County Commissioner Kirby Delauter said he was surprised by the rudeness of the crowd at Tuesday’s public hearing on the sale of the county-owned nursing home and assisted living center.

“They acted like a bunch of school kids that were out of control,” Delauter said at Thursday’s commissioners meeting. “It’s ridiculous when you get a mob that comes out and just tries to intimidate people. I won’t be intimidated.”

For instance, as Commissioner Paul Smith was trying to explain his support for privatizing Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Living, the noisy audience drowned him out, Delauter said. Delauter also said it was hypocritical for supporters of former county commissioners Kai Hagen and Jan Gardner to act out in the public hearing.

“Their group is supposed to be a tolerant group that accepts the rule of law,” Delauter said. “They only like the process when it’s their process.”

County officials convene beachside

Several Frederick County officials headed to Ocean City earlier this week for the annual Maryland Municipal League convention.

Commissioners President Blaine Young said he went to the beach Sunday with Delauter and returned Monday. Shreve met up with fellow board members in Ocean City.

David Dunn, commissioners liaison, also attended the four-day convention.

The county is covering $500 of Dunn’s $614 hotel bill, and he is paying the remainder, along with his mileage and meals, he reported.

None of the commissioners are receiving county reimbursement for their travels.

Though part of the trip was for business, the commissioners had time for some fun, too, if Facebook pictures are any indication.

One online photo showed a human pyramid of commissioners in swim trunks, with Delauter and Young as the base, Shreve in the middle, and Young’s son at the top. Another picture was of Delauter and Young holding aloft Shreve as he digs in the sand with a toy shovel.

To counteract any perception that the group constituted a quorum in violation of the Open Meetings Act, Young wrote in the photo caption that the three commissioners were not discussing county business.

Dunn did not appear in the pictures. Neither did Commissioners David Gray nor Paul Smith, who did not attend the convention.

Middletown, Burkittsville leaders endorse Brown

The burgess of Middletown and mayor of Burkittsville are two of the 70 state municipal leaders who have declared their support for Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown’s gubernatorial campaign.

The endorsements for Brown’s Democratic ticket were announced this week at a news conference in Ocean City and in a subsequent news release.

“I’m honored to have the support of 70 of Maryland’s hardest working municipal leaders and look forward to working with them to build a better Maryland,” Brown said in the release.

Commissioners meetings move to summer schedule

There is no county commissioners meeting on the agenda for next week due to the July Fourth holiday.

For the months of July and August, the commissioners will move to a summer schedule that will have them gathering every other week. The meetings will be on July 11, July 25, Aug. 8 and Aug. 22.

The normal weekly meeting schedule will resume Aug. 29.

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armillary@7:31 ... that was truly brilliant! One of the best you've rendered. Thank you. Another thank you to Fourstoogesandtheotherguy - condensed yet precise! I do appreciate the way you guys cut the fat and get right to the bone.
Kirby asking OTHERS to play nice while he wallows in the mud of his own corruption? Not too surprising, but its still sad because he really does see himself as the victim.

Comment deleted.



Poor little Kirby... Guess it's not like being with your cronies. Being with the people you supposedly represent is tough isn't it, when they have figured out your phoniness. Hope you don't run again. Then you won't have to deal with the citizens of the county who don't measure up to your 'high' and 'righteous' standards.


Remember the good old days prior to three years ago before the crooked stooges turned this County upside down? It's Going to take YEARS to fix what they have destroyed. Jan, David, Lenny. HELP US!


Montevue and Citizens are now privatized. The "claim" was it wil never be profitable under county purvew.
WHy do we have the Animal control group. They spend far more unrecoupable funds than Citizens ever did.
As it is now in Frederick County, Animals in the county run facility have more rights and safety than Human Beings, acording to the county elected members.
Privtize Animal control, Privatize the Vehicle maintenence, Privatize the Sherrifs department. Yes you can. but you wont.


