Planners OK town center plan

This aerial photograph looks south with Green Vallley Rd. at the left. The large field in the center is the bulk of the proposed 457-acre Monrovia Town Center where 1500 new homes could be built. Staff photo by Sam Yu

At the end of a four-hour public hearing Wednesday night, the Frederick County Planning Commission unanimously agreed that development guidelines for the Monrovia Town Center are consistent with the county's comprehensive plan.

The vote came after hours of cross-examination and final pleas from residents opposed to the development's construction. They had concerns about traffic, overcrowding of schools and public safety, but wondered if their concerns were falling on deaf ears. Residents also argued that an 18-year DRRA is "bad public policy," but planners disagreed.

The development rights and responsibilities agreement will now go to the Board of County Commissioners, where the majority of members have previously expressed support for the project.

"I really wish you were listening to us," said Mary Brandenburg, of Monrovia. "I really wish I could believe you cared."

Meaghan Holahan, of Monrovia, shared Brandenburg's sentiment.

"The truth is we trusted people we shouldn't have," Holahan said of elected officials.

Holahan said she canned her original speech before the meeting began because she felt her opinion would not change the opinions of the planning commission. Others felt the same way, even though commissioners said they still care about the concerns of the community. 

"I promise you I care about what I do," Commissioner Dwaine E. Robbins said at Wednesday night's hearing. "I promise you I come prepared to make decisions."

Those sentiments were shared by Anthony Bruscia and the rest of the commission before the final vote Wednesday night.

On March 19, the Frederick County Planning Commission gave the green light to a revised zoning map for the Monrovia Town Center development.

The recommendation came after the Board of County Commissioners asked the developer to make changes. Monrovia Town Center developer Roy Stanley agreed to modify the plans.

The relationship between Stanley's attorney, Rand Weinberg, and Frederick County Commissioners President Blaine Young was questioned Wednesday night by some Monrovia residents. They wanted to know about a dinner the men had before a public hearing in January.

Young defended himself Wednesday, noting his transparency and his meal choice.

"For the record, I had sweet and sour chicken and egg drop soup," Young said, explaining that the men only discussed their children and not the development. 

The proposed development was downsized from 1,510 homes to 1,250 homes. Of the 1,250 dwellings, half would be slated for residents older than 55. Also included in the changes: Multifamily or two-over-two dwelling types will not be permitted. The homes will be 70 percent single-family detached houses and 30 percent single-family attached/townhouses. There will be no access to Weller Road from the development, including a park area and high school site.

Even with the changes, residents in opposition were not happy with the plan, which will now be reconsidered by the Board of County Commissioners.

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What a shame that nobody listened to the residents. Almost as if they've all got tunnel vision.


How come nobody mentions the people whom owned the property to begin with? Should all the blame fall on the politicians? The politicians behavior is expected however if you are a property owner some common sense is warranted. If you own let say 300-1000 acres what do you expect is going to happen when somebody comes in & buys your land?


Like they in Monrovia said in a previous meeting, "never elected again!" That was to Commissioner Young and the others on the BOCC with the exception of Commissioner Gray.


Does it conform to the Comp Plan? Yes or No is all the Planning Commission is supposed to do


The comp plan was changed by this BoCC. Shocker!


Been a growth area for decades. What are you talking about?


Talking about changes to the comp plan. Were there?

Comment deleted.



Regardless of how you feel about the current PC and BOCC, let's not jump on the Gray/Gardner bandwagon. How quickly people forget about Mr. Gray's own little land development project out in Walkersville - and yes, he only got 5 lots on 5 acres - but only because he was denied annexation into the town of Walkersville which would have given him an increase in density by being hooked up to public water and sewer. And yes, it was "only" 4 or 5 lots - but don't get all high and mighty on the anti development bandwagon when you are going to do the same thing - for profit - on your self imposed 4 year "sabbatical" from from the BOCC. And Jan was a huge supporter of Urbana and let's not forget her last 4 years as a commissioner - not only the "reopening" of the Comprehension Plan (which has already cost millions of dollars in lawsuits filed by property owners that were down zoned illegally) but the incinerator. You don't like who's on the BOCC? Anyone should be able to respect that and in many ways agree - but let's not bring back what we tried to get rid of in the first place. It's time for some new faces up there. ALL new faces.


I'm very happy to be on the Gray / Gardner bandwagon, also known as the honest politician bandwagon.

