Daryl Boffman

Daryl Boffman

Editor’s note: The Frederick News-Post is profiling candidates for various public offices in Frederick County leading up to the July 19 primary elections.

Business consultant and former school board member Daryl Boffman is running for Frederick County executive hoping to expand the tax base by drawing businesses to numerous parts of the county.

Throughout his campaign, Boffman has highlighted his decades of experience as a business executive and board member for a number of county organizations.

Boffman served for a decade on the county’s Board of Education, including one year as president, but he’s the only one of four county executive candidates who has not held an elected office in the last year.

Boffman said it is important for the county to continue its progress under County Executive Jan Gardner, D. But he aims to take the county in a new direction in a few ways, particularly in how the county’s municipalities grow.

“Every community wants businesses,” he said. “They might determine which types of businesses they want there, but businesses are the economic drivers for your community. I mean, your people have to work.”

Boffman is one of three candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for county executive in the July 19 primary. The others are Councilwoman Jessica Fitzwater, an elementary school music teacher, and Councilman Kai Hagen, the former executive director of the nonprofit Envision Frederick County.

Maryland state Sen. Michael Hough, R-Frederick and Carroll counties, is running unopposed for the Republican nomination for the November general election.

As a former school board member and onetime public affairs director for Frederick County Public Schools, Boffman said that setting the county funding for the school system’s budget well above what the state requires would be among his top priorities.

“I want the school board to ask me for what they truly need to be successful as a system,” he said, but “that doesn’t mean they’re going to always get 100% of what they asked for.”

In this year’s budget, Frederick County gave the school system $330 million. The school board asked for $378 million for next year. Gardner has proposed $365 million.

More funding for the school board would come with more accountability, Boffman said.

As county executive, he would require the school board to send him an annual report. If, for example, the school board relies on the county budget for free and reduced-price meals for low-income students, he would want evidence of stronger academic performance among students who relied on the program.

Boffman was born in Norfolk, Virginia, about four hours south of Frederick. He lives in Adamstown. He and his wife have six children.

Before working in business, he was a captain in the Army and served four years on active duty.

Boffman was a business executive for more than 25 years. He was vice president of finance for two technology companies before starting his own.

He founded Frederick-based Acela Technologies Inc., which installed wireless internet connection systems in hotels, commercial buildings and Veterans Affairs hospitals. He was the company’s president and chief executive officer until it closed in 2016.

For Boffman, changing how the county does business is personal.

“I don’t believe Frederick County has done a good job with small businesses,” he said. “I was a small business owner here for 15 years, so I know what I’m talking about.”

The county must improve communication with minority business owners to connect them with government resources, like training and grant funding, Boffman said.

He proposed setting aside a portion of the county’s business contract revenue to ensure that minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses are better positioned to benefit from county resources.

Frederick County is large enough to expand its business community while preserving farmland, Boffman said.

He envisioned the county forming downtown areas beyond Frederick, such as in Middletown, Ballenger Creek, Urbana and Lake Linganore.

Boffman said agriculture and farming businesses and organizations would benefit from an incubator program through which they could receive training and share information and ideas about best products, equipment and business models.

He said the county can attract businesses by ensuring its permitting process is easy to navigate. He did not mention a specific change for the permitting process because, he said, he does not have access to “all the internal processes” in county government.

Frederick County has a Fast Track Permitting development process for businesses. In February, it launched an expedited permit and certificate (EPIC) process for small businesses.

Boffman said he would examine whether the county’s Division of Planning and Permitting has employees trained to support various businesses that may seek to locate or expand in the county.

“You don’t have to be a huge metropolitan city, but you have to have some level of growth to provide some new opportunities for your residents,” Boffman said.

“If you’re not growing, eventually you’re gonna die,” he added.

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(19) comments


Boffman is looking for another way to scam the public. He’s a joke.


Thank you for your comment. I look forward to serving you and giving you the opportunity to know me. I have served the community as a Board member for FCPS, Frederick's Chamber of Commerce, Frederick Health Hospital, Heartly House, Hood College Board of Associates, Eliminating Achievement Gaps, UNESCO and many other committees. I have never scammed the public and have never been called a joke. I've been called "Executive of the Year", "Top 25 CEOs you need to Know", President and Captain. Get to know me. You might like me.


