This is an open letter to all of you privately disgusted Republicans.

It’s prompted by the fact that in the last few days, two of your colleagues have come forward to share with us your angst.

One was actually an ex-colleague, former GOP Rep. Charlie Dent. He told CNN that you continue to support Donald Trump because pressure from the base — the almighty base — forces you to. “But there’s no question,” he added, “having spoken to many of them privately, they’re absolutely disgusted and exhausted by the president’s behavior.”

Democratic Rep. Gregory Meeks seconded that emotion. “If you talk to my Republican colleagues off the record, they’re all very concerned,” he said, also on CNN.

It’s not that we haven’t heard similar sentiments before. To the contrary, they have surfaced repeatedly over the last four years. But ladies and gentlemen, your lament has reached the point — and breached the point — of sheer tiresomeness.

As the scope of Trump’s abuse of power grows ever more obvious, as his contempt for the rule of law grows ever more plain, as leaders of your party offer ever more threadbare justifications and rationalizations for that which is neither justifiable nor rational, we receive word that you folks are “privately … disgusted”?

As Rick Perry and others claim Trump as God’s “chosen one,” as a new Economist/YouGov poll finds that most Republicans rank him a better leader than Lincoln himself, as the party grows ever more indistinguishable from a cult, with Trump as he who must not be questioned, he whose wisdom is beyond mere mortal ken, we hear that off the record, you lot are “very concerned”?

One struggles for adjectives to convey how little that means, how insignificant is the comfort it offers.

Sixty years ago, Martin Luther King issued a warning: “If you fail to act now, history will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.”

King was addressing white racial moderates, but it is remarkable — and disheartening — how well his warning fits you, who have prioritized your own political backsides above truth, above honor, above national interest. As the country lurches toward a precipice from which it will not recover, you count votes. In a time that demands every good man and woman raise their voices, you embrace the appalling silence instead.

War criminals are set free. And appalling silence.

A Russian attack unanswered. And appalling silence.

Children dying in our care. And appalling silence.

Except we are given to understand that in private, you grumble from time to time. And Lord, what are we supposed to do with that information? Are we expected to sympathize with your dilemma? Please.

We are posing for history here, ladies and gentlemen. One day we will be judged by what we said and did not say, the stands we took and did not take, in this moment of peril. And you, the party of Reagan and Eisenhower, T.R. and the apparently overrated Lincoln, are coming up well short. Where is your courage? Who broke your moral compass?

Enough with your private disgust and off-the-record concern. The times are calling. They demand you stand up like American women and American men — stand up like John McCain would long ago have done — and speak what you know to be true, what we all know to be true.

Or else, at the very least, please shut up completely. Let the rest of us mourn our country in peace.

Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald, 3511 NW 91st Ave., Miami, Fla., 33172. Readers may contact him via e-mail at

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With African-American unemployment at its lowest level in 50yrs, and DJTs popularity rising with minorities, a better question would have been, how many of them have abandoned the plantation called the Democrat Party.


Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? That was an easy call. Donald Trump or any of the candidates for the Democratic Party now? That's an even easier call.


Whenever I hear self righteous, sanctimonious, moral instruction proffered by pundits such as this bloviating bag of wind, I’m reminded of Vice President Dick Cheney’s famous response to Senator Patrick Leahy (widely known as one of the biggest phonies in politics) on the floor of the Senate. Not printable here, but easily Google-able.


Yeah, Dick Chaney is certainly someone to idolize!!![lol][lol][lol]




Democrat-Socialist 2020 Platform & Goals:

Democrat-Socialist 2020 Platform & Goals:

-Massive tax increases.

-End all deportations of illegal aliens (if you get here, you stay.)

-Drivers licenses for illegal aliens.

-Voting rights for non citizens.

-Welfare & Food Stamps for illegal aliens. (Warren)

-Increase refugee’s from the third world.

-Non citizens allowed to hold public office.


-Open Borders.

-Sanctuary Cities.

-Decriminalize illegal entry into our country.

-De-fund & terminate Border Patrol & ICE.

-Disarming Americans.

-Green new deal.

-End of Electoral College

-Free medicare care for all including non citizens Warren / Sanders (taxpayer funded with a 52 trillion estimate)

-Free college for all, including non citizens. (tax payer funded)


-Susie & Bobby using the same restrooms.

-Late term abortions up to 9 months.


-Pay check for every person in the US even if they choose not to work.

*Sources: Straight from the Democrat’s themselves. View their speeches / debates on you tube.The choice is yours.-




Kind of fun to watch all the cult members who regularly post here scramble to argue against the main points of this article.


I don't even recognize the Republican Party anymore. Not fiscally conservative, openly friendly to international bad actors, utterly invasive on individual rights that don't square with the evangelical base and anti-science.

Toss in blind allegiance for the unfit President and that's enough for anyone to walk away who has some principles.