Urbana was first zoned for residential development in the 1960s, when Ms. Gardner was probably still in grade school.

Monrovia is STILL zoned agricultural, although Blaine Young will change that at the next BOCC meeting.

If the Gardner BoCC was sued, it was because she stood with Frederick County taxpayers by standing up to developers.

Everyone who knows Jan and David know they are people of the highest integrity. Which makes them completely different than Blaine Young.


But the reality is that Gray's property was already ENCOMPASSED by the existing developments Glade Manor, Glade Manor II, and Fountain Rock Manor. There are two houses (on small lots) next to Grays property that were not within the Walkersville Town Limits. Yet, while all this was going on, Sun Meadows was already slated for development.

So yeah, Gray sub-divided 5 acres, but it didn't create any negative impact on the area, as it's encompassed by FOUR separate developments.


what an absolute travesty these "executives" are. The arrogance of Ba'Lane to tell everyone he had sweet an sour chicken at dinner that night and then proceed to lie on record. How condescending can you possibly be? Ba'lane is no different than a majority of the sociopaths that hold office, whether it be local, state or federal. They're drunk on their own power with delusions of grandeur. FA Hayek talked about people like Ba'lane in his classic "Road To Serfdom". Read Chapter 13 "Why The Worst Rise to The Top". Having listened to Ba'lane for the better part of 5 years, I'd gander the man doesn't read much.

As a registered (R) (not that it means anything anymore), it is imperative that this clown show gets the heave ho. On a national and state level there is not much any of us can do other then help rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. Locally though, there is a lot that can be done. It's simple, the story needs to be framed and sold to the old timers of how idiotic, incompetent & self serving this crew is, over & over & over & over.


Even though Ba'Lane write the dirty campaign cookbook, he will not win the CE seat.

He has lost the votes of the county employees that he layed off, along with their family, friends, relatives, and neighbors.

Referring to a youth basketball referee is one whom performs vulgar sex acts lost Ba'Lane some votes.

The hiring of Tobin for a pretend position, cost Ba'Lane some votes.

The sale of the nursing homes hurt Ba'Lane the worst, in terms of votes.

The new development in Monrovia has cost Ba'Lane votes from the southern part of Frederick Co.

The $100 tax rebate scam backfired and blew up in Ba'Lanes face. He lost respect for that.

He may have a lot of campaign money, but So many mis-conceptions. Lets the polls don't allow dollar bills to cast votes.

Ba'Lane was going around stealing signs from the Monrovia yards, so I'm sure he'll be going around stealing the pencils from the voting booths.....

miss e

I Knew this would happen. When political "representatives" eliminate theethics committee so they dont have to account for their conflicts of interest, no good can come. Its just too bad that because of 4 people who refuse to listen to their constituents, our small towns will be ruined. Blood money spends just like money earned I suppose.



Comment deleted.

Blaine threatened moving to WVa because we are becoming too MoCo. You know, all that development on the border drawing white van labor, traffic, people who ask questions/show up at hearings and don't understand the value of a bar room raffles, fire house money wheels and Praise Be Christmas Cash for Kermit.


It doesn't matter if the Planning Commissioners "care." After all, each Commissioner claimed to "care" just before casting a vote for the unanimous 7-0 to approve the 18 year DRAA.

What does matter is that each Planning Commissioner does his/ her job with independence and integrity--each doing due diligence and coming to a decision only after having independently reviewed and studied all the information and facts on the record. That did not remotely occur last evening with the rush to get a vote and all the empty talk about how much they "care."


another name for this which I find humorous is "white flight" hahahaha


Sad, but true.


Seems like the white flight went south to Virginia this year.

They had more school days off than we did this year.


Not a chance. Jan will win pretty easy. If she terminates the incinerator proposal it will be a slam dunk.

jill king

After all, she is the one that put us on the hook for the project. If she abandons the idea, she has already cost the taxpayers millions. Seems she wanted the land and to stop a mosque from coming to the area. Odd how people forget.


Jan got the ball rolling on the incinerator but do you think the current developer puppets will say no to Wheelabrator. Blaine had Chinese food with Monrovia developers, imagine what Wheelabrator could/has serve(d) up.


Sure is a good thing Blaine Young told Carroll County to either commit to the WTE or Frederick County would collaborate with one of its many other partners.