I don't know the how or why that Frederick County found itself in the position of owning and operating a nursing and assisted living facilty. Maybe at one time in the past that was the only way that county residents could get nursing and assisted living help. Times have changed and there is no reason that Frederick County should be in the nursing and assisted living facility business. In fact, I suspect that many of those who are so upset about the county selling the faciltiy would be the first ones to complain if the BOCC took a position that this was a good idea. (I'm sure it has nothing to do with them being on the opposite side of the polical spectrum thus automatically opposed to everything the BOCC is for, and in favor of everything the BOCC is against.


The BOCC (save one) is an embarassment to the citizens of Frederick County.


Garth Phoebus-Photography Facebook post - Members of One Frederick, Many Voices feel my photography business should be boycotted because I have defended Blaine Young, Billy Shreve, and Kirby Delauter. In fact, if I wasn't on the list already, I begged them to place me there. There is no room in my life for threats against people because they publicly support certain aspects of how those in office manage our money. There is always room for civil discourse, but as a Marine Corps veteran, it is NEVER a good idea to threaten me, my family or anything else I stand for. So, bring it on if you want that fight!


Sounds like he is making a threat to me. I would boycott just for that alone.


Why dismayed Manore democrats have no class, losers do this ., Justread dems comments.same for all losers.


No arguments just insults as usual.


Different name, same ol' woody!![lol]


The audience did not drown out Smith. Another Tea Party lie. They reacted when he said that he was going to vote for selling without having heard from the people of the County. These commissioners are out on the next election. They are anti-poor people and have no patience for opinions other than theirs and their tea party followers. There is no way that BS Young is going to be county executive. Your gig is up BS Young


Where's the video?


Like the members of the BOCC are soo mature. Hey guys lets make a human pyramid, or hey guys I've got an idea lets go get some hookers, or hey guys lets call someone a punk today, or lets pick on some 18 year old basket ball ref ,or hey guys lets act like total dorks on the local radio station. I can keep going. Your 3 little gods are as mature as a 12 year old boy. Mind boggling right?


You just made my point !![beam]


How is that? Do you consider all the example's I just gave you mature behavior? I think you may need to reload. You're shooting blanks buddy. [beam]


They're winning because they put you on the defense. You can't win a defensive battle.


For instance, as Commissioner Paul Smith was trying to explain his support for privatizing Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Living, the noisy audience drowned him out, Delauter said.

Like the crowd was to accept his apology for his statement when entering the building thathat he knew he was already voting to sell the building. BUT the really problem in his comments were "the reason for voting in favor of the sale was all the testimony adding the increased taxes the county would have" WHAT??? NO one ever mentioned increasing taxes (whether for or against). Just confirmed he was NOT paying attention - lol - he could barely keep his eyes open - must have caught a few zzzzz somewhere

Delauter also said it was hypocritical for supporters of former county commissioners Kai Hagen and Jan Gardner to act out in the public hearing.

Are you Kidding? They are Frederick County Tax paying residents and are still entitled to their thoughts and commitment. I for one, am very glad they attended as I found their testimony informative as to the process of Montevue/Citiens.

Guess it is easy to look at others short comings then ones own, Mr. Delauder!!!!


This is just typical liberal behavior !!Their maturity is mind boggling !!


They are conservative republicans not liberal democrats.


I hold the County Commissioners solely responsible for the tone of the evening. It was already an emotional hearing, BUT, Commissioners Young, Shreve, Delauter and Smith took those emotions up three levels. Upon their arrival Commissioners Young, Shreve and Smith made it known how they would be voting – even before hearing testimony. Commissioner Young walked in giving the thumbs up, like we got us one! (It’s no wonder he was involved in an incident!) Add to that their behavior on stage – totally unprofessional! Commissioners Young, Smith, Shreve and DeLauter totally disrespected the citizens of Frederick when they were giving testimony – whether for or against the sale. The citizens of Frederick County who gave of their time to attend this hearing and give testimony deserved to be treated with respect and to be heard!


Roscoe "Kirby" Coaltraine dosent have any room to talk that subject.