We are suffering the effects of having Democrats in total control at the federal level due to their apparent lack of intelligence about anything. Most, if not all, of these Democrats previously served in state and local elected positions. So, the lesson for any intelligent voter is to never vote for a Democrat, at the local, state, or national level. That's the end of today's lesson.


Mr. Hall, could you tell us what America would be like if you had your druthers? Just a brief outline of what Social changes you would like, how you feel about women’s Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, what you would ban from being taught in schools, gun Rights, and skim over Foreign Policy. You bash Democrats so tell us what they are doing you object to. It would help if we knew exactly what you want America to be like. We have no idea. Thanks.


fido, no




Bill, you are driving at night with your head lights off, pressing party affiliation rather than proposed policies, reflecting ‘less intelligence’ in site. Warning: Remove all mirrors from the premises.

You would be better served by arguing policies rather than ‘Trump cult’ indoctrination: Your foot is stunk on the gas pedal, driving blindly on party affiliation and asinine comments. I guarantee you, you are gonna run into a wall. You have no directive, no alternative routes but opposition. That’s clearly ‘intelligence deficient.’


Amen Aw. Your next to last sentence is profound. He is a man of the Party of NO.


Boffman left his most recent FCPS tenure under a cloud. He was on administrative leave and under investigation for more than a month before he was fired or forced to quit (by Terry Alban, a scandal-plagued fiasco in her own right). He should probably explain why.


I'm sure Daryl is a nice guy, but there are multiple things that are suspect - like, what happened to his business? I've heard it went out of business, and that's not good - which means it wasn't run properly by most respects. Then you have the articles AOC writes about below - something really shady went on there. And now Daryl wants to run our county - sorry, I don't think so. Then to boot, we have Fitzwater and Hagen - oh my, we're headed into the Monocacy Blvd. sink hole!! Not that I'm entirely behind him, but, Michael Hough is looking better all the time!!


Thank you for your comment. With regards to Acela going out of business. I had to compete with a fortune 100 company claiming to offer a competitive solution to our largest national customer for free. No small business executive could compete with free. As far as my credentials as an executive, I was Frederick County's Executive of the year and entrepreneur of the year. The State of Maryland's Top 100 CEO's you need to know (twice). My company was a "Top 100 MBEs in a 5 State Region". I could go on and on; however, I respect your opinion. If I am successful in my campaign, I look forward to serving your needs and hopefully meeting you one day.


Thanks for the response Daryl. What about the other stuff? I think it's relevant to your platform as well. Also you say the competitor gave the solution away for free? I'm sorry there is nothing that is free - econ 101, no such thing as a free lunch. So they go something out of the deal. Good luck with your campaign - I truly mean that.


Trek, Tell that to my son who laughs at me for paying for Netflix and Hulu


You are correct that nothing is free. I tried to convince my customer not to accept the offer and 3 years later, they discovered it was not the best deal for their organization. Please see my response to AOC regarding the other comments. Thank you for your willingness to review my comments and for wishing me good luck.


When will politicians learn they can't grow their way out of their problems. All Frederick has to do is look at MoCo. It sounds like Boffman has done more than his part to expand the tax base by having 6 children. Has he done anything to offset the environmental, climate change and adverse impacts of helping to grow the human population? We need a carbon ta now if the Feds won't act yet, then the locals should. You'll get your revenues to support infrastructure that way.


Thank you for your comment. Please know that the growth that I am championing is the business growth. As the County will soon reduce the residential construction, we will need to replace that revenue to sustain the County's funding. I'm proposing to replace revenue from impact fees with an increase in business revenue resulting in more businesses starting and growing in Frederick County. My plan will also offer more higher paying job opportunities to residents as more mid-size and large businesses relocate to Frederick. I am proud of my 6 children, who are contributing to our nation and State. In fact, one of my sons is serving in the U.S. Army as did I. As far as environmental, climate change offset, as a Business Consultant, one of my clients focus on deploying more EV Charging Stations to make owning an electric vehicle more efficient and another is focusing on using Hemp products in construction materials like Hempcrete (Concrete made with Hemp) and clothing. I look forward to serving you and look forward to meeting you someday soon.