Discussion on Pursuit of Solid Waste Options

The Frederick County Commissioners contacted the Carroll County Commissioners regarding the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Northeast Waste Disposal Authority regarding the Waste-to-Energy Facility. Frederick County asked if it would be possible for Carroll County to get to the next point where Frederick County...


as much as I hate to say it.. I do believe ba-laine will win the county executive seat and I also believe that the good ol boys that will help him win also have plans on selling their land and "cashing out" taking the money and running across the river perhaps to good ol WV where they can carry their guns, get cheap tabacky, gamble and see some strippers because they are fed up with the "democratic republic of MD" as they call it...


There is already a brand new water line over in Rosemont that has been bought and paid for. Why don't you build more homes over there?


Monrovia Town Center will bring many new housing opportunities to the area. Not everybody is against change. Monrovia is a beautiful place to live for first time homeowners.


Bad News for First-Time Homebuyers

Purchasing your first home just got more difficult.

Despite a positive 2013 for housing, a persistent weakness in the housing recovery is the relative absence of first-time homebuyers. And a recent drop in the size of mortgages that can qualify for insurance from the Federal Housing Administration takes a step in the wrong direction in helping younger homebuyers achieve homeownership, particularly in high cost, job producing metropolitan areas.

jill king

Presuming no one remembers the Jan idea of taxing homes. Billy Shreve's proposal (when he wasn't commissioner) was the idea that was embraced. She would have socked it to the taxpayers.


Doesn't really matter. Jan and Blaine are both dancing around the incinerator which is not fair to investors and home buyers heading into the real estate season. Weak county leadership all around. Some a little more stomachable than others.


Are you referring to the idea where the county and the homeowner split the mortgage, but the county essentially owns the land and home? If so; if "the county isn't in the nursing home business", then why on earth would they be in the realty business? Your bonehead leaders are being hypocritical again


First time homeowners? Housing ops for who? $400,000 homes fit perfectly with the average Frederick wage earning family. 1,500 homes? Microsoft open a campus in Baker Park? The BoCC should at least thank DC and MoCo for supporting their efforts. Maybe just move the county line up the Monocacy River. No sense Thurmont, Jefferson, Walkersville residents paying for MoCo infrastructure unless they plan on day trips to get a meatball sub and haircut. I wonder if Frederick spends any time recruiting out of state big industry or figuring out how to keep the business that was/is here. Seems "homes approved" and low hanging revolving retail space is daily business.


"The vote came after hours of cross-examination and final pleas from residents opposed to the development's construction."

Cross examination of the BoCC's puppet planning commission results in cow stares and "next phase" replies. They have no answers. The only time you get a complete sentence is when the developer's attorney rattles off loop holes or Blaine explaining his early exit.

Large developments, Montevue, Pre-K, incinerator should be on a ballot and not left to entry level and needy politicians. They're so wise that each of the items would be voted in reverse of their decisions. For the people? Not a chance.


It still hasn't been asked who paid for the dinner before the meeting...If just their kids

were discussed then the dinner can't be deductible as a business expense...What's

the purpose of all the meegingt if the decision to go ahead with the development...

Save time and taxpayer money and rubberstamp it and forego the BS show...Me


This fiasco is a complete boondoggle. I can't believe I supported these haymaking carpetbaggers. We should have pooled our money and bought the land instead of those stupid signs. We could have kept Frederick the way it was. Texas has it right and what’s next Coloradonomics? This is just Kobayashi Maru all over again.


I know you're not really shocked by this are you??? remember the "black book" you knew the man had no morals..hahaha you got just what you deserved


How do you figure that Texas has it right? A lot of the state barely has any zoning at all and it would be a cold day in Texas before a housing development or strip mall would be blocked by anyone. A lot of the land is so nondescript that a strip mall would actually be an improvement. I know because I used to live there.


Well of course it makes sense that a farmer who has farmed their tract of land for many years and is ready to retire would consider development, after all that provides the largest cash payout. Much higher than any preservation options that are allowed.

I see that the Monrovia residents do, also have quite the problem on their hands. This location for development is just smack in the middle of nowhere, which is where many people want to be! The roads are already a problem, being 75 and 80, and now increasing the traffic on them will cause more congestion, accidents, and of course more school troubles.

