As Republican Gov. Larry Hogan has very publicly distanced himself from presidential politics and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, some Frederick County politicians are embracing the candidate.

Frederick County Councilmen Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter, both Republicans, not only support Trump, but have even taken to adopting words and phrases Trump regularly uses. Most recently, Shreve has called his Democratic colleagues on the county council “elitists” during public meetings.

He and Delauter say Donald Trump has tapped an anti-establishment, anti-career politician sentiment in the Republican party that will help him carry the vote here.

“I think the time for political correctness is over. I think Donald Trump and I are similar in that,” Delauter said. “I was politically incorrect long before he made it fashionable.”

But even as more Republican leaders in the county line up behind the presumptive nominee, others in the party aren’t so sure. Some elected officials and candidates are still maintaining a wait-and-see attitude on Trump, while Republican voters who supported other candidates in the April primary contemplate what they’ll do when they enter a voting booth in November.

There are no current polls in Maryland measuring Trump’s appeal over Hillary Clinton, the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party, and few are likely to be done because of the state’s lopsided registration of Democrats, said Todd Eberly, a political science professor at St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

“He’s going to lose Maryland by an incredibly wide margin,” Eberly said of Trump.

However, the businessman and reality TV star is expected to fare well in Frederick County and in counties farther west.

During the primary election, Trump won 54 percent of the Republican vote statewide, and a slightly smaller share, 51 percent, in Frederick County.

Trump received 16,011 votes in Frederick County in the Republican primary — more than the 10 other candidates whose names were printed on the ballot combined.

Among county voters, Trump’s support was stronger in the 8th District — which includes much of Frederick County outside the city of Frederick and I-270 corridor — than the 6th.

Eberly said he expects that Trump will have strong support in November from Republicans in Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore and Southern Maryland.

“We know that there are a group of very hard core folks who support Donald Trump. That is quite clear,” Eberly said. “Out of a field of 18, he was able to cobble together a rather solid 45 percent that held with him through everything.”

Candidates wait,
vow to hold party line

A local politician’s stance on Trump’s candidacy could affect their own electability, Eberly said, especially with voters who feel strongly one way or another.

“Donald Trump is rather controversial and has said some things that I think are probably not very popular with voters in Maryland,” he said.

However, that’s less of an issue for candidates with races further out, in 2018.

Hogan’s statement that he will not vote for Trump could help with some voters who crossed party lines, Eberly said, and Republicans are still likely to support his candidacy.

“Some Republicans are going to resent the fact that Hogan did not get behind him. But, by 2018, I have a hard time accepting that it would prevent them from backing Hogan in a re-election effort against a Democrat,” Eberly said.

Dan Cox, the Republican nominee for the 8th District race in November, said he has not yet endorsed Trump and is waiting to see how the Republican National Convention goes.

“People understand that we have a convention upcoming in the next couple weeks and that’s a process that we respect,” Cox said. “I hope and intend that I can support the Republican nominee.”

Republican Senate candidate Kathy Szeliga has echoed that sentiment, stating she intends to support the party’s nominee.

Republican candidate for the 6th District, Amie Hoeber, has faced criticism from incumbent John Delaney about her stance that she will support whomever is the Republican nominee, most likely Trump.

“A faction of GOP voters have handed the nomination to one of the most extreme, radical and ill-qualified nominees in history, Donald Trump,” Delaney said in a written statement earlier this year. “When Donald Trump attacks entire religions, distinguished war heroes like John McCain, entire ethnicities, entire genders – I’ll stand up to him, while Amie Hoeber will be standing at his side.”

Hoeber said this week that she committed at the beginning of her own campaign to support the eventual Republican party presidential nominee.

“I’m a loyal Republican. That’s the way things are,” Hoeber said. “And any of the Republican candidates beat any of the Democratic candidates, in my view.”

Trump has some fans in county elected officials

Delegate Barrie Ciliberti, R-District 4, said he has been a fan of Trump since early in the presidential primary season.

Ciliberti said he believes Trump will be tougher on immigration and using force against the Islamic State terrorist group than Obama has been.

Though when Trump recently mis-stated the number of articles in the U.S. Constitution, Ciliberti, a university professor, had to cringe.

“He does make mistakes. He’s got to learn to park the Twitter,” Ciliberti said. “He’s not the perfect candidate. But who the hell is?”

Delegate Kathy Afzali and Sen. Michael Hough, both R-District 4, who supported Sen. Ted Cruz during the primary, each said Clinton’s likely nomination made their November choices easy.

“The choice is Trump versus Clinton. Those are the only two with a chance to win,” Hough said. “That makes it an easy choice for me.”

Afzali said she thinks sentiment is still split among Republican voters in the county.

