The new 35,000 square foot GMart that features international food from over 20 countries opened last Saturday in the Westridge shopping center on the Golden Mile to help serve Frederick County's diverse population. 

Moving to Frederick was pure economics for the Hughes family.

“Honestly, the rent was a lot cheaper here,” said Shontez Hughes, who moved with his wife and two children to Frederick in January after considering Montgomery County, where he works.

The Hugheses, an African-American family, are part of the city’s diversifying population.

As more people move into Frederick County, the area is increasingly becoming a melting pot — especially the city, according to data released today in the Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey.

Frederick County’s population grew by 2,837 from 2011 to 2012, to 239,582 people. Frederick city’s population grew 225 residents, to 66,390, according to the data. In the last five years, from 2007 to 2012, nearly 15,000 people have moved into the county and nearly 5,000 people have moved into the city.

The community survey data is less accurate than data from the U.S. Census, and the margin of error can be higher than 5 percentage points in some categories.

In the city, one in every threeresidents is now a minority, about 33.4 percent of residents, according to the data.

Step outside the city limits, however, and the diversity diminishes. About eight in every 10 county residents are white, or about 81.6 percent of residents, the data states.

The Hughes family chose the city of Frederick over elsewhere in the county because Shontez Hughes’ co-worker from the Navy recommended it as a good place to live.

The racial mix is growing much faster in the city than in the county.

In the last five years, the percentage of white residents fell by 5.3 percentage points in the city and 2.4 percentage points in the county.

In the city, the Hispanic population is growing, while in the county, both Hispanic and Asian populations are growing, according to the data. In both the city and the county, the percentage of mixed-race residents is growing. About 4.1 percent of residents in 2012 were of two or more races in both the city and the county.

Nekesha Hughes, Shontez’s wife, said that there are not many other black families in her neighborhood, but there are many Latinos and Asians.

She said she had no problem being one of the few black people in her area.

“We move around a lot. We’re used to it,” she said.

Some local leaders say minority residents move to the city because it offers services the county does not.

When people relocate to an area, they move to areas that are “more involved” and more populated, said Angela Spencer, chairwoman of the Frederick County Human Relations Commission.

The city has buses and other transportation services, and more medical services, Spencer said.

“Most people like to be in the ‘in’ of the city,” she said.

County Commissioners President Blaine Young agreed that public transportation makes a difference.

In the county, areas served by TransIT buses have a more diverse population, Young said.

“You do have pockets of diversity in the county,” he said. “I’ve actually been amazed when I go down to Urbana because I see people from Russia, China and Africa.”

Guy Djoken, president of the county NAACP, thinks the city works harder than the county at making minority residents feel welcome.

The city’s police department understands minorities, he said; former Police Chief Kim Dine specifically reached out to minority groups to see how the community could work together.

“They make sure that people feel comfortable,” Djoken said.

Frederick Mayor Randy McClement said the city serves all residents the same.

“If someone needs something special, then we take it as a case-by-case basis,” he said.

Djoken said the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office’s enforcement of immigration law scares some minority residents away.

Young said he does not believe that is true.

McClement said the city follows U.S. immigration policies, and “probably put more people in the county jail system than anyone else.”

The city is a great place for everyone to live, he said.

“Whether a person is of an ethnic origin or not, our job is to provide services to the citizens of Frederick.”

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What's one person's blessed life, is another's person nightmare. It depends who got there first and not just what some "detached" politicians say.


Why stay here and be unhappy when you go somewhere else and live a blessed life?

In 2010, the vast majority of the population identified as non-Hispanic White alone in four states. In the New England area, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont all had populations that were predominantly non-Hispanic White alone (94 percent, 92 percent, and 94 percent, respectively).



Great, more room for these yahoos to come in here on everyone's taxes using social service housing referrals. Plus they get to bring their kids who get away with the special liberal laws of maryland because they be minors while they still rake the neighborhood with crime. Wonderful. Go Democrats! NOT!


Hmmm, more 'resources' in the city. Why not just call it what it is? I see the percentages don't lie!!


