Kirby Delauter, a Frederick County councilman, issued an apology Wednesday after he wrote on social media earlier this week threatening to sue The Frederick News-Post for publishing his name without permission, garnering national attention.

“Of course, as I am an elected official, the Frederick News-Post has the right to use my name in any article related to the running of the county – that comes with the job,” Delauter wrote in a statement. “So yes, my statement to the Frederick News-Post regarding the use of my name was wrong and inappropriate.”

Almost two hours after the statement went out, Delauter also posted an apology on Facebook, apologizing to reporter Bethany Rodgers, whom he had threatened to sue.

“I want to take this opportunity to apologize to Bethany Rodgers, the Frederick News-Post and all my constituents for disrespecting the journalists and media outlets who cover the Frederick county government,” Delauter wrote.

In a Facebook status posted Saturday, Delauter said he was upset with Rodgers for “an unauthorized use of my name and my reference in her article” published Jan. 3 about his and Councilman Billy Shreve's concerns over County Council parking spaces. He told her not to contact him again and forbid her from using his name or reference in print again.

Rodgers commented on Delauter's status Sunday afternoon, saying she will continue to contact the councilman for comment and print his name and refer to him in the paper. Newspapers do not require an elected official's permission before publishing his or her name or referring to the official, she wrote.

Delauter followed up in a Facebook comment saying he would pursue legal action if his name or reference were published again.

“Use my name again unauthorized and you'll be paying for an Attorney,” Delauter wrote. “Your rights stop where mine start.”

The post went viral Tuesday as many national media outlets began publishing Delauter's words and readers took to social media, creating the popular hashtag #KirbyDelauter and even starting the parody Twitter account @KirbyDelauter.

An online petition on calling for Delauter's resignation gained more than 80 signatures by Wednesday evening, only hours after a New Market resident started the petition.

Doloris G. Whipp, a Thurmont resident, said she believes Delauter should resign in light of his recent actions.

“He should act like a gentleman,” she said, referring to Delauter's role as a Frederick County councilman.

In his statement, Delauter said he has “fired off my fair share of angry e-mails” and noted their typical effect of escalating conflict.

“I thought I had long ago learned the lesson of waiting 24 hours before I hit the send key, but apparently I didn't learn that lesson as well as I should have,” Delauter wrote.

Delauter could not be reached for comment Wednesday evening.

Terry Headlee, The Frederick News-Post's managing editor, said the newspaper has accepted Delauter's explanation and will move on.

"We're glad he finally saw the light,'' Headlee said. "Based on the reader reaction we have received, this was not going to end well for him. And if nothing else it's a good lesson to wait a day before hitting the send key on an angry email or posting. That's something that a lot of people, including myself, can relate to."

Rodgers also accepted Delauter's apology.

“I appreciate Councilman Delauter's apology and his statements acknowledging the First Amendment rights of the press,” she wrote in an email. “I look forward to continuing to report on Frederick County government and its elected leaders.”

County Council President Bud Otis and County Executive Jan Gardner declared their commitment to an “open and transparent government” in their joint statement with Delauter, acknowledging the role a free press plays in democracy.

“We must have respectful communication and dealings with the public and the press,” Otis said in the statement. “That is our intended policy.”

In a phone interview with The News-Post, Otis called the statement “a collaborative effort” and cited the council's intention to continue forward.

“We need to move past this,” he said.

Follow Paige Jones on Twitter: @paigeleejones. 

Paige Jones covers business and biotech in Frederick County. She started at the paper in 2014 as a nighttime crime reporter before switching to business. A Kansas transplant in Maryland, she enjoys exploring the East Coast in her free time.

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Here's the really hilarious thing about Shreve saying liberals didn't realize it was a joke: it was Walter Olson of the Cato Institute who really launched the twitter-storm.

The Cato Institute!

I wonder if Billy knows what that is.

One more thing to be clear citizens who are watching closely..... I schmel a skunk and I heard B O stinks too.I hope you realize this second group of four could cause a lot more stinch now that we have charter govt. It has already started with their request re: the new budget....


Thanks fredtwin...I just signed it. [smile]


If Kirby Delauter had someone cut his head off and put it on a platter to give to Bethany, it still wouldn't be enough for some the same old posters who are on here every day spreading the hate. Nuff Said!


