A group opposing Narconon’s plans for a drug rehab center at Trout Run is gathering support.

The group, which started on Facebook as “No Narconon at Trout Run,” met Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening with Thurmont resident Mark Long moderating questions and a presentation by former Narconon graduate and former staff member David E. Love.

About 20 people attended each meeting. The group started discussing a plan of action Wednesday night.

Members of the group are concerned about Narconon, an organization that provides drug rehabilitation programs that uses methods developed by the Church of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

Narconon’s proposal for a “residential drug rehabilitation center” at the 40-acre Trout Run site near Thurmont hinges on the approval of the Frederick County Council.

“My focus is to make sure the council votes no,” Long said.

Love told the group at both meetings that Narconon’s drug treatment program would be a detriment to the county.

“You do have a very evil entity coming to town,” he said.

Love and two other former Scientologists at the meeting said the Narconon program left clients with post-traumatic stress disorder and broken families.

Craig Tyler, a Frederick resident and member of the “No Narconon” group, wanted to take action.

“What do we do? How do we stop this?” he said.

“That’s what we’re trying to figure out,” Long responded.

County residents who attended the meetings included psychologists and people with experience in drug rehabilitation services.

Jim Lamott, a clinical neuropsychologist based in Frederick, said he has been familiar with Narconon for about as long as it had been around.

He was concerned that the language Narconon uses obscures its actual practices from clients. The program is “abuse masquerading as rehabilitation,” he said.

The property owner has submitted plans to convert Trout Run into a rehabilitation center for 12 live-in clients, referred to as “students” in the proposal.

The center would have five more beds for treatment and withdrawal and would accommodate eight staff living on-site and eight staff living off-site.

Patient programs would last for about six weeks, according to the plans, though Love and former Scientologists at the meeting said the program may take three months or longer.

According to Narconon’s website, the saunas used in their treatment purge toxins from the body that may have built up after a period of drug abuse.

Narconon Eastern U.S. Executive Director Yvonne Rodgers said their program “has been studied and or reviewed scientifically and objectively for 40 years.”

She referred to a paper presented at an Environmental Protection Agency conference in 1998 detailing Hubbard’s detoxification method as applied to victims of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, where people were acutely exposed to radiation and lived in a contaminated environment.

Twenty-four male subjects received the Hubbard treatment, which was a daily regimen of 30 minutes of jogging and up to 4½ hours of alternation between a “moderate temperature sauna” and a cool-down. Vitamin and mineral supplementation was also part of the program, according to the paper.

The researchers concluded that “in spite of its robust regimen, there is an absence of negative health effects.”

The Narconon program is secular, church representatives and Narconon representatives have said, and welcomes people regardless of faith or religious background.

Rodgers responded to Love and others’ claims that Frederick County residents would not be treated at Trout Run.

“Of course Narconon Trout Run would treat residents from Frederick County as well as anyone else who needs our help,” Rodgers said.

The corporation that owns Trout Run — Social Betterment Properties International — is itself owned by the Church of Scientology, Rodgers said.

The corporation “owns properties which they have leased to two or three different Narconon centers,” Rodgers said.

The “No Narconon” group is planning a meeting in the near future to find out what action may be taken to oppose the organization’s plan to settle in at Trout Run. The Facebook group has about 230 members.

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This page has links to studies done on narCONon by people who have no ties to Scientology or narCONon. The results are a bit different than the studies touted by narCONon's spokespeople:



What kind of group supposedly out to help people, hires PI's to tail people who may not agree with it??