If Frederick is promoting diversity it should include their culture, ethinicity and language...Being an 'English language only' county puts limits on their diversity by the county saying play by our rules...What is there in an unofficial capacity that they puts doubt in their sincerity of public officials ???...Look at it from their perspertive if they're going to feel a part of the community....Me


Djoken must not have gotten the memo that most of the illegal immigration arrest are by the City police


City police don't have jurisdiction to arrest on immigration status. Haven't you heard? They have to arrest for a crime before immigration status is an issue.


Darth---If labels don'matter, why is Frederick a 'English language only' county ???...Me




One has nothing to do with the other. Are you assuming "diverse" people don't speak English? Or do you just feel we should have translations available for everything in the County


Does the "diversity" really even matter? It's one community, Frederick. I just don't get the love affair with labeling and counting the labels. Seens like a step back about 50 years.


Where's the conformity?

Some people have pet dogs, pet cats, pet birds, or other pets.

Some people walk, jog, ride bikes, ride scooters without helments.

Don't people know this is a community of one kind of people?


SC2WVU - okay, so if someone likes to cook "ethnic" foods and has to shop at specialty stores to buy the ingredients, that somehow translates to "liberal janes" and hating Americans and hating the American heritage? Hmmmm. Do you ever dine on Chinese food or go to Lucky Corners for Vietnamese food or order a pizza? And what exactly is "American food"? And as far as going to another country and hiking thru their beautiful landscapes, does this make you any less an American? Should every American only stay within their own shores and dine on only "American" food. I guess the only thing we'll all be eating is corn, turkeys and deer meat. Since the buffalo are pretty much gone, our choices are truly limited. You are being truly silly. I think you need to ponder a bit more on your attitude and gross intolerance before you make another statement. Jean


why is it that djoken believes that law enforcement should be selective in upholding the laws of this country, he is a disgrace to Frederick county and should be applauding the efforts of The Sheriff for doing the job he was elected to do and which the fed govt starting with obama and holder has refused to do...grow up already guy!


Because the sheriff doesn't have jurisdiction in federal matters.


And I promise you there are more "wordly" yuppies shopping at GMart than the diverse minorities. Now Liberal Jane can make that curry chicken she had while hiking and becoming one with other cultures in India and learning the problems and how to hate her own fellow Americans and our heritage.


Your hate is showing.


Contrary to "politically correct" teaching, diversity destroys a society's (or micro-society's) sense of collective consciousness. Most individuals prefer to live in a community that shares beliefs, appearances, values, behaviors, etc.

sodalite3 blacks,Latino's, Jews, Irish, Muslims, non-Christians need apply.[sad]


Oh about No Whites works both ways....but you already knew that!


If that is true mdcommuter... the continent of North America has been in a perpetual state of destruction of it's collective consciousness for the last 12,000+ years. Your statement also fails to recognize what diversity adds to a community. By "most individuals" preferring everyone having the same shared beliefs and appearances... you must be referring to Nazi Germany. Try again, this time without the broad generalizations.


Right the white man and Indians got along splendidly.... Face it "birds of a feather will flock together" Although a city in totality may seem diverse you will find those groups living in tight-knot communities within the area: For example Chinatown, Little Italy, Harlem, etc....


"Right the white man and Indians got along splendidly" - in many instances they did, but not sure what that has to do with anything.

Face it "birds of a feather will flock together" - I'll tell all the folks on my block that are from different ethnic groups than my own that they have made a mistake and should move. Thanks for letting me know. Again with the broad generalizations. Thinking is hard I know, but lets all try. Also... unless anyone has had genetic testing done, you may not know what your actual ethnicity even is. You could be "white" and raised being told your Irish and genetically you could be a Spanish/Jewish/Egyptian. Issues of ethnicity, heritage, and race are much more complex than us vs. them.


FreddyFred, You live in what is in actuality a "changing" neighborhood. This happens when one ethnic group is moving out and another is moving in...eventually your neighborhood will for the most part once again belong to a single ethnic group. You may feel false pride while this change-out occurs but don't fool yourself into believing that some kind of kumbaya moment is at hand. Come back and check your neighborhood in 20 or 30 years and you will know exactly what I mean. I'm not saying this is bad or good but just stating the obvious. And you are correct most people are of mixed heritage (but still identify with one single group).