That’s exactly how I feel. 👍🏻


"gardener", you've captured these spineless cowards perfectly. They model their president completely. Their shame will remain long after Don the developer returns to his life of golf courses and bilking vendors, never looking back to his lathered-up supporters, who will be long forgotten as he re-joins his Mar-A-Lago moneyed crowd. There are no profiles in courage to write. Many of them, sons and daughters of the truly greatest generation, are a sorry embarrassment to those who raised them.


MRS M, with all due respect, there are many criminal charges that should be brought against Trump and that should put him in jail for a long time, unless he can buy his way out.


I hope and pray you're right, Dick.


....tho', now that I reflect further on your reminds me that most mobsters, in the end......see jail for the tax evasion. Thanks for the day-brightener, dick.


And they called themselves the "moral majority", which is soon to be the immoral minority.


The Real Republican Party ceased to exist in 1994 with the Adulterer Hypocrite Newt Gingrich’s “Contract ON America” and the Party of NO and reached Bottom in early November of 2016 with the election of Donald J Trump by a MINORITY of the voters. I listened to Ted Cruz this morning, whose Father and Wife were attacked by Trump during the Republican Campaign, say we know that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election because they wanted Hillary to win. Good Grief, the whole Free World wanted Hillary to win and didn’t meddle in the election. The only Country that wanted Trump to win was Russia, our enemy, and that’s why they were the ones that meddled in the 2016 election on his behalf.




I’m curious to know who the 12 to 15 Republican Senators are that would vote for the socialism that so many of my fellow conservatives are concerned about. You can’t get much legislation enacted without 60 votes in the Senate. We should identify these socialism-friendly Republicans and get them out of the Senate pronto. The only name that leaps to mind is Romney. Well, McConnell too. Come to think of it, Cotton, Cruz, and Rubio are a bit squishy. George Will laid into Liddle Marco today for his anti-capitalism views.

Can anyone suggest other names?


I doubt there is one, Gladys. And I am not a Socialist, just a Democrat.

Obadiah Plainsmen

"One day we will be judged by what we said and did not say" Hey Lenny you can judge me right now, Me and dead owls don't give a hoot what you think. TRUMP 2020


Who cares about judging you, OP? And you are delusional to think Trump can win again. Oops, I gave you what you asked for. LOL


Trump is a traitor and doing all he can to ruin the country.


Get a life Dick or learn a new tune.


Funny Bunny, how is that tune?


Wow! His bias and anger is the Pitts. He is as bias as the female democrat witness, the Stanford attorney. CNN ? Who listens to them? Rabid, off the wall, talking points from either side does little good for our country. It would be nice to see some middle of the road commentators. If they don;t exist we are really in trouble.




And you don't see yourself as part of the cult, Jim? Someone that gives up his religion for a crook?


"speak what you know to be true, what we all know to be true." We all know that from day one the left (grieved Hilary supporters) have done and said anything as well as done everything possible to interfere, complicate and distort anything he has done or tried to do. He has fought back with all means at his disposal, as any other person legally elected to the presidency should do. Do I tire of some of his antics, sure. But I equally tire of the antics, from day one, of the democrats to overturn the results of the 2016 elections.


As if the Republicans didn’t openly state their mission to make Obama a one term president. One way thinking like yours is really dangerous to our unity as a nation.


tony - I hope you really don't believe this response. Trump is only concerned with his image and playing the victim. You buy that con "hook, line and sinker."


The election was years ago and it put Mr. Trump in his office. Now we evaluate his performance and find him to be a failure. That is what impeachment is all about - performance. Not his election.


And the alternative is what? Totalitarianism from the left. They are what they claim trump to be.




Bunny, "Or else, at the very least, please shut up completely..."


Bunny, it’s not an ‘either or choice’. Regardless of ones political position, Trump is simply an awful self-serving conman.


Says you. He has done what he said he was going to do. You voted for Hillary, the worst candidate of all time except for maybe Dukakis, get over it.


Hey Bunny - how's that nuclear deal with NK going? How about that great health care policy/program? That clossal infrastructure program? How about NAFTA and trade wars helping the US ? What about our much improved status with the World? Yeah, your posts show what a loyal cult member you are! [lol][lol][lol]


What do you have against Pence?




Really? Because you said to the alternative to Trump was totalitarianism from the left. At the moment, the alternative is Pence. I figured you must something against him since he rates even below the left in your estimation.


He supports Trump and pretends to be religious - how is that, Gladys?


I have no reason to think Pence pretends to be religious. He was raised a Catholic and converted to a different flavor of Christianity in college.


No, Bunny, we leave that to the far right cult of Trump.


"Except we are given to understand that in private, you grumble from time to time. And Lord, what are we supposed to do with that information? Are we expected to sympathize with your dilemma? Please." It's too much to expect invertebrates to speak up but we don't have to vote for any of them ever again.

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