Danny Farrar Campaign Event

Republican Danny Farrar addresses supporters Saturday at White Rabbit Gastropub in Frederick as he kicks off his campaign for an at-large County Council seat.

From the cry of “hooah” with which he began his remarks to repeated use of the word “daggone,” Republican Danny Farrar made good on his promise of an untraditional campaign announcement.

Farrar will seek one of the two at-large seats on the Frederick County Council in the 2018 election. He kicked off his campaign Saturday at an event in downtown Frederick before a crowd of family, friends and fellow Republicans. Sen. Michael Hough (R-District 4) and Delegates Bill Folden (R) and David Vogt (R) were on-hand, as were Republican candidates Regina Williams and Craig Giangrande, who have entered the 2018 races for county executive and state senator, respectively.

Farrar, 38, is a U.S. Army veteran and co-founder of the SoldierFit chain of fitness centers. He has also been a vocal advocate for veterans services, particularly mental health issues, and openly discussed his own suicide attempt.

Farrar on Saturday drew upon his military and business experience to frame his candidacy, highlighting his opposition to government regulations.

He had no problems navigating the county’s permitting process to start a Frederick location of his gym. But he struggled with regulations in other counties.

“We’ve experienced what it’s like when places aren’t open for business,” he said. “And Frederick could be headed the exact same way.”

He cited the challenges of several existing business owners who faced roadblocks related to the county’s permitting and zoning requirements. He referenced Bussard Brothers Landscaping Supply, which was found earlier this year to be operating a outside of the county’s zoning ordinance. The company’s property is split between two zones, one of which does not allow the mulching activities central to its business.

Farrar said the company should be “grandfathered in,” or allowed to continue its business under the existing zoning code. He also said he’d spoken to other aspiring entrepreneurs who never tried to open in Frederick because they anticipated similar regulatory challenges.

“I fought for this county, and I do not believe that at any point in time, a citizen or business should be afraid of their government,” he said.

Although minimal governmental interference is an emphasis among Republicans, Farrar said he was different from the “traditional brand of conservatism.”

“Conservatism should not be synonymous with hate,” he said.

He criticized current council members on both sides of the aisle for engaging in petty personal attacks rather than making policies that serve their constituents. He acknowledged that as one of seven on the council, he could not change others’ behaviors or attitudes.

But, he said, “I have found that if you take the time to listen, really listen, not with the purpose of rebuttal ... then you can get somewhere,” he said.

He continued, “You compromise on issues without comprising on your morals.”

Farrar previously contemplated running to represent District 4 in Maryland’s House of Delegates. He cited desire to spend time with his family — he and his wife have a 2-year-old daughter — as reason why he opted for a local position instead.

Asked why he chose to run for an at-large seat — he currently lives in Frederick County’s fifth district, which spans the northern part of the county — he answered that he thought he could represent the varying interests countywide. Councilman Kirby Delauter (R) currently represents District 5 but will seek the county executive office in 2018.

The County Council consists of seven members, five elected based on geographic districts and two at-large. They serve four-year terms and currently earn $22,500 annually.

The 2018 primary election is on June 26, and the general election follows on Nov. 6.

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Nancy Lavin covers social services, demographics and religion for The Frederick News-Post.

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Should have ran against Kirby. Need to bounce the corrupt one out of politics.


As a long time county resident I have to agree with many points he makes, however there are some interesting comments brought up. For one I know that judges do not issue protective orders based on a he said she said basis, there has to be just cause of this. Maybe I am reading into this too much but there was no denying of physical abuse to his ex or any woman he may have encountered for that matter. As some one who works in a legal field I like to dissect specific wording in a statement. The only denial was hitting, not abuse.

I do not know Mr. Farrar personally but I have looked into some of his business ventures. As a large supporter of the military and small/ local businesses I appreciate what he has done for this county. However, I do question anyone running for office that holds businesses in the area they will serve. How much of this campaign and possible elected time served will be made to benefit him and his gains? How much will be for the citizens of Frederick county?

Thanks for the article FNP I am looking forward to hearing about more candidates.

Raises questions that need answering in my opinion.


Agree.......there has to be strong evidence to get a protective order period! Anyone that tries to water that down has something to hide.


