Urbana Speed Bump

Frederick County has contracted with a company to install a speed hump at the intersection of Lew Wallace Street, Stone Barn Drive and Urbana Pike in Urbana. Construction began Tuesday and will continue this week.

An intersection in Urbana will be modified to slow down traffic near the newly opened Sugarloaf Elementary School.

Construction work began Tuesday and will continue through the week at the intersection of Lew Wallace Street, Stone Barn Drive and Urbana Pike to install speed humps and other devices to control traffic.

Workers will install a 3-inch-tall speed hump on Lew Wallace Street, and a 3-inch raised crosswalk at Stone Barn Drive and Urbana Pike.

The speed hump, about 12 feet long, is different from a traditional speed bump. Speed humps create a more gradual rise that helps snowplows to clear the road, said David Olney, of the Frederick County Division of Public Works.

Warning signs will be installed to let motorists know about the devices and alert drivers about pedestrians near a crossing for the new school.

With the school’s opening this year, many students walking to school have to move through the intersection where they haven’t had to before, Olney said.

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kza82! see thats the difference between you and I. You must still be wet behind the ears and think in a situation as this manner I experienced you would say: that darn idiot and let it keep going and on and on in your life. As for me when I`m confronted with your so called idiot looking directly at me taking that chance (could care less what time clock they are on) I call it Direct Education and hopefully your idiots out there has a programming of their mind change.


What happened to your road rage tale Pappy? Seems to have disappeared.


Dwasserba your correct about that fact but its a gradual rise if you go over it at low speeds. To many SUV `s on the road today and they have suspension which allows the vehicle to hit them without knowing it at 60 mph. These people driving SUV `s are on a time clock so unless one of these new devices consist of road spikes that is read by a device that jumps up out of the asphalt automatically then go back down after making its point, this project will only serve a few, not all and Thus saying is why I call them Track and Field infrastructure.


I hope that people in that area don't have to go through that particular location by ambulance. Speed bumps slow down emergency vehicles. And, any bumps in the road increase the pain the patient is feeling. In addition, ever drive anybody home from outpatient surgery (or a hospital stay where the patient is still in pain)? Any pelvic/abdominal/stomach issues are magnified by such movement. I wonder if the powers that be thought of medical issues before the decision was made.


"The speed hump, about 12 feet long, is different from a traditional speed bump. Speed humps create a more gradual rise..."


I love those bumps and refer to them as Track and Field. There is many types of these devices such as: hurdles, high jumps, triple jumps, long jump and then of coarse the pole vault! Thats the tricky one because if you do not hit it right, you wind-up in someones yard[beam]

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