Date uncertain for Citizens, Montevue sale

The battle over whether the county should sell two government-run care centers continues.

The city of Frederick’s Planning Commission decided Monday to hold off on making a final decision as to whether the county should be allowed to subdivide the land where Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Living are located. The subdivision would allow the county to sell the centers.

For more than an hour and a half Monday, residents spoke against the subdivision and the sale, many saying that the private company’s services would not be affordable to the low-income residents who are currently served under the current program.

The commission will address the decision again at a May 12 hearing.

This is the second time the commission is considering the subdivision.

They approved the subdivision in April.

But in November, the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals considered an appeal of the decision submitted by residents and voted to vacate the commission’s decision and remand it back to the commission for consideration.

The county has now appealed the zoning board’s decision, and the appeal will be heard in Circuit Court. A court date has not yet been set.

The Board of County Commissioners voted in June to sell the property to Aurora Health Management LLC, which is now operating the centers. The sale has not been finalized.

The zoning board, and the residents who originally appealed the commission’s first decision, said that the commission made three errors subdividing the land, the most contentious of which is that they failed to consider the effect the subdivision, and the sale, would have on county residents, under the city’s land management code.

John Mathias, the county attorney, said the commission was correct in its decision to subdivide the land, and the plan does comply with city code.

Commission Chairwoman Meta Nash said she needed more time to look through the public testimony, specifically testimony that includes a county report that has analyzed the community’s needs.

“That one is giving me a pause,” she said.

Many of the residents who spoke against the subdivision had asked commission members to hold off on their decision due to the pending court case, including former Alderwoman Carol Krimm and County Commissioner David Gray, who voted against the sale when it came before the commissioners.

Krimm said that the change in ownership should be considered in the commission’s decision.

“There is no plan for low-income residents,” she said.

Any decision would cause tremendous confusion, said Leslie Powell, an attorney who has represented residents against the sale.

“This is a serious issue,” Powell said. “It deserves serious consideration.”

Mathias said that while residents’ issues are important issues, “they are not subdivision issues.”

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political orphan

This isn't over by a longshot. There's money to be made here and Balaine and co will be there smiling when the backroom deals go down.


The tea party reaction was knee jerk. At the time there was wide spread panic about government interventions, Why,? not sure since the banking industry took the entire country into poverty,,
Part of this knee jerk reaction was this election of four angry men. Anger was there premise.
First it was horrible county employees, [ remember the comments about parties in the halls"? } yah right, sure there was.
Then it was the strange man from Georgia , which was very out of touch here.
Then there was outsourceing of county standards. which all went south. Even to th e point of every contract went out of state??? tell me how smart that was.
Then there is the largest most profitalble industry in the U.S. health care. which was taken as a burden to the angry men hired.
Then we dumped head start. and all the nasty comments came out about minorities. And in the end. the kids who were hurt were from the outlying cities like Emmittsburg, with both parents working and living in poverty.
The entire premise of this admin was one of anger and paranoid type decisions.
In the mean time the economy has picked back up, except here. where we now have more homeless kids than in any history prior.
Do not hire angry , or finger pointing men again,


Darth---Taxpayers will never know because Blaine didn't want to give it a chance...Why did he disband the board of trustees for losing money when he turns around and sells it not to the highest bidder and continues to subsidize the losses that he hates for four more years...He has no room to complain when he carries on the same policy...Me


Just don't get how a booming industry in health care requires a sell-off. Maybe I'm missing something but seems a little management tweaking could have made Montevue both profitable and charitable.


After Aurora gets the easy money from the employee pensions and accounts receivable they will sell it to the highest bidder that the county didn't choose.


Chesapeake---You're answer is PURE CONJECTURE...You give no proof supporting your reasoning
Suppose Blaine sold the properties pre-maturely because he knew they were going to make money and that's why he got rid of the board of trustees to eliminate insiders that knew the truth ???...Me


Blaine decided to sell the properties instead of waiting to see if they could make a

profit...Which decision proved to be the greater loss to county taxpayers ???...Me


Having him for another four years


The decision to dump the nursing care centers at a substantial loss was to eliminate charity to the poor.


The loss comes from keeping it, not selling it


Why are we worried about a loss if the tax payers are subsidizing a private business entity, The Great Frederick Fair?


That's an easy one and the numbers don't lie. Selling this money pit will save much more money than any one time lose any the building.


After the 36 years pass to recoupe the $25 million that is being flushed down the toilet this year. Then there will be new expenses to provide home care to the elderly because there are no open nursing home beds.


Db, So just how many decades do you wait to make a profit?


