With roughly seven months until the primary, the Republican race to win nomination for Maryland governor is beginning to heat up between the two candidates from Frederick County.

On Monday, former President Donald Trump endorsed Del. Dan Cox (R-Frederick) to succeed Gov. Larry Hogan, who is term limited. In his endorsement, the former president said Cox, who has backed false claims of a rigged presidential election, is “MAGA all the way through.”

Trump also bashed Hogan (R), whom he called a RINO — Republican In Name Only — while misspelling the name of Commerce Secretary Kelly Schulz, whom the former president said was "handpicked" by the governor. Schulz is also Frederick County resident who formerly represented the county in the state House of Delegates.

In a response over Twitter on Monday, Hogan said, “Personally, I’d prefer endorsements from people who didn’t lose Maryland by 33 points," and Schulz’s campaign Communications Director Mike Demkiw said in a statement that Schulz's “life experience, credentials and record of accomplishment make her uniquely qualified to lead this state.”

Then, during a press conference Tuesday, Hogan again spoke up for Schulz when asked about Trump's endorsement of Cox.

“She would make a great governor,” Hogan said of Schulz during the press conference. “I fully intend to get involved in helping her.”

The Republican governor then called Cox a “QAnon wackjob,” adding that support from Trump wouldn’t help the delegate’s chances of winning. The latter may be supported by a Goucher College poll published in October, which showed Marylanders were far more likely to support a Republican like Hogan than one like Trump when facing a moderate Democrat.

In a Facebook response, Cox accused the governor of defamation and called his rhetoric “childish.” Cox did not return a call for comment Tuesday from The News-Post. 

The District 4 delegate is well known for his ardent support of Trump, and during his first term in the General Assembly, Cox unsuccessfully sued Hogan over the state’s COVID restrictions, expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy theory and compared a mental health bill to the Holocaust.

He also tweeted during the Jan. 6 insurrection of the U.S. Capitol that then-Vice President Mike Pence was a traitor for certifying the 2020 presidential election results, something Hogan referenced during his remarks on Tuesday.

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Cox will not win Maryland. He's too extreme for a Democratic State. Hogan won because he was more in the middle of the road (until recently) And the State was done with O' Malley and his tax hikes.


GOP primary heats up?


Continues slow burn into oblivion in Maryland?



Nope! Couldn't think a a worse candidate for the governor's office.


Perhaps Blaine?


Cox should embrace the fact that he is a Qanon wackjob. Why would he deny it after everything he has said and done? That should be his campaign slogan.


Cox is yet another Trumpist loser.


Cox is certifiably nuts! He is totally incompetent. He was at the insurrection so of course Trump loves him. Scary!




So Trump is a sucker for Cox? Who would've guessed?


At least now I know one Republican I will not vote for.


If you are going to rely on an endorsement from Trump, in Maryland, you might as well not run. Hogan is right and if Trump gets the Republican primary nomination, for POTUS, Hogan is likely to run to take away Republican votes from Trump. Neither one would win, but that would not be Hogan's objective.


Very astute point DickD. Betcha Trump and Cox never even thought of the issue you just raised. [smile]

I could see numerous Repubs running simply to siphon away votes from Trump to save their party for the long term. Get enough to siphon 3% here, 4% there and 2% elsewhere and poof! There goes the election into the loss column.

You a smartie DickD.



You are absolutely correct about the first part. A Trump endorsement in Maryland would be a death knell. Ms. Schulz did an excellent job as as Commerce Secretary.

As an aside, In Maryland and somewhat in the FNP we get a distorted view of what is happening on a national level. Although a majority of Republicans want Trump to continue to be a voice less than half of Republicans support another run for President. They support the voice that opposes the America bashing, the media manipulation, errant immigration policies, lawlessness in the cities, progressive education policies, historic revisionism, election irregularities etc. etc. But for President I bet there is a good chance the Republican nominee will be more like Ms. Schulze than Mr. Cox.


Historic revisionism? Having worked at two CW battlefields for ten years, I can tell you that if there is "revisionism" going on now it is to correct the revisionism that started right after the war ended. I heard it all the time - "it wasn't about slavery" despite that fact that the seceding states said at the outset that it was all about slavery. I've seen the photos and heard the whitewashing of lynching of blacks after the war - photos of the black bodies hanging in trees while dozens of white faces stand around and make no pretense of pretending they didn't know what was happening.

I will revise the heck out of any history that glosses over what's really happened, up to and including the present. There was no stolen election. Media manipulation comes from the dangerous lies the likes of the antivaxers and "the election was stolen" liars, not from the media trying to correct the lies.


jsk - I hope you don't believe the stuff ytou wrote after your sentence that starts with "They support...."


So you all would prefer that Trump not run for re-election in deference to a younger guy like Cox?


I think Cox's goal has always been to get notoriety so he can get a job with Trump or a gig on a conservative talk show. He should be thanking Hogan for pointing out that he is a Qanon wackjob.


