Not so long ago, President Joe Biden was being talked of as a transformative president, a second Franklin D. Roosevelt in terms of the domestic agenda he would enact.

And there was substance to the claim.

Early in his presidency, Biden had passed a $1.9 trillion stimulus package. While his majorities in both houses of Congress were razor-thin, they proved sufficient to push through a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.

Clusters of Republicans backed the Biden infrastructure bill.

A follow-on $3.5 trillion Build Back Better social spending bill to rival New Deal and Great Society measures has broad support — though not for its sticker price — and, even today, still seems possible.

So, how are Biden and the administration he leads doing with the American people who put them into office? According to a stunning Washington Post-ABC News poll this weekend, not well, not well at all.

If the 2022 elections were held this November, registered voters would back Republican candidates over Democratic opponents 51-41.

The GOP voter advantage would translate into a rout of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House Democrats, loss of the Senate, two years of gridlock and a lame-duck Biden presidency through 2023 and 2024.

If that Post-ABC poll is accurate, Democrats are staring into the abyss.

According to the poll, 70 percent of Americans have a negative view of how the economy is doing under Biden, while 38 percent, almost 4 in 10, believe the economy is in “poor” condition.

“About half of Americans overall and political independents blame Biden for fast-rising inflation,” writes the Post, “ ... with more than 6 in 10 saying he has accomplished ‘not much’ or ‘little or nothing.’” Seven in 10 independent voters believe Biden’s presidency lacks any real achievements.

Is this Biden likely to enter the history books alongside FDR?

Probably not. Only 8 percent of the nation thinks he has done a “great deal” in his first year, which corresponds to FDR’s famous “First 100 Days” in 1933.

On how he is handling his presidency overall, Biden has the approval of 41 percent and the disapproval of 53 percent of all Americans.

Biden is 12 points underwater. While he has suffered attrition in his own Democratic Party, it is among independent voters that his losses have been staggering.

On the issues of whether the government is spending too much and whether parents should play a role in deciding what their children are taught in public schools, the GOP stance is overwhelmingly supported.

That same Sunday edition of the Post that described the Biden polls contained a lengthy political analysis of the relative strength of Vice President Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg as potential Democratic nominees in 2024.

The unstated premise of the piece seemed to be that Biden’s first term is his last, if he makes it through to 2024.

About the plunge in support for Biden’s presidency, the questions are coming fast. Can he turn this around? Is the attrition inexorable? Are we headed for a broken presidency?

To answer the questions, consider the root causes of Biden’s decline.

Four of the issue areas where Biden and the Democrats are on the defensive are: inflation, immigration, crime and education.

In October, the consumer price index was 6.2 percent above a year ago, the highest surge in inflation in 31 years.

The family necessities of food and gasoline are showing some of the steepest price increases. Several months ago, Democrats were saying the price surge was “transitory.” Few are saying that now.

The choked supply chain for commodities from abroad looks like it will take a long time to unravel. Americans are looking at a Thanksgiving with fewer turkeys and a Christmas with fewer toys.

As for the border crisis, which was put in Harris’ portfolio, it is seeing the highest rates of illegal entries in decades, with more than a million having crossed our southern border since Biden took the oath. And they are still coming.

In the aftermath of the “Defund the Police!” protests and riots in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis in 2020, resignations and retirements of cops have gone hand in hand with an explosion of murders and homicides in America’s major cities.

Chicago has become notorious for its weekly casualty count.

On the education issue, which now embraces the rights of parents to review what their children are being taught about race, sex and morality in their public schools — the issue probably cost Terry McAuliffe his chance to return as governor of Virginia.

And Republicans now seem in step with suburban parents as Democrats appear to be on the side of leftist teachers unions.

The returns from Virginia and New Jersey on Election Day seem to confirm what ABC and the Post found in their poll:

A tidal wave may be coming, and if it does not crest and break before November 2022, it will swamp Nancy Pelosi’s House and Chuck Schumer’s Senate, and it will sink Joe Biden’s White House.

That’s the climate change Democrats ought to be worrying about.

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From 6:47 a.m. to 8:55 p.m., 14 hours, Mr. Reid has been spewing his hate and venom. All freakin’ day long. What could do this to a person? Something is really scary here, this has been going on for at least SIX years. And it’s keeps getting worse every day. I hope he doesn’t have a gun, he could completely snap any day. Beware, danger ahead.


