Alicia Barmon, Safe Haven's founder

Alicia Barmon, Safe Haven Frederick’s founder and organizer, in her Frederick office.

A movement to declare Frederick a safe, welcoming city for undocumented immigrants is gaining traction.

A report published in December by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center counted at least 39 cities and approximately 364 counties across the country that consider themselves sanctuary jurisdictions.

A new grassroots advocacy group called Safe Haven Frederick introduced a petition on Feb. 14, published online and circulated in paper form, aimed at making Frederick a sanctuary city. In a single week, the petition amassed 500 signatures, according to Alicia Barmon, Safe Haven’s founder and organizer.

Safe Haven began as a dozen residents meeting in Barmon’s downtown office in the wake of the November election. It has grown to more than 300 members on its Facebook page, with biweekly meetings. Safe Haven also co-sponsored two recent rallies in Frederick, one in solidarity with immigrants and another with the Muslim community.

Safe Haven is working with several members of the Frederick Board of Aldermen to introduce a resolution establishing a sanctuary policy for the city.

At least one local church might also adopt a sanctuary policy. At the state level, lawmakers are considering a similar measure, as well as one that would do the exact opposite, to force local governments to participate in federal immigration enforcement. The two bills were heard in Senate committee hearings Tuesday.

None of the Frederick County Council members had introduced, drafted or even requested information on a sanctuary policy for the county as of Thursday morning, according to Ragen Cherney, the council’s chief of staff. There has been no public indication any council members plan to do so.

Defining sanctuary

What “sanctuary” means varies by jurisdiction.

Some sanctuary policies, often at the county or state level, might focus on limiting local officials’ cooperation with federal immigration detainers. At the city level, sanctuary declarations might prohibit local officials from asking about a person’s immigration status.

Other municipalities might not have a formal policy or resolution, but informally follow these practices, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center report stated.

Barmon described the type of sanctuary city policy that Safe Haven is pushing for as a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, similar to the former policy about gay people serving in the military.

She acknowledged that federal immigration laws supersede local policy; a city or county cannot actually stop immigration detainers from being used to deport undocumented immigrants. A resolution would simply formalize what she said is already a common practice.

The Frederick Police Department already codified this policy. But the rest of the city — local government, schools and employers — have never adopted a similar declaration.

Referencing the number of sanctuary cities and counties nationwide, Barmon said, “We should be one of them.”

“It’s the right thing to do,” she said.

Alderman Michael O’Connor, in a phone interview Tuesday, said most of the discussions he’s had with fellow aldermen focused on a similar interpretation of “sanctuary.” He said the draft resolution would adopt the police department’s policy citywide.

O’Connor, a Democrat who is running for mayor, said that at least three of the five aldermen support the concept. The language, including the term “sanctuary,” remains in draft stages.

“For me, it’s a statement of support for the residents of our community who work, who live, who go to school, who pay taxes ... in the city,” he said. “The reality is, for people in our community who are here, regardless of their documentation, they should not have to live in fear.”

Asked if the city’s resolution might take any additional measures to protect undocumented immigrants within its borders, O’Connor said he wasn’t sure. The exact language and extent of the policy was still being determined.

The Rev. Eliezer Valentín-Castañón, senior pastor at Trinity United Methodist Church, said that next month, he and other church leaders will discuss details of becoming a sanctuary church. The parameters of a policy were not yet defined, he said.

Valentín-Castañón envisioned a sanctuary church as a place for undocumented immigrants to seek refuge, as well as a resource to connect them with lawyers and civil rights organizations. He noted that most churches don’t have the space to house people overnight.

“The most important thing is the statement you’re making to protect your immigrant brothers and sisters,” he said.

Potential conflicts

Abdoul Konare, an immigration attorney with offices in D.C. and Frederick, supported the idea of protecting undocumented immigrants in Frederick. Konare serves on the board of directors for Centro Hispano de Frederick and volunteers his legal services to organization clients, many of whom are undocumented.

But Konare said that declaring Frederick a sanctuary city means nothing as long as the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office continues to participate in elements of federal immigration enforcement. Trained deputies and correctional officers can perform certain functions of immigration enforcement under oversight from the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement as part of its 287(g) program.

