County Commissioners President Blaine Young has tried inviting state officials to take back the roughly $200,000 they invested in Frederick County’s nursing and assisted living centers.

He has tried urging them to accept it. He has even tried hand-delivering the check to Annapolis. And after having his offer repeatedly turned down, he says the next step is to drop the check in the mail.

Repaying the state grant money will let Maryland leaders wash their hands of the sale of Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Living and allow the county to move forward toward settlement, Young believes.

But whether the Maryland Board of Public Works will agree is unclear.

The proposed sale originally came before the public works board because state money is tied up in the facilities. However, because of pending litigation, the state panel last week unanimously voted to postpone its decision on whether to approve the sale.

Though Young has said the county will move forward toward settlement even without state permission, Comptroller Peter Franchot, who sits on the public works board, has indicated he would advise against it.

“The Comptroller believes that proceeding with the sale of the Citizens Care and Montevue facilities while they remain the subject of active litigation would be premature and carry considerable risk,” Andrew Friedson, the comptroller’s spokesman, said in a statement. “It would be far more prudent to allow the legal process to run its course, and therefore, he would encourage the Frederick County Board of Commissioners to wait until taking further action as the Board of Public Works did last week.”

Gov. Martin O’Malley and Treasurer Nancy Kopp serve with Franchot on the public works board.

But Young believes that if the county returns the $191,000 the state put toward building the new Citizens and Montevue facility, local officials won’t have to wait for the Board of Public Works to weigh in.

“The only thing that I can think that they could do is take us to court for sending them a check that they didn’t want to cash,” Young said Monday.

Young said that local commissioners agreed to return the state money as part of the sale plan they approved June 25. However, he said commissioners might still vote on the correspondence that will accompany the check. Young said he hopes to close on the $30 million sale of Citizens and Montevue by December.

Commissioner David Gray, the only county board member to oppose privatizing the two centers, said he doesn’t think the county will be able to get around the public works board, even by repaying the state’s grant money.

A staff member on the Board of Public Works declined to comment on whether returning the money would make a difference.

“The state would consider whatever Mr. Young did, and after review, would take appropriate action,” said Sheila McDonald, executive secretary of the board.

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Good to have a daddy as Senator. The golf club will only scold his son so much. When it gets scary grab pops shirt tail. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for this BoCC.


Not to be combative, but I want to go on record saying that in my opinion, Blaine's the only loser in his family. (I'd say black sheep but that would be incredibly racist of me.) His Black Book (sorry, but that's what they call it) humiliation caused him to switch sides, with extremist results. But I believe that his father, brother, and step-mother all are rational, caring people and I would vote (and have voted) for any of them. Please don't let Blaine take down the rest of his family with him. They take Frederick county to heart and deserve our support.


Haven't been able to give the rest of the family a chance with all the WFMD/BoCC Muppet chatter. When that quiets down the family might regain their voice.


To quote a frequent poster "so who were the less-than-intelligent people who signed away their sovereignty for $191K? I dunno who was running the county when county officials in 2011 signed the agreement with the BPW?


Board of County Commissioners
Frederick County, Maryland
2010 - 2014
Seated from left: Vice President Paul Smith, President Blaine Young, and Commissioner Billy Shreve. Standing from left: Commissioner Kirby Delauter and Commissioner David Gray.



So, in the mean time. This Auroa grop is looking worse and worse. And the Employees of Citizens and Monetevue are all looking for jobs. And the area they have already sub contracted out is falling short of acepatble standards.
So regardless of the outcome. You have destroyed a stable, fully functional, leader in the indsutry.
Congratulations on your rhetoric, you have in fact done harm.


Our BoCC is officially political kryptonite. We're on the right track.


Why is Blaine Dumb so anxious to sell to Aurora? Is it because he's getting an illegal kickback? A donation to his campaign? Sure to be an interesting investigation by the state of Maryland


Nothing new here, I'll wait for the indictment to come down.....[beam]


All for the love of MONEY. Shame on you Blaine!!!!


So they sold it without "prior written consent" from the BPW. How much are the taxpayers going to be on the hook for when Aurora sues the county?


The commissioners were operating outside their scope of office. Let the commissioners liquidate their assets and pay the penalty themselves.






Oooppss, I did not see the agreement on the left side. Reinforces my point.


I don't know anything about that grant but I do know a lot about grants in general. Unless the grantee is buillding something tangeable (i.e. Prision) then you can't back out half way through the commentment. In this case the money is more used to support operations at this facility. I could be wrong but similar grants usually have a out in terms of not using or repaying the money.

It is probably why the state won't take the money. Once they do, they have no influence over this issue and they want to intervene, which they should. The trick is to send the check via certified mail to the comptroller, just put the grant number on the check and say paid in full. Some processer would process it and the county is out. If you go in person they know exactly what you are doing.


But the property still hasn't been declared surplus public property.