Gee fido, I see you're back to being The Comment Police again. Like Bosco used to ask; what articles are it OK for me to write comments to, what hours would you like me to write those comments, and how many of them are I allowed to post? I wasn't aware there was a limit.

In other words, who the hell died and left you in charge?


Speaking of bosco, anyone know if he is okay? I was wondering about him a few days ago.


Are you sure Bosco isn't AOC? CD is Biden, so I figure Bosco is AOC.


If you will notice Mr. Reid, I said nothing about what articles you should or shouldn’t comment on or how many times you should comment on them. I’m talking about your mental state that causes you to be so angry and mean spirited toward those that disagree with you. You can disagree without being disagreeable. I’m talking about your inability to have a civil debate with anyone opposed to your views. What have Liberals done to America other than rescue it from Republican Administrations who have done great damage to the American way of life? Can you answer that question? Of course not. Peace.✌️😷


Come on, Pat, lighten up. In all fairness, Joe Biden should no longer be held accountable for his achievements, such as they are, or his failures, many as they are. While Biden is pretty much who he's always been... a prevaricating gas bag, puffed-up braggart, sneaky plagiarist, teller of tall tales and maker of shady deals... it's increasingly obvious the poor old fellow is now in the throes of succumbing to the ravages of time. He's been reduced to parroting verbatim the tele-prompted word salads and policies devised and written for him by his minders and surrogates, who are, in reality, a cabal of leftists serving as his brain -- and our president.


Excellent, veritas, and spot on! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


What drives your hate Mr. Reid? What has happened in your life that has soured your mind, made you so bitter? You are obsessed with hurting people, humiliating people, bullying people? You are far and away the angriest person I have encountered in my 81 years. No one else is even close. What failure have you suffered that has poisoned your soul? It’s not normal, it’s obsessive, you’re only happy when you are berating someone. Heaven help you.


Just because you perceive someone to "hate" something, fido, does that mean that they actually do, or does it mean that you want to think they do just so you can, in your own mind, justify what you want to think about them? If I "hate" anything, it's only what you and your liberal left is trying to do to this county, this state, and this country. Now, I have explained this to you before and I will not again. If your memory is so shot that you have to ask again, don't pester me to answer what I have already detailed to you.


What has the Liberal Left done to Frederick County, Maryland, America that is anyway near as bad as what Trump did?? Spell it out. Examples, how it has hurt you, you know, FACTS.🦧🐑


I understand the disappointment in what Congress and the Biden hasn't been able to accomplish thus far, but seriously??? The Republicans are a viable alternative???


0214[thumbup] Economists say that despite inflation, the economy is improving from the pandemic faster than expected, and within a year the inflation will end and employment will be at pre-Covid levels.


"the disappointment in what Congress and 'the Biden' hasn't [sic] been able to accomplish thus far?" What about the disappointment in the damage they have already done? And do you consider the direction Biden is "leading" this country a viable alternative?


[thumbup]Haught I laughed aloud. I had just read what “independents” supposedly think and was thinking, hey, nobody asked me. Who is doing this asking? Was there an outreach to independents I missed? Pat thinks he is reading my mind lol Good luck with that.


The sad thing is Joementia doesn't care about his popularity polls, or his nosediving approval, and has essentially said so. The good thing is there's no way he'll run for reelection; he'll be, what, 79 tomorrow? No one in their right mind would vote for him in 2024 (not that the "80 million" who voted for him last year were...) And the DNC really shot themselves in the foot putting Heels Up Harris as his running mate to be the V.P. She's far too far to the left for decent Americans, and her approval is somewhere around 28%. So the DNC has to scramble to spin away the damage this administration has done and try to come up with someone feasible to put up in '24, and that's going to be a lost cause.

Is your Harris/Biden bumper sticker making you feel really stupid yet? No? Hang on, it will.


No one in their right mind would vote for Biden? Maybe that is the reason so many Republicans voted for Trump, because they had lost their senses. A Republican party that once claimed to be the moral majority is now the party of the "Big Lie".


Biden is no FDR.