“I’m hearing absolute, avid supporters, and then on the other hand I’m hearing people say they don’t know what to do,” she said. “But there are also Democrats that don’t know what to do.”

Delegate David Vogt, R-District 4, said he “will support who the nominee is.”

He said voters he meets are either excited about the election and their candidate or desperately waiting for the election season to end.

Vogt said he wants to see pro-business economic policies from a Republican White House and hopes to hear more substantive discussion about those issues during the remainder of the campaign.

“I appreciate his business outlook and programs,” Vogt said of Trump. “… I don’t appreciate the inflammatory nature that he’s brought into the presidential campaign, but we’ve seen that from all sides as well.”

Delegate William Folden, R-District 3B, could not be reached this week to discuss his feelings about Trump.

Councilman Tony Chmelik (R) said he was holding off on taking any stance on a Republican nominee until after the party’s convention later this month.

“In my humble opinion, we just need to sit back and see what happens,” he said. “I think that we need to support the party’s nominee — after the convention.”

Chmelik said he’d like to change one thing about national politics, if he could: “I’d like to see more candidates talk about actual policy issues and what they want to do, and stop the personal attacks on both sides.”

County Council President Bud Otis, who was elected as a Republican but is now registered as unaffiliated, said he is not too keen on either of the major parties’ candidates.

“It’s a very difficult year,” Otis said. “This national scene is not what I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. I feel bad about it, I really do. It’s not what I want for my country.”

While he will still vote for Republican tickets in state and local elections, Otis said Trump doesn’t yet have his vote in November.

“He could have a come-to-Jesus moment. But right now, a lot of what he’s put out there is not where I’m at or where I’d like to see the country,” Otis said.

Shreve said he thinks Trump will pick up more fans in the party as he moves through the convention and starts to make announcements about his running mate and cabinet members.

Delauter agreed.

“I make a prediction right now that it will be a landslide election. He will win by a landslide,” Delauter said.

Some voters split

Richard Cheney, a Republican voter from New Market, supports Trump.

The policies of the Obama White House have been too passive, he said, especially when it comes to government fiscal oversight and military policies.

Cheney believes Trump “recognized and capitalized on America’s disenchantment and passive political leadership,” he said.

Cheney also said he doesn’t believe Clinton is right for the job, particularly because of her handling of email communications.

Others went to prison for far less linked to negligence of same,” he said.

Gail Colby, a Republican from Frederick, said she has been registered with the party since the Ford administration.

“Never ever,” would she vote for Trump, Colby said, noting that she thinks Trump’s off-the-cuff temperament is risky. “My biggest fear is nuclear safety. That’s the basis for my concern, the security and safety of our country.”

Colby said she believes her only option in November will likely be to vote for Clinton.

“I just never thought he’d make it this far,” she said of Trump.

Katie Nash, a registered Republican from Frederick and legislative aide to Folden in Annapolis said she’s not a fan of Trump.

“I don’t feel like he represents the Republican party or any of our views at all,” Nash said. “Most importantly, for me, he’s very dangerous to our national dialogue in the outwardly misogynist things he says, the outwardly racist things he says.”

Nash said she doesn’t see the Republican party moving forward with Trump at the helm.

“It’s like the party has just lost its way,” she said. “We want the party of fiscal conservatism and responsible dialogue. That’s always been what I believe and it seems like we just kind of took this turn.”

Follow Danielle E. Gaines on Twitter: @danielleegaines.

Follow Danielle E. Gaines on Twitter: @danielleegaines​.

Danielle E. Gaines covers politics and government in Frederick County, splitting her time between Winchester Hall and The State House. Having grown up in Illinois, she lived in New York and California before settling in Maryland.

(61) comments


At least our Governor is showing some sense by staying away from the trump dump.


Whether you like Hillary or not, at least she has the appropriate background and experience to be president. She will not have to learn on the job... and she is not likely to cause WW3. I am not being facetious.


Not doubting HRC background and experience, but since when did those two qualifications become an issue? It wasn't brought up in 2008.


Not sure your point Tea. Before being elected prez, Obama was a lawyer, taught constitutional law, and was elected to state and federal offices. Trump, on the other (small) hand, graduated from business college and ... made a lot of money by bribing lots of politicians. (I am paraphrasing him from one of the early debates.)


I see that your confused. The point is that the only item missing from HRC resume in 2008 was Secretary of State. BHO was a lawyer, Teacher , and 8 years as state/ US Senator , basically a novice. But the Democrats chose BHO over a far more qualified and experienced HRC. Why? And what has changed to make qualifications and experience an issue now.


i sure do not want to see clinton elected president,she left as secretary of state due to helth problems,what is she going to do when the pressure gets to be too much for her as president.should trump get elected if feel that the would be a one term president,but clinton would be the worst thing that could happen to this country if she is elected.