A new lawsuit filed agains narCONon, 29th by this attorney. Details can be found at:



Link to information on Desmond case: http://forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.net/index.php/topic,8408.0.html


Many of the lawsuits against Narconon were closed with a settlement. The Desmond v. Narconon of Georgia case came the closest to going to trial when Narconon settled at the last moment. If Narconon thought they had a leg to stand on, these cases would not have been settled.

robert jay

Let's try it nothing else seems to be working Our so called war on drugs or job placement for someone pretending to be preveny=ting & turning this whole mess around > Like abe Lincoln told us grant what we are doingis is not workingingso granny changed te plan AND now we are living in a NAZI America


More facts, not hyperbol:

narCONon tried bringing their "narCONon Drug Abuse Prevention" (NDAP) program into California schools. There were complaints about it's accuracy, so it was refered to The California Healthy Kids Resource Center for evaluation of it's materials.

The full report can be seen here: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/he/at/narcononevaluation.asp

Short form: It was kicked out of California schools because some drug-related information presented in the NDAP and supplementary resources—although aligned with the Narconon drug rehabilitation methodology—does not reflect accurate, widely accepted medical and scientific evidence. Some information is misleading because it is overstated or a distinction between drug use and abuse is lacking.

These same ideas that ignore accurate, widely accepted medical and scientific evidenc are the basis for narCONon's current operations.


Listen to Shirley Gilham talk about the loss of her son at Narconon Arrowhead. http://youtu.be/oqOn_YbbLZg


Karl Bickel mentioned human trafficking, the other day in a similar editorial, so I decided to see what I could find and found the web sites below?





Folks, what you see MARVERICKinc7 doing here is a classic example of what Scientology calls "dead agenting".

"Dead agenting" is described by Scientology's creater, L Ron Hubbard, as a technique for countering negative accusations against Scientology, and it's front groups, by diverting the critical statements, and making counter-accusations against the accuser. In other words, "attack the attacker". Hubbard defined this PR (public relations) policy on "dead agenting" in a 1974 bulletin titled "Series 24 - Handling Hostile Contacts/Dead Agenting".

Note that it very pointedly does not include addressing the actual points of criticism.

You need a new play book Maverick, everybodies already seen this one.


As long as people are not being forced to have treatment here, I don't understand the issue. We have the right to seek the kind of treatment that we want. If I'm in pain, do I want a PT or Chiro? It's my choice. If a new doctor's office comes to town and that doctor uses holistic approaches instead of conventional, does that mean we also try to shut them down and prevent the new doctor from moving in? It's not an illegal business. How can we decide that one legal business can open up, but not another?


When a business lies to get customers in the door, and doesn't deliver what was promised, and allows customers to die because promised medical staff doesn't exist, that business doesn't deserve to be allowed to operate.

And, as over 30 lawsuits are showing, that is exactly how narCONon operates.


AND, when was the last you counted all the lawsuits that have been filed against the Catholic Church for lying to its customers?

Just how far do you believe you can stretch this business ethic of yours and getting away with the lies, by OMMISSION, you are telling US?


The Catholic church isn't killing people with a pseudo-scientific "rehab" program. And I was very much involved in pushing for the Catholic church to be held accountable for the actions of it's priests and it's cover ups, thank you.

What the Catholic church may have done isn't the issue here. How narCONon operates is. And all you've done is answered facts with unrelated distractions and ad hominen attacks,

Where are the INDEPENDENT studies showing narCONon works? There aren't any.


You can call me MAV if you want.

You are the one supplying US with ACCUSATIONS and pretending to make FACTS from fiction about a religion you REALLY know nothing about. So how are you any different from this game strategy of "attack the attacker" while you attempt to LABEL the Church of Scientology and Narconon with speculation and stretches of your own imagination?

Actually, Hubbard didn't invent "dead agenting." He merely took a long held debate strategy commonly found in rules of parliamentary procedure and renamed it.

AND, what the Catholic Church did to cover up their lies and killing people's minds, who trusted them most, is just as germaine to what you are trying to sell us from the cheap seats and bush league tactics we can find just as easily in the National Inquirer or any one of these studies you keep refering to. Aren't you addicted to DENIAL when it comes to real COMPARISONS you can't bring yourself to discuss or arbitrate?