Since 2008, Frederick County has placed 1,444 ICE detainers on jail inmates; 1,299 of those inmates were placed into immigration proceedings by ICE.

Even if Frederick’s policy is to refrain from asking about a person’s immigration status, that question becomes part of the process for anyone who is arrested or charged and taken to the Frederick County Adult Detention Center.

A sanctuary policy for Frederick directly conflicts with this program, Konare said.

Barmon disagreed.

“I don’t think that should be a deterrent to formalize ... that we are a safe haven,” she said.

Local policies may become irrelevant depending on what happens at the state level, O’Connor noted.

The Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on Tuesday heard two bills that introduced opposing viewpoints on whether county and state law enforcement should participate in federal immigration enforcement.

A bill from Frederick County Sen. Michael Hough, R-District 4, would require state or local correctional facilities that are notified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that an inmate is subject to an immigration detainer to give Homeland Security at least 72 hours’ notice before the person is scheduled to be released. The bill would also let correctional facilities hold inmates up to an additional 48 hours to allow Homeland Security to take them into custody.

An opposing bill from Sen. Victor Ramirez, a Prince George’s County Democrat, explicitly states that local governments not take part in federal immigration enforcement. Ramirez’s bill includes language from “sanctuary community” policies that would require the state to attempt to limit immigration enforcement at public schools, hospitals and courthouses.

Neither committee had taken action on the bills as of Friday.

Ramirez said the committee will likely vote on his bill in the next couple of weeks. Hough didn’t know when a vote might be scheduled on his bill.

Opposing viewpoints

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins testified on Tuesday in Annapolis in support of Sen. Hough’s bill. Other local leaders have also expressed opposition to sanctuary-type policies.

Martin Burns, a commissioner in Thurmont, addressed the topic during a meeting this month. Burns, a registered Republican who serves as director of the Special Programs Division for the U.S. Department of Defense, elaborated on his concerns in a phone interview Thursday.

To Burns, seeking out undocumented immigrants was not a part of Thurmont’s job as a town. But local law enforcement should be able to work with federal authorities when those people commit another crime, he said.

Enforcing immigration laws is no different than traffic violations and juvenile detentions, he said.

“This is not about immigration, in my opinion. It’s about the rule of law,” Burns said.

He added, “If there’s a process to come here legally, and if you break that law, what other laws can you ignore?”

Billy Shreve (R), a Frederick County councilman who co-chaired Trump’s campaign committee in Frederick County, said he welcomed the prospect of any Democratic elected official, local or state, proposing sanctuary legislation.

“It will surely lose them the election on that issue alone,” he said. “Nobody would support that.”

He cited results of a Harvard-Harris survey provided to The Hill, which indicated 80 percent of voters think local authorities should have to report any undocumented immigrants they encounter to federal immigration authorities.

The Hill‘s story says the results came from an online survey of 2,148 registered voters.

Shreve said a sanctuary policy would “usurp federal law.”

“If you have a lawless country, or someone who wants to usurp the law, then you have anarchy,” he said.

Moving forward

Barmon said she hoped to present Safe Haven’s petition to the city once the group gathered a “critical mass” of signatures. She named 1,000 signatures as a possible threshold, although she wasn’t sure.

O’Connor was uncertain when the Board of Aldermen would schedule a public discussion on a sanctuary resolution or policy, except to say he hoped it would be “sooner rather than later.”

Safe Haven’s members are at the same time working to establish a pledge program for local businesses to declare support for immigrant customers and employees. Participating businesses would receive a decal to display in the store, similar to existing stickers and signs that declare a business as friendly to the LGBTQ community, Barmon said.

The pledge is more than just a sticker.

“There are some teeth to it,” Barmon said.

She cited training employees on unbiased service as one example of an action participating businesses would commit to as part of the pledge.

Barmon also named creation of a city advisory committee that would “bring more marginalized persons to the table” as a future goal for Safe Haven. She didn’t have specifics on the makeup or functions of the committee yet.

She emphasized the value of these marginalized communities, including immigrants, for the city, the state and the nation.