If nothing else this will forever discourage anyone from giving land to the county for a stated purpose when they know good and well that the powers that be will always find a way to lie, steal defraud or otherwise weasel out of their obligations.


That's very true.


Once again Ms. Powell and Mr. Flynn did an outstanding job, poor mr Mathias seemed so unprepared and ineffective as did mr waxter.


The expression on Mathias face was priceless. Totally didn't know how to answer and looked very uneasy.


I think it is time for a new county attorney.


Agree. His tenure is only slightly longer the Blaine's.


The federal prosecutor will need Mathais to testify against Ba'Lane.


Puzzled about that myself Newthinking7...funny how that "plan" has never materialized, could be the same type of "plan" the Republicans have for Obamacare.

Blaine is selling the homes at a $25 million loss and all of the hoops that we have to jump through to stop the sale is costing us taxpayers even more money you all do realize that correct? Now if Blaine had put the people over the kickback he will receive once the sale is final we all would have of been better off.
Thank you County Commissioners appreciate your fiscal conservatism, can't wait till your gone. Election day is not coming soon enough.

FNP only has so many inches in which to write a story that will fit, and they run out of room to include the


Curious if you have proof of kickbacks coming to Blaine? Can't stand the man, would love to see him crash and burn, and think he's as corrupt as they come (close 2nd place to Mr. Delauter), but those are only gut feelings...I'm tired of constant rumors and mud slinging...if there's proof of kickbacks, can we see them? And trust me I REALLY hope there's proof.


Blaine is looking for an exit strategy when he loses the next election. Don't be surprised when you see him in the front office of the developer selling new homes on the former Montevue lands.

And as far as concern for the "low-income residents" of Frederick do know the BoCC is comprised of all Republicans don't you? The old slogan..."compassionate conservative" went out of fashion quite a long time ago.


not to mention I feel bad for the suckers who donated to his "run for gov" and he kept all of that money to use for his county executive run...poor wait I don't feel bad they got just what they deserved


what more proof do you need than the fact that he's trying to give these places away with or with help from anyone else..who do you think will pocket those extra millions?


The fact that he's giving it away is not an indication that he's gaining anything financially...only that he's morally corrupt and could care less about the people he's supposed to serve, and has no basic understanding of economics...what I want to see is the smoking gun, a deposit, his shiny new gold watch, his swiss bank account, or whatever it is to show he's embezzled money, taken under the table kickbacks from developers, etc. Without that proof all we are doing is spreading rumor.

Like I said, I think he's an egomaniac run amok, with the moral compass of a con man, but I'd like proof showing he's actually financially gained anything.


Im also puzzled in the silence of one of the commisioners who had been stating he had a plan to better facilitate the needs of the persons this sale would limit. Not one mention of his plan has surfaced as to how he has a way to save money and meet the needs of this huge population of this county.


Everyone seems to be overlooking the fact that Blaine Young is pushing to sell the nursing homes at a $25 million loss to taxpayers. The sale, which is taking place $8 million below appraisal, includes an extra parcel of land worth $ millions, Accounts Receivable, and an extra $11 million payment stream. All the reporting by the FNP totally overlooks this very important truth.

Besides what it does to people in need, if voters really new what this sale actually does to Frederick County taxpayers, they would be horrified at the difference between what Blaine Young says he does for taxpayers, and what he really does to taxpayers.


And yet the county will still save millions in the long run. Amazing isn't it?


I don't know that the fuzzy math he's using will work out the way he's hoping it will...there's always some pieces of information left out when he tries to explain how he will be saving money.


The county only budgeted $700,000 to supplement Citizens which means it will take almost 36 years to recoupe what is being flushed down the toilet this year.


Then in the future when there are no nursing home beds open for Frederick County residents the county will be putting a bandaide on a gushing wound trying to provide 24 hour per day home care services to disabled and elderly citizens.


When there are no beds available then someone will build another nursing home to accomadate.


Minimum wage earning families who can't afford to pay for care for their elderly members can just abandon them at the movie theatre and it they survive the arrest the county can care for them at the jail.

The Maryland legislature could pass it as the Elderly Safe Haven Law.


I am amazed. This is the first time since I have followed the planning commision they actualy did something to further examine the impact culturaly.
The Planning commision of this city has been a huge sham for years, bending continualy to the wills of money regardless of the impact to the home owners, bussiness and surounding property owners.
Good for you planning commision members. Now you need to practice this thinking in every other decision.
Lordy what a mess in Frederick city. Every law, rule or statement has literaly been against any small home owner.


The Planning Commission maybe a sham, but they do understand where the political winds are blowing. They need to make a good, solid decision today, and the question about how to handle community needs is setting them back a bit. I would think the cultural damage to a prized community charity should have been enough as well.

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