Nope, the worse thing is Trump![thumbdown]


People who vote simply on the party of an individual qualify as low information voters whether they vote democrat or republican.


True, so do some research. Ask questions of your inner spirit of truth. The loud answers are false, the most quiet voice of peace is the truth.


Do you remember when our county voted Young into office because the citizens didn't like Democrats, especially Obama? Do you remember what happened and the damage that Young and his group caused the county? Do you remember threat Billeeee and Kirbeeee were part of that group? Somehow it doesn't surprise me that they are backing Trump as they too are like Trump, that is that they are only concerned for themselves and not the people they represent, or would represent.


The 2012 election showed the amount of silent racism by the numbers of republicans elected. The trump dump is a continuation of that racism and "know nothing party". Read history. We have been there before.


Southern America, "Good Old Boys" & Racism all have one thing in common and it shows through in Donald Trump and some of his other party members.


Kirby finally got something right, he has never been politically correct. Why would anyone vote for Trump or Delauter, two nuts, they will never be sane. The rest is just political garbage. Tony Chelmik is surprisingly reasonable, not that I agree with him. Bud is too much of a gentleman to ever go along with the rhetoric coming out of most Republicans these days, I applaud him.


Dick- don't be fooled by Chelmik - he tries to present that facade but will willingly support the nominee regardless of what he said.


But we all hate Clinton. She must never be president.


No, you hate Clinton, I don't; I despise Trump.


People who speak in absolutes are rarely well-informed.


Those without conviction are lost.


Why would the GOP be divided on a nominee that wants to turn the clock back to Jim Crow? Why would the GOP be divided on a nominee would drop out for 5 billion dollar ransom? Why would the GOP be divided on a candidate who couldn't run a profitable casino?


I can agree with your points, but how come such a large portion of the democrats find Hillary to be dishonest and still find her to be an acceptable president? The truth is that just because the republicans are dysfunctional; does not eliminate the fact that the democrats will nominate a dishonest narcissist and probably elect her..


How many years have the low information republicans been falsely accusing her of every irrational thoughts they have? Why have they been so afraid of her? Are these thoughts just their fearful projections of what they would do? I bless their recovery and any sensible person would too. The sicknesses are too obvious now. Sad.


Tony - how much of the things you are referring to come from Fox, Rush and others that have spend decades getting those things to stick. Are there some truths, absolutely but there are also falsehoods. Its not as clear as some would like but I have no doubt about what Trump is and there is no way could I ever support him. Those who like his so-called telling it like it is are fooling themselves.


Narcissism and dishonesty are Trump's hallmarks. Oh yes, I forgot bigotry.


Money and control, Trumps sound thinking.


And Obama's


I call baloney on this. The officials may say they can't vote Trump and can't vote Hillary but in the end a GOP official is going to vote Trump. There is a silent majority out there in hiding because the media has denounced Trump wrongly. If the pols say Hillary is up 3 points then you can bet it's dead even or better for Trump.


The nature of the big rich media is to denounce any they can and to avoid perspective and common sense.


While we are soliciting comments from the council who they will vote for and why. Let's get the democrats on record why they think Hillary is perfect for the job, please ask them if they think she told the truth on numerous questions posed to her on many subjects from white water through her emails.


Because between the two, she has more experience, (he has none), she is liked by world leaders (no world leaders like him). I would trust her with the "codes"...( i wouldn't touch him with my dog).


I am not sure my dog would touch her, but your response does not address my question which is can you honestly say she is trustworthy and honest?


If you have trained your dog right, maybe we wouldn't have a Trump left. lol




Probably should, but most likely she did not lie to the FBI, just lied to the general public, which is very, very bad, but not punishable, except by elections. Her excuse most likely will be she really didn't lie, she forgot, which is backed up by Comey's remark that she lacked sophistication, on this matter. But look at Trump, check his rating on telling the public the truth, it is much worse than Hillary's. I will take "Crooked Hillary" every day over "Fraudulent Trump".


But Dick, remember that she told the same lies to congress that she told to the public, that is a crime. I think it is a felony. The state department continues to investigate, and the FBI has been asked to investigate whether she lied to Congress. And really you want a president that even after years in a prominent law firm (Rose), First lady of Arkansas, first lady of the US, US senator for 8 years, secretary of state for US, still lacks the ability to discern confidential information, or the workings of email. Not me, I will take Mickey first.


You can take Mickey, if you like, but can you imagine Trump in the White House? First run in would be with Ryan, who although conservative does not like Trump. Ryan has his own ideas and his budget does not fit Trump's. Then what would happen on the national level, how many wars would he get us into? Bush was bad enough!