Currently these roads are traveled frequently by numerous types of vehicles, but the development will bring in more of everything. Additionally - don't believe for a second that Monrovia will actually build a 55 and better section of the community. Villages of Urbana was supposed to this and it was just replaced by a regular old anyone who wants to live there can,.. as I am sure it will, because the seniors of our community need access to stores, medical and more and transporting them to these places needs to be convenient for those who cannot drive.

Traveling to and from 270 from Monrovia will be more challenging for all with this increase of housing,. As it is now, between the traffic lights on 80, the crosswalk monitored cross walk at the middle school, and the amount of parents who drive their children to the ill placed schools of Urbana Middle and Urbana High School, it seems that the flow on Rt 80 which is sometimes at a standstill in the afternoon will just become worse.

The current planners and commissioners are showing who Rules the Roost right now. This is a shame, because they feel the small benefits, like a high school site, may benefit the county in the future... NOPE, the school system has plenty of other needs that need to be addressed right now!

So remember the election is coming up soon. There are those who are not networking individuals who take the developers bribe to make them happy and their pockets richer, and there are those who really listen to the public and want to better the county.

So far I'll share my picks:

Jan Gardner for County Executive. Jan listens to all, takes to get to know you and your situation and doesn't forget a face. She makes a connection with you and will do her best to work with the people. During Jan's tenor as a county commissioner, she was involved with the county and the situations and people every day of the year. She knows her priorities and understands how our government is run. She is an excellent candidate to lead our county into the future.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins - for Sheriff. The Sheriff has really proven himself to the county by being involved in numerous situations that occur around the county. He takes the time to deal with each person and will listen to your situation regarding road safety, school safety, and whatever else concerns you. Sheriff Jenkins is an outstanding representative for our county and does whatever he can to make our county safer.


In Montgomery County Roy Stanley is still a farmer. Why should he be a developer in Frederick County?


no he's a developer there too in Damascus to be exact..but his house sits next to a ton of farmland that im sure will go untouched...


Never too old to farm. My grandfather died a rancher at age 86. He got up every morning, shaved, and took his wheelchair out in the pickup to check on the cattle. He had hired hands to mend the fences.

New Mexico has the highest average age of farmers and ranchers of any state at nearly 60 years old, and neighboring Arizona and Texas aren't far behind. Nationally, the latest agricultural census figures show the fastest growing group of farmers and ranchers are those over age 65.


The gigantic political disaster known as Blaine Young doesn't care about the average person, he only cares about his rich snobs (and singing the song about "traffic lights").

This is why we need intelligent politicians in office instead of Young and his corrupt cronies.


We give the Democrate-Republican family freud the Senate, the House, and the Commission to fight their battles but sometimes it spills over into the public domain and we have to suffer for it. Its time for these people to evolve or become extinct.


There is always a hidden agenda or "special interest" in politics. To be shocked or all of a sudden outraged is silly.
I for one do not want the development however as a long time resident of Frederick Co. I look @ it like this: The oringinal land owners "sold out" for profit, bottom line. ie. farms & individuals whom owned large tracks of land. If they would have kept thier land we would still have the landscape we desired.
For those whom wanted "development" in Frederick Co. should have moved elsewhere to a bigger city or urban area. I liked Frederick Co. better when it was truely rural.


8 months to go. How much more can the BOCC screw up FC?


New2fred.. Obviously. I would suggest you sign up for Leadership Frederick County thru the Chamber. Because you really don't have any idea about Frederick. You really show your lack of insight when you say Gray is a moderate Repub. he is a rhino.


A rhino in your terms is an old school Republican of the "Mac" Mathias type in my terms. Back in the days before the Tea Party persuasion came along. I know, I've been a registered (moderate) Republican all my adult life and I'm 73. Times have changed. You think that everyone in FC still thinks like you and for sure a lot still do. But that is changing too. And iam4usa too.


Ha! Maybe now they'll fix that rail overpass on MD75.


There's about as much chance of that happening as the the MD75-MD355 intersection ever getting fixed.

Or Montgomery Co. ever installing a properly timed light at MD355/MD109.

Or Costco ever handing out maps to their truck drivers.

I sure hope no one in MTC plans on getting on 70 or 270 in the morning. They'll all have jobs right there in Monrovia, right? Right?


I live in the area and work in Frederick. I have a great job and love my commute. I see about 5 cars on Rt. 75 on my way to work every morning. I drive Rt. 75 over to New Market, get on 70 and head to Frederick. I'm not real sure what the traffic problem is (unless there's a truck stuck under the bridge).