“This is not just about diversity and inclusion,” she said. “This is a survival of our species thing.”

Staff writers Samantha Hogan and Danielle E. Gaines contributed to this story.

Follow Nancy Lavin on Twitter: @NancyKLavin.

Nancy Lavin covers social services, demographics and religion for The Frederick News-Post.

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This sanctuary BS MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!! DEPORT them ALL!



"“This is not just about diversity and inclusion,” she said. “This is a survival of our species thing.”

If by "our species" she means the human race, there is no danger of us becoming extinct anytime soon. In fact, the population continues to grow at an alarming rate. The US and the planet cannot sustainably support the current number of people, let alone another 2-3 billion.

In the long run, the survival of our species is in serious peril, but not from US immigration policies. Humans are on a course to destroy the Earth, and are showing very little inclination to change direction.


[angry] Perhaps Ms Alderman should invite a family of illegals into her own home? Feed, clothe them? Pay for their health care & give them her job? Md is top 5 in country in foreclosures & one of the highest taxed states because illegals not only take our jobs they are stealing our resources while they work our jobs? Don't make any sense to allow border jumpers into our country & give away our jobs while we pay the consequences. Blame the democrat party & scab employers who hire them. Felon laws prohibit their hiring yet ignored in Md.


we do not need sanctuary cities. If you are here illegally, then you have to go. Try coming in legally next time.


Good on you Alicia !! Chuck not so much !!!


Simple solution is for the mayor and aldermen to declare Frederick a Sanctuary City and term everybody within their jurisdiction 'illegal'...Then nobody pays taxes but reaps all the benefits...If they're going to be FAIR to some they MUST ALL otherwise discrimination is being condoned...The Mayor and Aldermen don't want to show bias and prejudice against anyone, do they ????


Looks like Blaine Young's 400 fellow haters from his anti campaign rally are here. Public sentiment about our fellow man has changed folks. How about joining us and respecting our diverse and vibrant professional and laboring immigrant community? It's better than looking like Archie Bunker.


As they're theses rednecks have worked under the table while collecting unemployemejt benefits. Then, when it comes to immigrants they suddenly say "what part of illegal don't you understand"

Such intelligence


Last time I checked the conversation was about documented and undocumented immigrants. Whatever the method the employer decides to pay their employees and whether it is legal or not is up to them. And whether people are violating the law governing unemployment benefits is another topic. And for "theses rednecks" they are documented US citizens. And you're complaining about intelligence.


It's OK tea, Kelly isn't exactly known for her intelligent comments, even though she's the FNP's legal consul.


More intelligent then your comment, easily.


Nothing like mixing apples and oranges to distract the real issue. This is on ignoring the illegal element and granting them a legal status within the community. What part of illegal don't you understand or is there any distinction to you?


Nothing wrong with our "vibrant" immigrant community. It's the ILLEGAL community that is the issue. Or don't you care about the law? People can't stay on topic. Forget to take our medication his morning?


So, Frederick aldermen are considering collusion to violate the law?




NO, absolutely NO to Frederick City or County becoming "sanctuary". Once US borders are crossed illegally, that's the FIRST crime. No, no, no.


Odd that over the past years the hierarchy of Frederick City and County NEVER acknowledged the presence of illegal aliens in their own backyard...Now not only are they willing to accept what everyone else knew, they want to embrace the illegals with Sanctuary Status...Why the change of attitude and who benefits from it legally, financially and politically ???...The losers are the American Citizens and Taxpayers, who are supposed to be represented by those in office, NOT SO when it comes to illegal being here...God Bless what's left of America !!!!


I even heard them state that they are a "potential voter base". At the expense of the law. Tired of all the excuses for breaking the law, not paying your bills, the devil made me do it, etc. We need to make people start taking responsibility for themselves and their actions. You break the law then you suffer the consequences. No ifs ands or buts!!!


How about the ILLEGAL American employers? What consequences should they suffer? It's funny, you deal with businesses all the time that hire illegal aliens and don't think twice about it but you don't want them to have a decent place to live. DO NOT HIRE THEM, THEY WILL LEAVE!!


