Mayor Randy McClement stressed the city’s recent economic developments Monday evening, using Carroll Creek as the backdrop for his speech.

The mayor took his State of the City address outside to Carroll Creek despite looming clouds, promising to give next year’s address at the same location to show the area’s development over the next 12 months.

“I plan on using tonight as a before picture, and ... I will be holding the State of the City address right here next year to give you the after picture,” McClement said in his speech.

When asked afterward if Carroll Creek Linear Park would be complete for next year’s State of the City address, McClement said he believed the area would be developed for the most part.

“It’ll be pretty darn close to completion — enough to see the difference,” he said.

McClement also highlighted the city’s mindful spending, including the development of Freecycle Roundup, an initiative that encourages residents to bring bulk items to a designated area, a cheaper alternative to curbside pickup of bulk trash.

“The Freecycle Roundup is not perfect, but the cost to the city is less than $10,000 ... a saving to the city taxpayers of over $230,000,” he said.

Bulk trash is Frederick’s biggest issue, according to Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak. While the initiative is a good idea, not everyone has the resources or means to haul bulk items to the designated location, she said.

McClement said the program is popular, noting the local nonprofits that sort through the pile for items worth saving “bring bigger and bigger trucks every time.”

Kuzemchak said that although she enjoyed McClement’s speech, the mayor’s goals to develop Monocacy Boulevard and Carroll Creek are old news.

“I don’t see anything new happening,” Kuzemchak said.

Alderman Philip Dacey said he is looking forward to viewing the developments of Carroll Creek Linear Park at next year’s address.

“I think he gave a good vision ... and I’m excited to come back and see the tangible benefits,” he said.

Alderman Michael O’Connor said the mayor’s speech captured the state of Frederick today, stressing the need to address certain issues, such as improving the code enforcement reporting system.

“I absolutely concur with the state of the city — strong, but not perfect,” he said.

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Extra Ignored

Decades have passed since the golf course opened, 1991, and it is still being refinanced instead of being paid in full.


$50 million to build a park ?- what a waste of taxpayers money. That amount of money could have gone to more important issues. For example, some of that could have gone to the bulk trash removal situation. Everyone that I speak to thinks the same thing about this upcoming park and that is that it will be a hangout for undesirables and will be a draw for crime. So, meetings are to be held for people to give their opinion on what is to be built? How about that it shouldn't be built in the first place? I know that this issue was already discussed a few weeks ago in the FNP. I thought, though, that the land was still pending as to what the city was going to do with it. I thought that housing was to be built on part of it, anyway. Well, regardless, I'm not for development anyway. For one thing, these roads around here were never intended for this many people.

Remember that jogging/walking/biking paths attract crime.

I agree with everybody regarding those stupid bike lanes.


Nothing was mentioned about the land the city annexed?????


He should have mentioned the city financial condition, the Hargett Farm and blighted areas. A person would think some Fortune 500 companies would be in place by now on The Monocacy Boulevard and Carroll Creek.. The Carroll Creek Linear Park sounds like a LOSER. The hotel and Convention Center idea should be ditched now????? The city needs to get back to the basic needs of the people, and not all the grandeur projects.


He couldn't mention those things because he had nothing positive to report on them. It isn't likely that McClement is ever going to discuss something that will have a negative impact on his administration.


So the city wasted $40,000 for the basically unused bike lane on 7th Street from McDonald's to Fort Detrick and so something as important as bulk pickup goes to "bring it yourself," tough if you can't? I also wonder how much the Fall leave pickup program costs the city? It's got to be more than $230,000 and yet the leaves could be bagged just like the lawn clippings but driving home in the fall all I drive past is leaves piled high in the street that may or may not be picked up before the wind scatters them about. I also see bike lanes in places that surely don't look safe for any bicyclist trying to compete with vehicles. I've been in truly bike-friendly areas of the country and slapping paint on the road with a bicycle symbol does NOT make Frederick streets bicycle friendly. Clearly it was not planned out by bicyclists.


[thumbup][thumbup] Like putting lipstick on a pig.....


