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The city of Frederick’s new logo.

Mayor Michael O’Connor will hold a press briefing at 9 a.m. Monday in the City Hall boardroom to address concerns over a recent city branding program.

Details of what will be announced were not available Friday.

One element of the program that has been the subject of debate in recent weeks is a new logo said to represent the city of Frederick. Residents and officials alike have been outspoken about their distaste for the design of it, and the future of the emblem will be addressed Monday morning, according to Alderman Roger Wilson.

“I do not want to see that logo representing Frederick,” Wilson said Friday afternoon. “That logo doesn’t capture the essence of what we are and who we are in Frederick.

“I’m not in favor of this logo,” he continued, “and we’ll see what decision the mayor has made on Monday.”

Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak said Friday that while she was unaware of Monday’s briefing, she does feel that there are misconceptions about the branding program, most notably the idea that the $45,000 used to pay North Star for the branding effort, was actually $45,000 used to pay for only the logo.

“I didn’t like the logo from the minute I saw it,” she said. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the branding efforts, which I think are worthwhile. The $45,000 was for the entire process, and it could be helpful for us in the end. I would love to see the logo go away, yes, but I don’t think the branding efforts are inconsequential.”

The logo up for debate currently features a lowercase “f” and four colors, green, yellow, blue and red, which are said to pay tribute to the city’s history and character. It was presented to the city in early May by North Star, which is based in both Jacksonville, Florida, and Nashville, Tennessee, and has since sparked a sea of disapproval from residents.

“My main question regarding the logo is, why?” city resident Ellen Byrne, a freelance illustrator, told The News-Post last week. “I just don’t understand why it was needed; nothing about it says ‘Frederick’ other than the text beneath the logo. The whole look and feel is just Southwestern, in my head.”

Yet, even with the backlash, Kuzemchak remained optimistic that the branding effort as a whole could ultimately be a net positive for the city of Frederick in the long run.

“I don’t think there was any harm meant, and I think the mayor was doing what he thought was best,” she said. “The way to own a mistake is to fix it, so let’s not lose sight of the good things that could come from all this.”

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I’d be interested to hear whether the out of town vendor’s travel expenses were billed extra on top of the $45,000 fee, and if so, how much. Having worked in the consulting world my entire career, I can say it’s standard practice to bill expenses extra. Hope one of the press briefing attendees will ask about that.


It's pretty clear that city officials are going to reconsider this new logo. It's time to move on to something more important like solving traffic congestion.


This LOGO mess is bad as the NEW HOTEL/CONVENTION CENTER in Frederick. The voters need to wake up in the next election?? A clean sweep is needed.


Agreed, a clean sweep is needed. However, just fire O'connor now, why wait for the election.

Crusty Frederick Man 64

The really sad part other than this logo being a joke is that the $45,000 is only a drop in the bucket of the wasteful spending that is being done by the city officials.


Is it facing right or left?


Not sure why Donna wants to go down with the sinking ship. I wish she had said what she thinks the branding process has accomplished, other than the logo. I enthusiastically voted for her, so I am waiting. To me the whole process looks bad. It looks like a back room quest for style without substance.

Comment deleted.

Kelly, So you really want to help spread KMRD1's rumor? Is it based on any evidence, or did you just smell blood?


"Let's all not lose sight of all the good things that can come of this." You kidding me??? You cannot cure stupidity. Just deal with it. Kuzemcheck seems to be turning a blind eye to a complete disaster and abuse of $45K of taxpayer dollars. Creative committee? Branding effort? You can keep on spinning this, but it keeps on coming up smelling like rotten milk. Plus, a whole artistic community in Frederick City feels neglected, passed over and dissed. Sure, take a lowest bit from out of pay lowball dollars, you get a substandard product or service. I wonder what other contracts have been let under $50K no one may seem to know about? As for this $45K, it would be good to know every individual involved, and the extent of the involvement...maybe though an open sunshine records request FNP? Somebody has a paper trail of all of this somewhere, as well as key decisions, and who exactly participated. The entire city council is Democrat. Maybe the Frederick City taxpayers need some outside apolitical investigators and legal folks look into this to uncover the whole truthful story.


Oh, brother. Embrace the bandwagon. All abooooard


DW, What is your deal in this? I get the feeling you are holding something back.




What a waste of taxpayers money.


Plus this still hasn’t been addressed. According to Jennifer Dougherty, Mayor O'connor's wife Tammy designed the first version of f-logo and then the design firm was hired to polish it up. This is probably why the "creative team" was not fully named."


It has been addressed by Tammy and by the mayor. The former says she had nothing to do with the logo and the latter says the rumor is a lie.


You can read into this article. Roger Wilson is setting himself up to run for County Exec on the Dem Ticket to replace Jan, and Donna is still trying to clear herself of spending $10K to remove statues and money wasted on the witch hunt at Cluster Spires to cover up a affair. OMG and we talk about Trump, but the Dems are just as bad in Fredneck and they are trying to proport the Repubs.


OK, time for everyone to "join the story" as the new logo encourages us to. This is the story of a duck. Who ate a rotten french fry from last year's GFF. The duck got constipated and his tail twisted up in knots. The poor duck is now flying east to west as it is letting out loud squawks of pain. Eventually, he sheds all his feathers and, lo and behold, he is not a duck...he is a sick parrot! OK, i joined the story of Frederick. Come join with me! We can be livin' large in lower case!


Nope. Texas Longhorns with one down turned, representing future and past, with Zuni hieroglyphs stating Join the Story. Yep, that's it.


Every town and city in the world has blue skies/ water, green fields or hills and a golden market square. There is absolutely nothing about this that is specific to Frederick. It’s an insult to our intelligence. Maybe they can market this to Fresno.


Folks - keep in mind - $45k is only just a start.

It will cost hundred of thousands of dollars a to reletter the city cars and trucks and equip, new shirts and uniforms, new signs, new letterhead and envelopes, etc etc etc


Come on now Kelly -- it's all worth it because...BRANDING! [rolleyes]


Interesting that they could find an out of state graphic designer but cehpw could not find an out of state hotel developer


The Mayor says that the logo was a minor component of a larger 'branding' project which he says was very successful. And good value for the $45,000. If that is the case why have we heard and seen nothing of the results of this larger branding project? The contract with North Star provided for about ten reports or work products. Why haven't they been released? If North Star's work is as valuable as the Mayor says, you'd think he would be talking them up and that they'd be available for download on the City website.


It would be interesting to see an explanation of what "branding" means in this context.


I was wondering/thinking the same thing.


The logo is so awful I bet even Donna Kuzemchak could have done a better job. And that is saying something!




I am not in favor of the logo, but business people understand that there is more to a branding than just a logo. It is one piece of a comprehensive strategy. Let's see what other details come out. Glad to hear that the mayor is listening to the people.


So, what did they get for the $45 000?


The got a small case F....


DickD: good question. Answer: A 'branding project' about which no details have been released.... apart from the F-logo. Nothing more has been 'rolled out' yet.


I have absolutely no artistic skills, but for $45,000 I'd design a better logo. In fact, I'd do it for $4.50.


Most likely it would be better too.


No thanks.

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