Kirby you make Shreve look smart...Me

Impeach Blaine

So Kirbie the rumirs about the Fab Four playing on their phones, eating, opening mail, rolling eyes are acceptable behavior of public leaders??


this is a joke right?...didn't know KD was a comic


Kirby threatened to move to Pennsylvania a few months ago. Guess he figured people would beg him to stay in Maryland but it turned out, nobody cared. So, he stayed put in Maryland. Too bad. I would have volunteered to help him pack. Jean


Commissioner Delauter – your following statement describes YOUR own behavior – and why doesn’t this apply to you and your company? :
“Their group is supposed to be a tolerant group that accepts the rule of law,” Delauter said. “They only like the process when it’s their process.”

You deliberately disregarded and defied the first Ethics ruling from FredCo that your company wasn’t eligible for County construction jobs due to the Conflict of Interest clause in the County code. That’s defiant and criminal behavior on your part – so the solution for the BoCC to accommodate your business interests was to stack the Ethics board and change the law. Pitiful.


For instance, as Commissioner Paul Smith was trying to explain his support for privatizing Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Living, the noisy audience drowned him out, Delauter said. Delauter also said it was hypocritical for supporters of former county commissioners Kai Hagen and Jan Gardner to act out in the public hearing.

Wasn't it a public hearing where the public was to be heard? The commissioners insistence on rushing through selling the facility over the protests of the people was unnecessary. The commissioners could have held more than one community meeting instead of trying to jam everything into one night.


People throw political labels around (Republican or Democrat) in these comments, no it's all around doing the right for the Frederick County citizens. The Tea Party has people with higher standards in their members. The BOCC needs to keep the nursing home.


From above..."The Tea Party has people with higher standards in their members" i.e. they must be brain dead for 1 year as republicans must be brain dead for only 3 months.[smile]


The county is covering $500 of Dunn’s $614 hotel bill For real? One night? Must not have been the Motel 6.

Saving Money
Past MML convention attendees report that attending educational workshops and meeting with a convention exhibitors have saved significant amounts of money from what their municipality had previously been spending for the same service or product. Attending MML’s 2013 convention could pay big dividends.


$139 Standard Room


Where does it state that he only spent one night? "David Dunn, commissioners liaison, also attended the four-day convention." If he attended the full four days, and spent at least four nights, then he spent a maximum of $153.50 a night.




Where's the video tapes of this rudeness? Interrupting a politician's snack at a public hearing on important county issues ranks right up there with asking the politicians to stop smoking their cigars and playing poker during the public hearing.


Yep, the public was disrespectful of the BOCC. It was so gratifying! I was there yelling at them, too. Now, what is interesting is that the BOCC is so out of touch with what the majority of Frederick County citizens think these days is that these commissioners don't understand how completely fed up the public is with them. When you have a several humdred people (most of whom are grey-haired and normally polite) so angry that they come to a meeting and start shouting out at our elected official, things have taken a real turn for the worse for the BOCC. Blaine and his boy-toys are truly hated now in Frederick. As far as conduct is concerned, Blaine ate peanuts thru the meeting and kept licking his fingers (it was weird) and the others looked at their cell phones, read papers on the desk and generally ignored the speakers. But then again, they generally display these types of behavior at all their public meetings so it is expected. I am done ever being polite to these men again. Every opportunity I have to let them know how disgusted I am about their constantly throwing the indigent and helpless under the boss, I will take advantage of the occasion. Please, Blaine, try to bully me. I am a senior citizen - but not one you are ever likely to intimidate. Jean


I thought Kirby moved to PA


Why did you not write a letter complaing about B.Y. yelling F.....U in public>? why not complaing about him yelling at kids at a basketball game.
It was normal for those folks to over react.
What did you guys expect? are you nuts or what.


Don't worry Cubby, your Uncles Bwayne and Billwy were there for you!!!! [beam]


four stooges BOCC rules , you don't.[beam]


Because the county commsionors are now back peddling. The reading he had prepared was a soft sell as to explain why he did what he did. He was apologizeing to the public.
He was reationalizeing in hopes no one would be mad at him. He was playing politics,
Everyone knew it. They are simply tired of being mislead.


Tried-and-true conservative, tea-bagging conduct at public meetings. He's a bagger, why didn't he like his own tactics?