You're doing the reverse commute. Congrats.

There are sometimes literally miles of traffic on 355 since Hyattstown has a 30 MPH speed limit and a stop light that no one bothered to time. Take a drive out that way and see all the yellow yard signs. Hyattstown knows what's coming...

But hey, maybe there are a lot more high-paying jobs in Frederick than we know about. I mean, we wouldn't be building bedroom communities for Montgomery Co., would we?


CSX would be happy to have a new railroad bridge if the Frederick County Commissioners would pay for it.


Where's the golf course going to be?


It's already there - Whiskey Creek.

hillcrest puttputt

What about the putt putt course???[beam]


Do you mean miniture golf?


No he means a slow bumper car course.

What are you talking about "miniture"?


A small party in western Norway?

Ture is used in certain parts of Telemark, Norway. Especially in the western parts the word means to "party" or "party on".


miniature, not miniture.


Miniture = smal furniture.


smal = small,

.I give up


Blaine Young's handpicked "Planning Commission" clearly had no idea what it was doing last night. I was ashamed on behalf of Frederick County.

What it did last night on behalf of Blaine Young, his developer friends, his land use attorney friends, and some of his campaign contributors, was approve a residential development that has an unfunded pubic infrastructure requirement of approximately $260,000,000.

That's right, Blaine Young just signed up you, me, the rest of Frederick County, and perhaps (if he can convince the State to pay for roads and interchanges that have never been on the State's overburdened priority list), State taxpayers to pick up the tab for over a quarter of a billion dollars of future costs.

Ed Morgan

If Jan Gardner is elected, we will all be complaining about increased property/income taxes to raise the BOE budget by many millions, provide more homeless shelters and shower generous "social justice" allocations on those Hillcrest folks we read about last week.

Jan Gardner is a Democrat.


As a person, I like Blaine. I like Jennifer too. They are both great people and to sit down with them over a beer is great fun. But as politicians their style strikes me as very similar. They both cause great turmoil in their wake.

Jan is a great person too. Yet her political style is very different. I don't always agree with her, but she listens, and as a leader builds a consensus before a acting.

In November, we all have the right to a vote, Ed. I think we might be on opposite sides of that vote, but that's democracy.....or under the new Charter, now more of a republic.

Oh, and if the next administration has to raise taxes, it probably won't be for social programs. More likely it will be for spending $500 million on a massive boondoggle of a trash incinerator, located in the wrong place, that will import trash and be a financial burden on the County for the next 50 years or more.

As you know, Blaine supports enormous spending for this. Jan last voted against it.

Ed Morgan

I believe Jan voted against the incinerator because of the location, not the concept. From what I have read, she refused to allow a vote after she had a solid majority of "nays" on the BoCC. I get this opinion from a very well written LTE on December 22, 2013 by Mary Posey. You can read it by searching the FNP site for "gardner incinerator". Jan did raise taxes during her tenure by allowing the constant yield rate to remain high while the value of our property increased. Mr. Lennie Thompson tried to convince her to reduce the constant yield rate to level our taxes but she refused. Also, the "social justice" trough seems to have widened and deepened since her last term; lots more hogs slopping at it.


Ed Morgan is correct. Jan had the votes to kill the WTE at McKinney. Kai, Blaine and Jan were against the site. She ignored Lennie's plea to allow the vote be place on the agenda. In silence, she sat and allowed it to move forward. Had that vote taken place, we would be 2 years behind where it is today. And don't think Jan has a plan up her sleeve if she gets into office. The permits don't expire tomorrow you know. My guess is, she will explore moving it forward at another site.


Mary Posey has had it clear she supports the Republicans; including Kirby Delauter. I investigated several of her claims back in December and found them not to be truthful.

mllposey posted at 9:39 am on Wed, Mar 26, 2014.

Posts: 114

Great message, Kirby! Best wishes in your campaign!


So how many of these hogs slopping at the trough are people with disabilities? You just expect them to crawl off and die?


When Jan Gardner left office in 2010, the recession had been going strong for three years. Property values were dropping due to economic conditions no politician, regardless of party affiliation, could control.


Gee Mary didn't I look up the minutes for that meeting and wasn't there a good reason for the delay in the vote waiting for some new information?

