As the rain began to fall more heavily on the crowd gathered Sunday at the amphitheater in Carroll Creek Linear Park, Roberto Juarez talked about his parents.

His father came to the United States from El Salvador in the 1980s, escaping the civil war in that country. His mother came from Peru as a domestic worker, while his father worked as a mechanic.

Juarez grew up in Frederick, went to college, and then came back to the city.

He spoke at a rally Sunday as a member of the group Resources for Immigrant Support and Empowerment (RISE) Coalition of Western Maryland, which supports immigrant rights and the immigrant community.

“You may not see the work of immigrants in this community,” Juarez said. “But we are here. And we are making this community better.”

Sunday’s rally was in response to a rally held simultaneously in Baker Park by supporters of Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and the sheriff’s office’s involvement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement through the 287(g) program, which provides training for sheriff’s deputies by ICE that allows deputies to ask the immigration status of anyone booked into the detention center. If appropriate, begin deportation proceedings.

The Carroll Creek rally was meant to send a message of solidarity with the immigrant community, and the idea that having immigrants in the community make the community stronger, said Juliana Downey, a member of RISE who helped organize the event.

The event had a festive atmosphere, with face-painting, food, and a performance by a mariachi band.

The rally was peaceful, with a visible police presence along various parts of Carroll Creek.

Frederick Police deployed 87 officers between the two rallies, police department spokeswoman Michelle Bowman said in an email Sunday.

287g counter rally 2

At top, Meil Donnelly and Mike Costello hold up signs at the conclusion of U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin’s (D-Md.) remarks to the crowd at the Unity Rally on Carroll Creek Sunday.

It was not a protest of the rally at the bandshell, but was meant to be a “beacon of what our community is really about,” Downey said.

Marsha Kessler of Mount Pleasant said she wanted Sunday to be part of a peaceful movement.

Kessler said she’s very distressed about the state of the country and about immigrants’ welfare and how they’re being treated.

Regardless of their spiritual beliefs, Kessler said, everyone is required to love and serve each other.

“We’re sabotaging our spiritual welfare,” she said.

U.S. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) asked the members of the crowd to raise their hands if they were immigrants or descendants of immigrants. Nearly everyone raised their hand.

“That’s who we are in America,” Raskin said.

Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor and Alderman Ben MacShane also spoke, with MacShane delivering much of his comments in Spanish.

Dana Vickers Shelley, executive director of the ACLU of Maryland, said her group is working with RISE and others across the state to curtail cooperation with ICE through the 287(g) program, as well as programs through which immigrants come in for interviews as part of their citizenship process, and then they or their spouse is detained.

Mostly, the country needs a process through which people who want to become citizens can do so, she said.

Raskin agreed that the country needs serious, comprehensive immigration reform.

“We can have laws and borders without hating and vilifying immigrants,” he said.

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Could there be an underlying reason why Sherf Trumpkins is so concerned over losing the 287?

The Santos verdict has proven 287 to be a LIABILITY for the county.

Could the call for the audit be subsequent of a recent settlement made to Santos?

Could all parties be forbidden from discussing the settlement?

Could the settlement have been paid and the county leaders then said “now that we just paid out a large sum of money, this 287 is a liability, we need to take a hard look at 287”? Keep in mind, the county leaders ALL voted in favor to conduct the audit, if I’m not mistaken. Is there an underlying reason for all to be in favor?

Could all I have mentioned just be the reason why the Sherf is behaving as he is?


Hey Ryan Marshall. You left something very important out if your article here. The word "illegal". Do you know what it means ? And why it is a most important part of this discussion ? Of course you do, and that is exactly why you chose to leave it out. In order to twist the facts, and push a lying leftist agenda. And make it seems as those who stand for the rule of law, are in the wrong, and are racists and hate filled. When in fact, the exact opposite is true.


So, a misdemeanor - which crossing the U.S. border is, means that you should call them criminals? We will reserve that for Trump, who is being investigated for a felony, many of them, as a matter of fact.


Time to impeach our president for hiring illegal immigrants!! Illegal immigrants are still working at Trump resorts. Google it if you don't believe me.


That kind of “illegal”?


Or a different kind?


Mcrider - “illegal” as in the “illegal” arrest the FCSO executed on Roxanne Santos?




Always funny to hear from Raskins "Hold your hands up if you are an immigrant?" The real question should be are you a legal immigrant obeying the laws of the US. For those immigrants who do it legally to gain access and entry to our country we strongly support that, to those illegal immigrants who cross our borders illegally and then also commit further crimes well they should be arrested and deported. For others who are here illegally, they should pay a price and then give them legal status but not citizenship until they proceed thru process and pay a penalty of 10 years... this whole DACA executive order created a bigger mess and now it is time to clean-up the mess.


