Mayor Randy McClement and Alderwoman Karen Young each clinched their party’s nomination Tuesday and will move on to the Nov. 5 general election, according to unofficial election results.

In the Republican race, McClement defeated Alderwoman Shelley Aloi and former Mayor Jeff Holtzinger. He brought in 49 percent of the total with 808 votes; Aloi had 32 percent with 534 votes; and Holtzinger had 19 percent with 317 votes.

In the Democratic race, Alderwoman Karen Young defeated Delegate Galen Clagett and newcomer Carol Hirsch. Young brought in 50 percent of the total with 1,168 votes; Clagett had 40 percent with 925 votes; and Hirsch had 10 percent with 237 votes.

Results are unofficial because absentee ballots have not been counted; they will be counted at 10 a.m. Thursday. By the time the polls closed, 148 Democratic and 94 Republican absentee ballots had been filed, and some were still outstanding.

Young and McClement will be on the ballot with former Mayor Jennifer Dougherty in the general election. Dougherty is running as an unaffiliated candidate.

Reached by phone before the results were announced, Dougherty said she did not care who she faced.

“Each candidate has strengths and weaknesses that I match up against well,” she said.

McClement celebrated with friends at Brewer’s Alley, where his acceptance speech was simply: “There’s pizza!”

“I appreciate the vote of confidence given to me by the city of Frederick,” McClement said later. “I will work hard to continue to earn their trust.”

When asked how he feels about Young’s Democratic nomination, McClement said he was not running against anyone, but rather for Frederick residents.

“This is Randy McClement. ... If you like it, vote for me,” he said.

McClement, 56, has served as mayor for four years. Before that, he owned a bagel shop downtown and served on various committees and clubs around town.

Aloi said the results of the election show that “the majority of the population voted no on Randy.”

“I think that there is a real cry for a change in leadership,” she said.

Even though she didn’t come out on top, Aloi said she is pleased with the race she ran.

“We were running for 10 weeks, and the mayor has been running for four years,” she said.

Reached by phone Tuesday, Holtzinger that he thinks the outcome shows that people are happy with the way things are going.

Although he campaigned the best he could, it wasn’t enough, he said.

“Congratulations to Randy, and I wish him the best of luck,” he said.

Holtzinger, 49, was Frederick’s mayor from 2005 to 2009. He has lived in the county his entire life and has served on various organization and government boards.

Reached by phone Tuesday, Young said she was pleased and was looking forward to the general election.

“I’m absolutely delighted, obviously,” she said.

Young said she hopes to repeat what she did in the primary in the general election.

“I look forward to another good race,” she said.

Young’s husband is former mayor and current state Sen. Ron Young, whose son is County Commissioners President Blaine Young.

Karen Young has also done much volunteering in the city, after moving here 17 years ago.

Clagett did not return calls for comment Tuesday night.

Clagett, 71, has lived in the city for 35 years and has served residents in Frederick County’s District 3A as a delegate since 2003. Before that, he was president of the county commissioners for eight years and volunteered for several local nonprofits.

Hirsch, 49, is the only newcomer to the race. After living in the city for 15 years, Hirsch, who is deaf, said she wanted to get involved. If she had been elected, Hirsch said she wanted to help the environment. She had not been involved in any civic organizations before running.

Hirsch did not respond to an email for comment Tuesday.

About 14.85 percent of registered voters came out to the polls Tuesday, or 4,082 of about 27,485 registered Democratic or Republican voters.

Unaffiliated voters and voters identifying themselves with other parties are not able to vote until the Nov. 5 general election.

Dougherty, 52, is the first person in Frederick to run for mayor as an unaffiliated candidate.

She has lived in the city for 26 years and was Frederick’s mayor from 2001 to 2005.

Dougherty was previously elected as a Democrat and thinks she will get votes from all areas of the political spectrum.

“When I was elected last time, I had a pretty strong crossover vote,” she said. “As a business person, I appeal to Democrats, Republicans and independents who are tired of being left out of the conversation.”

Dougherty does not think she will steal votes from one party or another, she said — she will earn them.

She is excited about the general election, and talking about the issues facing Frederick.

“It’s not about the (political) parties,” she said, “it’s about what is best for the city.”

Follow Jen Bondeson onTwitter: @Jen_Bondeson.

(52) comments


No Pres yesterday, Busy cleaning his crystal ball no doubt.

Comment deleted.

I agree and I'm with Randy all the way but she could be a spoiler. Jennifer has a very loyal base and if the votes get caught up between Randy and Karen, I could see Jennifer sneek it.

Comment deleted.

Thank you for proving my point.

Also, stereotypical misogyny much?

Comment deleted.

[lol] He is with all of Balaines repuby losers crying over their loss!!

Comment deleted.



Randy seems nice and quiet but is the master of back room deals and is pretty much a cancer to this city.

Karen is vicious, power hungry and will use Ron's money to get what she wants at all costs, even stampeding over everyday citizens.

Jennifer is the only viable candidate.

The primaries were a choice of who's the worst candidate for our city and many people didn't even know that it was an election day!

The general election will have a much larger turnout for sure.

You'd be surprised how many voters in this town are registered unaffiliated and can't wait to oust these two clowns.


You know, after seeing the results and listening to Jennifer on Frederick's Forum last weekend (or was it the weekend before?), I think you may be on to something.

It's entirely possible that we could see Dougherty Part II.