You are probably right, but with the long history of acting bad, Kirby shouldn't expect much from those that have learned what kind of a person he is.


If Kirby had someone cut his head off .... dayenu!

If Kirby had stayed off Facebook ... dayenu!

If Kirby had never run for office ... dayenu!


This link may work better:


Here is the petition, currently at 153 and need 200.


Can anyone locate the petition? I'd like to sign, but I can't find it using the link in the story.


Here you go:


Apparently there is more than one petition floating around on the internet. I just visited the petition and it appears to have only mostly local names on it unlike the one last night that was mostly international.


I took a look at the petition online last night. Sorry to say it's worthless other than perhaps making one feel better by signing it. Most of the signatures I witnessed were from people around the world. While they might agree with us that Delauter is a nitwit who has zero knowledge of the 1st Amendment and subsequently has no business being in elected office, they do not live here and they are not affected by Delauder's behavior or decisions.

A Demand of Resignation for Delauter would need to be signed ONLY by those whom he represents while a Demand of Resignation for Shreve could include the entire county. Normally I would say it would also require the signatures of only registered voters but in this case since they now represent ALL residents, whether they are registered to vote or not being a registered voter should not be a requirement.

Another little hiccup I would warn against, and that is who is going to verify all of those signatures as being honest and true names of FC residents?

I would hope that a petition signed by a large majority of citizens would have the desired result....the resignation of both Delauter and Shreve, but I doubt either one of them has the intellect to understand that their resignation is the only way our government is going to heal and move on.

True, after this they might settle down but it won't last. There will be another outburst, another name calling, another demand and we will be right back where we are right now.




This all started cause billie wanted to try to make jan look bad over key-gate.

Lol and look at who the real fool is! Totally blew up in Kirbie's face!


You are right!! And Kirby hates Jan and tried to jump on Billy's bandwagon. This episode won't change Kirby and Billy's quest to create a dysfunctional FC governing body to make Jan look bad.


Kirby has, with strong back up from Billy, turned Frederick County Government into a national joke. Fortunately most Americans that read or hear of this will say "What a couple of morons" (right Kirby?) and move on. Sadly, we in FC are stuck with you for the next four years.[sad]


NO. we're not stuck with Shreve or Delauter. It's still your government UNLESS by CONSENT,you give that up to the likes of Part-Time elected officials like Shreve and Delauter. To allow them to exonerate themselves with an apology they had scripted for them, is tantamount to wholesale misrepresentation and false advertising to the citizen population of Frederick County. To concede otherwise would be to give your government over to the same dictatator that would have US be nothing more than a colonial habitat in ancient times.

If we want to be led instead of leading is not a democracy, but just another fiefdom of old.Who do you TRUST with your government affairs except political preditors who regard you as nothing more than their next meal.If you can't trust your Part-Time elected leaders, who can you trust?


You keep saying this Mav - and I do agree with you that that is the way it should be. We should be able to force Delauter out of office. But in case you haven't noticed the people who run the show have been changing the rules in the favor for years. You cannot do a recall on a politician in Maryland. Why do you suppose that is? If an elected official doesn't start the job they were elected to a small group of people (the Rep/Dem central committee) get to pick who they want to replace them for the whole term. That doesn't seem right to me. Corporations have person status. Congressmen get all kinds of special perks while they are cutting disability checks. Politicians become wealthy if they weren't already. Corporations run this country and get richer by the second while the middle class is almost non-existant.

So Mav, how do we change it?

Step one completed, with a D grade. Step 2 resignations should be submitted. We all know you were not joking, you could not go on TV yourself, AND Shreve continued the bullying/name calling on TV during the "apology", telling us the " Joke is on the Liberals." We could not get a 2 sentence apology without more of the same. You have no business in the positions you are in. You have proven you cannot even apologize. ~not that party matters, but FYI~ a Frederick County Native, Republican who votes candidate not party. Sadly boys the joke is on the entire county and we are tired of the game. You and two others have to spend your time making Jan's job as complicated as possible because your buddy is a sore loser. Wow. If you had left out the lame excuse and name-calling you may have gotten somewhere. Disgusted.


