MYERSVILLE — Myersville officials uncovered problems with a new sewer line that was the result of work to construct a gas compressor station for Dominion Transmission Inc. in the western Frederick County town.

But a company representative said Tuesday that Dominion will do what needs to be done to fix the problem at its own expense.

Through a public information request, Myersville Citizens for a Rural Community, the grass-roots group that has fought to keep the compressor station out of the community, found "reports that portions of the new sewer line are unacceptable and repair would require extensive preparation, permitting, and organization."

MCRC Vice President Ann Nau said the group is concerned about the work being done at the site.

"If this is the quality of work being conducted by DTI and its contractors, then the citizens of Myersville are rightfully concerned," she said.

When an old sewer line was replaced with a new line, DTI dug it back up to install its new gas line underneath the line, Town Manager Kristin Aleshire said. Everything was put back in place, Aleshire said, but when the line was televised for final acceptance, a sag was found, and where the manhole and sewer line should have been tightly sealed, they were separated.

"Dominion has accepted taking corrective action and is working with the town to do so," Aleshire said.

Dominion Energy Communications Director Jim Norvelle said the company is aware that Myersville's newly constructed sewer pipe needs to be repaired, and it will be repaired at the company's cost.

"DTI realizes its obligation and will make and pay for the necessary repairs," Norvelle said. "Upon completion, the town will have a new section of plastic sewer pipe, a new manhole and the known location of its waterline."

At Tuesday's public meeting, the Town Council directed Aleshire to send a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission indicating Myersville's desire that Dominion take corrective action in the sewer line deficiency before the gas compressor station becomes operational.

The letter will also state that Myersville may not be able to issue approval of use and occupancy for the project until the sewer line is repaired, Aleshire said.

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The Press Release:
Town Infrastructure damaged

MYERSVILLE, MD – Myersville Citizens for a Rural Community (MCRC) has become aware of damage to Town of Myersville infrastructure at the natural gas compressor station construction site off Milt Summers Road. The site is owned by Dominion Transmission Inc. (DTI) and contract work was performed by W.F. Delauter, a company run by Frederick County Commissioner Kirby Delauter.

In addition to damage to the Town's sewer line, it appears there have been numerous irregularities with the contractor based upon 300 pages of email communications between DTI, Delauter, and Town of Myersville officials. Copies of such communications were obtained by MCRC through a Public Information Act request (PIA).

That correspondence revealed issues that include, but are not limited to:

• Improper advance notice for work done
• W.F. Delauter appears to have improperly called in an Emergency Electrical Repair ticket with Miss Utility for excavation and utility work. Mr. Delauter replied to inquiries by officials of the Town of Myersville that "Dominion was pushing to get started so they suggested to place it under an emergency locate in order to get it earlier."
• Shortcuts with Miss Utility resulted in the Town receiving a warning letter on 8/21/14 from Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority indicating that the Town had failed to properly mark utilities; the Town maintains it was never alerted due to the failure of DTI and its contractors to call in the correct tickets
• Indication that the warning letter from the Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority was a result of a complaint lodged by DTI against Myersville
• Incursions onto private property without authorization along with property damage
• Utilization of improper alternative site access which may have resulted in disruption to soft soils and subsequent damage
• Indication of stream/wetland crossing without permits
• Indication of improper/lack of protective fencing (silt fencing)
• Indications that the original plans filed by Fox and Associates on behalf of DTI with regard to the utility work were incorrect

Additionally, MCRC finds extremely troubling the utter lack of professionalism with which DTI and its contractors have treated officials of the Town of Myersville. For example, when Town officials expressed concern over the manner in which work was being conducted, Mr. Delauter stated that he had done everything short of driving the official to the site and "buy donuts." Mr. Delauter also stated that he would not be responsible for any damage to Town property. We find the manner in which Town officials have been treated appalling and indefensible. Despite DTI's continued assurances it would be a good neighbor, its words and the manner in which work has been completed belies that assertion.

MCRC has filed an additional PIA request, will continue to analyze information, and determine what actions to take.


WFMD Provided a more thorough reporting and response from the subcontractor, Kirby Delauter.

Excerpt: In response, Delauter doesn't deny calling in an Emergency Electrical Repair ticket. "Myersville did not mark one of their water lines that was adjacent to the sewer line we were going to repair and replace," he says. "We ended up having to call an emergency ticket because they would not mark the line. When I received a clear ticket from Miss Utility, I called Miss Utility to confirm because the line was not marked."

He says there was a water line nearby where the sewer line was to be laid. "And once I excavate, I'm responsible if I hit something, and I damage their line. And the town was very plain they could not shut the line off. It was an old line and if it was hit, there was no way to shut the water off. So I was very leery about excavating without having the line properly marked. And the Town readily admitted they were not going to mark the line," he says.

Delauter says Dominion hired a company to mark the line.

He indicated he would be a little reluctant to do business in Myersville again. "As a county commissioner, I don't treat anybody that way. I treat everybody with respect and give them the respect they deserve. And I can tell you this from experience, Myersville does not do that," he says.

He says his company only worked three-weeks at the site, and left when the job was completed. "Everything that our company did was inspected and accepted by the Town and by their engineer," says Delauter. "So whoever is putting my name involved in that with anything that deficient work is absolutely, 100% incorrect."

Read more:



The Town's letter to FERC: "After inspecting the newly constructed sewer line with televised equipment, as part of the Town's required final acceptance and
inspection process, the Town Engineer identiTied portions of the sewer line that are deficient. As a result, the Town cannot accept the new segment of sewer line until the identified deficiencies
are corrected."


And only because the FNP is more sensitive about the election than they are about addressing the details today... here's the link to the PIA emails detailing the contractor's faulty work:

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