Billy Shreve

Billy Shreve addresses supporters at a fundraising event in Frederick on Friday night.

Frederick County Councilman Billy Shreve (R) says he believes in term limits, which is why he’s running for election to represent District 3 in the Maryland Senate in 2018.

“I believe in term limits, so I’ve spent two terms at the county. I think there’s a lot more to be done. And I think Annapolis is the place to do it,” Shreve said on Friday.

“Donald Trump needs a voice in Annapolis,” and Republican Gov. Larry Hogan needs help to break the Democratic supermajority, said Shreve, whose campaign literature features the tag line “Trump Annapolis.”

A top priority in Annapolis would be to make the state more business-friendly, he said.

“We are competing with Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia. And we’re not even in the same league,” Shreve said.

While he didn’t see eye-to-eye with Hogan when the governor chose not to vote for President Trump in the 2016 election, Shreve said he would be a reliable Republican for the governor in the Senate chamber.

“The same things we did in Frederick County, I plan to do at the state,” Shreve said. “When you see something that’s messed up, you need to fix it. And at the state of Maryland right now, things are pretty messed up.”

Shreve said he and the Board of County Commissioners from 2010 to 2014 changed 300 rules, regulations, fees and taxes and started the new form of charter government.

“There’s no one else besides the guys that served with me that can ever say they did anything that monumental. Even the Founding Fathers, they just started a new government, they didn’t change an old one,” Shreve said.

Other priorities in the General Assembly would be continued support for programs to stem heroin and opioid abuse. He pointed to the Classmates4Life video contest that he started, which called on Frederick County Public Schools students to explore the negative effects of drug abuse. The video contest received state and national recognition.

“I’ve created the best education program in the history of the state, so I want to continue to work on that,” Shreve said. “... I want to go to Annapolis and do everything I can to stop our kids from dying because of overdoses.”

As an additional key priority, Shreve said he would work “to stop Maryland from becoming a sanctuary state.”

Shreve was joined on Friday night at an American Legion fundraiser headlined by Republican Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service officer who narrowly lost his 6th District race in 2014. The fundraiser benefited Shreve, County Council District 1 candidate Dylan Diggs and Delegate Mike McKay, who represents Washington and Allegany counties.

Bongino talked about his 2014 race and the door-knocking, grassroots efforts of his local supporters.

“We legitimately went out and knocked on doors. That’s the secret sauce,” Bongino said. “And that’s the touch I think these guys bring to the race. They’re just real people. They don’t go out there and speak in flowery political talk.”

Bongino touched on the state Republican party’s “Drive for Five.”

If the party — which currently has 14 of the 47 seats in the Senate — can add five more Republican senators, it would break the Democratic supermajority.

Bongino also told those in attendance that they’ll need to seriously organize to avoid a Democratic wave election inspired by positive results across the country — and state — last week.

“The Democrats are coming to play. They are not kidding around,” Bongino said. “They are going to show up in Maryland in a tidal wave you have never seen before. If you don’t show up and vote and drag 10 people with you, it is going to be a tsunami of blue here again, and you are going to pay the price.”

Shreve has not yet officially filed for ballot access, but says he has no intention to shift to a different race in the future.

Republican businessman Craig Giangrande filed to be listed on the 2018 ballot last month after announcing his candidacy in June. Current Democratic Sen. Ron Young has said he intends to seek re-election.

The 3rd Senate District includes southwestern portions of Frederick County, including the city of Frederick, Urbana, Point of Rocks and Adamstown.

The 2018 primary election is on June 26, 2018, and the general election is on Nov. 6, 2018.

Follow Danielle E. Gaines on Twitter: @danielleegaines.

Danielle E. Gaines covers politics and government in Frederick County, splitting her time between Winchester Hall and The State House. Having grown up in Illinois, she lived in New York and California before settling in Maryland.

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On Nov 6, 2018 he too will be relegated to the scrap heap of history.


As much as I would like more Republicans in Annapolis, Billy has got to be high.


Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president at this point into the term, why on earth would Billie want to use trump as a role model? BIllie might as well say "I'm retiring from politics".


I am not a Billy Shreve fan. Anyone who makes any positive statement about Trump needs to be sent to their own Fantasy Island to leave the rest of us alone. Maybe Billy could be the one to shout out "Da plane! Da plane!" with each new arrival.