Let the residents of Frederick City remember Michael O'Conner and how he stands on this issue on election day since he is running for mayor.


Go away, Blaine![scared]


WE are supposed to be a country of rules and laws , and that is what has made America one of the best places to live in the world and is the primary reason many people worldwide desire to come here. If the lawless open border gang have their way, our way of life will be destroyed ....this idea of opening our borders to all and disobeying Federal law is disgusting and shameful and must be stopped. For those who desire to come here, there is a path...get on line and wait your turn


"rules and laws".

Like the Fred Co Deputy that shot a lab. retriever in its fenced yard, while te deputy was on the other side of the fence?

Or like when Chuck Jenkins was campaigning for sheriff and parked his cruiser in a "no parking" zone near Baker Park?


The lab wasn't in a yard and running around in the front of the house. Bad shooting I agree but the deputy was terminated. So obviously no special treatment as you always imply.


Dunn - what are you talking about "running around in front of a house"?

And "wasn't in a yard"?

I stated the lab was fenced in. In a portion of the property where the deputy was not.

I didn't not identify where.

But it was in fact reported in the FNP where and how.

I know you're a holster sniffer, but your reading and comprehension need some help


Watch the video on youtube.


You specifically state the lab was in a fenced yard.


Jenkins is off topic on this, unless you mention him as part of the deportation effort.[offtopic]


Seems like Kelly gets all her news from the FNP. A real multi sided news outlet (not). If that's the case then that can explain her lopsided views and opinions. Need to get some real news from all sides and not just FNP or CNN.


Going off on a tangent are we? If you HATE this area so much then why don't you leave and go to Baltimore or D.C. Where the laws are ignored and illegals are embraced. And for your information, law inforcement personnel can park anywhere in the performance of their duties. So don't go down that road. Not like school bus drivers that go to the mall, grocery store, fast food. Why don't you complain about those people misusing their county vehicles for personal use! Double standards for you?


I support Sheriff Jenkins on this.


If Frederick declares itself in any fashion a sanctuary city, whether, the name sanctuary is used or not, I will never spend another penny in any Frederick City establishment.


I'll spend a little extra to make up for it. Bye Felicia. 😊


"The language, including the term “sanctuary,” remains in draft stages." Other jurisdictions have gone this route, and eliminated the word "sanctuary" from the process. My question being, why are they afraid to include it? Perhaps because they know that, with it included, the bill won't get the support the libs are seeking to have it passed? That in itself is shady and deceptive. “It’s the right thing to do” ? No, Ms. Barmon, condoning and supporting illegal activity is not only the wrong thing to do, but I'm of the opinion that people who do so should be prosecuted, right along with the illegals.


What part of "ILLEGAL" do these people do not understand, look to Montgomery County and see the crazy dollars are spent dealing with MS 13 and the collateral damage they create. FCPS is having a difficult enough time meeting the needs of its students, are the class sizes increased where the English language is taught too as it does in other subjects?
Strike one, come here illegally. Strike two, commit a crime. Then what?


Let me know what that sticker looks like for the businesses to display. I won't be shopping there!


Many years ago, I watched a comedy show where "Uncle Sam" was getting "roasted" by the Statue of Liberty. It went something like this: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free - but Sam, I didn't mean ALL of them!" ***** Frederick has a 287(g) program - if we became a sanctuary city, wouldn't that just make it easier to deport them?


Hopefully it will.


You have got to be kidding me! Look south to Montgomery County to see the "benefits" of being a sanctuary city or county. America's home to MS-13- particularly in Gaithersburg (where I work) Takoma Park and Silver Spring.

Great idea Miss and Mr. O'Conner. Compassion is one thing and individual compassion (you know, the kind you believe in and practiced by you and not imposed on the community as a whole) is wonderful. Stupidity is something quite different.

That hissing sound you hear is the air rushing out of O'Connor's mayoral campaign. I really thought you were smarter than this.


MOCO / Gaithersburg is by far not "America's home to MS-13". For you to make such a statement, shows how little you have crossed Frederick Co lines. And how little you really know about what it is you're referencing


I guess you haven't been there lately Kelly. As I wrote, I work in Gaithersburg so I "cross those lines" almost everyday.