Thank you for your response, and my comment wasn't meant to be a personal attack but a general statement about large families when we now know that humans (at least at the 7.8+ billion level) do have an adverse impact on this planet. I'm sure you and your family are quite nice and good people. However we humans need to realize at some point growth is not sustainable with 7.8+ billion of us on the planet already. We need to end government policies which effective subsidize population growth (but I think most politicians view that as a term limiting position).

With regard to business growth, it may or may not be good. New businesses do not necessarily simply replace old businesses but more often add to it which means increased population growth. So the question becomes does the new business growth at the very least pay for itself (increased demand for various government services including education for the children). Right now core funding is not sufficient. Impact fees should not be eliminated if anything they need to be increased because I haven't seen any taxes address the impact of growth on the quality of life for humans (increased pollution, increased traffic delays, etc.) and even less so for addressing our adverse impact on other species.

Growth is pretty much only good where it comes from increased economic growth due to increased efficiencies, economies of scale or replacing lower quality jobs with higher paying jobs without increasing the population. This country is has the third largest population in the world, and on a per capita basis we are one of the worst for climate change emissions (14.24 tonnes per capita in 2020 compared to 7.41 for China and 1.77 for India see: https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/co-emissions-per-capita)

Regular readers of the comment section of the FNP know that I am strongly anti growth and strongly pro environment and that I've put my money where my mouth is and I don't think we can appropriately address climate change without somehow making individuals start taking responsibility for the issues they cause. Right now, the quickest way would be to implement a carbon tax. Fooling with EV charging stations and other measures will only make incremental changes in the near term (although they are necessary for the long term), we need significant action now not later. Additionally, people/families with lower income are not as likely to be able to afford EVs for some time without greater incentives than exist now.

Personally, I've installed solar and geothermal so my home energy use is essentially zero net. I had a HERS rating done and was scored -11 better than carbon neutral). My home essentially generates income for me in retirement. I also have a plugin hybrid so I almost use more gasoline to mow my yard than to drive. I wonder if there are any potential politicians who would take the stand that before adding to the human population on the planet, people offset their own impacts first (how much should be required would need to be determined). I'd like to see more politicians propose plans/programs for addressing climate change. Frederick needs to do much more than declare a climate change emergency. County politicians should ask for help from organizations such as the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and also look to other localities for what can be done at the local level (for example see: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ithaca-ny-selects-blocpower-to-green-entire-city-first-large-scale-city-electrification-initiative-in-the-us-301415974.html). With geothermal technologies, no new construction should be using fossil fuels as it's major source of energy for heating a building. New construction using fossil fuels for heating should have an environmental tax (a carbon tax would help) imposed. Revenues from those taxes should go to programs to incentivize the greening lower income housing so that the electric and heating/cooling bills for lower income residents can be reduced or eliminated thus allowing more income to be diverted to other necessary expenses.

As I stated in my earlier comment, MoCo has tried the growth route and that doesn't seem to have worked all that well. Even a "rich" county like MoCo isn't spending enough of it's revenue on core governmental functions (education, infrastructure, etc.).



After that fiasco is replacement arrived quickly.


Hopefully FNP will assign someone to his court hearing tomorrow morning and report the outcome.


Thank you for your comment. The technology mishap did occur under my area of responsibility as a result of implementing a new process for including public comments during a time when COVID-19 changed how business was conducted in many organizations. The only way to never make a mistake is to never take initiative. I'm a forward thinker and do not shy away from making decisions or taking responsibility for my decisions. My business was named "Creative Firm of the Year" in Frederick County as we successfully designed and deployed the first multi-carrier distributed antenna system for the hospitality industry that combined Wi-Fi and cellular services over a single infrastructure. In other words, if you have been able to use your cellular phone in a large hotel facility. This is a testament to my willingness to lead. I resigned from FCPS to focus on my campaign for County Executive. I look forward to supporting you and all other Frederick County residents in the future. I hope we can meet to have an open and honest conversation so you can get to know me better.

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