But isn't this what governance has transformed into, little pieces at a time, until there is no longer a democracy but a warring stratregy between ideologies that don't count for much to the REAL CITIZEN population of America other than by proxy vote. Are WE any longer part of our National/Stae/LOCAL Government, or just another cattle call that shows up every two-four years? If we're not going wage battle against oppressive strategies of the likes of Shreve, Delauter, Smith and Young why did we fight for our liberty in the first place. Don't we have an obligation any more to show up, voice and defend our rights against these kind of of false leaders?


After making a laughing stock of himself worldwide and the collateral damage to citizens of Frederick County (who elected this guy anyway?), a sort of apology happened. Now, we will be watching his behavior and actions as well as that other Blaine Young crony, Shreve. I would hope the citizens who voted for Mr. Delauter will wake up from their slumber and notice his behavior in the past, present, and future. I think these temper tantrums and general bad behavior won't go away without a lot of counseling as it seems to follow a pattern. If someone behaved the way he did the last 4 years where I work, they'd be history. And don't get me started on using his post on the BoCC to get business in the County. I understand the last BoCC "modified" the ethics code, so they could do this very thing. I understand that this new government is going to bring a code of ethics back- I stand behind that!


We've been watching for the past 4 years but chose to WAIT it OUT and be misrepresented over and over again and cowed to their dictatorship. If you're looking for CHANGE, now is the time to draw a line in the sand,LISTEN and determine who is really represents the best interest of a county population and not special interest agendas of the Federal, State and local leadership.

Young, Shreve, Delauter and Smith have created a National stage for the kind of governance we should rid ourselves of, not to say there won't be political preditors following in their foot steps. Instead of being prey to the preditors of our time why not defend what territory you once had. Words are are good, but unless you put some mental muscle to your words, you'll only be puppets and pawns the ruling party and their brand of ethics.


Now that Mr. Delauter has acknowledged his error and apologized, will Mr. Headlee apologize for referring to him as stupid and his actions crazy. To me that seemed rather sophomoric and just perpetuates a conflict that distracts from important issues.


I was pretty disappointed too.


This is not about an ERROR. This is about planned and intention conduct by part-time local elected officials who sold their soul to a political agenda rather the the best interest of their citizens. What is an APOLOGY worth now on the open market? Apparently it's going for rock bottom prices, so aren't most politicians buying public trust at whole sale prices, and what ever is left over from their investment in the meat market goes toward feeding and bedding yet another herd of cattle?

Rick Blatchford

The fact remains... He said it. He meant it. He wasn't laughing. Like Blaine Young teeing off on a youth athletic referee (among numerous other displays), it's an issue that shows poor judgment and a certain lack of maturity. The threat to the reporter itself was just plain ignorant.

Some people say that you are what you eat. How about... You are who you put in office to represent you. [wink]


"You are who you put in office to represent you. "

And those of us who didn't pout him there get to suffer right along.
Great, thanks.

He should resign. Immediately. So should Billy "it was just a joke" Shreve.


exactly. and right after billy's testimony, w/a huge grin to channel 9 about the "joke", billy went right into a private closed-door meeting to conduct business as usual.

oh - don't forget that it was @ the 'applicant attorney's' office, rand weinberg, to meet w/ other republican central committee members to pick billy shreve's girlfriend's replacement to be the new delegate if kelly schulz passes muster by the MD senate. transparency, anyone?


RICK: THis wasn't a THREAT, it was a PROMISE to thwart anyone who might disagree with what Delauter and Shreve have accomplished over the last 4 years, and at the direction and discreation of Blaine Young. How more transparent can it be?


We are who we put into office? First of all, Rick, many of us are not in Delauter's district and therefore weren't able to vote for or against him. Believe me when I say if his candidacy was open to all voters he would have joined Young in the loser's circle.

Shreve? The only reason he got through was because many voters cast their ballots just for the R after his name; others didn't pay any attention to what is going on in their world and had no clue who or why they were voting, and many others stayed away from the polls altogether for a variety of reasons.

I believe if a honest poll was taken today the vast majority would say they want both Delauter and Shreve to they should, if they had any shred of decency.


I'm not so sure Delauter would have lost as an at large candidate either. He has the R after his name as well.