If you are replacing BS (both literally and figuratively) Danny you will be a tremendous upgrade!


Thank you so much!


They will use throughout his campaign. I man was truthful about his past.


Mr. Farrar: Reducing the size of government and improving its efficiency is both important and achievable, but what's more pressing for our County is out-of-control growth, mainly in the form of explosive home building without even basic upgrades to infrastructure. This trend has to be stopped before we become a second-rate Montgomery County. Lastly, since when has conservatism been synonymous with hate? That sounds like some sort of loony, liberal talking point, which I find troubling. I wish you all the best.


I agree 100% with your statement about out-of-control growth, coupled with pathetically inadequate infrastructure. Well said.

However, I also agree with what Farrar said about hate -- although he could have chosen his words better. Rather than saying "synonymous" (which implies conservatism = hate) he might have said that to the extent 'hate groups' and hate-filled people associate themselves with a political party, it is almost always the republicans.

That is a fair and accurate statement. It does not mean that all republicans are hateful racists and xenophobes, only that a vocal minority are.

The democratic party has it's vocal fringe groups as well -- but generally speaking they focus on demands that -- while they may be loony or 'pie in the sky' -- do not involve hatred of others. More like the opposite -- "Open borders! Let everyone in! Fly 'em in from overseas! We can care for the entire world!" That sort of thing.

In any case, the fact that a small number of racists self-identify as republicans certainly does not mean conservatism = hate, and I'm sure that's not what Farrar meant to imply.


I agree with you sir/ma'am on the front end. As far as synonymous with hate I would say all you have to do is listen to people talking. Trump voters for example get linked in with KKK and white nationalist all the time. In my opinion we have to combat that in order to grow our younger voter base. This is a sentiment shared with me by many that I have spoken too. Thank you for your feedback and your well wishes! If you ever wish to talk more you can contact me anytime!


Seems like you’re the one who is linking Trump supporters with the KKK and other fringe elements. This is the second time you, perhaps subconsciously, disparaged conservatives. Trump won Frederick County because the majority of us who live here reject liberalism and its destructive and divisive agenda.


Mr. Farrar: The Republican Party is in pretty good shape and growing its membership shouldn't be a problem. They don't need to rebrand themselves to appeal to residents who will vote for Dems anyway. We're not looking for another Jeb! Bush-style Republican to represent us. We don't need an apologist, we need a leader.


I don't think they need to re-brand, nor do I intend to re-brand. I simply mean to address the misconceptions that many have from listening to bias reporting. If you think the party doesn't need to address this I would encourage you to look at what happened at the city level as well as the governors race in VA. In my opinion it would be foolish to simply ignore what happened in those races. However, as always, I respect if you disagree.


Looks like our friend here has a court record. Domestic violence in 2011, Protective order in 2012, Is this our next Blaine Young.


I would also worry that serving on the county council could trigger PTSD.


Good morning. I had a protective order, which I have never tried to hide. Even in the court case they stated there was no evidence of physical abuse. With that said I was a horrible husband. Something I admit freely, and something I am ashamed of. I was dealing with a lot of deamons at that time with my suicide attempt coming not long after it. I never never hit her. The reality of the matter is this will always be a he said, she said issue, and to that regard each person has to make up their own mind as to what they believe. I have been with my wife now for over 6 years and have a beautiful daughter whom I adore and there has never been a single complaint or issue since then. I hope that you and the other voters will view my record in it's entirety; as opposed to accusation from over 7 years ago.


Hey Danny I liked the article and have heard positive things about you throughout the community. I like the way you cleared up the issue right there about the legal issues you had. I live and vote in your district and I will be following you in your run. Good luck to you, this county government needs a lot of work.


Thank you very much! If you ever need anything feel free to contact me anytime!


Thank you so much! Should you ever want to talk more let me know!


Not knowing anything about you - yet - I appreciate you owning up to your past and grew from it. Let the best man or woman win!


Thank you very much!! I agree!!


After doing some digging it also looks like he was "less than honorably" discharged from the army. Makes you wonder with all these records what kind of representative he would make for the county. [ban]


I have copies physical copies of both of my honorable discharges. I'd be happy to put em up here ol' truth seeker.


I have physical copies of both of my honorable discharges. I'd be happy to share em here ol' truth seeker.

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