"Donald Trump’s budget and tax plans add at least $10T to debt, study finds

Clinton’s plan would add about $250 billion to national debt" The MATH says that the trump dump is 46, forty six, times as much... Info for low information voters.


Also for once let's discuss Hillary and Trump in separate conversations, I think you would find that I would agree with your criticisms of Trump, but cannot understand how anyone can support Hillary after the pattern of consistent dishonesty.


Perhaps those that see so much dishonesty with being upset need to look inside.

I am not upset when I see how dishonest the trump dump is because it is just facts and not a projection.


We are all wounded puppies, but the trump dump acts the most wounded. Turning our Presidency to the most wounded will end up with a most wounded country. We are already the most wounded in auto and gun death per unit population...


How many years have the low information republicans been falsely accusing her of every irrational thoughts they have? Why have they been so afraid of her? Are these thoughts just their fearful projections of what they would do? I bless their recovery and any sensible person would too. The sicknesses are too obvious now. How Sad. The GOP tortured people on white water and got no further than the 1/13th Benghazi of her vs W Bush. Go look at that has how much more truthful she is than the trump dump. How about going from low to higher information?


Neither party will nominate a candidate that an informed voter can honestly say is worthy to be president . Best response to who to support, "County Council President Bud Otis, who was elected as a Republican but is now registered as unaffiliated, said he is not too keen on either of the major parties’ candidates." Trump is a buffoon; Clinton is dishonest. Hold your nose, pick one, or write in Mickey Mouse, who is just as good a choice.


I would be besides myself with amusement if Mickey Mouse actually won, however, Sanders is still an option. Honest, caring, not beholden to anyone, experienced, a tad left leaning but quite honestly if he won I believe he would tailor his programs so they would be acceptable to most.


Good point, Bernie would never be able to get most of his wish list through Congress, even with a Democrat majority.


Dick, I would still vote for him over the two anticipated nominees. While I disagree with some of his policies, I feel he is honest. I'll take that any day over the dishonesty of Hillary. That is what I can not understand about those who say they will vote for her, policies may evolve over time, but honesty once given up can never be recovered.


Tony, I like Bernie, but the last I knew his name will not be on the ballot and he will support Hillary, he hates Trump. Is Bernie honest, I think so.


The idea is not to get everything he wants, but to make progress in that direction. Hard to make regressives make progress...


How about Bud Otis for President, he was Republican, unaffiliated now, I could support him.


Write yourself in when you do not know who to vote for. At least that is asking the universe to represent you. Or do your want a universe like you? Or do you want heaven on earth? What do you want?


Let's be candid, most of us are not qualified for the job and even if you or myself are qualified, would we want it. Speaking for myself, it is an easy no.


You can't seem to realize Hillary, despite what you think, has not been found guilty of ANYTHNG. If you want to waste your vote on Mickey, go ahead, it merely illustrates you opted to throw away your vote.


Kirby and Trump are two laddies
both proud that they're bullies and baddies
never watch what they say
used to getting their way
who were handed success by their daddies.




"Frederick County Councilmen Billy Shreve and Kirby Delauter, both Republicans, not only support Trump, but have even taken to adopting words and phrases Trump regularly uses. Most recently, Shreve has called his Democratic colleagues on the county council “elitists” during public meetings." **** Well, kudos for the vocabulary expansion! Learning new words is an important skill! Now, if they could just nail their candidate down to a plan on exactly he is going to solve some of the issues he criticizes with such verbosity, the he would be a more viable candidate.


Why he's going to build a wall, a very big wall, and he's going to make Mexico pay for it. And he's going to stop all those pesky asylum seeking refugees from coming into the country by closing our borders. (Not that any will want to come here anyway if he is president.) And to get his way on his other plans he will simply bully whomever he must. Finally, if he isn't impeached first, he will whine and have a temper tantrum (similar to 2 local politicians] before he quits and walks away. (Ah, if only those 2 local politicians would follow suit and quit....)


If Trump is President, we will have a fascist regime, maybe elections not allowed anymore as we all Heil Trump.


If Trump is President, Dick, I fear we will become 'those pesky political refugees' seeking asylum in Canada and elsewhere.


Dick, If Hillary is elected we will have to question every thing she says, she has amply proven that she has trouble with the truth.


Bst, I grew up in the Adirondacks, I could stand the cold as a kid, thought everyone had 200" of snow and many days with 20 below zero, now I know different. Hawaii would be nice, but that is still the U.S. The Caribbean might be my choice.


Tony, I can agree we might question what Hillary says, but if you check the fact reports, you will find Trump lies far more than Hillary.


W Bush even started with "free speech" zones so he would have no hard questions before elected a second by an unpaid 1 Trillion drug gift to hurting seniors and drug companies....


[thumbup][thumbup] Too close to the truth...

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