Disputes strain relationships between Delauter, town officials

Kirby Delauter

A series of spats over construction work has bruised Kirby Delauter’s relationships with town leaders, losing him the support of two mayors and a town commissioner in the council district he is striving to win.

In tense email exchanges with Thurmont officials, Delauter has threatened the mayor with legal action, demanded public apologies for a slight to his construction company and excoriated a town employee for being as “arrogant as an old lady waiting on chicken.” Writing from his Frederick County commissioner email account, Delauter also suggested that town leadership eliminate the employee’s position and hand the duties over to a private contractor.

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It's about time FNP did their job. Better late than never, as the old saying goes. These thugs need to be voted out.


yup - only problem is the info is sooooooooo late in coming, some folks who haven't been paying close attention, or privi to inside info from reliable sources, had to make a decision in absentee or early voting WITHOUT this information from the paper.

please remain vigilant, FNP, and do your job EVERY DAY!


Well, well what do we have here? Those of blind allegiance call it a "timed hit piece'. Detractors/ undecided voters are (FINALY !) given info that they may not have been fully aware of regarding "The Lordship of Commissioner Excellence!" A humble man-YOU commissioner- are NOT-sad, sad, sad!
You got our votes the 1st time- there will be no 2nd time granted for many of us. Your behavior has shown that you do NOT have the temperance for public office. Comments that you have made on the radio and in print support that you are quite vindictive and have "scores to settle" with public officials who have gotten your ire.
The nursing home "fire sale" is yet just another example-YOU ALL gave it away (no real chance at letting it prove its self and rushing the process equaled a bargain basement price for Aurora-NOT fiscally prudent !)
For the undecided/ independent voters out there-please thing long and hard about letting more of this arrogant school yard thuggery continue in YOUR local government.


well put. thank you for speaking out!


Curly Delauter doesn't want to be talked to or treated like a punk, yet he acts like one.


Votes for developers while he has a construction company - conflict of interest!! I sent him an email months ago and received the most unprofessional reply. Kirby is even worse than Blaine. At least Blaine can fake his concern. I'm willing to cross party lines against Kirby!


And I think you will have plenty of company. In local politics performance is more important than partisanship.


Thank you, Bethany, for a well researched and presented investigated article. I know there are other candidates whose actions also deserve to be investigated and I hope you are making the effort to do so. There are many who feel as I do. There are back deals being made, there may even be crimes that have been committed by government officials and the only way they will be exposed is through thorough investigating and publishing of findings. This is what is expected of a newspaper whether it be large or small and I hope the FNP will continue to investigate and report its findings.


[thumbup] [thumbup] [thumbup]


Hopefully after this election, Kirby will be spending all his time with his construction company.


or in a courtroom defending the indefensible...


I laugh that Burn's is quoted saying "Lack of polish is no reason to vote against someone whose policies are solid"

If you are going to run for public office, you need to have both solid policies and polish. Inappropriate behavior and threats are not okay. Marty, make sure you watch how quickly Kirby leaves office, so you can be more prepared when your term is up, because you'll be going too!


no room for bullying people when you are supposed to be serving them and if we had a real ethics commission there would be no govt work for kirby while he is "working " in govt ...that is truly outrageous...its good to see honest officials call out his kind of behavior


My favorite quotation from Kirby applies to him; "You're a moron".


For me it was calling a Thurmont official as "arrogant as an old lady waiting on chicken.” Where does a sentiment like that come from? It's awesome.


Agreed on its awesomeness.

What I especially love about it is the lack of any clear meaning. Are old ladies who wait on chicken especially arrogant? Are they less arrogant if they're waiting on pork chops? Are they more arrogant than small business owners waiting on decisions?

Extra Ignored

No hits on Google so it's an original. Delauter must have gotten into a competition with an old lady while waiting for chicken and knowing he was obviously first in everything this made the old lady arrogant to think she would get chicken before he did.


Surprise! Shock! FNP finally did a great job of investigating and reporting. What they did in Brunswick was a travesty. Ellen Bartlett was easily the worse speaker, out of sync, etc. and they played her up as being great. It was terrible, which is the reason I am so surprised and shocked at this one.

Getting to this one, Kirby Delauter should have just blown any chance he has of being elected. With all of the Republicans going against him, he is in trouble. But he did it to himself! He could have been reasonable and cordial, he was not. It is part of the Blaine gang bullying tactics, which have been on display in Urbana - development, Monrovia - development, the shooting range, etc.

It will really shock me if voters elect Kirby!

Good luck Mark!


i agree, DickD. congrats to Bethany and the FNP for actually writing an article that folks will be eager to read - and informing the readers is what the newspaper business is all about!

i hope this is a lesson the the FNP - if you will continue with this type of ACTUAL reporting, your readership will increase. folks do really want to know - the truth!


Just when I was getting ready to cancel my subscription, FINALLY an investigation piece in the Frederick News Post!!! I couldn't be happier than to vote for Mark Long. Delauter has DONE nothing for the resident of Frederick except to disregard them at public meetings. ESPECIALLY, where construction was concerned and it could keep his pockets lined with gold. Enjoyed how he put a spin on the town of Myersville and were are just UPSET with that we have the compressor station. YES, there is some truth in that, but the really truth is Delauter's company messed-up the sewer and than refused to correct the situation. The e-mail exchange is public record!!!


Excellent story Bethany. Thorough with a sense of balance and well written. Compelling read all the way thru


A while back there was at least one commenter (and there may have been an LTE, iirc) who was (were) exercised over BOCC member allegedly using "prestige of office" to advance a private interest.

