Jason Miller


Jason Miller believes a platform needs to be addressed in Frederick County government, and with a run for an at-large seat on the County Council next year, he hopes to be the man to make happen.

“It boils down to two things really, which are effective county policy and efficient county spending,” the 38-year-old former military intelligence analyst said of why he is running for office during a campaign kickoff event Saturday.

Miller recently resigned from the Frederick County Republican Central Committee, a position he was appointed to in July 2015, to pursue his County Council campaign. He also ran for state Senate in 2015, but ended up withdrawing when now Sen. Michael Hough entered the race.

He is now putting all his efforts into representing the people of Frederick County as a self-proclaimed “rock solid conservative” who wants to strike a balance between standing by his principles and compromising for the good of his constituents.

“If you really want a county government that works you’ve got to be willing to work with the other side, but you have to be willing to be true to yourself and what you truly believe,” he said. “We need more Republicans that will have their principles rooted in conservatism and grounded in common sense.”

Miller also said he hopes to squash the misconception that the Republican Party is “the party of the rich” and be the voice of the Frederick Countians who are far from fitting that demographic.

“Everyone in Fredrick County knows there are Republicans that don’t live in McMansions, they don’t drive Mercedes, and for the most part they are living paycheck to paycheck, but it’s not by their choice,” Miller said.

The desire to represent all facets of the county is what prompted Miller to make a run for an at-large seat instead of running in District 2 where he lives.

“You have the ability to help more people,” he said of the choice. “I like the idea..that anybody that wants to call me, I’m willing to listen. I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, I don’t care if you’re a Republican, I don’t care if you’re an Independent, I care that you actually have a voice in your government.”

Miller’s early career was spent in the U.S. Army as a military intelligence analyst. He then went to work as a government contractor. When his contract expired, he opted to take advantage of the GI Bill and went back to school at McDaniel College, where he is studying political science, with a specific emphasis on public policy.

“I consider myself a political academe,” he said. “And that means when you look at policies you have to ask the right questions to see if they are working. And most of the textbook questions that you need to ask, some people aren’t asking on the County Council and you’ve got to do that.”

It ultimately comes down to smart spending, he continued.

“Nobody wants to hack and slash the budget…you want basically go in there and say, where are we spending too much money, where aren’t we spending enough money,” Miller explained. “You promote more efficient and effective programs that help and if you’ve got a program that’s failing you basically have to address it so you can push the money where it does the best for the citizens.”

Several issues Miller hopes to address within his platform include striving for a better county business environment, opposing a sanctuary Frederick County, prioritizing Frederick County Public School budgeting, listening to county farmers, and increasing oversight of Frederick County tax dollars, among others.

An Indiana native, Miller and his wife, Amanda, have lived in Mount Airy on what he classified as a 6-acre “farmette,” since 2010.

“I’ve heard some people say, well, you know, you didn’t grow up here, you weren’t born here and I’m certain there are people who will have that as some sort of an issue,” Miller said. “But I could have chosen to live anywhere I wanted to go. I chose here. Because I like Frederick County, heck, I love Frederick County, I love the people of Frederick County.”

The County Council consists of seven members, five elected based on geographic districts and two at-large. They serve four-year terms and currently earn $22,500 annually.

The 2018 primary election is June 26 and the general election is Nov. 6.

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The main issue should asked is "how do you stand on building and development". The last thing we need on the next council is people like Tony, Billy, and Kirby???


Miller wants to "...strike a balance between standing by his principles and compromising for the good of his constituents."

I believe the default position needs to be doing what the majority of your constituents want. We saw the opposite of this during the rubber stamp era of Blaine Young. Look at the original hearings for the Monrovia Town Center - an overwhelming number of constituents wanted a say in how to shape the development, it fell of deaf ears. Same goes for the overwhelming number of people who supported funding above MOE for schools.

Maybe it's just my looking at things through rose-colored glasses, but at the local level, I think it's more about doing what's right for the people.


Anytime I see a policy against "sanctuary status" or the like I know that person is a knee-jerk republican


I don't know many of us all who aren't against "sanctuary status" so that's pretty universal. What's your litmus test for "knee-jerk" Democrats? I've got a few but I doubt they're the same.


Standard Democrats against law and order. That's why we're in the mess we are now in.


Wrong, gd!


Sounds like he just needs the paycheck. Has no qualifications for the job other then wanting it. No thanks


I'll never understand why
Republicans love Poli Sci
but then filling no void
remain underemployed
unaware of demand and supply.


Most become lawyers arm. In a department of 12 I was one of 2 Republicans and I'd say our students were 80 % Democrats so, while your facts are way off, nice ditty.


Haha - I must confess to being a poli sci major - albeit a very long time ago!


Hmmm, Jason Miller, des21 and Steve McKay. Three Republican Poli Sci majors in my unscientific poll.

By the way Steve, I look forward to voting for you in the District 2 primary!


Steve, it is not so much what you studied, but what you can and will do. You have been tested and pass![thumbup]


arm, you can make it 4. [smile]


Four! I hope des21 is keeping count.


didn't go to law school, though. At that time, it was my impression that the legal profession wasn't very concerned about equal opportunity for people like me.


Thank you armillary!


We are the exceptions that prove the rule Arm. Most Poli sci majors ended up lawyers or working for government. From what I understand of Law School, its almost equally hard to exist there as a conservative as it is in a Liberal Arts Ph.D. program. Not usually (law or bureaucrat) a career aspiration of more business minded Republican types (except, again, the exceptional few.)


Is it an open primary? The big reason I re-registered as a Republican (I had been an independent) was so I could vote for Kasich against Trump. Unless you're a closet republican Arm, I'm not sure you can play.


Yes des21, it's a closed primary.


J'accuse Arm! You're a republican! Welcome. Good to have you.


Hoping for all new folks. M.C. is the only one on the council worth keeping around. Get the rest out!


You want to get rid of my buddy, Jerry Donald, Rabbit. Go away, you are not in District 1, I am,


If I could vote for every "buddy" I have I would have to vote for almost everyone local. I vote for those who I think will lead this county in best direction. Jerry has no leadership skills. Might be able to lead kids and might be a great teacher but he is not a good councilman.

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