RISE March

The March to Defund the Sheriff and Fund Families group departs the bandshell in Baker Park en route to Winchester Hall on Monday. The protest was hosted by RISE Coalition of Western Maryland, SURJ Frederick, Frederick United and Frederick’s March for Justice.

Chants of “The people — united — will never be defeated!” and “What we do want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!” echoed around the Baker Park bandshell around 6 p.m. Monday night.

Those chants were from about 50 to 60 people, several of whom were from the local Latino community, and other people of color. They were organized by the RISE Coalition of Western Maryland, and were calling to defund the sheriff’s office and end 287(g), a program used by Sheriff Chuck Jenkins (R) for most of his tenure as the county’s chief law enforcement officer.

Sebastian Brown is a Frederick resident, member of RISE and campaign strategist of the ACLU of Maryland. He and others were preparing to deliver hundreds of petitions to County Executive Jan Gardner (D) and County Council, calling for them to defund the sheriff’s office and abolish 287(g).

“We think the main tool for accountability the County Council has over the sheriff is funding,” Brown said. “Places they can start is, make 287(g) a line item, and then they can remove that line item. Even if it’s not a significant amount of money, they can at least take the step to show they’re in opposition to it.”

He was referencing the audit of the 287(g) program, which is set to be approved by the county’s independent audit board, and finalized by CliftonLarsonAllen — the accounting firm completing the audit — this week. That audit will determine how much county money is used for the program.

Brown and others believe outside of how much the program costs the county, the 287(g) program leads to racial profiling. That includes Frederick resident Sasha Czeh.

Czeh said she was pulled over by a state trooper back around 2013, and the trooper called her a Latino slur under his breath, and threatened to take her to jail and deport her, she said.

But then, once he saw her driver’s license, the trooper used a more respectful tone, she added.

“I’m a white lady from Connecticut,” Czeh said. “So I can only imagine what the treatment would have been [if I was Latino] — instead of going back to ‘ma’am’ when he saw my license.”

Czeh added her friend, a DREAMer with a young daughter, had a neighbor shooting cats in her neighborhood. Because of her immigration status, her friend, who lived in the Middletown area, did not feel comfortable calling police.

Several RISE members and other supporters started their march just before 6:30 p.m. Monday, from the Baker Park bandshell to Winchester Hall, looking to deliver the aforementioned petitions to County Executive Jan Gardner (D) and the County Council.

Once they reached Winchester Hall, however, they were met by supporters of Jenkins and local law enforcement, a group that had started rallying at Market and Patrick streets earlier that evening. They waved thin blue line flags and signs supporting the sheriff’s office, while the protest organized by RISE waved signs calling to “defund the sheriff’s office” and end the 287(g) program.

Both groups — separated by a line of multiple Frederick police officers — spent time trading chants and yelling at each other, but the rallies remained peaceful. That process repeated itself when the two groups met moments later at the intersection of Market and Church streets.

Juan Perez was one of the members of the RISE rally. He said he’s had multiple friends harassed by sheriff’s deputies and believes racial profiling is an issue, and that people of color often have a difficult time trusting police.

“We just live here, we invest our money here, [and] we want to work here and be safe, without being in fear of 287(g),” Perez said.

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Steve Bohnel is the county government reporter for the Frederick News-Post. He can be reached at sbohnel@newspost.com. He graduated from Temple University, with a journalism degree in May 2017, and is a die-hard Everton F.C. fan.

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Defunding law enforcement is idiotic. On the other hand, based on what a few commenters have told me, we should fire every single LEO we have and hire all new ones. That way we would have many more LEOs for the same money.

That’s because I’ve been assured that anyone who ever served as a LEO is still a LEO. Apparently it doesn’t matter if they are actually employed as a LEO. David Dorn was the example repeatedly given by those commenters.


In order to balance the other headline, this one should read " Dozens gather to support anarchists and illegal immigration".





In the DC shooter case, did the State Police, or the Sheriff’s Deputies apprehend the two accomplices? It doesn’t matter!! Law Enforcement took care of it, and it was safe again. Yes, brilliant. Let’s defund Law Enforcement.




Does Sasha understand that a state trooper is not part of the Frederick County Sheriffs department? Her whole story makes no sense and the frederick news is happy to print it.


If we continue with a Sheriff's Department as the primary law enforcement principal we cannot defund the Department. We can set up a County law enforcement, same as Montgomery County. As article IV, Section 44 of the Maryland State Constitution requires a Sheriff Department we can limit it to specific duties assigned to it and only fund it for the specific duties. The County Police Department would be authorized under our County Charter and the Department would report to the CE. It is up to the County Council to set it up. And I don't see any other way to defund the Sheriff Department and still have adequate police enforcement. The Sheriff could still sign contracts authorized by the State, but without a budget would be severely limited. Of course they still could turn over any illegal immigrants to ICE, but they would not be doing the primary policing of the County.


I feel the Roxie santos case says it all. Her and her atty were paid a huge sum of money. All stemming from 287. Had Trumpkins never meddled with 287, the payout never would have necessitated.