You can thank Alderman Russell for the expensive and useless bike lanes. What is interesting is that many, if not most of the new bike lanes are on roads that are much too dangerous for people to bike on.

It's a sad note on the priorities of this administration that they would chose to spend money on bike lanes for the few rather than on bulk pick up for the many.


Other than events on Carroll Creek, what's the main draw or attraction to go there ???... When was the last time the mayor was at the Creek before this speech ???...Just Askin'...Me


Hey Mayor Randy and Aldermen,
Do the citizens of Frederick City a huge favor and brong back bulk pickup; at least once a year!


Ho hum, another 4 years of ineffectual governing. I don't understand why people seem to be surprised by McClement's form of governing. Following the past 4 years of lackluster and ineffectual governing the voters should have known it would be more of the same if he was reelected. Now they complain? Where were your voices on election day?


I inquired as to perhaps we [ neighborhoods, or H.O.As] should subcontract out for trash removal in addition to the city pick up.
I as told if we do that, NO trash would be picked up. It is part of the Frederick city rules on trash removal.
So.,.., we tried,, and once again we are dealing with rules that acualy hurt the population, Kind of like the zonning and building regulations.

Do you realize you need a permit to buld a fence in the back yard..But no permit, or reguations regarding putting in a sidewalk from the house to the city sidewalk,. I is still legal to use wooden sidewalks here in Fredrick,


I too am one of the many who miss the bulk trash pick ups. The roundup/recycle events are a good idea and a plus for the non profits. But for those of us who don't have a pickup or SUV, can't really participate if anything to throw out is bigger than a box or 2. Certainly can't bring a table or such in our small sedan. That is my complaint about this resolution, it helps but still doesn't address the issue for all of us. Thanks Donna K for stating that. Maybe the non profits could pick up too like the veteran's group or others that send those mailers.


If this article reflects the substance of the Mayor's speech... this is truly pathetic. Freecycle roundup and development of the creek... that's the big take away!?! Is Randy aware the city extends beyond City Hall, Carroll Creek and Baker Park? Just more of the same from Mayor Do Nothing.

Ed Hinde

Please tell me that was a misquote! Bulk trash is the city's biggest problem? How about traffic and road safety, our bad water, our lack of higher quality jobs to keep residents here as opposed to commuting, our lack of affordable housing, our absurdly high fees for new businesses to open. The list goes on and on.


Thank you Donna K. for bringing up the trash issues.
None of the areas were built to handle what has happened for increased amounts of people living in what "Used" to be standard neighborrhoods,, except the few such as more well off financialy.
We have all see our culture degrade,, and now even the new commers to our country dont like it. They too have seen more garbage, more litter and stuff thrown around,, They too have financial interests in houses.
The bulk trash problem is way out of control. with no one at the helm.


BTW, the litter and trash issue are created by the "new commers to our country". Come over to West Frederick and see for your self or better yet travel to their countries to experience it first hand. This is not their home so they have no interest in keeping it clean.


They were never taught the benefits of cleanliness. Ergo disease and pollution are their norms.


Sour - It is incredibly ignorant to blame trash issues on "new commers". There is an existing and growing disease among many of Frederick County's residence to blame others for the problems that need to be solved. I've seen many old, rusty cars sitting on properties; properties with piles of "stuff" stacked against the sides of homes; and homes with vastly overgrown and unattended brush. I've also seen some of these owners and I'm pretty sure they're not "new commers". Why do you find it so easy to blame others?

BMedic - How do you know what "they" were taught? Have you spoken with all of "them" to know what "their norms" are? Stop spreading these stupid misperceptions; they don't provide any benefit other than to oddly make you feel better.

My parents came from a poor country - a country that has been ridiculed by many Americans for their "diseases" and "trash/pollution". Yet we were never raised with any understanding that it was a norm there or here. I have many friends from there and other poor countries, and I have never witnessed anything to determine from them that these are norms in their lives.

Quit insulting our intelligence with you grossly inaccurate and misinformed opinions.

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