Mr. Buchannan mentions a list of negatives that will most likely impact the 2022 election. What I found interesting is the list did not even include Afghanistan,

Another item that was not mentioned was the Main stream media. Witnessing the coordinated attacks on Trump and the cover-ups of the misdeeds of the Bidens, Clintons, Kerrys etc. was an eye opener for me. I strongly believe it is becoming more of an eye opener for others. That may be one of the greatest positives of Biden's presidency.


Texas Democratic state Rep. Ryan Guillen announced that he is leaving the Democrat Party because of the damage it and Biden have done to the country. When their own members are abandoning ship, what's that tell ya?


Ryan Guillen?… never heard of him. It probably has something to do with the Texas Republicans gerrymandering districts for the 2022 election. Those guys change parties as often as you change underwear, once every two years.

Meanwhile, Liz Cheney was kicked out of the Wyoming State Republican Party. What does that tell you? Too conservative?


Just because you've never heard of Ryan Guillen, so what? Have you heard of all the state representatives in D.C.? Nice attempt to spin away the failings of the Democrats, though.

Re. Liz Cheney, "The [Republican] state party passed a resolution to no longer recognize her as a member. The resolution is symbolic and doesn't strip Cheney from any tangible power." Why did they pass that resolution? Because the party feels "Cheney as having caused massive disruption, distraction and division within the House Republican Conference and as having proudly pledged allegiance to democrat Speaker of the House Pelosi, as a means of serving her own personal interests while ignoring the interests, needs and expectations of Wyoming Republicans." *


Looks to me like the party is looking out for it's constituents. Wouldn't you want the Maryland Democrat Party looking out for your interests?


Liz for President next.


Yeah. That’s…one.


The Rio Grande City lawmaker was the least liberal Democrat in the Texas House this year. The Texas governor changed his district from blue to bright red during his recent gerrymandering spree. This guy is just hedging his bet to ever be reelected again... Plus. he has to protect that $7200 annual salary being a state representative...


You have no sense of scale. Even Nixon was a saint compared to Trump. Trump is his own category when discussing presidents.


three, will you vote for Biden if he were to run again in '24?


CD, the same question can be asked of you… Would you vote for Trump in 24? And, DC doesn’t have a state senate. It’s not a State 🙇‍♂️! Poor attempt at pretending you know what you’re talking about.

Yeah maybe CD needs to Google "facts" before he posts it, you know just to verify he's not correct about most stuff...


I like how you ask disingenuous questions.......Also I like how the Dems long game has gone right over your head.


Better question to ask three, CD; "Who will vote for Biden, if Trump is the alternative?"



What are you talking about, Aw? Who said anything about DC having a "state senate?" You said you never heard of Rep. Ryan Guillen and I asked you if you have heard of all the state representatives. The "in DC" at the end of that question was a typo that I didn't catch. As in I decided to phrase the question differently so I changed it, and did not delete all that I should have from the original. But nice try to disparage me and what I wrote, though, it sure is easier to do that than it is to comment on the reasons why the man left the Democrat Party, isn't it? Which was the point all along. And Yes, if Trump runs in '24 I will vote for him.


The Dim's "long game," Snowy? And what would that "long game" be? Let's see you get your "facts" straight; gonna Google them first?


CD, I am hoping to vote for a moderate Republican in 2024, but Biden is good for the country right now, despite your wrong-headed opinions of him.


Dick, Trump will be too old in 2024 (older than Biden when he was elected).


jsk - please tell me what stellar qualities you found in Trump? Was it his worship of money? His affairs and pursuit of women outside of marriage? His "only I can fix it" outsized ego? HIs lies about the election? His lack of knowledge of the Constitution? You mention the Democrats you found lacking but they exhibited many fewer moral, ethical and legal flaws. So, please detail how the current GOP, who is so influenced by this one individual ( who btw, started the Afghan fiasco ) is the model for America?


Crickets Hay, all you'll get from him/her is crickets.....


jsk, stands for Jim, which indicates he is a male. He does write or did write columns too.


'None So Blind as Those Who Will Not See' - Christian Action ...

You have heard the phrase, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” The expression is not in the Bible, but Jesus did state the principle when he said in Matthew 13:13 that he spoke to the people in parables “because seeing they see not, and hearing they hear not.”

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