A majority of Frederick County Council members do not believe the English-only ordinance has had an impact on the county budget, despite proponents’ arguments that it is a cost-saving measure.

“I can find absolutely no evidence that it saves anybody any money,” Councilman Jerry Donald said. “The money argument rings fairly hollow for me.”

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Translation, interpretation costs

Fiscal Year Interpretation Costs Difference from previous year Percent Change
2006 $8,183.26 n/a n/a
2007 $13,406.64 $5,223.38 63.83%
2008 $34,360.14 $20,953.50 156.29%
2009 $52,249.81 $17,889.67 52.07%
2010 $53,832.18 $1,582.37 3.03%
2011 $38,139.37 -$15,692.81 -29.15%
2012 $52,848.96 $14,709.59 38.57%
2013 $42,489.21 -$10,359.75 -19.60%
2014 $48,445.68 $5,956.47 14.02%
2015 $59,084.79 $10,639.11 21.96%

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No me importa.


Another question would be, what would translation costs have been without the ordinance? The reporter apparently made no attempt to discover that. If no study of that has been done, perhaps one ought to be conducted so that all relevant facts are available.


Wouldn't it be incumbent on the people in support of the ordinance to indicate how it has been successful? Why should the reporter do their jobs?


The drop in 2013 may have occurred from practices at the Detention Center which were in violation of Federal Law re the ICE program. The County's financial office invoices the Federal ICE program $83.00 per night, totaling as much as $140K per month (in 2013) for housing ICE detainees. Translation services of county detention center intake and health forms were required, but not provided. An average $49K a year to provide translation services is spare change and necessary, compared to the average $1.3 million a year in detainee housing profits.

Excerpt: In four of 20 medical records reviewed, ODO found documentation by both medical and correctional personnel indicating a language barrier between detainee and staff. The records reviewed suggested the four detainees did not speak English or had difficulty understanding English, and therefore were unable to communicate effectively with FCDC personnel. In one case, a correctional officer who performed an intake health screening on a detainee noted in writing that the detainee “doesn’t speak English;” yet, the correctional officer recorded “no” as the answer for all 53 questions on the form. ODO found no documentation demonstrating an attempt to provide language interpretation or translation assistance through other FCDC personnel or a telephone interpretation service (Deficiency MC-1).
In the other three cases, detainee sick call forms were written in Spanish, and nursing personnel documented a language barrier, but made no attempt to access language interpretation or translation assistance (Deficiency MC-2). During an interview with two nurses, ODO found there was confusion about whether a telephone interpretation or translation service was even available.



White nationalists, ProEnglish's, number one public lie for lobbying for their bill, which Blaine Young's BOCC adopted into an ordinance in Frederick County is, "It will save translation costs!"


I believe this English only ordinance is another slick willy gimmick, ploy by a party that's dumbing down American children by defunding our public schools systems while luring millions of foreigners into America, don't believe me try locating a physician with a name you can pronounce locally.


"Gardner said interpretation costs were not a factor in adopting the resolution. It was the result of a compromise with a commissioner who wanted to introduce an English ordinance."

What commissioner and why did County Executive Gardner make this compromise? We still have access to sitting commissioners from 2008 so this should easily be answered.

Farrell Keough


Chas Jenkins.


That may be the case (I would suggest Lennie Thompson may well have been involved along with others), but this important reply had NO follow up. Charles Jenkins was NOT a hardcore Republican - so why the difference in the Gardner Administration now? Hmmmmmm...

Farrell Keough


Charles Jenkins was NOT a hardcore Republican - Come on man, what alternate universe do you live in ?



I have spoken with Charles Jenkins in the past. Charles Jenkins is extremely anti-immigrant.

You can find FNP articles supporting this, as well as letters to the FNP editor from Charles Jenkins supporting this.

Please conduct a google search or whatever


You don't actually know of what you speak, do you KellyAlzan?

Please note Delegate Charles Jenkins' son in the background of this picture: http://www.baltimoresun.com/bal-bs-te-legislature-ck20100113075243-photo.html

How unfortunate you are so biased you cannot see the truth - Charles Jenkins (and Chuck Jenkins) both embrace legal immigrants.

Farrell Keough


Come on men... what alternate universe do you live in?

"Commissioner Charles Jenkins, a Republican, proposed the ordinance last week. It would require that all county documents be in English." Aug. 22, 2008 FNP



C'mon Mellon - see the above post.

You folks are so biased (and actually, racist) you cannot see beyond the small areas you live within - what a shame!

Farrell Keough


Farrell, I posted this poem on 03/02/13, playfully predicting your future:

The sequester our county depressed
with jobs lost and homes repossessed
one guy had to move
who got furloughed to prove
that the capitalist system works best.

You announced recently at the English-only public hearings that you don't have your government job anymore. What's the story on that?


English-only and privatization
defunding Head Start education
staffing cut to the bone
as Blaine "set the tone,"
with a message of intoleration.


I agree we need standards, but not ridiculous standards.


Define "ridiculous stands" as compared to our need for standards that are already founded on intolereance and disguised discrimination.

Isn't this a little like Del Karen Young putting a bill on the floor to change the lyrics of "Maryland My Maryland" or Fredeick city aulderpersons who wish the eliminate the Taney Statue in front of City Hall, when most everyone who passes by, don't have a clue what the Dread Scott decision was about, much less what Judge Taney contributed to our heritage.

All of a sudden 9 black church goers are killed in South Carolina and giving cause to poilitical correctness and the removal of our history, and being religated to museums when the fact remains NOTHING has changed in US since that ancient decision.

We can't use the N word, but the black communites throughout our Nation can. They weild this use of a WORD as a double edged sword They can riot for cause in 2015 for another bargaining chip to change what we were but have remained the same ever since then. We are trying to appease what history has already recorded. This speaks only to the fact we are and remain divided as we have always been.

Look at the election laws of old that remain on the books today but disguised as a prevention to voter fruad, when none can be found worth noting.

Man remains as devisive as he has always been from any side of the human spectrum you can see...black to white or any other color in between, or the use of any other language that Frederick locals don't wish to contend with, so they bury their overt discrimination behind words and legaleze, with the notion that no one else is looking at our STANDARDS of governance or the quality of our own lives as they exist in 2015.


All Billie has to say is "jab did it"? Lol

She wasn't even a commissioner then!

Brilliant, Billie! Brilliant!


This is a well written and edited article, with background, perspective, good factual information, and a wide variety of quotes from relevant sources.


Billy and Kirby: Why don't you sponsor a joint town hall meeting to explain why you were wrong about your vote for Blaine's ridiculous ordinance from the beginning?


Billy's "explanation" for costs increasing while he was on the BOCC and Gardner was a private citizen is "Jan did it"? Every time I think he can't say something dumber than he ever did before, he proves me wrong.


You are exactly right. He is always lying about something or saying something about how great he is. I am sick of his relentless ignorant attacks on County Executive Gardner.


True, but funny, lol

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