How about somewhere a lot closer, Columbia/ Howard County MD. It has to be one of the most diverse Communities in the Country, for the past 50 years! We lived and raised our kids in widely diverse communities and benefitted from it. No built in prejudices/ stereotypes, everyone judged individually. Read the Howard County times. You will find no LTE's about race, whereas that is the most popular subject here in good ol' FC. But as the article says, diversity is coming to Frederick County along with the yuppies. That's good thing.


It is true, look at the segregation of neighborhoods in any part of town, state, or the country. Even if not always by race, maybe by religion or ideals or politics, like groups gravitate together. Diversity is a nice metric for paper to give percentages, but it in no way signifies how unified those groups are. If a city is 1:1:1 white, black, hispanic, are those groups pseudo-segregated in areas within the city limits, or is there genuine sharing of heritages and blindness to racial tensions within the community? It's a false number that politicians can flount, just like a university or employer.

mdcommuter said:
"Contrary to "politically correct" teaching, diversity destroys a society's (or micro-society's) sense of collective consciousness. Most individuals prefer to live in a community that shares beliefs, appearances, values, behaviors, etc. "
yes, mdcommunter, you are absolutely right. I would only fine tune it to say that "diversity" as we have come to know it, is a problem because it's an unnatural, surge of immigrants with little interest in assimilation to American society.


With so much diversity, Blaine will need to open up a copuple more taxi companies in addition to his fiesta taxi in order to keep his 'Merican customers away from the for'ners!


BY favorite quote "We need more tax payers not more taxes"


Newsflash for Mayor Randy: when you say stupid racist stuff like “Whether a person is of an ethnic origin or not.....” you perpetuate the idea that somehow "ethnicity" is something reserved for people of color and minority groups, while white folk are somehow not "ethnic". EVERY human on the planet has an "ethnic origin" Einstein! Learn English, then speak.


The businesses supported by Blaine Young: Out of County Developers, Land Use Attorneys, zoning violators, in County developers, taxi cab companies, and construction firms owned by County Commissioners doing work for Frederick County.

Who knew these businesses could have such a powerful impact on food stamps?


Here's another classic attempt at comedy swinging at state and federally funded TransIt by Blaine Young:
Stuff Blaine Young Says: Asks if Rep. Van Hollen has a 'dime bag' and to catch the bus:


Blaine Young and Tim May propose a special tax for people not 'born here'.:


Blaine Young, "Mass Transit doesn't work."


I still never understand why an area being more diverse is bragged about as an incentive and enhancement of life. BY NO MEANS do I not appreciate diversity and the more of us that can live happily in unison the better; but why is it viewed as a marketing ploy? Why do people spin areas that aren't diverse as a negative? Like an area that is 80% white is living in the stone age? Just a curious vantage point I've never understood, using diversity as a metric for quality of life.


I've sometimes wondered the same thing, but I'll offer two thoughts.

1. Diversity is a safety net. In an effort to recruit the best talent and tax base to your community, you have to welcome all groups. What if the next Nobel Laureate is actually from central Africa but he decided to settle somewhere else because he didn't feel comfortable in your town? That's your community's loss.

2. From my own perspective as a baseball fan, diversity can create a more interesting product. Simply put, baseball is better for having African-Americans and Latinos in the game. They bring different ways of playing the game that are, frankly, more interesting to me than what existed pre-1947.


Sonderweg, how about just having the best players and not even think about where they come from.

The only color that matters is the jersey


Density is the issue, not diversity. Jobs should dictate growth not soapbox diversity speeches and sprawl. Most will be jockeying for Frederick's $9 temp jobs soon enough. Worry about job growth, decent wages and not skin color.


A few dozen elderly confederate segregationists in the county shouldn't deter law abiding productive minority families from residing here, Frederick County is a far better option to raise a minority family than our neighbors to the east.


Does the KKK still members and groups in Woodsboro, Rocky Ridge, and THurmont? I KNOW they make ethic groups feel comfortable!

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