire or stove going, everyone enjoying the time with their family and lived ones today, and your here dwelling on me. Dwelling. Calling me names. Omg sure to tell me, how horrible I am. U want me to be angry, but I feel sorry for you. It’s sad that you don’t have anything special going on or anyone special to talk to today. I really feel bad for you.

Your appearing as if your role here is what my role here is. And sweetie, that’s not how it is. You’re telling me how horrible I am. And how squared away and wonderful you are. But we’ve never met. Your writings about me are very off. How can you think you’re such a good person when ur drafting posts towards me like that?

I think maybe you should pick up the phone and call an old friend or relative. Find some one to call that can make you laugh. I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you.


LOL. Uh huh Lots of words there for somebody who couldn't care less. Keep talking. So you are not only a sexist (you know i am male, but somehow think that calling me female is some kind of dig. Do you think females are inferior?), but also ageist. Quit digging. BTW, a great family recipe jambalaya for us here.


GH just giving you your 5 minutes of intimacy with me that you’ve been yearning for. Trolling me day after day post after post. Need to make sure you’re satisfied ma’am.


GH You been knawing at laying into me for the last 24 months. You wrote how great of a human you are, and then you troll and you troll and you troll. And you harass and you harass and you harass and you harass. And the name calling you engage and initiate, and then try to justify it. I’m making sure you get it all out of your system. Let it all out sista, let it all out!

But do know, there are over 10,000 people subscribed to the online edition. That’s over 10000 that can comment. But it’s only you and one other that troll, harass, and name call. Everyone else is capable of ignoring. You should recall the word ignore. That’s what got you in a tizzy when I threw it back in your face and embarrassed you yesterday.

Do know and I’ll make this very clear - I’m not going anywhere.

And do know, I’m not changing or modifying, or adjusting my online personality.. When people see me at the area eateries, they say “hay I know you, I’m an avid follower!”

I feel bad for you Ms Hornsberger. I’m sorry you don’t have anyone around you to talk to. I suggest you adopt a pet, pets can really make the lonely less lonely.

Take Care, and I hope you find love.

Hugs and kisses, your friend,

Kelly Q. Alzan

Friend of Gabs Hornsburger

Lead Commenter


[lol][lol][lol] LLO, any more bigotry you'd like to demonstrate?


Gee gabe, you sure got Plumbum riled up! [lol][lol][lol] By the way, you have any idea what "knawing" means?


I think it was the original name for West Virginia when they seceded from Virginia in 1865.


Just pointing out Trumpism is pretty ugly and played a large factor in Trump losing by 53% to 43% in Frederick and more then one million votes statewide. Excusing the Republican Party’s for its fanatical support of Trump would be a long term mistake. Time for self reflection... The party is going through an identity crisis. More people are coming of age, demographics are changing and they aren’t supporting republicans. Right?


You will get no argument from me that Trump's behavior was reprehensible. Always was, and was the reason I could not support him in '16 or '20 (or ever). However, he was going to lose by that margin in cobalt blue Maryland anyway, where Ds outnumber Rs 2 to 1. You are correct that fewer people are supporting the Republican party, but that shift doesn't mean they're moving to the Democrat party en-masse. They are registering as either Independents or Libertarians (like me).

Comment deleted.

matt - there are a few commenters that I have the same feeling about...

Comment deleted.

AW, what are you doing interrupting GH, can’t you see she’s flirting with me?


People moving to Frederick County 20 years ago were mostly Republican. The fact that Frederick County now has good leadership and good government, more Democrats are moving here. Frederick's reputation has changed. Young people are rejecting the extreme politics of the Republican party. In another 20 years, Democrats will be the dominate party in more and more areas of Frederick County because people will reject the extremism of the Republican party. Even Michael Hough is trying to make himself appear less partisan and extreme though he is totally partisan and extreme.


Frederick - good points nad spot on.


You give Frederick county too much credit. It is the growing population and congestion causing prices to go up (more in MoCo) that are driving people from MoCo to Frederick. One merely has to look at the differential in housing costs to see that it is one important (if not major) factor. As development space declines in MoCo, prices go up that much more. Frederick doesn't have that problem yet. Will Frederick continue to grow until you can no longer tell when you're in MoCo or Frederick as one drives along 355? Here is something from WTOP (11/2020)regarding median prices. See:

The median home price in MoCo was $500,000 and in Frederick it was just under $359,000. Both areas will continue to grow, but as teleworking remains more a choice after the pandemic than before, the growth in Frederick will outstrip MoCo and people from MoCo can either up-size their home without up-sizing the cost or they can keep the same size but decrease their costs. One website ranks MoCo schools an A while Frederick is given an A-. Not a big difference given the difference in costs of living between the two counties. So if you don't have to commute to downtown DC every day, Frederick seems to offer a better value. One could interpret it as now even the Democrats in MoCo are choosing value over the ideals of the local government they've had for so long once it started to come time to pay for the costs.


