Former Frederick Alderman Philip Dacey will set his sights on an at-large County Council seat in the upcoming election.

He was driven to enter the race by frustration with what he saw as dysfunction on the local and national political scenes. He has said he’d aim to bring stability and a cooperative spirit to the council if elected.

“When you have displeasure with the way things are going both nationally and locally on the county level ... we have an obligation to try and change it,” he said. “I see a lot of people that are promoting their own agendas ... and not a lot of people that are working to promote the county.”

Political bickering is harming Frederick’s image, he said, and he’d rather focus on attracting capital investment to the area.

The Republican was the only member of his party on the Board of Aldermen during his one term. So he had experience working with people who held different political philosophies, Dacey said, while advancing his agenda of strong property rights, small government and low taxes.

In his campaign announcement, he highlighted being the only alderman to vote against water and sewer fee increases throughout his term. He also said he was proud to vote to fund a year-round homeless shelter.

Dacey filed to run Friday, according to the State Board of Elections.

He is a lawyer and deputy administrator for central operations and safety programs at the Motor Vehicle Administration. Roads were one of his focal issues as alderman, and he said he would continue to prioritize infrastructure if elected to the County Council.

“This is the time that we should be investing in infrastructure in the county,” he said.

The county would need strong leadership to partner with Gov. Larry Hogan in his plan to add four lanes to Interstate 270, Dacey said. He added that the council will need to make sure the local roads feeding into the interstate were sufficient, Dacey said.

In September, Hogan announced a $9 billion project that would add lanes to the Capital Beltway, Baltimore-Washington Parkway and I-270.

Reducing property taxes would be a goal for Dacey, one that he said has taken on new urgency in light of the new federal tax plan, which imposed a $10,000 cap for local and state property tax exemptions.

Finally, he said he would urge a careful review of the education budget, which makes up about half of the county’s budget, to ensure that money “ends up in the classroom.”

The County Council consists of seven members, five elected based on geographic districts and two at-large. They serve four-year terms and currently earn $22,500 annually.

The 2018 primary election is on June 26, and the general election follows on Nov. 6.

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Didn't care to regularly attend city meetings. What makes us think he'll show up for county meetings? No thank you.


Not only did he use a nasty last minute robo call just prior to the last City election, but he missed most of the Council meetings during his term in office. What makes him think he is qualified to serve the County residents when he couldn't be bothered serving the City residents? Methinks he just wants to get into higher politics so he can garner power and money, not work for the people who elect him. In Dacey's case...buyer beware!


The haters are out in force which means he must be a conservative! He’s the only person running so far that has any experience.


He missed a lot of alderman meetings. Didn't seem to care all that much about his responsibilities.


He doesn't have any governing experience, he was either absent or late during his entire term of office and never once offered any insight into issues brought before the Council.


If by conservative, you mean a hypocrite (we will cut taxes but invest more in roads) with little work ethic (couldn't be bothered to go to meetings), driven mostly by intellectual ideology, who has no idea what is really going on or what is important, who has nothing but a few slogans to justify their candidacy, then I'd have to agree.


You don't get experience when you miss over 30% of the meetings. I am a conservative and if you check the minutes of the public meetings and workshops, you can verify the 30% absentee count.


No way.... Mr Dacey used a last minute robocall slamming another candidate to get elected to the BOA and then missed over 30% of the meetings. Ugh


Ted Dacey, of robocall fame
has Shreve's empty seat in his aim
and he's learned enough
from Mooney and Hough
to put Billy's antics to shame.


Ar, has Billy stated he is not running?


I believe he is running against Ron.


Two ouuuuts! ;)

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