Jan Gardner will be Frederick County’s first elected county executive. It doesn’t really matter which Republican runs against her, they will lose. It doesn’t even matter if the Republican candidate has over half a million dollars in a campaign account (predicted by this columnist), that candidate will lose — even if that candidate has a radio program staffed with acolytes singing his praises 15 hours a week during the campaign.

No amount of glossy advertisements or events of self-promotion or Letters to the Editor will change the equation … or outcome. Frederick County is fairly evenly divided in voter registrations so it will not be a coronation. Nevertheless, I expect she will win by at least 4 percent of the ballots cast.

Jan Gardner is a sharp lady and she has my respect. For observers who follow local government closely, they will remember she and I did not agree much on matters of illegal immigration, Board of Education spending, fiscal restraint in general and other issues, including the need to sell Citizens Care and Rehabilitation and Montevue Assisted Living. Nevertheless, she has earned my respect for her work ethic and for her knowledge level. Jan also has the respect of state officials. And like it or not, that is important.

The current Board of County Commissioners has done an admirable job confronting the fiscal challenges of the county. Their style has been brusque, and a by-product of their collective demeanor is a deep distrust of and antipathy toward hard-working county employees and, by extension, their families. These 2,000 employees and their families will remember times when they had a friendlier advocate walking the corridors of Winchester Hall.

This board has also been unrepentant in their pro-developer agenda. Jefferson Tech Park will end up costing county taxpayers up to $100 million, and new approvals for developments in Monrovia and New Market will hurt the Republican candidate if that candidate is a current commissioner.

In a crowded field of candidates, votes from certain blocs can be diluted and therefore less effective. When those votes can be focused on one candidate, like a laser beam, they can be extremely effective. Land-use attorneys and developers would be thrilled with anybody on the current BoCC not named Gray. Their money will not be effective in convincing voters they haven’t really seen what they’ve seen from the current board, such as the gutting of the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance. Folks handing out paper apples on Election Day will have the zeal of global warming propagandists — vote for Jan or we’ll all die.

This BoCC was hellbent on giving us charter government. I’m sure more than one of the five Republicans envisioned themselves in the historic role of Frederick County’s first elected county executive. Whether they are the candidate or a fan of the candidate, they will be disappointed.

I finish this column with the beginning of my column — Jan Gardner will be Frederick County’s first county executive and let me be the first to congratulate her.

Charles Jenkins, a former county commissioner and state delegate, owns Envest Realty Group LLC in Middletown. He writes on a variety of topics and can be reached at cajenkins@verizon.net.

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Will Jan Garner support the US Constitution? http://www.wnd.com/2014/05/whats-this-legal-victories-for-constitutional-rights/

But Carroll County, Maryland, Commissioner Robin Frazier made national news recently when she defied a court order banning the name “Jesus” in pre-meeting prayers.

Once again, Carroll County stepped in. Commissioner Richard Rothschild, the most outspoken board member, proposed that the board use “nullification” to neutralize the gun law in Carroll County. A law is nullified when a jury or elected officials declare a law to be invalid because it includes provisions reasonably deemed to be unconstitutional. The Maryland Firearms Safety Act is considered by some to be one such law.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/05/whats-this-legal-victories-for-constitutional-rights/#3z0ukXqGY8dErdvW.99

Progressives have been practicing their own form of nullification for years, for example, by supporting and promoting illegal immigration. O’Malley has created a de facto “sanctuary state” for illegals in Maryland by not enforcing existing laws, at a cost to Maryland taxpayers of about $1.7 billion annually.

President Obama also defied federal law by halting deportations of illegal aliens, even allowing the release of over 36,000 criminal aliens, including 193 murderers.

Rothschild decided that if the left can defy laws illegally, it was high time conservatives began doing it legally – targeting onerous laws that violate the highest law of the land, the Constitution.

Thus Rothschild and the Carroll County Commissioners passed a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County” Resolution. It declares the MFSA to be unequivocally unconstitutional and hence unenforceable:

Back to Carroll County, which used another little-known method to resist Maryland’s infamous “rain tax.”

Properly called a “storm water runoff fee,” the tax was enacted ostensibly to meet EPA-mandated Chesapeake Bay pollution targets. Maryland already has a “Bay Restoration Fee” that repeatedly has been raided by O’Malley to pay for other priorities, so there is little confidence the new fee will address the problem either.
n the Maryland case, Carroll County is further protected by a court ruling that the EPA cannot regulate storm water runoff as a pollutant under the Clean Water Act.

When the O’Malley administration proposed the rain tax, Carroll County had already been collecting revenues to pay for storm water management (less than 1 percent of the operating budget). The county objected to the new tax and refused to implement it.

The state backed down. No taxes have been increased. Frederick County, Maryland, reached a similar compromise, agreeing to collect a one-penny tax.


Good for you, Mr. Jenkins! Especially since you are crossing party lines, good for you. I certainly agree concerning county employees and how hard it must be to work in that dictatorial, authoritarian atmosphere where being a "team player" means one thing only: agree with Blaine Young. Leave your own brain at the door. Mercifully, his Reign of Terror is almost over. Please come to the BoCC public hearing on Monrovia Town Center on Tuesday, December 6, at Urbana High School, and speak against the MTC, even if it's just to say that it will cost the County way too much money. We could really use your support. Again, good article.