I predict Karen will implode over something in the next couple of months, driving voters who would have voted for her to Jennifer, because they won't vote for Randy.


The daddy issues of a certain radio host will cause him to vilify Karen Young by proxy, using his arranged 'guest hosts and callers', but which will only endear her to the Democratic majority. Karen and Randy will both run honest and flawless campaigns, while Jennifer's memory still stings many city residents. In the end, the difference between Karen and Randy will be measured in dozens of votes, and frankly either would serve the city well.


To put it another way, if Blaine wants Karen to lose, he should support her 100%.


Republican result was preordained as they're less likely to vote for a woman much less someone who defies their "biblical" norms.


Aloi's comments show what kind of person she is. Instead of just congratulating Randy she makes a sore loser comment about how people want change. Well you are obviously delusional Aloi because you lost and Randy won. I hope you never run for a public office again.


Thank you for proving my point.


Congratulations to Karen Young! But the results were not so sweet for every "Young." All the candidates supported by or aligned with "Likes it Rough" were defeated.

Perhaps even worse for Blaine, Clagett proved that being a paid tool for developers was a big liability. As a Democrat, Clagett losing in the City was a complete humiliation.


So true!


I don't think we should draw any conclusions until the results are corrected for the as yet undetected but obviously rampant voter fraud.

It is so easy to vote under someone else's name, be they alive or dead, that it must have happened yestereday. Maybe hundreds of times. No one had to show an ID. Why is the FNP suppressing all the stories of people who went to the polls only to find that someone had stolen their vote?

And then there are all the folks who voted in both NYC and Frederick. Dozens probably.

How many illegals voted for Randy? Jeff must have been the favorite for all the voters who don't actually live in the city.


Do you honestly think 3000 votes were all fraud votes? you are very clueless.


How did you transmute "hundreds" into 3000? You are very innumerate.


as Kelly said, do you think illegals voted yesterday? LMAO


I can assure you. No "illegals" voted yesterday.
They do not even know what a mayor is.
No "illegal" is going to miss a day or even an hr of work to vote. You can take this to the bank.

Lets be realistic.




lol.......Pixie. Sí, sé que he votado por lo menos una vez.


לפחות אתה לא בלי מושג




Darn Babblefish or other app.


Saying something without proof does not make it so.


You'd think so many "educated" people would recognize sarcasm :)


No kidding. [beam]


Poe's Law: Without a blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of extremism or fundamentalism that someone won't mistake for the real thing.'s_law

Comment deleted.

Ha Ha Ha..[thumbup]


Seeing Jeffy come in last just shows that nobody wants formers to run. I hope you get the hint Jenny and drop out.


Congrats to Mayor Randy! [separately, the sour grapes are very sad] --Berryman.

Comment deleted.

Kelly, isn't that a bit childish?[offtopic]

Comment deleted.

HA [thumbup]


I am so happy with the results, and to see J.King actually last in the race, well that just speaks volumes of how she portrays herself in the comment section. Great job all who came out to vote. Now 1 last thing, stop J.Dough from winning, she is bad news for this city.[beam]


FNP: you should change your sidebar to mention how many registered Democrats & Republicans could vote in the primary election. Independents were not invited, so they should not be considered "non-voting"

Anyone have the available stats for the past three elections?


According to City of Frederick website, there are 36539 registered voters as of January 2013.

17299 Democrats - only 2,330 voted at the polls (13.5%)
10749 Republicans - only 1,659 voted at the polls (15.4%)
8,491 Other or No Party Affiliation (23.2% of all voters)

Wow. What happened?


Karen has the mayor seat in the bag.

Social media is watching her closely.

As long as she does not have huge developer donations in her campaign financials she will be the next mayor.

Frederick city and county and furious with developers. As soon as big donations from developers are spotted - her chances will be killed.


You are delusional....Roughly 3000 people voted yesterday. The Independents that could not vote will never put Young in the Mayoral seat.


Don't be so sure, so to make a reckless comment like that, is well, delusional.


Ausherman flushed 20 grand down the toilet.

20 grand that would have been better used as a donation to St Jude's Children's Hospital.


At least this Young is smart and educated!! [smile]


Claggett's baggage has come at a cost
Walter's backing one reason he lost
and in the end
the developer's friend
ran a push poll with his fingers crossed.


Pardon my typo. The correct spelling is Clagett. And Walter's last name is Mills, of course.




Shelly, your comment about Randy is exactly why the voters threw you to the curb. It's obvious to everyone except you, that Karen and Randy are neck and neck and will be a too close to call in the general election. Congratulations to both Randy and Karen for running effective campaigns and working to earn the votes of Frederick residents. Jennifer could be the spoiler

It's also no surprise that Kelly Russel and Michael O"connor were the top vote getters Congrats to them.

The biggest surprise to me was that Donna showed everyone she's still got a strong voting block to put her in contention to regain an aldermanic seat.

Comment deleted.

[thumbup] It's long overdue.


Thank you for proving my point with regard to women not in traditional "biblical" roles and why Young's Republican Guard hates them.

Misogyny. Look it up, latrine corps. Go Air Force! Beat Navy!


It's not like they won the Presidency or anything...jeesh. [sleeping]


Good for Randy, he's done a great job with Frederick and we don't need anymore.......well, hopefully we get a good turnout on the 5th.


Don't need anymore what...?





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