MD - where does Frederick make the claim about moving from Montgomery County to here that you spend your whole reply trying to justify?


That’s the talking point the local deplorables always use


Since you seem to have missed it, FrederickFan wrote "The fact that Frederick County now has good leadership and good government, more Democrats are moving here." My comment was that it probably has less to do with the decisions made by the politicians in Frederick than it has to do with economic issues. That comment is backed up by data you can research if you so choose. Additionally, my comment has nothing to do with whether or not I think Frederick politicians have been making good, bad or mediocre decisions over time and currently. When 1/2 the growth come from people moving into Frederick (and if a large number of them come from MoCo, HoCo, etc. of course the number of democrats in the county is likely to go up. Again that has little to nothing to do with the politicians (except in extreme cases and Frederick is not an extreme case, good or bad).


KellyAlzan, can you try for once to not be irrelevant and insulting?


MD - your second response is much more nuanced. Your first response seems to indicate a fairly deep resentment of Montgomery County and indicates that they are largely responsible for the growth in Frederick County. I am not arguing that many move here from MoCo but that doesn't negate that changing demographics, a more balanced leadership and good schools have had an influence as well.


Hayduke, I do not deeply resent MoCo. Like me, the MoCo government (and really any government) does some good things and does some stupid things. I was merely stating that economic factors probably plays the largest role the growth in democrats over republicans in Frederick.


I moved up here from Montgomery County more than 30 years ago. I remember working locally for abortion rights and Proposition 6 in 1990, which codified Roe v Wade in state law.

I’m proud to say, Frederick County narrowly passed that proposition. It’s great to see that Frederick is reliably blue now,


Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you at the FNP Commenters Lunch next week


When and where?

Comment deleted.

👍👍👍 hay!

Comment deleted.

As long as kellyalcan doesn’t find out about the real one.

Comment deleted.

My liberal family fought against Blaine and his insane overdevelopment schemes. It's like you've never tried to talk to a liberal... We want farms preserved. We want overdevelopment checked. We live in the country too. The demographics would change with or without development. Younger families tend to be more liberal and they're at the age they're buying homes and voting. Times change man, but there is far more that we have in common than you think.


We moved to rural Frederick County 6 years ago from Carroll County. We were lifelong Carroll natives. We're part of those blue numbers, it's not just the DC suburbs moving in. It's a new generation of younger people finally able to invest in housing too. We wanted to be closer to Frederick City because its far more vibrant and diverse than Sykesville or Westminster- which drew us to leave Carroll in the first place. If you think the "Frednecks" are bad- hang out in Carroll County for a little while... Sheesh.


Always interesting to see hypothesis from data. The article mentioned Brunswick. Duh. Anybody been around Brunswick in the last 4 years. The massive new development is almost bigger than the old town. And the Marc station is thriving. The populated suburbs are swelling.

One might ask the difference between the "rural, conservative" and the urban liberal. The obvious answer is nature. The rural conservative lives closer to nature and has more capability of "fending" for themselves where the urban liberal lives in a far less natural environment of concrete, asphalt, dense dwellings, limited green space and is far more dependent on government for their basic needs. I will always "Thank God I am a country boy."

Shucks, Many of the suburbanites live in an atmosphere of high concentrations man made, unnatural gases, such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Does that effect their thinking processes? Most likely. Many do not even know what natural gender they are. And they presume that is natural. (Sone Saturday mornings are simply, fun.)


In the past,didn’t you say you live in Brunswick? You’re now surrounded by urban liberals. Would that make you an “urban country boy”?



You nailed it. Of course I live a stone's throw from the river. The majority of my life I have lived in the country. But in the latter years I have taught in the inner city and I now live in the poorer section of Brunswick. Priorities change.

But this I know. If some cataclysmic event happened or if our government foundered I would be able to survive. I cherish that liberty of thought. As do most country folks. Emerson herald it as self reliance. The life blood of an American past.

