Frederick County selected CliftonLarsonAllen, a Minneapolis accounting firm, on Wednesday to conduct an audit to determine the impact the sheriff’s office’s involvement in the 287(g) program has on the county budget.

The main question the audit will answer is: How much did the 287(g) program cost the county in fiscal years 2015 through 2019?

The audit will examine both the “incremental costs” of the 287(g) program in that time, along with any reimbursements from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Incremental costs could include, but are not limited to:

  • Hours spent training sheriff’s deputies under the 287(g) program.
  • Any additional employees hired for the program.
  • Travel costs associated with the program.
  • Meeting costs associated with the program.

The 287(g) program allows ICE to train sheriff’s deputies to ask about the immigration status of anyone booked into the county’s adult detention center, and begin deportation proceedings if necessary.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, who attended Wednesday’s meeting, clarified the audit would not review the effectiveness of the 287(g) program.

Steven Darr, who has been chair of the county’s independent audit authority board for five years, agreed, saying that the audit would look only at costs. He said CliftonLarsonAllen has done previous audits for the county and was selected because of its expertise in finance-related issues.

“They’re totally capable of doing the work ... and it’s totally independent of the county. ... We’re not giving any more directive to the contractor than make sure you understand the program and then figure out what costs the county is incurring under the contract,” Darr said.

The county hopes to have a draft report from CliftonLarsonAllen by mid-December. The county will review the findings and then determine whether more work needs to be completed.

Chief Administrative Officer Rick Harcum said after Wednesday’s meeting that the audit will probably cost more than the originally estimated $10,000, as the scope of work has expanded from two to five fiscal years. As of Wednesday, the County Council budget will pay for the audit, he added.

Darr said the contract asks CliftonLarsonAllen to complete roughly 140 hours of work, but he declined to state the audit’s cost, as the task order hasn’t been completed yet.

County Councilman Steve McKay, a member of the county’s internal audit agency board, said he supports the audit and doesn’t expect significant costs.

“Honestly, I don’t expect this is going to be an alarming outcome. ... I expect the costs to be low,” McKay said.

Jenkins said after Wednesday’s meeting he’s not concerned about what CliftonLarsonAllen might find.

“I hate to say taxpayer money is going to be wasted. ... I’m not concerned whatsoever about the outcome of the audit,” Jenkins said. “I just stand by my initial assertion that it wasn’t needed.”

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Steve Bohnel is the county government reporter for the Frederick News-Post. He can be reached at He graduated from Temple University, with a journalism degree in May 2017, and is a die-hard Everton F.C. fan.

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I would actually rather know how effective the 287(g) Program has been since its implementation in 2008. How many of those arrested and brought into the Detention Center and discovered to be in the Country illegally were convicted of the crime they were arrested for and put in Prison? How many arrested and not convicted and turned over to ICE were immediately deported, which can only happen to those who had been deported before and came back? How many did ICE put into the deportation process and were released back into the Community to wait (+-2years) for their Deportation Hearing before a Federal Judge? I assume only ICE has the information relating to their final disposition. Do they report that to the Sheriff? If they do why couldn’t the Sheriff publish those statistics to the FC citizens? If they don’t where do the numbers he TELLS us come from? Same with the gang members he says are deported. Validation of a gang member is a legal process that opens up additional punishment a validated gang member faces if convicted of any crime. Does the FCSO put all those arrested, legal or illegal, through the validation investigation? If not, does ICE give the Sheriff that information? Why couldn’t the Sheriff publish those statistics also instead of just TELLING us? No offense to the Sheriff but I would like to see those statistics in black and white from a verifiable source since he has used those numbers to establish himself as a Border Control “expert” who has been invited to the White House to testify twice and testified before Congress and has gained a National Reputation as a Border Control Authority. I would be interested to know where that expertise came from?


I sure the High Sheriff would be delighted to answer all those questions. They are all reasonable.


Some very good questions, phy. Notpart of the audit, but interesting.


I have wondered pretty much all the same stuff. Much of that has come to mind based on The sheriff’s claims.

