A solitary Republican congressman, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, has called for the impeachment of Donald Trump. He breaks the GOP silence on the president that up to now has confirmed his total domination of the party that once had a proud reputation for upholding the rule of law amid its core conservative principles.

Whether this breach will kick off an internal movement to save the party remains unlikely, however. What may be needed is a more prominent Republican establishment member to speak out.

There is one such party stalwart who owes his party and country a heartfelt apology for his behavior in his presidency: George W. Bush. He vigorously and mistakenly led America to war by selling the false premise that Iraq had a huge arsenal of weapons of mass destruction aimed and ready to attack the United States and its allies.

It was soon revealed that Iraq had no such arsenal, and the resultant war led to the annihilation of hordes of American and allied forces in the Middle East region, as well as tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians, with serious consequences that continue to today.

Bush managed to survive this political blunder and won a second term over ineffective Democratic opposition. But since then he has been a silent, powerless and toothless figure in a shattered Grand Old Party.

No other similarly prominent establishment figure in it appears ready and willing to take on the sitting president, and bring back its earlier glory and reputation for honorable conservatism.

One might think that the elder son of the late President George H.W. Bush, whose death generated throngs of mourners lamenting the passing of this kind old gentleman, might use the occasion to come to his party’s rescue in this time of its obvious peril.

But Dubya’s modus operandi as the cocky, towel-snapping wise guy seldom reflected his father’s somewhat befuddled manner of an easygoing Yalie liked by everybody but who rarely demonstrated leadership qualities in a harsh world environment.

An exception came in the fact that the father, faced with his own challenge of statesmanship, mobilized an international coalition that drove Iraqi forces of strongman Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and back to Baghdad.

Later, when it came to George W. to mobilize U.S. military power in Iraq, he did so without obtaining United Nations sanctions that might have forced an enemy retreat, leading to a catastrophe there and in the broader region.

Did it ever cross George W. Bush’s mind that here, in opposing Trump’s lies and other misdeeds, was an opportunity to redeem himself for the wrongful blunder of his invasion of Iraq predicated on utter false intelligence?

In any event, it would not be too late for him to re-enter the political game and give the GOP a bit of backbone against the damage Trump has done to it, and to the Constitution’s clear commitment to the separation of powers.

If only to pay Trump back for the insults and humiliation he administered to Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, in the 2016 Republican presidential debates, you might think George W. would enjoy imposing a little verbal abuse on America’s worst character assassin.

But maybe he just doesn’t give much of a damn about the political party that has given so much to the Bush family and dynasty.

If ever there was a time for the voice of his father’s staid conservative establishment to be heard, it is now. A sharp public rebuke from a Republican former president might stiffen other old guard spines as the would-be dictator continues to demean the office he serves.

The only open Republican challenger to him for 2020, former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, is an admirable figure of distinctly different manner, principles and style, but little remembered now or of political influence. Maybe Rep. Amash should throw his hat in the ring as a call to action.

Jules Witcover’s latest book is “The American Vice Presidency: From Irrelevance to Power,” published by Smithsonian Books. You can respond to this column at juleswitcover@comcast.net.

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The FNP monitors are little more than partisan hacks. These response forums are a farce. Veritas... out.


I don’t think the deletions here were partisan. One deleted comment was by rikki in which he demonstrated his ignorance of Saul Alinsky and another one from rikki in which he demonstrated his ignorance of Karl Marx. rikki should be grateful his foolishness was removed from public view. Another was DickD making a foolish comparison of Hitler and Trump. Another was me ridiculing rikki; I’m not grateful. In all of these events, I don’t see a partisan bias.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

That does not appear to be one of the Alinsky rules. Must be fake news, I guess. Here, courtesy of Townhall, are the Alinsky rules and advice on how to use them against liberal. I will add another one. Do not MSU. https://townhall.com/columnists/johnhawkins/2012/04/13/12-ways-to-use-saul-alinskys-rules-for-radicals-against-liberals-n917872

Comment deleted.

You guys and your incessant, hyperbolic Hitler references. It’s all so overwrought, tedious and just plain stupid. If Trump is Hitler, then Lizzy Warren is Karl Marx.


Expecting the son to channel the father's spirit when he never did before, shows how off-the-rails we are now. Uncharted territory. Man the lifeboats.


What sufferers from Trump Derangement Syndrome fail to realize is there are many — possibly even a majority — of Republicans who are not Trump supporters, but who fear the far left, growing like a cancer in the Democratic Party, than they do the boorish, bombast and erratic Donald Trump. To us, our stand is every bit as moral and righteous as the Never Trumper Republicans who would defeat Trump in favor of a leftist Democratic administration hell bent on leading the country down the path of socialism.


Veritas, one thing I agree with, the far left of the Democratic party today. ..Still it's not nearly as bad as the far right. .And if the Democrats can nominate a moderate, Trump is toast. MAGA dump Trump.


Not happening dicky. Trump 2020! Making America Great Again!


And if bullfrogs had wings, they could fly. There are no moderate Dems running for prez, including Uncle Joe, who’s so feckless he’ll be a completely co-opted tool of the left.


I just wish Veri's Republicans would push a real Republican primary. I was sorry to see Hogan bow out of contention, but there should be other viable choices, and it would go a long way to help those of us who suffer from TDS.


I would agree with you, three, if I believed it would make any difference to the Trump cult. Unfortunately, it will not be significant, so Trump will be the Republican nomination.


Who is leading Democrats down the path of Socialism? Nancy Palosi? Joe Biden? How many House Democrats voted for the Green New Deal? Are these the same Radical Leftist Groups that you said swooped in and took over the Parkland High Schoolers #Never Again movement? Once again, your rhetoric does not match the TRUTH! Quit making stuff up! Your mentally ill Malignant Narcissist wannabe Putin/KimJongUn/CrownPrince Ruthless Dictator who Russia put in the White House is the one you should be critical of.


veritas, I am curious if you thought 2016 Clinton was pretty much the same as 2016 Sanders? I know “Bernie Bros†refers to people who thought there was no meaningful difference between Trump and Clinton. If there is a nickname for people who thought there was no meaningful difference between Clinton and Sanders, I do not know it.


Seriously? You think Dubya cares about the Republican party? He cares about the same things that all Russiapublicans care about... MONEY! That's the reason he invaded Iraq, he doesn't care that he lied to make it happen, because it made him a richer man. He won't stand up against the party that helped make him rich, unless someone comes along and offers him an incentive to do so that will make him even richer.


Russiapublicans? That does not sound right. Maybe Repubrussians or Russublicans?


So the Mueller report never happened huh 3? Wow, that was a really costly waste of time. Good luck to you and yours's getting to the bottom of this. With the HOR's investigative powers (they have none- Muller had 500 witnesses and 2800 obeyed subpoenas) and you all here, I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of this![unsure]


Here s the report if you care to read it. As Mueller said the report speaks for itself. https://www.justice.gov/storage/report.pdf


Mueller was right- it does speak for itself- and it's says nothing concrete and/or actionable. The ball is in your party's court AW. What are you going to do? Impeach based on this report (which the majority if the American people DO NOT want- even Nancy Pelosi, when lucid, gets that) or move on with the business of legislating- which is the HOR's role? It's all up to you and yours's. Good luck with that.

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