Similar to Bongino




yup, birds of a feather....


So please explain how, if Trump gets the Republican nomination, Hogan could run and take away votes? If Hogan ran as an Independent, who is going to vote for him? Outside of Maryland, Hogan is for all intents and purposes, an unknown. Probably half of the voters in Maryland don't know who Hogan is. So a Hogan run, as an Independent, might get your vote, and the vote of a few other disaffected voters, but it would be nothing more than a drop of rain in a thunderstorm.


Just slice me off 3 to 4% of Republican voters. You may call that a drop of rain in a thunderstorm, but it would ensure a Democrat victory. And Hogan is well known outside Maryland. If we know of Jeff Flake from Arizona, even Arizonians know Hogan. Two respectable Repubs.

Bet yet, give me Romney, Hogan and Cheney as Independents in 2024. Repubs would get crushed. The three of them could take 10% of the Republican vote and a bunch of states into the Democratic win column.

bhall74, awaken to the what true Repubs are willing to do to save their party. Do not get tricked by Cox, Bongino, or the Wetern MD nutcase whose name I forget.


Cox is a QANON wackjob. By any commonsensical interpretation of the word wackjob.

How is Governor Hogan defaming him? The truth may hurt, but it is the truth. This Cox nutcase sure likes tying up the court system.

Cox is also a dozen more swampy, Trumpy and repugnant things than a wackjob. One thing he is not is a reputable, realistic and respected candidate for any office, much less the Maryland governorship.


It’s not necessarily someone’s fault that they are delusion— but I’m sure not voting for them.


Will someone who has his interests at heart please tell him he has gotta do something to fix his teeth as he pursues higher office? If he truly is a lawyer with a respectable lawyer income, it is just not a good look here. He really needs to get those pearlies straightened and whitened for folks to start taking him seriously. My views on him will never change, but my goodness, it may help sway others?

I highly recommend he take the next election cycle off, focus on some dental work, and re-engage in 2024 if he deems it appropriate. Or take on some side jobs to bring in more income, just not in Pennsylvania. Trust me, a pretty face helps a lot at the ballot box.


Probably too much of that mediocre Mission BBQ.


Tough crowd tonight, public-redux. Tough crowd. [whistling]


What I want to know is, does he stand for the American flag every time? Or only when others can see him doing it?


He has bigger problems than his teeth.


Astute point senorris. I constantly strive to keep myself outta trouble by only opining on what is clearly obvious to the naked eye, but you make a good point here.


Some advice for Cox's handlers or Chief of Staff regarding FNP stock photos...

"Women want their men well groomed and sans excessive body hair, according to Philips India's annual Stylescape Survey.

The survey is based on responses by 450 males and 350 females in the age group of 25 to 30 in key metros.

A good 65% of women surveyed are against the idea of excessive body hair and 72% prefer men with a well groomed chest, says the fourth annual survey, conducted by IPSOS in March 2015 for Philips India.

The survey sheds light on the fact that women are becoming observant of grooming while men are increasingly opening up to body grooming. Also, contrary to popular belief, men nowadays are immensely careful about their looks and are looking for body grooming solutions or gadgets to address this issue.

When asked whether they would be comfortable if their partner had chest hair showing from his sexy V-neck tee, 32% of women said they would refuse to step out of the house. Another 30% would, however, try to convince their partner to clean the hair before stepping out."

Bad photos cost votes. Even a non-political regular Joe like me knows this. And if 62% of women have issues with men's body hair before being willing to step out of the house, Cox needs better photos, trust me!

Doesn’t he also just look a tad constipated ? Look at his smile, it looks like he’s constipated…


Good point, P.W., you might say he is full of it!


Let's take the high road and not criticize someone's teeth or whether they look constipated, please.


Threecents, I am shocked. These two observations, coupled with the chest hair look, will lose him votes if not corrected. If his handlers have not figured out FNP stock photos are doing him damage, we the readers must point this out to help him.

You cannot hide the truth when it is in plain sight. Voters put personal hygiene up there with God & Country & Guns.

Haircut also a bit off in the pic, but decent shave it appears.

Race, creed, sexual orientation should always be off limits. But not teeth, chest hair and a grimace.

But threecents you have to wonder if that was the FNP's intent when they used this photo? Of all the photos they have of Cox...they used this one??? This is comedy gold if you ask me? Can't blame me or Happy that we like to pan for gold?

I do wonder if Mr. Cox is happy with the photo? So that the next time FNP runs a story about him they will have plenty of other photos available to them? LOL

Otherwise Happy and I will write our own captions...

This is my caption to Mr. Cox's expression...feel free to steal this you meme makers

"When you are as constipated as I am.... you can only smile this far"..or else?


A genuinely polite WW would perhaps be more demure. Maybe you need another new posting name.

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