Lennie Thompson was notorious for refusing to attend lawfully closed meetings beginning in 2001 because by principle he objected to closed meetings and for no other reason.

Commissioner John L. "Lennie" Thompson Jr. cast the lone vote against holding the closed session and boycotted it.


ED, can't wait for Jan G and the rest of the Dems to sweep BIG BOY and his CLOWN POSSE out of office! The Dukes of Hazard back room politicin' has got to change. The Montevue fiasco, his 'Silver Mile' fantasy and now the Monrovia decision show how out of touch he is.


Funny, Blaine Young is a Republican (as is the whole BOCC) and they raised taxes last year in my area.


Glad to see MTC got the green light and was approved. As it should have been!


What is your billing address for the water and sewer lines?


My billing address is the same as your billing address, the county jail.[wink]


I'll get the bill for the Monrovia Town Center's water and sewer right out to you. But the jail doesn't forward mail so you'll have to send the check back to me directly.


"I promise you I care about what I do," Commissioner Dwaine E. Robbins said.. Yea right, All they care about is their position on the BOCC.. This was a done deal months ago & next is "BLANE for County Executive". Stop speaking softly- carry the big stick !


Hopefully a better class of people will infuse into the monrovia area. Bring on the new homes!! Bring on the new shops!! Bring on the convenience!!


Bring the new taxes. Bring on the new government services.


Courtesy of your friend, Blaine Young.


Blaine Young must be a great person to give the citizens of Frederick County more government services.


Blaine Young expects the tax payers to pay for the services he provides to developers.


'Better class of people' is code for ????


'Better class of people' is code for people from outside of Maryland.


That must be me.


Shocked. Did not see that coming.


On behalf of Frederick City residents, we thank the planning commision, we thank the developers and wish them a exceptional sales development.
This development will relieve Frederick City of the low income spin off from Montegomery county.
This will implact Frederick City in a very positive way.
Thank you for your wisdom in development of a buffer zone.


There will be no public bus service. How could it possibly appeal to the low income population?

Monrovia residents and all effected (everyone commuting 75S, 355, 109, 270 )the best you can do now is order your signs for Commissioner Gray, and place them all over the county and vote for him in the primary. He has opposed all the shady business the other 4 have vindicated. Posters who are making general statements regarding those of us who were born and raised here and assume we all voted for the other 4 are clueless. You show that you clearly know little about this county. Welcome, but please do get out (in the county) and learn!


You can call me out by my pseudonym, you won't hurt my feelings. I've been in the County for five years now, been to a few of the town hall meetings where Blaine and the sheriff have been. I've gotten the flavor of their fan base and I see who they appeal to and I think my description of them as the old timers is fairly accurate. I know there are some astute, enlightened old timers like you who don't fit the good ol' boy description but for the most part that is their voting base. I think Blaine and Co.s opponents are getting a little overconfident as the sentiment expressed in this forum are largely against them. But the same people who voted for them last time will vote for them again. And they could win again.


Even listeners calling into the Blaine Young Show are now expressing angst over education neglect, union bashing, budgetary mishandling, declining county services, etc.

I don't think Mr. Young can necessarily count on the "old timer" vote anymore.


I hope you are right and I am wrong.

Craig Hicks

Whether or not Commissioners President Young and Mr. Weinberg discussed the Monrovia Town plan during their dinner date, the fact is that they are friends.

Mr. Young should recuse himself from deliberations or votes in matters where Mr. Weinberg is representing his clients before the county.

Commissioner Delauter should recuse himself too. Mr. Weinberg was his lawyer in a dispute with the county ethics commission.

These relationships create, at the very least, an appearance of conflict of interest. We deserve better from our elected officials.


And yet the old timers of the County will come out in force and vote for them again. Even though they are voting against their own best interests. I don't believe for one second that the decades long residents of Frederick County are for the explosive development the County is going to see over the next 10 to 20 years. But they will see their farms and small towns paved over before they would vote for a Democrat or a moderate Republican like David Gray. I couldn't believe that they elected the Fatuous Four and Sheriff Jenkins the last time. But I fear they will do it again unless there is a large turnout of Jan Gardner and other moderate candidate voters in the general election in November.


Too right. But I have yet to see any semblance from many local cronies of following commonly accepted governing practices unless it suits them. And since the populace does nothing to force change either by voting based on these issues versus the party line or on insisting on governance ethics being written into local law, this kind of thing will continue.

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