You may well be right, b1sellers, the only reason I feel that he would have lost is that he is despised by even more voters than Shreve is. I think Delauter only garnered something like 1/4 of registered voters in his district; with a larger turnout for the at large candidates I think he would have lost. Of course, Delauter didn't lose, only the residents of FC have lost.


POLITICAL specualtion?


you said a mouthful and made me think about those who saw fit to re-elect ob


“I thought I had long ago learned the lesson of waiting 24 hours before I hit the send key, but apparently I didn't learn that lesson as well as I should have,” Delauter wrote.

In other words he still believes that he was in the right, just that he shouldn't have said so publicly.

To anyone who accepts Delauter's words as a sincere, genuine apology may I offer you a bridge I have for sale........

I believe we can expect routine eruptions coming from both Delauter and Shreve and the only way they will be stopped is if they will do the right thing for the first time in their lives and resign.


Don't be so cynical. Kirby wrote a sincere apology: “I want to take this opportunity to apologize to Bethany Rodgers, the Frederick News-Post and all my constituents for disrespecting the journalists and media outlets who cover the Frederick county government.” And, No, I am not in the market for a bridge.


I'm not in the least bit cynical. History has taught us that Delauter, Shreve, and Young are nasty bullies and bullies do not surrender. Those are hollow words spoken by Delauter and spoken only because of the intense negative publicity his rant garnered around the world.

Cynical? Never, just a Republican who cannot have the wool pulled over their eyes by any of the above mentioned bullies.

If Delauter wishes his words to ring true the only solution open to him is his resignation.


Exactly right bstd59.
He needs to resign in order to gain any respect - and that would still be miniscule.


threecents: BUT, haven't you already bought the bridge in lieu of Republican credits and their version of what the right thing to do is collapsing around their ears. Cynicism is not on the table other than to represent another distraction from the issue at hand and that continues to include all elements of corrupted governance. What say you otherwise?


b1sellers:Ain''t going to happen. All they're doing is waiting, as with yourself, for is the dust to settle and lost to the ancient archives of the public's short term memories. Try to understand, this is a Republican NATIONAL STRATEGY. Has been for the last two decades.This is what you get back on the Republican dime that sells lower on the National market in hopes that the likes of yourself will buy in, without reading the small print.


I agree it won't happen but it should. And we should be able to fire him. But that won't happen either because previous lawmakers have made sure of that. The politicians are our countries royalty. What we fought in the Revolution against. I think our countries founders might be disgusted with the way things have turned out.


WJZ 13 Shreve said in Delauters defense, Washington politicians always threaten to sue as a joke. The people (voters) are the butt of the joke, right Billy boy.


Try telling that to the Frederick County population from an INFORMED base of knowledge and that THEY are not buying the apology or political strategy.


Past actions of Kirby:

The News-Post reported he left a public meeting abruptly last year after shouting at a resident who had questioned whether his company was working with developers of a large residential community. Fellow board member David Gray, who often clashed with Delauter, told the newspaper afterward that he felt physically threatened by Delauter at the meeting. Delauter told the newspaper Gray was a "moron," but that he would never hit him.

Delauter's temper also flared at a 2012 board meeting when he stormed out after telling a county staff member, "I'm not going to sit here and be talked to like some punk because I'm asking questions."


BUT, he was the punk then and will continue to be to this current moment. Look at what Congessman Eric Cantor (Virginia), of their 7th district, lost in his representation of a DISTRICT for the price of National Republican representation. And he was third in line for Republican leadership in the Republican CONGRESS. I'm connecting dots, not notions of what Shreve or Delauter are trying to sell as a JOKE and a political strategy that has evolved over the last six years within the Republican network of disruption and the foundation of NO. We don't need Shreve or Delauter as the out-liars of Republican politics.

For the record, I'm APOLITICAL and quite familiar with who the best liars are. After all, the LIE, in what ever form it takes, and its consequence, is the basis of our species, humanity, and what we are TODAY.


Well, it was a good and humble apology. If he is sincere and rectifies some of his other actions, I will be pleased. Until that happens, I am skepitical. The problem I have is Kirby does these actions on a continual basis, so this is nothing new. And the apology does appear to be written by an attorney, not Kirby; I suspect Paul Smith wrote it for him. I have to find that recall petition to sign it.


This new FREDERICKGATE incident with KD is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned.


Couldn't agree more.