A G'burg girl was just found murdered by MS-13 and others have been abducted. The latest gang scam is to call El Salvadorians the gangs know are illegal (and so won't call the police) and have someone screaming in the background and claim they've taken a family member hostage. Other's have been physically abducted and home invasions have increased.

It is you, Ma'am, who don't know what you're talking about. Perhaps you grew up in a different Gaithersburg.



I didn't state MS-13 crimes have/are not taking place. MS-13 crimes have been taking place in MOCO (as well as Fred CO and PGCO) for decades. That does not make MOCO as you claimed in your initial post.

Girl found dead, as tragic and senseless as it is, does not put MOCO on top of the map for MS-13 activity. And that's a fact.

Hey, I'm merely responding to your comment, which is not accurate. Feel free to set me straight via posting a credible link stating I'm mistaken


As you know, statistics on illegal immigrants in the US are virtually impossible to obtain so to substantiate a claim regarding them is difficult at best.[wink][wink]

That being said, Montgomery County (perhaps the whole of Maryland? Lord I hope not) declared itself a sanctuary to El Salvadoran immigrants- legal and illegal - during the Reagan years because of his "illegal" (Marylanders often seem to view what Republicans do as "Illegal" but are perfectly fine when Democrats do much the same) war in that country. Since that time, many "experts" on illegal immigration have viewed Maryland in general and MoCo in particular as a haven for El Salvadoran immigrants- both legal and illegal. This problem was exacerbated by former Governor Martin O'Malley who welcomed undocumented teenage "dreamers" (talk about spin!) to Maryland regardless of their immigration status. Not surprisingly, many of those kids came to established El Salvadorian communities like Gaithersburg, Takoma Park, Wheaton, Silver Spring, etc., and also not surprisingly, many of them fell in with gangs who acted as their parental figures and have turned many of the girls to prostitution and the boys to other crimes (including, I suppose, prostitution.).

You seem to know a lot about what goes on in these parts. You should really talk to someone in the MCPD. Particularly the resource officer at Gaithersburg HS about gang activity in the area.




Again, my comment was in response to your initial post. None of what you write above in your responses to my response back up your initial claim about MS-13.


MS-13 and their rival 18th St, are 100% here in Frederick and are responsible for numerous murders, near murders and violent non-fatal stabbings and shootings. Frederick High has around 100 MS and 18th St gang members and recruit there heavily.


Dunn - try to keep up. No one said md-13 isn't in Frederick.

Slow down and read! Before you comment.


And how little YOU know about what happens when a city declares sanctuary status. Take a look at D.C., Baltimore. Rise in gang activity, serious crimes. Not to mention increase in cost for providing care and benefits for the increased numbers of "undocumented" people. Will YOU be willing to pay my tax increase to pay for this when federal funding is cut off? Where will YOU draw the line on standing for law and order or allowing illegality to go unchecked? Why the push to ignore laws and not enforce them. If YOU don't like them then vote to change them not vote to embrace lawbreakers!!!


I do not know any stats for DC.

But you write as if DCs crime all derives from undocumented individuals. I feel its safe for me to speculate (as you have speculated) that the majority of DC's crime comes from African American U.S. citizens.


Kelly, seeing as how the African American population is 48.3%, that is a safe bet and this is lower than what it was in 2010.

"MS-13 operates in at least 42 states and the District of Columbia and has about 6,000-10,000 members nationwide. Currently, the threat is highest in the western and northeastern parts of the country, which coincides with elevated Salvadoran immigrant populations in those areas. In the southeast and central regions, the current threat is moderate to low, but recently, we’ve seen an influx of MS-13 members into the southeast, causing an increase in violent crimes there."
ive Alleged MS-13 Leaders Indicted in Washington, D.C ...

WASHINGTON – Five alleged MS-13 leaders, including two accused of directing operations from prisons in El Salvador, have been indicted on federal racketeering and ...

MS-13 resurgence? 3 murders in DC area tied to gang | WTTG

WASHINGTON - There have been several violent crimes in the D.C. area that have been allegedly tied to the gang MS-13. Is this a widespread resurgence of their power?