Comment deleted.

When I hear the term teabagger, I think of this:

If it has some other meaning to you, that's not my problem.

Comment deleted.

What are you ranting about?

Comment deleted.

Moderator please ben YOURENENY for that last comment. Way over the top!!! [ban]


It doesn't do any good to ban. They just come back with a new name and the talley of their posts starts over.


Montevue and Citizens can make profits, that is why this group wants in here.
So why did you not privatize Animal control? it costs millions to maintain, brings in no money ?
As it is now Animals under Animal control have more rights to a clean, safe life than the Human Beings of this county.
Why dont you outsource the Sherrifs departments like others have done. It is a huge negative financialy.
Why do you have Truck Maintenence for county vehicles?
F.M. H is a disgrace here, they would not touch nursing homes because they manipulate the system to the point they do not have to do anything more.


Moe Young, Larry Smith, Shemp Shreve and Curly Delauter held a meeting when they already knew what they were going to do. Reports are that a number of them ate, drank, giggled and played on their phones like they were 14 year old girls at a slumber party...while the county attorney napped. And Curly is dismayed? Screw that, screw him and screw them.


Oh my did they ever, you should have seen their smirking faces, it was indescribable to say the least...visit these FB pages for more details and breaking news and boycott updates..thanks


The majority of the BoCC (Minus 1) made the right decision. I thank you for being willing to listen, hold onto your beliefs and cast your vote accordingly. Far too many of the speakers were just unbelievably rude and lacked any real knowledge of the proposal. I am more convinced than ever that the SILENT MAJORITY of the citizens of Frederick County, which support this proposal/decision, were not represented by the people present at last nights meeting. Recently in TIME MAGAZINE (May 20, 2013) an article was written about the ME GENERATION. Based on what I saw last night the "me generation" was fully assembled at Jack B. Kussmaul Theater. What was most disgusting were the blue T shirt folks (Citzens/Montevue employees) who propped up many residents to do their bidding. I truly felt those residents were USED by the narcissistic employees.


Geez Jill stop and your REPUBLICAN friends are toast, we don't care what you say or how you say it, just leave quietly and perhaps you will leave with a modicum of dignity, then again perhaps's your choice my dear girl....[smile][smile][smile]


Nice try jill.king!!! [beam]


The ME generation....NOPE, NOPE, NOPE it was the WE can't even get your generations correct..See I grew-up in the WE generation, you are the one that grew-up in the ME generation young lady...[wink][wink][wink][sad]


Here's the cold, hard data: The incidence of narcissistic personality disorder is nearly three times as high for people in their 20s as for the generation that's now 65 or older, according to the National Institutes of Health; 58% more college students scored higher on a narcissism scale in...

Read more:,9171,2143001,00.html#ixzz2XVyfpjED


I thought duplicate postings would be removed? This was from Wednesday.


The SILENT MAJORITY didn't elect the BOE that the tea party wanted so your opinion of who the SILENT MAJORITY is wrong.


Citizens have the right to be heard and to vote even if they require assistance to exercise those rights. That includes both the elderly and the disabled.


You stopped being a member of the SILENT MAJORITY when you posted here. Now you're one of the VOCAL MINORITY. Congrats.


This is the same Kirby Delauter who recently interrupted an employee providing information to the commissioners at a public meeting and called him a "punk" and shortly thereafter walked out of the meeting? That guy is complaining about the rudeness of people at a meeting?? Look in the mirror, Kirby, you've set the example so don't be surprised if people emulate your poor behavior.


I won’t be intimidated


Blaine goes for a day at the shore
and then drives home and hammers the poor
from an ocean that's cold
to attacking the old
like a scene from Godzilla on tour.


“Their group is supposed to be a tolerant group that accepts the rule of law,” Delauter said.

This coming from the guy who proudly ignored and flaunted an Ethics Commission ruling against his doing business with the county. "Kirby only likes the process when it’s his process."


If you're old and in need of support
Blaine would ask that you please self-deport
if you have money to pay
you are welcome to stay
and use his cabs as your means of transport.

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