What is it about 'newspostreader's' inquiry about rulings against Scientology that we should take a closer look at 'when your answer is "Many of them are still ongoing, so no results yet?" What kind of an answer is that but self serving rhetoric?

You can beat on me all you want. I'm not of your kind. If I wasn't listening to you, I wouldn't have anything to say to you or even ask of you, since all you do is play dodgeball with our audience. When you can get past innuendo and speculation, maybe we'll have more to discuss


Do you have the rulings from those lawsuits?


Most of them are listed here:

Many of them are still on going, so no results yet. Many others were settled by ABLE/RTC to avoid going to court and having David Miscavige deposed.

Tony Ortega has links to most of the actual filings on his web page at http://tonyortega.org/

Search using keywords 'suit' and 'scribd'


Well put. But such is the nature of bigotry and discrimination that was founded 150 years ago and brought this Nation to a war that remains active to this very day, disguised as self righteous indignation and the same kind of divide we suffer from, on a National scale, and daily basis.


Oh, playing the "bigotry" card now are we? For anyone not familar with $cientology and narCONon supporters word usage when actual facts fail them, and they fall back on ad hominem attacks, I've put together a short thesarusus for your use:

$cilonese = English
"false allegations" = "any statement made by someone who was actually there"
"debunked falsehoods" = "verified facts we want everyone to ignore"
"bigot" = "anyone who can see the truth about $cientology/narCONon"
"bigotry" = "exposing the truth about $cientology/narCONon"


Not sure what you just said, but your thesarusus just set out the makings of another white supremist group, the KKK manefesto and your willingness to LIE, by admission and omission.

I don't play cards and never bluff my way to another dead end conversation you are proposing and advocating. You may want to turn your jets down just a little and stop with this EMOTIONAL tirade you are caught up in.

You can lie to yourself all you want, and build this wall you are constructing around yourself as high as you want, but in the end, even Humpty-Dumpty fell off that wall he built to keep everyone else out of his fairy tale life.


Narconon is one of several front groups established by convicted fraudster and science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard. It was his intention that these front groups would integrate his Scientology doctrine into the mainstream. Other Scientology front groups include the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE), Criminon, Study Tech, The Way To Happiness Foundation, and the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. All the Information necessary to make an informed decision when choosing to use a Scientology front group for drug or alcohol treatment can be found at this independent site: http://narcononreviews.net/


When was the last time you had a discussion with your broker on Wall Street? How many FRONTS did they have on hand to bring this Nation to its knees in RECESSION? What they did was a violation of their fiduciary relationship and trust. Check your stock prices at 18,000 in market trade and see if you don't want to invest your hard earned money into the same market that betrayed US all.

Isn't that what you are asking US to consider now; another crap shoot and roll of the dice. And you would call this present circumstance an INFORMED DECISION we are to make, when all you have to offer is more speculation, found somewhere in the internet universe?


NoN treated 24 male subjects (while an estimated 985,000 died prematurely, as of 2004) and, um, how many of those 24 subjects were CURED?

Wikipedia: Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment is an English translation of the 2007 Russian publication Chernobyl. It was published in 2009 by the New York Academy of Sciences in their Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. It presents an analysis of scientific literature and concludes that medical records between 1986, the year of the accident, and 2004 reflect 985,000 premature deaths as a result of the radioactivity released.


Who's to say that all the victims of Chernobyl wouldn't eventually die from radiation exposure. Did this scientific analysis use the term "premature death" while describing the nature of radioactive poisoning to the inhabitants of Chernobyl?

What are you trying so desperately to do but, by insinuation, critique the Church of Scientology and Narconon's CURE rate on what was nothing more than a foregone conclusion that rendered scientific information on what radiation poisoning can do, over a period of time, to the entire population of Chernobyl.

Since most, including yourself already know the answer to your questions, why is it you refuse to tell US what the cure rate was, unless, of course, you're just baiting our audence into buying your version of the propaganda of "NO NARCONON at Trout Run" is handing out on their facebook pages; all 230 of them so far? So far, this group think of yours hasn't supplied or supported a thing that the Church of Scientology and Narconon are only being ACCUSED of.