Three MS-13 gang leaders sentenced in brutal killings ...

Prosecutors alleged that MS-13 “cliques” collaborated across the District, Maryland and Virginia.

MS-13 DC Gang Recruiting Young Illegal Immigrants | The ...

A fresh wave of crime from the infamously violent MS-13 gang in the District of Columbia is being driven by the heavy recruitment of young illegal immigrants.

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In D.C., 13 purported MS-13 members will appear in federal court this week after allegedly carrying out killings in 2013 and 2014 in an effort to maintain ...

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Dozens of people, many juveniles, are being forced into prostitution in the Washington area by Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, the region’s largest and most dangerous ...

Spike in homicides linked to MS-13 | WTTG - FOX 5 DC

Local police departments are concerned about a spike in homicides in our area linked to the notorious and dangerous MS-13 gang.

Possible MS-13 gang activity in D.C., police say |

From Northern Virginia to Maryland, authorities have been fighting a surge of MS-13 gang violence in D.C.'s suburbs.

News about ms 13 in gaithersburg md
MS-13 Gang Connected To Several Disappearances Of Young ... - 4 days ago
The gang is believed to be connected to the disappearance of several teenage girls, and one Gaithersburg teen was murdered. ...
Fourth MS-13 Gang Member Charged in Gaithersburg Teen's Murder
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Maryland MS-13 Gang Leader Apprehended on Charges of S## ...

Maryland MS-13 Gang Leader Apprehended on Charges of S$$ Trafficking a Juvenile ... Maryland, was arrested on charges of s$$ trafficking a juvenile. ...

Third MS-13 Gang Member Arrested in Teen's Murder at Park ...

Third MS-13 Gang Member Arrested in Teen's ... GAITHERSBURG, MD — A third person with ties to the El Salvadoran gang MS-13 operating in Montgomery County has ...

Urban Dictionary: gaithersburg

BTW ZIP CODE 20878 + 20850 YOU LIVE IN GAITHERSBURG NOT NORTH ... crew. also dont f### with MS-13 they run ... Gaithersburg High School; Gaithersburg, MD; Gaiti;

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Prosecutors: MS-13 murder victim lured to Maryland using ...

Prosecutors: MS-13 murder victim lured to Maryland using fake woman, ... His body was discovered Nov. 12 near Game Preserve Road in the Gaithersburg area.

Gaithersburg Middle School - Montgomery County Public High ...

... Gaithersburg, MD 20877. Skip ... All GMS students watched the video on 2/13/17 in additional to listening ... Content Specialist at Gaithersburg Middle School. ...


More libage, as in liberal garbage. If this BS status passes, I hope the sheriff's office will stay busy rounding them up and turning them over to ICE.


pretty sure the majority would rather see a focus on the heroin epidemic.......

Comment deleted.

des, lets stick to the subject. The story is not about me, MS-13, my employees, or you.


I think this story certainly IS about gang activity as that is, unfortunately, the trap many illegal immigrants fall into. To deny that is to deny reality and I was taught that grown-ups shouldn't do that.


Thanks Dick, I never seem to have the time to do the Google searches many here require for "proof" so I thank you for providing that information. To not expect what has happened elsewhere when sanctuary cities have been created (or counties) begs reality. I don't know what motivates Kelly's insistence that this (gang activity) is not a problem but I have my guesses.


All she has to do is drive down key parkway or up above where Roy Rogers is or around the old mall and take a look at all the "tags" everywhere. I guess she thinks those were done by "budding artists"? Open your eyes!!


Officials who promote and allow sanctuary cities, towns and states are promoting anarchy. It will only be a matter of time before there is a country wide revolt against the promotion of lawbreaking. With the enormous drug problem and so many citizens out of work encouraging law breaking should be an immediate impeccable offense and these lawmakers should be fired. It is only a matter of time before the law abiding revolt.