FNP: Feckless Defenders of the Status Quo

Delauter initiated his attack over nothing… that Bethany Rodgers reported the truth about him and his desire for personal aggrandizement; viz., a privileged parking space at Winchester Hall. He wrote a completely specious “hit piece” on Rodgers, all the while feigning injury (Karl Rove-style) and claiming the opposite; i.e., that Rodgers had written a “hit piece” on him!

This was a double hit--on both the First Amendment and Bethany Rodgers--something the FNP editors don’t understand. Delauter tried to isolate and intimidate Bethany as just one part of his overall strategy—to subvert the First Amendment.

But the News-Post editors don’t get it. Instead, they tell us: "We're glad he finally saw the light,'' Headlee said. "Based on the reader reaction we have received, this was not going to end well for him. And if nothing else it's a good lesson to wait a day before hitting the send key on an angry email or posting. That's something that a lot of people, including myself, can relate to."

Oh, yes. We’re ALL guilty of THAT… ‘So let’s just forget about Bethany and the First Amendment. Let’s move on; get back to our job of protecting those in government or else, they won’t ever return our phone calls again!’


What should the FNP have done? I have no respect for 'ole Squirley Deneutered, but I see no point on pilling on (present anagram excluded). He's been hurt badly by this, and will it play it's way out in the court of public opinion now. I think the FNP is wise to take a business as usual approach.


AND, can we conclude you are nothing more than a "foregone conclusion"?


Kirby's lawyers must have told him to make some amends or the public will liken him to those shooters who attacked the newspaper in Paris.

I didn't see the words "I'm sorry" anywhere in his writings. Just shows me that Kirby still believes that "if you can't dazzle them with your dance step then baffle them with your BS". Sad thing is that many people still buy his baffling without questioning anything.


BUT, isn't that the nature of the human genome. Don't we continue to dance to our own DNA from one day to the next? Ask yourself, what has changed since the first recording of our species?


"Even a liar can be scared into telling the truth, same as an honest man can be tortured into telling a lie." Faulkner, William. Light in August. Smith & Haus. 1930.




Sallyforth:BUT isn't that what the LIE generates, over and over again, as has been recorded for decades. What is it about the terms and conditions of the ultimate solution don't you comprehend or remotely understand other than it existed on a worldwide stage? Are we any different from what we were 80 years ago? Have we evolved beyond Hitler's notion that we are as one under the terms of a lie, repeated over and over again that is later regarded as the TRUTH? Can our species be any more as naive enough but to accept the LIE as the TRUTH?


For every person who voted for this clown, thank you,thank you very much,LOL!


He still doesn't get it. The press has a right to use his name even if he's NOT an elected official. Plus, where in any of these missives does he use the two words that are required in an apology; never does he simply say "I'm sorry." To me, that shows he only "regrets" being called out for his buffoonery rather than regretting his thoughts, his deeds and his behavior.


He said his "statement was wrong and inappropriate." That sounds like an apology to me. He manned up, so it is time to put this behind us. I regularly post against Kirby and Co, but it is time to stop piling on. Hopefully, he is a better person now that he has expressed some humility.




Hope is a good thing. Time will tell in his case however.


Dream on. aint gonna happen


[thumbup][thumbup]Absolutely right! Intimidation, threats, insults, contempt for the rights of others: These are in his DNA; they are his modus operandi. He's a thug. He's been behaving like this for years, at least since he became a commissioner in 2010.

Blaine was a "changed man" too, after he read the polls running up to the election (ahem!) I mean, after getting his phony ELMBA from MSM.


Agreed. Let's move on with our lives.


Trust fund babies are never the most in touch with others needs. We elected all four of them due to there insistance of runing as a team. He ainta gonna change fur nutin.
I garentee you he is still running at 70 miles an hour down rte 15 every day comming into Frederick


THEY, SHREVE and DELAUTER don't reget anything they have said. How can they be held accountable for anything that hasn't otherwise been SCRIPTED for them. How else would they move forward on yet another Republican strategy for local dominence?


Couple thoughts. 1) He should have stopped at the first paragraph in his facebook apology. That's all he needed to say. By the time he got to the second paragraph he was patting himself on the back. 2) As for the "official statement" - that wasn't even an apology. He was just saying I should have waited before responding - he barely even acknowledged that what he said was wrong, let alone apologizing to Bethany. 3) He should have made the FB apology actually visible to the public.