I thought witch hunting was declared null and void decades ago, but you seem to be on the hunt and making this STUFF up as you go along. After all is said and done, what if anything have you proven to the rest of Frederick County?


Another paper often cited by narCONon is, "Drug residues store in the body following cessation of use: Impacts on neuroendocrine balance and behaviour – Use of the Hubbard sauna regimen to remove toxins and restore health published in Medical Hypotheses (2007) 68,868–879 by Marie Cecchini and Vincent LoPresti"

This paper was submitted to "Medical Hypotheses", and is an insult to medical research. It was financed by Scientology front group FASE, and its principal author, Marie Cecchini, is a Scientologist with a vested interest in promoting narCONon. These conflicts of interest are carefully concealed.

The journal "Medical Hypotheses" does not publish research, but provides a forum for speculative theories. The standard of evidence required is consequently extremely low, and is not peer-reviewed. While the paper looks almost respectable when you only look at the abstract, the full text reveals just how bad the reasoning and evidence presented really is.


You're deliberately missing the point, which is Narconon Eastern U.S. Executive Director Yvonne Rodgers cited a report that has zip, zero, and nothing to do with narCONon's capabilities, or lack there of, to do with drug rehab.

That study had absolutely nothing to do with drug rehab, so why is it being cited except to create the impression it supported narCONon's ability as a drug rehab?

And even though it was included in the EPA summary document, the study itself was not conducted by the EPA. Which is another impression she is trying to create to deflect from the fact FASE, another Scientology entity, was involved in the study, which on it's face creates a conflict of interest.

If narCONon wants to be accepted, they need to allow INDEPENDENT, peer reviewed study of it's methods and outcomes.


From the article: "Narconon Eastern U.S. Executive Director Yvonne Rodgers said their program “has been studied and or reviewed scientifically and objectively for 40 years.”

That's what's refered to in Scientology as an "Acceptable truth". There is not one indepent, peer-reviewed, study of narCONon's methodologies or outcomes. All of the studies narCONon claims were done were either paid for by narCONon, or done by a Scientology front group, or individual Scientologists.

A careful reading shows the "study", involving Scientology front group The Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education' (FASE), included in the EPA paper referenced in the article had nothing to do with drug rehab. It was related to radiation exposure after the Chernobyl disaster. And the participants were screened to exclude people with medical issues similar to those commonly found among drug abusers. The test subjects were also closely monitored by medical professionals, not recent rehab graduates as is often the case with narCONon.


From the article: "The Narconon program is secular, church representatives and Narconon representatives have said, and welcomes people regardless of faith or religious background."

Then why are lLawyers for narCONon arguing in court that narCONon is a "faith based” healing program i.e. they're trying for first amendment protected status while claiming to not be a religion?

Cited as "Exhibit 1, 12(b) Motion at pg. 23, ln. 10-11" in http://www.scribd.com/doc/237276861/Samantha-Nord-Shafer-vs-Narconon-Complaint

And why does the IRS list narCONon as a "Scientology related entity" in the once secret 1993 Closing Agreement?

Scientology, and it's front groups like narCONon, are noted for telling lies and half truths to get it's ways.


And the Catholic Church is a FRONT for money laundering, child abuse and management malfeasance.SO, what is the Cathoilc Church known for other than telling lies and half truths to get its own way?

What can we do about the MASON's and their secret society? Or, do you know everthing about them and their secret handshake?


AND political PAC groups that are trying to buy this country and your vote at all cost, are not just as guilty of telling lies and half truths to an entire Nation, as you deny their existence when they are standing just behind you and tugging on your checkbook?


Irrelevant to the discussion, which is about narCONon. Stop trying to distract, it's not working..

How about providing some facts, from sources with no ties to, or payments from, Scientology or narCONon on how effective narCONon is for a change??

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