Also, I'm really tired of this crap about Maryland not being business friendly and crying about this and that company leaving the state -- if Maryland is so bad, why does our state have the highest household incomes in America? Why do we keep seeing new homes and businesses built? That's not a coincidence. In fact, it has everything to do with the opposite of Trump, and for a long time now, it has everything to do with the opposite of whatever the Rs are pushing.

Maryland is a great place to live, work and educate your children. Apparently Billy lives in an alternative plane.


Best of luck to you Mr shreeves


Billy has a perfect score, if my count is right, 21 different people have posted here and none were favorable. There is a God!


So, Billy is going to join Kirby. If they cannot win a Council seat, they will run for higher office hoping they might win when people don't know them and their notorious pass. Besides, a loss for higher office will not look as bad.


Should have been past, but pass may be right too.


Smarter than a Founding Father?
No, eurdite as stagnant water
Even Walter Mitty
Was never this twitty
Billy fuels his own fodder








Billy should not attach his name to Frederick and Education, he'll end up showing NOT being the example for having intelligence let alone common sense !!!


Omg. Is this guy real. Can’t believe some of the things he is saying. Putting himself ahead of and in the same league as our founding fathers?


he is a joke and a sick one at that, he created nothing of value for the citizens of Frederick and if he had his way along with his buddies on the prior BoCC we'd be burning trash and recyclables on Buckeystown Pike right now


"Even the Founding Fathers, they just started a new government, they didn’t change an old one,” Shreve said.

Oh.My.God. This is hands down the number one Shrevism! Is there any more room to squeeze him and his mullet combover on Mt. Rushmore?






More deep thoughts by William 'take that Thomas Jefferson' Shreve. He keeps getting dumber and dumber by the second. God help us if there was more than 2 people there that actually wanted to listen to this idiot.


Only Billy Shreve could spend four years selling out Frederick County taxpayers to residential developers for $1 million in campaign bribes, then say he did a better job than Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

. Only Billy Shreve could fund Frederick County Schools at the minimum required by law, then describe that as "creating the best education program in the history of the State.". What a complete Buffoon.


There are not enough tissues for his crying and complaining. There are no babysitters in the Senate like he had here.


"The same things we did in Frederick County, I plan to do at the state,” - Lord help us if that's what he thinks!! He and the BOCC did enough to wreck havoc on us for decades, he's delusional just like DT.




The "300 rules" Shreve talks about was a worthless, two minute exercise when they cut the rates on a sheet (which happened to have 300 items on it) the County uses to charge for inspections and certain fees. Since no actual costs were cut, and there was absolutely no change to the work performed by the County, the net effect was simply to transfer the burden of paying these fees from the person benefitting from the service, to the general taxpayer, you and me. Thanks a lot, you buffoon.


"I'm running for Senate," he smiled
"although not officially filed,"
"I won't follow norms,"
"I don't fill in forms,"
"like Trump I'm an angry man-child."


Wait, Billy just compared the former BOCC to the Founding Fathers and denigrated them. Man, you can't make this stuff up!




Sure can't Hay. This is Twilight Zone stuff.


If there was a Buffoon relay race in the Olympics, little Billy would be running the anchor leg. And be a lock for the gold.




Yeah.... If BS was electricity, Billy would be a powerhouse...


The good news is that we will be done with Billy after the senate primary!


billy shreve is in dream land.i see little chance of him taking his show to Annapolis


Are my eyes deceiving me or is he balding AND also has a mullet??


Godspeed, Billy Shreve! And, please, take your buddy Kirby with you.


Bongino and Shreve..... Dumb and dumber.... I heard the shrugs and yawns were palpable at his announcement....


He did not help create the best education in the state. The teachers did that.


I've always voted conservative, but its people like Billy that are destroying the party. He's rude, mean and we could all do without the mullet. I kinda wish he would fade away like Blaine has.


Blaine hasn't faded away, he just uses a pseudonym.


Do tell... whats his new name?




You go Billy! Seriously, go, now, please leave. Bye.










[thumbup][thumbup] if you can't win a Council seat, set your sights higher. [lol]



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