Frederick County Republicans got a visit from one of their party’s most prominent members of Congress on Friday, along with a spirited defense of President Donald Trump.

“Freedom is under attack in America,” Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said Friday night at the Frederick County Republican Central Committee’s annual Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner, at Linganore Winery.

Republicans have to defend the principles of faith, family, and freedom that have always made America great, he told the enthusiastic crowd of about 200 people gathered in an upstairs event hall at the winery.

He named censorship by major technology companies, suppression of speech on college campuses, and allegations of FBI spying on the Trump campaign as some of the most troubling issues facing conservatives and the country.

With more than five billion internet searches each day, tech companies can have a big impact on American society, Jordan said.

“The potential for mischief is pretty darn big,” he said.

Meanwhile, the country has thrived under Trump’s leadership, he said, listing tax cuts, eliminated government regulations, the state of the economy, and the confirmation of Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh as accomplishments of Trump’s presidency.

Jordan serves as the top-ranking Republican on the House of Representative’s Oversight and Reform Committee, and on the Judiciary Committee.

Central Committee Chairman Craig Giangrande said he thinks Jordan’s position on the Oversight committee gives him a unique perspective and insight on what’s happening in Washington, D.C.

Giangrande said he was happy with the turnout, especially for a non-election year.

Before Jordan’s speech, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins said he was looking forward to hearing what the congressman had to say, but expected he would play to his audience.

“This is red meat to the crowd,” Jenkins said.

Committee Treasurer JoeyLynn Hough said she asked Jordan to speak at the dinner at the Prince George’s County Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner.

She said she really likes Jordan, who’s a member of the House Freedom Caucus along with West Virginia congressman Alex Mooney (R), for whom Hough’s husband Michael, a state senator from Frederick and Carroll counties, works as chief of staff.

“I believe in the truth. I think that’s really important,” Hough said of her support for Jordan.

Mooney, who represented Frederick and Washington counties in the Maryland Senate from 1999 through 2011, drove up with Jordan from Washington, D.C. and stayed for the beginning of the event.

Linganore wasn’t part of his Senate district, but the dinner offered a chance to see a lot of old friends and supporters, Mooney said.

Michael Hough said that Maryland’s location next to Washington offers Republicans a chance to get speakers like Jordan, even in a state where most voters are Democrats.

In his introduction of Jordan, Hough praised the congressman for being “unwavering in standing up for the values that make this country great.”

Rather than talking about the evils of socialism, a popular conservative characterization of various liberal policy proposals, Jordan urged the audience to focus on what the world would be like without freedom.

A college champion wrestler, he told them to prepare to face adversity in defending their beliefs.

“Understand it will be hard. Nothing worth doing is ever easy,” he said.

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Ryan Marshall is the transportation and growth and development reporter for the News-Post. He can be reached at

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Aside from wealthy male landowners, whose freedoms has he protected? And is he going to protect him like he protected the Ohio students who asked him for help when their team doctor was abusing them?


Tax cuts, baloney! For large corporations and billionaires yes, not for the middle class and creating a huge deficit that the rest of us will have to pay is against normal Republican party ideas. It's a disaster.


Seems like Jordan has decided to base his entire claim on lies and a complete misunderstanding of the constitution. Censorship is mot happening in public school. If its happening in private schools its for the same reason as the tech companies. The constitution and its first amendment only applies to the government not private business. So there is no attack on freedom of speech. And the spying on the trump campaign is also a baseless claim. Nice to see how easy it is for liars to work up an ignorant croed. A big red carpet for the return of fascism.


I wasn't fired up at all.


Jim Jordon 2024- [thumbup]




Lines are being drawn in the sand ...


I'm sorry liberals...I understand why you are angry...Maybe in 2024 you folks can elect another immoral


I find it"odd" to be writing of "immoral buffoons" in a post that I think was meant to defend Jordan, Trump, and the current state of the Republican leadership. (And, "odd" might be too kind a word here......just sayin')


Trump can't run in 2024, unless you are conceding Trump losing in 2020. [lol]


All the right wing nuts at one location. God help us all!


what brilliant insight by the esteemed sherf.


The liberals cannot understand anybody smarter than they are???


[rolleyes] You really think that is possible, ely?


Trump, speaking at a rally in West Virginia on Saturday night, said both leaders took tough positions at their June summit.

"I was really tough and so was he, and we went back and forth," Trump told an adoring crowd of thousands at Wesbanco Arena in Wheeling. "And then we fell in love, OK? No, really, he wrote me beautiful letters, and they’re great letters. We fell in love.”.......this is YOUR GUY elymus......I guess he got rejected by Porn Stars and Playboy Bunnies and had to settle for Won Hung Lo....that’s Kim Jong Un translated into English.


BTW elymus, how many Liberals are there in North Korea? or Russia? or China? or Saudi Arabia? or Syria? or Iran? or any Dictatorship? I guess getting more Liberals in Frederick is a good thing. Better Government, better schools i.e. Urbana, higher incomes, happier people. And if your definition of “smarter than they are” are people at Trump Rallies chanting “lock ‘er up” “lock ‘er up” “lock ‘er up” 😂🤣🤮😹


just another drooling sycophant that that can't think for himself. see ya, clown.


It was fun to watch this bloviating idiot on the day the House Judiciary voted to hold William Barr in contempt of Congress. Looks like the light bulb lit for a moment there, as he made his vote and skulked out of the Committee, with a big smile on his face, trying to figure out how to take "his leave" and save face, as the Committee did its job, with America watching. Finally the realization hit him (OK, it took awhile), but he just woke up to find that his main business of protecting the president is now defunct, and he's completely irrelevant (which is why he found himself up in Frederick Co. last night). Definitely someone the great Republicans of Frederick County can look up to. They embarrassed themselves with this one. So much for the great party of Lincoln.


True, but please don't associate Lincoln with the current Republican wackos.


Frederick is becoming another jackass liberal town....Jim Jordan is a refreshing change from this towns liberal bull crap :)


poor bobi. go to your safe space and put on your pink ribbon. things will be ok.


What a disgusting individual. I’m sorry he was anywhere near Frederick.


“Truth” and “Jim Jordan” is an OXYMORON!! I double down on FCPS-Principal’s comment below.




Just another no-good stinking rat. And cronic liar. Yes, our freedoms are under attack, but by Republicans, not private companies. Private companies have no ability to limit our freedoms, but Republicans do, and they use it.


Jim is on his "lock up your sons" tour, I guess

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