What is wrong with LEGAL IMMIGRATION ???...The answer is NOTHING...So if it ain't broke why try to fix it with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION !!!...Those that ADVOCATE for Sanctuary Status should have their head examined or be incarcerated for harboring law breakers...Dennis Janda (A REAL, NOT FAKE, AMERICAN CITIZEN)


NO! If someone is here illegally, they should be sent back to their homeland. They can then apply and wait their turn to enter the USA legally. If someone comes here legally, I welcome them. If they are here illegally, they need to be sent back.


In addition to the illegal aliens here being deported, those that harbor them need to be arrested.


nothinh more than a U.S. Tax payer funded $14.500 vacation.'they return to U.S soil 10 days later. When was the last time you went on a vacation subsidized by others?


Then build the wall!!! Or incarcerate them and take that cost out of what the USA is giving Mexico to fight the war on drugs (which is really working).


build a wall. do you know how long said wall will be? Do you realize that said wall will not stop latino people from entering the U.S?

Also, by the time the wall would be constructed (after buying the land, after buying rights of way, engineering, building roads to get to where the wall will be built, etc), Donald trump's term of office will be up.


Better include collusion, such as the Frederick aldermen are preparing to do.


FNP - How does 500 citizens out of 70,000 people warrant the front page and speak for the rest of the city? Another example of how far left this publication has gone - as well as all of the "main stream" news sources.


Because people like you stay silent and go on with your life. These idiot liberals are louder and gain support of morons like Ron Young and now O'Connor.. You think the golden mile is a crime riddled crap hole now? Just wait until they don't fear deportation anymore which gives them aa extra layer of protection to commit a crime.


Local politians better watch what they wish for. Sure they don't want to pass any potential policy that would encourage "illegal immigrant criminal factors" to hang around downtown. It would potentially threaten its little "Georgetown", (Carroll Creak Project Development). When are people going to wake up? Just look east & south if you want to know where this county is headed. Politians want growth, but unfortunately with growth comes all its problems.


according to GAO , illegals in this country commit 3 million crimes annually

Immigration and crime have had an inverse relationship over the years. Since the 1990s, immigration has risen but crime rates have dropped. The number of immigrants in the country illegally has more than tripled, from 3.5 million to 11.2 million. Meanwhile, violent crime – including aggravated assault, robbery, rape and murder – has dropped 48 percent.

The majority of the 11 million people here illegally live in six states. Of those, California alone has about 2.4 million, 1 in 5 of the state’s residents. Texas ranked second, with 1.7 million, or 15 percent of its population. The other four states with large populations are Florida, New York, New Jersey and Illinois. Each hosts fewer than 1 million.


The golden mile is "crime riddled"?


When's the last time YOU shopped/walked around the mall area? See for yourself!


Use to only hang out in the Home Depot lot, then across at the chicken place. Yesterday there were a bunch in the Wolfs parking lot just hanging around their cars. Cuts down on shoppers going there. Have to go somewhere else for my haircut now or make sure I "protect" myself.




This is upsetting on many fronts. I just can't go on, or I will likely be moderated out since FNP sides with the liberals and doesn't accept an honest assessment and criticism of anything else on this subject.


yes you are correct, they practice their own form of censorship and one needs to look no further than the classless so-called cartoons to know where they stand


Hell NO! Illegal is the key word here. All you have to do is look to Europe to see what has happened and you will see why this is a bad idea. The "right" thing to do would be for people to come legally, then they are more than welcome.


So let me get this straight...American citizens in Frederick who brake the law, get arrested and possibly go to jail....foreigners break our laws and get protection. Sorry...NO.


So if I rob KellyA's house and get caught I can holler discrimination and insist on being release because I'm German American and legal? Sounds right. Or next time I'm drunk and pee on a business wall and get arrested I can claim that I "identify" as a dog and that's my right? See how totally out of wack this state/country has gotten. Time for common sense.


I have nothing to do with this.

Each and every single one of us know someone that is addicted to heroin, and subsequently we learn some facts about the addicts and the addiction; does that mean that we support heroin dealers?

I have a foreign family. And I am around foreigners everyday. I simply happen to know about the issue. All I'm doing is dispelling the false statements being made. nothing more. nothing less.


95% of heroin & illegal weapons cross our borders.

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