I am sure the purchaser feels 100% comfortable with Blaine's assurances that he's going to do whatever he wants regardless of the 500 lb gorilla. If they still go through with the purchase you can guarantee that there is a safety clause that will get them a boatload of money at OUR EXPENSE should the state do so much as wink. But it's all OK because of the IDIOT that believes he can do whatever he wants just because he feels like it. Get ready folks, pull out your wallets and purses because no entity is going to go forward in this deal without some protection and Young is putting all of us at risk for the sake of his bravado!!! Just sitting here shaking y head at the idiocy.


The county could always take it back under eminent domain. What guarantee can the commissioners give that wouldn't happen in the future.



this guy continues to amaze , have never seen a more incompetent and unprofessional hooligan in public office, save the current resident in the WH


Plus many former residents of the WH. But what public assets as he converted to private use recently?

See United_States


Do it, yes! Orange jumpsuits in exchange for converting $50 million in public assets to private use for $30 million.


If it smells like a rat its probably a rat.....Blaine hates to be told what to do and in this case he did wrong!


If the sales fall through, will Moe and the other Stooges have to give back their bribe/kickback money? After all, a contract based on an illegal transaction can't be enforced, can it?


The urgency in which Blaine has exhibited in closing this sale makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes, what is he hiding. If he is confident the Commissioners are making the best decision why such the big rush to make it happen so quickly rather than letting all the pieces (lawsuits, PBW) first. More importantly, why did he find it necessary to try to buy off the PBW by offering to pay back more than was originally given to the county. Does Frederick County has so much money to throw away that we can just sign checks to make issues go away? If so, perhaps our property taxes can be reduced.


As with his decision to run for governor and rush to sell the nursing homes, Blaine was premature...I see a pattern...Wonder if he appreciates it when people don't listen to him, either...What goes around comes around, they say...Me


Alright Thats It...... Time to bring Mike tyson in to straighten things out !!


Where is president8444, ferrel, jill.king, and berrboy? Don't they usually rush in to defend the chosen one?


Time for a fundraiser...praise be.


and where is Darth? the force must not be with him.


If I was paid by a corporation so that they might profit from economically warehousing frail and elderly people I also would do it if I was morally bankrupted.

Impeach Blaine

Desperate people do desperate things. And Ba'Lane is appearing extremely desperate.

It's appearing very much so that he is in fact receiving a kick back from Aurora. It's such a thick sum of money that Ba'Lane is slipping up because he WANTS that money and he wants it bad.

This Aurora deal will enable Ba'Lane to retire from both politics and the Taxi business.

IF I have time today I will place a call to the attorney general office. IF.


On Aug 22, Impeach Blaine posted:
"As much as I oppose the sale and despise Ba'Lane this is no big deal. Not sure why the paper had this as the headline. Ba'Lane already stated months ago that they will give the money back to the state.
Also this has no bearing on the sale."

What do you know now that you didn't know then? What evidence do you have to offer the AG?

This is what I mean by grandstanding.

Impeach Blaine

Gotta love text. No tone, no expression, points are often taken the wrong way. Especially if one is in a sour mood.

The state public works board can not prevent the sale of the nursing homes. There is nothing to jump for joy at. yet.

Ba'Lane has no quarrels with returning the money to the state. With interest.

The real issue is that Aurora bribed a public official.

the real issue is that Ba'Lane accepted a bribe.

The real issue is that Ba'Lane attempted to bribe the governor and comptroller in public and on video. He believes that because he (Ba'Lane) can be bribed that anyone else can be bribed. It's such a routine to his life that he did not even realize that what he was doing was on video.

The real issue is that Ba'Lane contracted with Aurora for $50k per month without advertising the contract and without accepting other competitive bids from other service providers.

The real issue is that Ba'Lane is trying to push the sale through prior to the up upcoming scheduled court dates. And we all know cases get continued...


Tea young is quite the big shot with other people's money, namely ours, the taxpayers.

Upton Golfer

Do you have 42" bices?


The Board of Public Works voted last week to defer its decision on two requests made by our BoCC; viz., 1. To forgive the County's debt to the state in the amount of $200,000 and 2. To approve the proposed sale of Montevue and citizens.
Now, six days later, it appears that Commissioner Young still intends to defy our state's top three elected financial officers. Moreover, his repeated attempts to throw a check at them, represents a mockery of their authority and of regular process, if not worse.


I'd love to see this sale fall apart on Blaine's lap. Serves him right for being flippant with the citizens' monies and will.

Impeach Blaine

There's an old saying "you win some you lose some".

Hopefully this will be a time when Ba'Lane loses.


Oh. Woe is Moe! No means NO!


Blaine's political plans were ill-fated
and his bargaining skills overrated
they left him to stand
with his check in his hand
and he's soon to be Frederick's Most Hated.