Seriously Chucky? You call this a column? Call it what it is - propaganda.

Honestly, I'm hoping for a better option for County Exec. I've been asked by several to run. I would never, but I am remaining hopeful that someone with at least a little integrity, intelligence, and a passion for doing what is right for the people of this county will step up. Someone who can think with a broad mind, and who understands business and society, and holds at least an MBA. We heard in the FNP that Blaine is going back to "finish his." There are many really qualified leaders around, but most of them would never get into politics, and this is the problem we are faced with. I would be interested in reading Jan's long-term strategic plan for growing and improving our recycling program and educating citizens on composting. WTE is NOT an option and never should've been. Recycling was not implemented properly in the first place...it took us years to get the big recycling bins we should've had 15 years prior when only certain areas had the tiny blue bins the size of box, really???? Someone needs to step up and put effort into fixing our recycling issues. That's the first step....(after killing the WTE option).


Why would an AstuteBusinessWmn think recycling was good business. People through more trash into their recycling bin that recycling and it costs money to seperate it out. At least when they were using the small bins they were hand sorting at the cub and leaving the trash.

A lot of MBAs drive their businesses into bankruptcy. Why would that be a qualification for the job?


Charles, I believe there are a lot of people who will have a long, negative memory for the 2010 Comp Plan crafted by the Gardner BoCC. Miss Kitty won't be voting for her --- folks can scroll over to about 02:35:45 to see her take on Jan and Kai during public comment about her property ....http://frederick.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=5&clip_id=1859&meta_id=40555 Not to mention, municipal leaders might not be very supportive of a future county exec. that they were ready to drag into court over growth issues. Jan talks about other people and their rhetoric - yet she was yelling from the mountaintops, "Municpal leaders want to overcrowd our schools!" Good grief...


It was explained to "Miss Kitty" ad nausea why the change was implemented, the reason was sound - she chose not to endorse it.

There are scant few municipalities in Frederick County that are well run, let alone necessary. Most of them could disappear tomorrow and no one would notice. Municipalities are just an unnecessary layer of governmental bureaucracy.


" ... the reason was sound ..." according to Jan? Like Miss Kitty said, "Thanks for nothing!"

Name the municipalities that are not well run or even necessary. Would be interesting to hear what you think.


Republican candidates will lose because elections are rigged in Democrat-run Maryland to favor Democrats.


That explains why the BOCC in FredCo is dominated by Dems.


Come on now, don't cloud the argument with actual facts. Geez...


what a silly piece this is and from one who believes importing and burning garbage and tires will be good for us and about the one who actually signed the agreements that made this travesty a reality ...only the uninformed, ill-informed and those with a piece of the action could possibly support spending $ 3 Billion to turn 150,000 tons of Frederick trash into 151,000 Tons of toxic ash that still needs to be landfilled...so take this piece with a grain of salt


I think Jan considers WTE DOA, but I want to hear why she was for it and what she plans to do about our waste disposal issues.


I'll post the link to her website, specifically to the "Issues" page. She states that WTE is no longer financially viable under the WTE info ---- so that's the same thing as saying she felt WTE *was* at one time financially viable. This could be a problem for some anti-wte folks, that she *ever* thought it was financially viable and saw no problems with the numbers. I support WTE but agree, we cannot do it without another county --- just wanted to point this out for you -->here is the link: http://jangardner.org/issues.html


Jerseygirl - and I say the same remark about you in regards to your support for Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

When it comes to your support for Jenkins and his anti-immigrant stance you are as uninformed as those that support the WTE project.


The Sheriff is NOT anti-immigrant. He is against illegal aliens or "undocumented immigrants" as you liberals like to call them. You intellectual know-it-all types should know the difference.


Thanks for reading my comment, Archie.

My prior comment was carefully worded.

I do know the differences. But based on Jenkins's initial campaign statements - he does not.


I'm not sure how giving away $100 million of taxpayer's money to developers for the Jefferson Tech Park represents "...an admirable job confronting the fiscal challenges of the county." And Mr. Jenkins overlooks the out of control spending by the Blaine Young BOCC, as well as their plan to give away another $250 million to the developers of the Monrovia Town Center.

However, I admire his respect for Ms. Gardner's work ethic and knowledge. She would be well advised to run on a platform of financial discipline, which her BOCC (including Mr. Jenkins) ably demonstrated during their four years (2006-2010), when spending increased less than 1/4% per year.


Last I checked, Charter was a ballot issue and not the first time it had been there


Charles will cause Blaine some frustration
by disturbing his hallucination
though there's many a slip
twixt cup and lip
I'm supporting Jan's administration.






Whatever, these commissioners ran on a platform of "govern like a tax payer". They have done nothing but fulfill their promise. Just ask the thousands if folks in Monrovia.


Census bureau says Monrovia had 416 people in 2010.


So if 300 of them showed up at a public hearing that would be a majority.


I guess someone who thinks that the term "black man" does not refer to the man's race who also think 300 is the same thing as "thousands".


So you don't agree 300 is a majority of 416?

Black is skin color. Race is origin. No they are not the same thing.

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