Councilman Tony Chmelik (R) noted that constituents, especially critics, are quick to label him as pro-developer and pro-business.

But neither development nor business were what Chmelik considered platform issues in his bid for re-election. Instead, the 50-year-old Ijamsville resident named roads, schools and support for the Frederick County Sheriff's Office as his top priorities if elected for a second term to represent District 2 on the Frederick County Council.

Chmelik highlighted the county's funding of Frederick County Public Schools, which has been above the minimum required maintenance of effort level for the last three years, as a success of the current administration. In fact, funding for school projects, facilities and teachers is one of the "rare" topics where Chmelik said he agreed with County Executive Jan Gardner (D).

Chmelik acknowledged he has been critical of Gardner, although he emphasized that his criticism was not a personal attack.

"Being critical does not mean I am out to get her," Chmelik said. "I want to hold her feet to the fire."

The blame for what he perceives as county overspending lies not only with Gardner, but with the council, too, he said. 

"This council has, in my opinion, failed, when it comes to actually being a check and balance on the budget," he said.

Chmelik named the increases in county staffing levels and funding for other government departments as examples of overspending. Asked which departments he thought received too much money, he said all of them.

But Chmelik pledged support for the Frederick County Sheriff's Office programs, namely its efforts to prevent and combat heroin abuse. That support might come with accompanying dollars, he acknowledged.

Chemlik also wasn't opposed to more funding on certain infrastructure projects, naming Md. 75 as a top priority based on current safety concerns.

Chmelik pointed to his experience as a longtime small-business owner — he owns a construction contracting company — as an advantage he brings to the dais. While government revenue and spending differs from business finances, the principles of organization and leadership — "keeping an organization above water" — hold true for both.

Being in business also requires collaboration, an attitude Chmelik has carried to the council by working with other council members on legislation. He named several examples, including revisions to the county's Forest Resource Ordinance, which he and Councilwoman Jessica Fitzwater (D) introduced after working with community representatives; and reintroduction of a bill that would establish a local veterans advisory council, sponsored by council President Bud Otis (unaffiliated) with input from him and council Vice President M.C. Keegan-Ayer (D).

Chmelik will face fellow Republican candidate Steve McKay, former president of RALE (Residents Advocating for Land use and the Environment, formerly Residents Against Landsdale Expansion), in the primary. Democrat Lisa Jarosinski will also vie for the seat to represent District 2, which spans the southeast portion of the county including Libertytown, Monrovia, New Market, and portions of Urbana and Mount Airy.

Council members serve four-year terms and currently earn $22,500 annually.

The 2018 primary election is on June 26, and the general election follows on Nov. 6.

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Nancy Lavin covers social services, demographics and religion for The Frederick News-Post.

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Steve McKay -- all the way!!!


Thank you for the kind words today. I really appreciate the support!


Quote: "Chmelik named the increases in county staffing levels and funding for other government departments as examples of overspending. Asked which departments he thought received too much money, he said all of them.

Can Chmelik be any more obtuse? The county is growing! Residential growth in Urbana/Monrovia, Lake Linganore, Frederick. Four businesses, bringing several hundred jobs, announced plans to relocate to Frederick just in the opening months of 2018.

OF COURSE the county government is going to need to increase in both personnel and funds. No one likes to have to spend more money, but that's what happens when you have a vibrant county.


Excellent point, although I might have said "lazy," "same old crap," or even "worthless" in place of "obtuse." But obtuse works.


Don't vote for Tony, Bud Otis or Kirby in the next election.......................


Forget about D2, Tony does not have the best interests of the County in mind. He is essentially the council laison to the building industry. They are first and foremost on his mind with every decision he makes, most of which are coordinated behind the scenes. And who is as tired as I am of his endless ramblings and obstructionism that get us nowhere?

Of course, he ran in 2014 as a Young minion (remember his name right next to Blaine's on their joint campaign signs?), the man who blew up future county budgets with his reckless (and I feel corrupt) development deals. So Tony, you have no authority to criticize the growing budgets you and your friends have necessitated.

Sorry Tony, you are just not a sincere person and are out of your element on the dais. You simply cannot be trusted. I wouldn't get too comfortable buddying up with sociopaths like Carroll Commissioner Richard Rothschild at MACO. And we sure don't need you embarrassing us in Annapolis.

Steve is a leader and problem solver. He knows far more than Tony on every issue. In a sane world with educated voters, Steve should beat him handily, and I think that will happen. Hallelujah when it does.

Matt Seubert








Steve McKay for District 2!!!


Chmelik is good at disguising his ugly side which we have all seen at council meetings, he belittles his colleagues, especially the women, he talks in circles and rambles on steering the topic of conversation when he is asked things that are highly controversial to suit his agenda. Often times he monopolized the topic in a bullish manner.
McKay on the other hand is a respected member of the community in the district he hopes to represent. Heck, hes been doing that for years already. He is intelligent, willing to listen to all sides and make reasonable compromises if they are in the best interest for all. He IS honest, he is dedicated, has integrity, determination, is professional, is respectful and would make for a refreshing change in the Republican party that we currently have.


Tiger - [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]




Simple, answer, vote for a better candidate!!!


Originally supported by Blaine Young, Chmelik has done nothing, absolutely nothing with his term as Councilman from District 2. Despite his attempts to deceive the readers of this article, he has consistently supported residential developers over his constituents, most notably his zealous advocacy for the ill fated Monrovia Town Center debacle located in his District. He has consistently opposed additional funding for schools. He has opposed CE Gardner's budgets that increased spending for schools. He has been offensive and rude to CE Gardner and her staff.

Fortunately, this year, District 2 voters have a choice. They can chose a Republican candidate with honor and integrity, Steve McKay, instead of Chmelik this June in the primary.


Is there such a thing as a Republican with honesty and integrity?


Yes, my observations and dealings with Mr. McKay have shown him to be honest, demonstrate integrity and thoughtful opinions.


I’m sure all the dems supporting McKay will turn out in big numbers in the gop primary haha




Funny despite all of that and in the heat of the MTC he still won with ease. Keep dreaming


Titan - what do you base your comments on? Do you live in District 2? Your comment is out of touch.


You left out the little part about having no opposition last time. Unlike Chmelik, Mr. McKay has a long history defending the taxpayers. Tony is as good as gone.


Live in district 5. But I’m betting most of you don’t live in the district either. Tony had two people in the primary last time and some peace activist in the general. So totally wrong.


Sorry, that's a bet you would lose.


He ran with Blaine's dirty money against very weak opponents in 2014. Things are very different now. There's no comparison to this election.


I rather doubt, FrederickFan, that there will really be any competition. Tony is unqualified and incompetent while Steve McKay has proven over and over his intelligence, his determination, and his dedication to District 2 residents. This particular contest doesn't need to include Party affiliation, McKay could be from any Party including being a Conservative Republican and still be an excellent candidate for Council.


Bst - [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


Bst - [thumbup][thumbup] My thoughts exactly!



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