Pretty sure the FNP can obtain under freedom of information


Good questions, but I think you place too much emphasis on convictions and jail time. With just about every case, there are litigation risks and with all cases their are trial costs. It is not uncommon for prosecutors to accept pleas to lesser charges as a more cost effective solution. It shouldn't be too hard to not be arrested and taken to jail. I should think a majority of people go through their entire life without an involuntary visit to a jail. Let's remember that responding to crime was never meant to be a profit center for government operations. Let's also remember that those discovered to be in this country illegally are often guilty of more offenses than just being in the country illegally. They can't legally work, so they commit fraud if they tell an employer they can work. Sometimes they fraudulently obtain social security numbers (as an example, it sometimes happens in the asbestos abatement industry although I don't know the percentage of fraud), and or someone else's identity in order to work. Those are just examples of violations where people often aren't even charged with those offenses, nor are they discussed when people talk about illegal immigration.


No local jurisdiction should have to check for illegals and they wouldn't need to if the Congress made sure we had enough judges at the border.  That is where all should be checked, verified for asylum or turned back.  The wall means nothing because those that are not processed timely are merely let loose to go where they want with a promise to show up for a later court date.  And 40% of the illegals simply over stay their visas. However, we do have a 287 (g) MOU, signed by the Sheriff years ago.  It does not meet the current charter requirements that state the CE will sign contracts.  That is the first flaw.  Another is the training of deputies, which one law judge has already found Jenkins guilty of not performing.   A third is adding up ALL the actual costs, which it sure looks like it has not been done.  It is probably outside of the scope of the current audit, but all the costs related to law suits, caused by enforcing the MOU should be included.The federal government needs to add more judges at the border and process refugees timely.  Those meeting the needs for asylum should be allowed in with a green card, those without turned back.  Congress also needs to pass a bill on DACA, it is way over due.


I wonder if they are willing to audit money spent on any/all publicly funded diversity programs?


Money is spent on a multitude of audits every year including audits of the Sheriff's Office, other government agencies, the school system and community college. It's about fiscally accountability I bet all those thinking this is a waste of money are okay with the schools and other agencies being audited.


I'm not disputing the value of an audit, but most are conducted by the County Finance Dept. I would guess that rarely is an outside firm hired to audit a County department.

Comment deleted.

I believe the 287 program agreement states that no jurisdiction is to profit off of 287.


While they’re at it, we must also have them audit what it is costing county tax payers to subsidize The Great Frederick Fair with deputies.

We need all the costs accounted for. From (but not limited to) overtime to labor burden to fuel expenses from vehicle expenses to dry cleaning.


I would like to know the cost of the audit. This seems like something county staff would be able to accomplish in house.


I'm guessing here, but $10K for 2 years would be $25K for 5 years, and 140 hrs @ $200 per gives us $28K, so we'll see what it comes in at.


And why is the group against the audit bringing in the head of FAIR to speak for the sheriff? You all know that FAIR is a hate group as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center?


The SPLC is closer to a hate group than FAIR is.

Comment deleted.

How So? I never heard much about this organization, so I Googled them and found this referenced report on their website. What are they saying that isn't true?


How many of our Tax Dollars will be wasted on this Audit? What could have that money been used for as a benefit or positive impact on our County and its Residents. Truly Shameful


wasted? sounds like oversight frightens you. how about all the new shiny police cars, traffic lights, and fancy useless things the city wastes money on? where's the complaining about that?


Shameful? You sound like a Aunt Bea at a wet tee shirt contest.


In a way, you are right, if the County is going to have a MOU like this, it should have been agreed to by the CE and the costs reimbursements stated in the MOU.


No problem with the audit timberman. All government functions are audited periodically. Hopefully both sides will calm down when it is over.


Why has the Sheriff been so afraid an audit? Why does he protest so much?


Bubba don't like oversight.


Sherf Trumpkins is used to calling the shots. Throwing a tantrum like a 3 and a half year old.


seems like he's just another bully.


All I can say is, if they don't find anything in this audit that's wrong, then I move for impeachment of Jan Gardner and Kai Hagen.


Cool story bro. Next time, read the story that you’re commenting on


Replace them with the prostitute-hopping Blaine Young and the conflict-of-interest loving Kirby Delauter.


The audit was suggested by the Republicans. Get your story straight!


For doing their job, which the Blaine gang never did?


What LAW did they break?

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