I look forward to hearing from him/her/them again.


i believe that was patrick (allen) who posts under his own name.

he's filed ethics complaints against the current bocc (excluding David Gray), and has also made them public online. you can find his 19 page ethics complaint filed early in 2014 online, and if you look around his scribid page, you can find additional docs. on the same subject.


this is the same ethics complaint the county atty's office took 90 days to review, and then said they wouldn't touch it!!

the county atty's office did allow a vote by the bocc to see if they wanted to 'vote for funds to send for review to an outside law firm (note: they were REQUIRED to refer it to an outside firm by statute, or to the MD State Atty General . why? because most of the counts (5 or 6) involved charges, with supporting evidence of criminal misconduct -included in the complaint ) but blaine and his stooges voted NO to send it out. that little tidbit was revealed by Budd Otis in a FNP article after they interviewed him as an at-large candidate!

that is a clear violation of the bocc's own ordinance and proceedures rules, but nobody, including the county atty's can read, evidently. this also constitutes obstruction of justice.

let's just wait a bit longer & see what the feds will do about it. time will tell, blaine, kiry, billy and paul. bye bye on Nov. 30th, the last day in office for the 4 of you.


kirby continues to demonstrate his despicable outbursts prove to the residents and voters of the county that he's not fit for public service.

FINALLY the FNP reports on what kirb's really been up to in recent months>

i hope this reporting delay isn't too late for voters to send him packing from winchester hall. absentee ballots have already been mailed, and early voting began last fhursday, FNP...


Congratulations Bethany. You are now getting closer to being a good journalist. By doing this, you may upset your buddy Blaine.

But hey, we all need to do our jobs and a good journalist reports the facts.


Nobody even accused Delauter of being a class act. He and BY go hand and hand.


Also, the larger dirt moving companies in the frederick area are hurting. Many excavating companies from PA are landing contracts in frederick. The site work for the apts atbthenold Prospect school property - was done by a PA company.

RF Kline is no longer in business. Severe financial problems and was bought out by Pleasant.

Yarnell Wastler is no longer in business.

And I know of others that are struggling.

It's sounding like Kirbie's company is hurting for money. Desperately trying to get contracts, and refusing to fix problems of work he has done. these are signs of a company having financial problems.


Republican State Senator David Brinkley endorses Democrat Mark Long for County Council District 5

Thurmont, MD -- Mark Long (D), candidate for County Council District 5, has earned the backing of Senator David Brinkley (R). Brinkley, one of Maryland's most respected Republican leaders, currently serves as Senate Minority Leader in the Maryland Legislature.

Brinkley stated, "Mark Long and I had several conversations about his County Council candidacy. I've had conversations with several other business and municipal leaders in the district I trust. Mark will be available at community gatherings in all parts of the district and he will do his homework before making a decision. He will be an independent voice, regardless of which candidate is elected County Executive"

Senator Brinkley joins numerous elected officials from north county who strongly support Mark Long's candidacy. They include County Commissioner David Gray (R); Walkersville Burgess, Ralph Whitmore (R); Thurmont Mayor, John Kinnaird (R); Myersville Mayor, Wayne Creadick (R); Emmitsburg Commissioner, Glenn Blanchard (D) and Thurmont Commissioner, Wayne Hooper.

Ralph Whitmore expressed the sentiment of the other elected officials, “I’m endorsing Mark Long for County Council because he’s made it clear that he will listen to everyone in our community and address our needs, whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent."

The widespread support from both Republican and Democratic elected officials gives more momentum to Mark Long’s campaign.

“I am truly grateful for the outpouring of bipartisan support my campaign has received from elected officials from across Northern Frederick County,” said Long. “As a member of the the County Council, I promise to remain committed to getting the job done by respecting and listening to the citizens from our community regardless of any party label.”

Mark Long for Frederick County Council
District 5


I too am shocked, in a good way, to see the FNP actually publish an investigative piece that informs the public and improves our community.

Exposing the truth about one of his flying monkeys is nice.

But until they stop bending over backwards to support, enable, and hide the truth about the Wicked Witch of the West, Oz will remain miserably underserved by its local newspaper.


Govern like a subcontractor today!


Tell me again which emails you wrote when you were wearing your commissioner pants and which you wrote while wearing your businessman pants.

Extra Ignored

...from your county email account. Misappropriating public resources for private use?


My point is that he claims he can separate his public and private selves. He does not understand what constitutes a conflict of interest. When you are a public official, you should aviod even the appearance of a conflict of interest.


He doesn't care. He believes the rules are for others.


Smiley Delauter - one thug of a guy!


Kirby is running a company that he did not build. He has never had to do any brunt work in his life. He never has to learn how to speak to / work with / appreciate customers/people.


"Republican leaders in Myersville and Thurmont were among the four municipal officials who recently announced they were crossing party lines to endorse Delauter's Democratic opponent for election to the District 5 Council seat."
"These municipal leaders said their sour interactions with Delauter shed light on a temperament they believe is problematic in a public official."

Mr Delauter is unfit for public office by virtue of his own actions. The clear choice for all voters in District 5 is Mark Long.

Excellent reporting, Ms. Rodgers and FNP!


Such a petty little mean man-child.


Kirby's chock full of bluster and bray
and threats if you dare disobey
if his lawyers enjoin
there's two sides to the coin
but it's money to him either way.


Wow FNP I am like totally shocked at this article who would of thought you were capable, but I wonder what happened ? This is so unlike you, but you can probably see your gravy train ending as well so why not.

This was the best part of all:

Republican leaders in Myersville and Thurmont were among the four municipal officials who recently announced they were crossing party lines to endorse Delauter’s Democratic opponent for election to the District 5 council seat.

all the rest we all knew..thank you for finally catching up... [wink][wink][wink]


Why is Kirby always angry?


Curly Delauter acts like a punk.


Best FNP Investigative Report of the Year! [thumbup]



Meanwhile, they are publishing graduation pictures of his boss.

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