[lol] Always good for a laugh. Thanks

Comment deleted.

About that audit?

Comment deleted.



Raskins needs to concentrate on his job and represent the true Americans when are people going to understand the ILLEGALS cost us tax payers wasted money when there is a LEGAL way to become a citizen I do not understand these people who want open boarders. Who is going to pay for their clothes, food and health insurance when our hard working AMERICAN seniors can barely make it on their retirement. Raskins is just like the rest of those dumb Democrat's that rely on the illegal votes. Raskins do your job and worry about the American Seniors and Medicare and Maryland traffic laws NOT THE NON Paying illegals


Good comment tim, but with one little correction; the illegal ones aren't " illegal immigrants," they're "illegal aliens."




When old white people get angry. Funny, I had the same comment for the Sheriff Chuck rally.


Has it occurred to anyone if the ACLU were to bring a lawsuit against the MOU, signed by Jenkins in 2008, that the MOU could be declared unlawful, because it doesn't conform with the County Charter.


Hate has No Home here?? Lol. Anti 287 g attacking police officer. No respect for ANY laws. Typical left. Hypocrisy at its worst.


How's the audit going?

Comment deleted.

All the hate is coming from the left. As you clearly demonstrate here.

Comment deleted.

Looks like it was just true Americans trying to defend their country against Ameriphobes.


Set up the judges at the border and turn back those that do not qualify for asylum. This is a large part caused by Trump. We need to track those who come here on temporary visas, as 40% of illegals are those that simply over stayed their visas.


they over stay their visas on purpose and have no intentions of doing legal things... or they would renew them or appear in court to address their warrants...


Tell that to the speaker at the Jenkins rally. You know, the one who no one mentions. The young woman who’s husband was killed on 270 by a previous detained illegal, that was detained by moco and released before ice could pick him up for numerous other warrants just 4 months before.

You know, the guy CASA, gave our grant money to defend. The guy who paid less than a $300 fine and received 3 points for killing two citizens.




The disingenuousness of FNP reporting is astounding. The are not immigrants. They are people here illegally. Please identify them as such..


[lol] Give them an ID, great idea, Bunny m


Their ID is IA Dick, as in Illegal Alien.


I don't know why people say "anti-immigration". It's anti ILLEGAL activity. If someone comes into this country illegally, they have already broken the law. Come through the right channels and America's arms are open to anyone.


Tell that to the children in cages at the border, niceund


They are in the same cages that Obama was using - where was your outrage then??? They are in detention facilities that have cages where they get medical, dental, food, clothing, education, lawyers, and other free benefits so they can be legally processed...


It's not the kid's fault where they are Dick, it's the fault of the ones who use children for illegal purposes and the parents who choose to bring them along when they decide to come here illegally.


Who are illegal immigrants as well.


Talk to Obama about that dick.


Well said. But we cannot continue to have so many people in this country. We are running out of school space. Next it will be shortage of food, open land and jobs. If they don't fight to make their own countries better, do not learn English, become self sufficient and assimilate, why have they earned a right to be here?


Since I know we need workers, I support our immigrants. But I do want laws that are useful and do not divide us like this. They say the best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it. But in this case it just divides us. Why?


Because of the way it is being handled, Gary.


Population growth is not good and on a per capita basis, we are one of the most polluting countries (if not the most polluting when you consider all pollution not just climate change pollutants). Adding more people just increases the pollution. We do not need more workers, we need to change the model. I believe even you have pointed out in the past (maybe it was Dick) that many non-skilled/low skilled jobs are or will be automated. So how many more unskilled laborers do we need Gary? How many more acres of green space will we pave over build on, etc. to accommodate the continued growth? If low skilled/non-skilled laborers have a disproportionate number of children (for example, see MoCo statistics), what do you think will happen to taxes? When current infrastructure and services aren't being fully covered by your taxes (e.g., schools, roads, retirement funds for teachers, etc.) what do you think adding more workers earning below the median income will do for everyone's taxes? What will more people to to other species? No we absolutely do not need to keep growing the population (immigration or not). We already allow approximately one million a year into this country legally. Yes, support those immigrants (even though they do add to out problems, they are following the laws, so support them). But why support illegal immigration when if you count all of the costs due to their illegal immigration (including, for example, educating the US children of one or both parents who are here illegally where we wouldn't have that cost if the illegal immigrant wasn't here) the cost is greater than their benefit?




Gary was saying we need more workers and I countered with population growth (through immigration or otherwise) is not good. In fact the Mutts comic strip today was quite appropriate regarding the human population:


I walked by the anti-audit rally around 4pm. What I mostly noticed was the defensive perimeter of police officers. There must have been at least two dozen and I only walked by the 2nd St. side.


That'd be because it was immediately after an incident where an anti 287g protester assaulted a police officer



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