All that said, at least he finally figured out he was in the wrong and apologized. It was a couple days late, and only after being ridiculed on a global scale, but at least he did that. Of course, as Kirby was apologizing, Billy was trying to "help" by telling USA 9 that it was all a big joke ... sure, nice try Billy. Doh!


How these two ever got elected again is beyond me!
Who are the stupid people who obviously weren't paying attention over the last 4 years and voted for these idiots?


People that have no idea of what they are doing and blindly pulling or checking the
R box. They don't care or understand and often vote against their own best interests.


They are the same people who elected Chuck Jenkins. The old guard of Frederick County. The silent majority who don't read the FNP and don't comment here. And District 5 is where a lot of them live.


Speculation. Chuck Jenkins is an icon of prejudice that will exist in Frederick County until the Frederick population decides to join the 21st century.


Exactly right.


Mr. Kirby, do not take the ridicule personaly. You are the head of the nail on this one, but what we all want you four to know is how all four of you damaged what we all work for.
This past few years the damage you have all done is huge. It is disgracefull,
The newspapers can print what ever they want to, it is bussiness.
What you four did was take a bussiness attitude into our governing bodie. That by iteself smacks of criminal intent.
All four of you need to make amends to this county. All four of you need to step aside. And, all your suporters need to open there check books and donate to the county for all the financial damage you have done to programs helping the indigent, old, frail and student poplulations here.
Shame on you all,


As any internet viral goes it will be forgotten about by tomorrow (except here in Frederick County, of course.).


Kirby screwed up, owned up, and apologized that's good enough for me and I live in District 5 and didn't vote for him.


He didn't really apologize. Read his words again.


If this were his only incident maybe I'd agree with you. But Kirby has a long history of incidents and ethical lapses he's never apologized for. And believe me, this will happen again and again.


What else is new in Frederick County?


Thing is Kirby boy there may be some people who think your butt is made of gold and kiss it all the time but for the most part a good portion of Frederick County and now most of the world think you are just one big stupid ignorant fool, who will never kiss your butt but instead will point and laugh when we see you in public, read about you in the newspaper or on the Internet.



This would make an excellent episode on Black Mirror. I know the British are well aware of Don't say my name Kirby Delauter thanks to social media and all. So you never know...and in a way this whole incident reminds of the very first episode when the Prime Minster was manipulated into having sex with a pig..all because of the pressure from social media...If you have not watched Black Mirror and have NetFlix check the shows out..they are like the Twilight Zone but brought into the 21st Century..very creepy..will give you a lot to think about.


Black Mirror is more like The Outer Limits, than Twilight Zone. I still have chills about the episode where the accused murderer is terrorized on a daily basis as a form of entertainment for the masses.


Is it any wonder that those in the immediate metro area still refer to us as "Fred-necks"? I'm sure all are wondering what those who voted for KD were thinking, or if they were at all - a politician who doesn't understand the 1st Amendment. Truly embarrassing!


But, we are Frederick Red Necks. SO why should anything change beyond the historic parameters of business as usual, FAMILY VALUES, and remaining the same as we've ALWAYS been? Isn't that what's driving this conversation in the first place? Aren't we COMFORTABLE with not knowing where Fredick is NOT going in the immediate future?


There is an old business saying that even bad publicity is good publicity. It gets your name out there. With the advent and unpredictable evolution of social media seemingly coming of age, it may be that political correctness is rightly running into itself. We are humans and the emotional auric field does, perhaps, have the greatest impact on our lives and therefore the lives of others. The consciousness of the concept of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is more and more recognizing that we are all one and time is a "always now" dimension: purposely beating up another is like slapping one's own face back and forth. That is, WAKE UP. (What did he just say?)


What did you just say other than ACCEPTANCE of yet another LIE we tell ourselves on a daily basis. When are you going to get past the next LIE you tell yourself on a daily basis. Are you any different than those who would prefer not to KNOW what's really going on under your very own nose?

DENIAL is what we paise the most, since it doesn;t involve US from accountability for our actions. Change the equation and you will no longer be part of the ANONYMOUS.


Curly Delauter, the WORLD is still laughing AT you!

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