Blaine Young and politics
corporate welfare and
naught for the poor

he is the product of
void of reality
can't see the score


oh, one more item. For those of you [ such as below comments LOL] who do not want Animal welfare and truck maintence outsourced.
What you are realy saying is you care little for sick and failing health humans [ such as yourselves] and care more about Trucks and rabid dogs.
That would be the typical mis-educated yahoos from Fedic.. as he would say.


Just love knee jerk reactions from Liberal Rebulicans, such as below. Your liberal attiitudes are naive.
Cut and spen is all they do.
Fact is, the place was profitable. Fact is, The county abscounded with the majority of property to house unwanted animals. and truck maintenence with out paying ANY rent to the propposed intentions.
Out source truck maintenence and animal welfare first. It would save MILLIONS per month.


"But whether the Maryland Board of Public Works will agree is unclear."

From the agreement: " . . .funds for this Grant, remain outstanding,"

Can't beat the USPS -- an official document delivered by the US Government -- funds are returned, get the DPW the heck out of Frederick County business decisions.

The arrogant continue to tax and spend others' hard earned income -- and the activists are more than ready to keep their hands open waiting for their fair share -- they continue you suckle the teet of MoM


YoungCare will force the centers to operate more efficiently. County taxpayers cannot afford to ensure unprepared vulnerable seniors get a dignified path to death.


First off, it is not up to the receipents to cancell the contractual agreement of acceptance of the States Funds. They did in fact enter an agreement and now, they [ the receipients] are reniging on there end of the bargan.
Mail it in or not. That will not cancell out the previously agreed upon use of the money.
That is in violation of bussiness practice thru out America.
Second. the more this group, [ including the local attourneys. former commsionors, current commisionors, and employed attourney] try to advise the worse this is becomming for all Fredercik County citizens.
We may be in legal violation and subject to thousands of dollars of fines now.
The fact of pushing this so much on the boards behalf simply brings more suspicion of money transactions not being forthright


"Repaying the state grant money will let Maryland leaders wash their hands of the sale of Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center and Montevue Assisted Living and allow the county to move forward toward settlement, Young believes."

Blaine Young says the state can "wash their hands of the sale" ... which is exactly what he wants. The litigation's working their way through the courts will open the doors of inquiry and investigation ... oops!!


Yeah OOPS..LOL[wink][wink][wink]


Remember he was "running for Governor" back then so of course Aurora made a nice contribution to his campaign for Governor fund, though the PAC of course, Aurora is no different than the developers Blaine is in bed with, that was the back room deal they made, why do you think that Blaine wants the sale to go through so bad..he knows that he will now need to give back the kick back to Aurora...Hopefully he hasn't spent it..


The money that is sitting in that PAC is Blaine's to do with as he sees fit, it is his slush fund, he will not be running for County Executive, especially not against Jan Gardner, she has too much dirt on him that she will have no problem exposing to the light of day and he knows it, so no he will not run for that the money is his BUT Aurora will be coming with their very own "Vinny" to thing you will see in the FNP is that Aurora is backing out of the sale...corporations like Aurora are the new mob...that is who Blaine is really afraid of...[scared][scared]


Stroking a 200k check to feed your ego and absolve the county from adequately caring for it's vulnerable elderly residents is incrediblely cruel.


See I knew it was not as simple as mailing the check back, guess Blaine will be mailing back the campaign contribution that Aurora paid him....[wink][wink]


Arrogance and ignorance area lethal combination. Tea young is unaccustomed to hearing the word NO.


King Blaine's going to prision.


I wonder if president8444 will visit.[unsure]

Upton Golfer

Will you visit with president8444?


You guys are a great couple!!![love]


If anyone from the Maryland State Government is following these comments, please investigate why a BoCC President is frantically throwing cash at this issue. There's usually a formal process to retire Grants and other aid, but strange things are happening here in Frederick County nowadays, and this guy wrangled a check without knowing how much the original principle was.

So, just how did a responsibly run government get a $200,000.00 check rashly authorized, and where else did our publicly funded tax dollars get misspent?


He got more than that authorized, he was willing to pay them $400,000 to approve the sale, they of course turned him down..that alone told me that it was a little more complicated than mailing the check back or else Blaine could of mailed them the money months ago, he didn't so..

There is a video on this FB page of him offering the BPW the $400,000


At the first BPW meeting when Blaine Young offered to pay $300,000+ for the BPW to retire the grant and sign the deal on the spot was an act of attempted bribery by an elected public official.

It doesn't matter if he was smiling or afterwards said he was joking. The fact that he did it at all constitutes an illegal action.

The BPW and the State AG are obligated to follow through on this.


Little Known Factoid ... provided to me by Blaine Young...

The BoCC voted to provide Blaine with more latitude and flexibility to make decisions on behalf of the Board. Along with Blaine, Kirby and Billy provided the majority vote.

Following that vote, Blaine has more freedom to act on his own and as if he were already the county executive, without seeking BoCC approval on some matters.

Now then, he was either telling the truth or blowing smoke ... your call.


My post about Engage LLC/Cashbox360/Blaine/Patrick Allen/Elderly

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