Greg F

Libs know too. And I know the one shot one deer philosophy too....and conservation and 4H and riding 4 wheelers and drinking like a fish when I’m with the redneck crowd.

Greg F

You think you own being country. Bah!


You are funny, Jim. You don't even know the meaning of rural

I grew up in a County of 25,000, where the biggest town was 3,500. I have shot a partridge with a 22. Can you do that? I had ice skates, skis, tobaggan and a rifle. We started skating on ponds right after Thanksgiving. We could ski over top of the barb wire fences by Christmas. And I fired one point below expert, in the Marine Corp. That made me a sharp shooter. Were you in the service or were you a conscientious objector, refusing to protect our country? And your hero is bone spurs Trump.


Dick, you asked jsklinelga "Were you in the service or were you a conscientious objector, refusing to protect our country?" Those types of comments are irrelevant and uncalled for whether or not you agree with him on any issue. What war have we fought since WWII that ultimately has really been about protecting this country? The answer is none. We have only had military actions because Congress hasn't done their job to declare war. Before we go killing large numbers of people in other countries, we should declare war. Period. If the military actions were really about protecting us, why hasn't congress ever debated and then declared war? The closest action we've had to actually protect U.S. citizens in this country was the attack on the Taliban (but that was screwed up). There are other ways to protect this country that does not involve joining the military, and if our foreign policy for decades hadn't been about supporting those who abuse the people in the middle east in order to maintain our cheap supply of oil maybe we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists from the middle east? I suspect the U.S. EPA (and state environmental agencies) save more American lives each year than our military does, and it does so without having to kill anyone.


Your hypothesis ignores a huge sector of rural liberal. My family are always outside. We love hiking, fishing, boating, hunting. We grew up outside, we grew up in a rural community. Maybe you should talk to some rural liberals before deciding everyone who lives in a city is liberal and everyone who lives in the country is conservative.





Just having fun on a Saturday morning. Stirring the pot on a winter's day. You are correct for sure. The entire time I lived in the country I was not only a liberal but better known as a "bleeding heart". Simply jesting about hypothetical opinion pieces.




No, JSK, the "obvious" difference between "rural conservative" and "urban liberal" isn't nature. There are several reasons for the differences in political views. The first to come to mind is population density. Living closer to others makes you more empathetic toward your fellow man. You see how conservative platforms are more harmful to those around you, and to the country in general. Living in the rural areas you are isolated from others except occasionally, and you only consider yourself and your own needs. You don't see the suffering that Republicans issues cause everyday folk.

The second reason is education. More of the urban and suburban electorate has an education beyond public high school, and it has been proven time and time again that more educated people tend to lean Democratic. Smarter people tend not to fall for propaganda, and realize when they're being swindled. They understand that voting Republican means voting against their own best interests.

That of course changes tide with wealth. Once people reach an income level where the republican tax breaks help them keep more of their money, the selfish ones will vote (R) for selfish reasons. The richer people who tend to be more philanthropic, like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, will keep supporting the Dems, but those are the guys who are giving away large amounts of their wealth anyway.

And let's face it. Another reason is racism. Rural folk aren't exposed to a diversity of other human beings and are more likely to believe the false rhetoric that minorities are some how "sub-human". And back to the last point, being less educated make them more susceptible to the white-supremacy fallacy. They fear minorities. And Republicans play on that irrational fear. They stoke the fire of ignorant, racist hate, and uneducated rural folk will vote for anyone who promises to attack minorities (cough... Jenkins... cough).

As for your last paragraph, it clearly shows the fact that you are not only a country-boy, you are a grossly uneducated country-boy. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are both natural gasses. Neither is "man-made", and neither would cause someone to question their gender. I suppose that's an offshoot of "chemicals in the water is turning the frogs gay". Proof that uneducated country-boys like you, jsklinelga, are extremely gullible and will believe all the stupid stuff they hear on right-wing media.


River or no river, Bottom line is Ba’Lane made the county blue.


[thumbup]People forget over time. Or they weren't here then.


The media and major parties tend to amplify this myth of political lines lining up with city or State boundaries. While some of that is close to right, there are people who are rural liberal, urban conservative, and a large swath as myself tired of the extreme divisions and pigeon holing of "Oh, you are (fill in the category) and therefore you must be (whatever category they think I am).



Greg F

You forget there are rural libs too...I’m one growing up in very rural farm country....hunting, fishing and all the things you think are so unique to you and the RRR. I just think NRA is corrupt to the core.

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