Nancy Wallace

Nancy Wallace is the Green Party candidate for Maryland’s 8th District

Nancy Wallace, a Green Party candidate for Congress, said her top priority is keeping the Earth inhabitable for future generations.

“Stopping climate change is my top issue,” she said. She later added: “We have an opportunity with fighting climate change in reorienting America back to the core values that we all share of caring and deep respect for each other and valuing power at the local … level.”

Wallace, a contender for Maryland’s 8th Congressional District seat, pledged to support policies that promote renewable energy, reduce violence toward women and decentralize economic power.

Wallace, of Bethesda, would call for an emergency resolution to switch energy to renewable resources and stop subsidies for oil.

“We can implement a green new deal to provide good-paying jobs,” she said.

Asked how she could inspire the political will to shift away from the traditional fossil-fuel industry, she said it could be done by floor speeches and making sure that congressional representatives hear from scientists and learn the most recent climate predictions.

While prediction models vary and are updated as more information becomes available to scientists, the Environmental Protection Agency cites studies that estimate sea level will rise up to 4 feet by 2100.

Wallace, who works in data management in the U.S. Department of Commerce, would address the issue of violence against women by helping local governments provide social services for families in crisis.

Her campaign site suggests tightening gun laws, updating movie and video game ratings, and increasing law enforcement training in domestic violence to address the issue.

Wallace said she would support putting “women and girls at the heart of our foreign policy,” leading to a variety of benefits.

She advocates localizing economic power by promoting local currencies, such as Baltimore’s BNotes, and “time banks” to allow people to exchange labor for labor. People who use a time bank could exchange help with résumé writing for baby-sitting, for example.

She support educating religious institutions on the importance of community-based economics and expanding the Small Business Administration in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Wallace noted that for areas such as Frederick County, navigating the integration of the rural and urban economy is critical. She said she would push for federal support to switch to organic agriculture and try to restructure the farm bill to address subsidies that encourage production of grain over fruits and vegetables.

“The rural economy often gets second place in the federal government,” she said.

Although Wallace has no elected experience, she has lobbied on behalf of environmental causes for more than a decade.

“The House of Representatives is like home to me,” she said.

She got her start with an international fund for environmental welfare. For the last 4 ½ years, she has worked with the Sierra Club international population program. She said she recently helped increase appropriations for family planning in the developing world.

Wallace said she worked to build a coalition to stop seal clubbing and secure federal funding to address the problem of trash in the oceans.

Members of the House of Representatives earn $174,000 per year and serve two-year terms.

Other candidates in the race are Democrat Jamie Raskin, Republican Dan Cox and Jasen Wunder from the Libertarian Party.

The election will be Nov. 8.

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The Green Party is looking better and better.....


You got that right!

The two major parties have done nothing but enrich their corporate masters and lead us closer to the edge of the cliff.

It's past time for a real change.

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