Yeah, seems she's a millionaire now, thanks to the sheriff's efforts, huh Pb? By the way, you recently "reported" gabe for "name calling." What exactly do you thing your "trumpkins" reference is, if not name calling? The hypocritical pot meets the kettle, doesn't it?


Correction: What exactly do you "think" your...........


No correction necessary CD, typos are automatically forgiven.


The Santos case is like a worn out pair of shoes. You got a lot of mileage out of them, but went nowhere.


[lol][lol][lol][lol] never heard that one before. Love it. [lol][lol][lol][lol]


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Bunny!


Running in place can be good exercise, Bunny.


Immigration enforcement is not the duty or responsibility of local LE, local LE should not impede immigration enforcement operations locally but they shouldn't assist them either. Anyone with a shred of common sense and knowledge about Jenkins knows he can't be trusted to simply enforce 287g as it is on the books, he'll go above and beyond to please Trump.


Cooperation between all levels of law enforcement is a good thing not a bad thing. If you're worried about spending a few local dollars to support compliance with national laws you should be more worried then about the federal government no longer funding local issues.


Local LE is neither trained or equipped to handle federal immigration enforcement. Local LE is for policing the community, irrespective or civil and not criminal issues such as immigration status. This already occurred once locally with the whole Roxanna Santos issue, and she got a big pay out courtesy of Jenkins. Nobody is or should impede DHS operations locally and our federal tax dollars already go to that, but I'm not okay with paying twice the price when local LE is being employed to do what the feds should be doing.


vodalone, you're buying into plumbum's false argument, The original issue was two deputies arresting her on an outstanding deportation order (they considered it a warrant). Whenever someone is apprehended, a check on outstanding warrants is done, and if found, the person is taken into custody. The program you think is in effect nas not been so in twelve years. Nobody is arrested for being "illegal". If anyone's crime is serious enough that they are booked into the detention center, a background check is run. If there is an outstanding warrant on anyone, the FCSO notifies that jurisdiction that they have their fugitive. In the case if illegai immigrants who were booked into the detention center, that jurisdiction is ICE, and they come and collect the person, paying the costs of detaining the person. If you are interested in learning what the program entails, the links are below.




Gabriel - I simply don't believe local LE as long as it's run by Jenkins to enforce the program lawfully and correctly as you said when local officers misinterpreted a deportation order for an arrest warrant. I know what the program officially consists of, the problem is the implementation of the program and the fact it's already been proven through the Santos case that it's subjective to the leanings of a local LE policies or practices. DHS, ICE, HSI, etc. already have investigative and enforcement departments which we pay for as tax payers. Those branches have jurisdiction anywhere on US soil, no need for local LE to get involved.


Sheriff Jenkins was part of the ICE 287(g) Law Enforcement Task Force Program which allowed trained Deputies to enforce Immigration Laws and make arrests accordingly. Sheriff Jenkins was politely asked to leave the Program because he told ALL of his Deputies to inquire about the Immigration status of every “Brown” person they stopped, otherwise known as “Racial Profiling”, which BTW was the Program in place when two “untrained” Deputies arrested Santos. So you are correct vodalone, Sheriff Jenkins did abuse that Program.


Vodalone, you are wrong on multiple counts. The primary one is that LE is not enforcing the law. They are identifying those who have outstanding ICE warrants and notifying ICE to come pick them up before they are released.


Notice how the headlines differ and yet the crowd sizes were about the same? On the support for law enforcement side it was "Local residents gather" and on the anarchists side it was "Dozens gather".

At first glance on the print edition, it appears the anti-police crowd was bigger and a few people gathered to support the police.

Media bias?



No more bias than you calling the protesters anarchists. That is a L..untrue statement.

CD bias?



Didn't you just state the other day that this is an opinion forum? Should I dig around a little bit and find your quote? [ninja]


defunding the police is flat out stupid and ludicress ending 287 program is also stupid.this is one major place where our elected officials have to stand their ground and not capitulate to these idiots.


It’s spelled “ludicrous.”


Are you the sort who takes away the punch bowl just as the party is rocking?


Defund the police. Spend our money on making our communities better.


Such as Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, and NYC? Murders skyrocketing after the Democrat mayors surrendered their cities to the anarchists.[ninja]


That's right bosco, those cities are perfect examples of just how well things can work out when those pesky police just get out of the way and let the Summer of Love roll on! "Peace" "Love" and "Oh, burn that car over there."


You are advocating for criminalizing your own community. You wouldn’t do the same for your own family members, why do it to your neighbors.


The problems in those Cities are the result of 400 years of White Supremacists funneling Black people into overcrowded ghettos without opportunity to be educated or employed or learn the ways of a normal Society, which didn’t exist when they were slaves. White people caused it and White people must help to fix it. We can start right here in Frederick County MD CD.


All research and successful drug policies show

that treatment should be increased And law enforcement decreased while abolishing mandatory minimum sentences


Also, all the places you mentioned are places people want to be. They are economic & cultural Meccas. If I didn’t have to leave family & friends behind, I wouldn’t mind relocating to any of those cities in a heartbeat...maybe not Minneapolis.

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