Democrats have a messaging problem, as you’ve no doubt heard since their recent election losses.

The problem hardly started with President Joe Biden, a weak messenger given that he’s been underwater in the polls since August. Weak messaging has defined Democrats for most of the years I’ve covered them. Theirs is a diverse, fractious party that currently spans “the Squad” on the left to Manchema on the right; what’s “on message” is often up for debate. They’re wonky and wordy: A Democratic bumper sticker, the joke goes, ends with “Continued on next bumper sticker.” They resist spiking a football amid good news, for fear of seeming insensitive to anyone who’s not feeling it.

Stuart Stevens, a veteran of five Republican presidential campaigns, recently tweeted: “Dow is over 36,000, unemployment has dropped from 6.3[%] in Jan. to 4.8. Over 5 million jobs added, a record. 220m vaccines in 10 months. And only 30% of country think US is on right track. The Democratic Party has a huge messaging problem.”

Even some Democrats agree. Imagine Donald Trump with those economic indicators — the stock market gains alone would have him in celebratory fits of credit-taking. Yet Republicans counter “Inflation!” and Democrats are on the defensive and “want to give you an economic 101 lesson,” as Republican strategist Susan Del Percio put it on MSNBC.

Yet Democrats’ ineffectualness by itself doesn’t explain why Republicans are so much better at this game.

Republicans have an entire conservative media ecosystem, dominated by Fox News and extending to right-wing websites and local talk-show hosts, to amplify their message — even to set the political conversation as with critical race theory — and to shred Democrats’ arguments.

While Republican Glenn Youngkin managed to win over both pro-Trump rural voters and many anti-Trump suburbanites to be elected Virginia’s governor, key to his balancing act was conservative media. Fox News was Youngkin’s direct channel to MAGA voters. Meanwhile, the fleece-clad candidate projected a moderate image campaigning in vote-rich suburbs not attuned to the likes of Fox.

In past years, conservative media often attacked Republican leaders and promoted their harshest critics, contributing greatly to the rise of the tea party movement and Trump, and forcing other Republicans to fall in line. “Trump got everyone on the same page,” Nicole Hemmer, a historian of conservative media, told me. “There’s a real political power in that.”

The Democrats have no analog. Republicans and others who suggest CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the rest of mainstream media are comparably in Democrats’ corner aren’t paying attention.

As Democrat-friendly as CNN and MSNBC are, they thrive on covering conflict, as journalism always has. For months, the conflict has been among the Democrats who control the White House and Congress — progressives versus moderates, battling to pass an ambitious domestic agenda despite thin House and Senate majorities. Mainstream media has been a megaphone for the “Democrats in disarray” narrative that’s been so damaging to Biden and his party.

That framing isn’t wrong; Democrats have provided plenty of self-defeating drama to fill it out. It’s not, however, the coverage of outlets in the tank for Democrats. (Recall, too, how mainstream media hammered on Hillary Clinton’s emails before the 2016 presidential election.) And after years of adversarial reporting on Trump, many outlets want “to look as tough on Biden,” as Hemmer said.

Yet the focus on Democrats’ scrapping gives short shrift to the substance of what would be transformative policies. And it lets Republicans off the hook.

Their united opposition to the larger of Democrats’ two bills, the nearly $2-trillion, multiyear package of social spending and tax cuts, is simply taken as a given. Too often Republicans are allowed to dismiss the entire package simply as “socialism” or “wasteful spending,” without being challenged to address its popular particulars. What about paid sick leave, home healthcare, another year of monthly child tax credits that have lifted millions out of poverty, universal prekindergarten, two years of community college, a cap on families’ child-care expenses, healthcare subsidies, Medicare hearing benefits, climate change programs and, to offset the costs, tax increases on corporations and the richest individuals as well as authority for Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices?

These proposals address real problems in our society and economy, and Republicans shouldn’t be allowed to fall back on sloganeering like “socialism.” But in our bifurcated media world, they get away with it in part by declining interviews with mainstream journalists — Fox’s audience is the one they want. Similarly, many Democrats shy from engaging with conservative media. That dynamic exacerbates our political polarization.

The Pew Research Center captured the Balkanization of Americans’ media consumption in broad surveys in 2014 and 2020. “Republicans and Democrats place their trust in two nearly inverse news media environments,” the 2020 report said. Republican and Republican-leaning independents disbelieve traditional media sources and rely almost exclusively on right-wing sources — “It would be hard to overstate [Fox News’] connection as a trusted go-to source of political news for Republicans” — while Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents depend on a wider range of mainstream sources, and disdain media on the right.

Democrats could have the best message ever, but voters who rely on the likes of Fox News or won’t see or read it, except perhaps in mockery. At the same time, the message from Republicans and their media propagandists elevates culture wars over policy discussions (what policies?), and conspiracy theories over facts, even about presidential elections and insurrectionists (Tourists? Patriots? Let’s just move on).

That’s the real messaging problem.

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Failing to win approval for ideas and concepts that are ill-conceived and/or anathema to a majority of Americans is not a messaging problem, it's a policy problem. And trying to portray feisty little Fox News as the behemoth bogeyman devouring the vast conglomeration of left leaning legacy media is positively laughable. The kind of thinking put forth in Ms. Calmes' ridiculous column is a boon to Republicans and other rational thinking voters across the land.


Oddly enough Biden’s actions and policies are popular.

Infrastructure and his pandemic response rate high marks.

The false narratives by Republican supported media overshadow the positive advances by the Biden Administration.

Hardly any mention on Rightwing media of the Charlottesville NeoNazi trials or the 1/6 Insurrectionists trials and sentences, it’s all 24/7 ginned up hysteria about nonexistent CRT in public schools and antivax rhetoric.


Such is the cult of Trump....


Gas is up 45%, inflation is 6.2%, the supply chain mess, worse border problems, China saber-rattling, etc. I think there is more to it than a messaging problem.


Dow is over 36,000, unemployment has dropped from 6.3[%] in Jan. to 4.8. Over 5 million jobs added, a record. 220m vaccines in 10 months. And only 30% of country think US is on right track. The Democratic Party has a huge messaging problem.” It is pessimist/partisans like you that encourage the " sky is falling" approach.


And it's delusional apologists who claim all is well.


The inflation rate is not 6.2 percent. It is much higher. I compared prices at the grocery store for my last two shopping trips. Many of the prices were up by 40 %. The Fed and the government are lying.


If you're looking solely at your grocery bills.......... the supermarket conglomerates/corporate owners are simply choosing to gouge their loyal American shoppers, because they CAN. Make no mistake, same as gas prices. They can, and they will, when they see any opening to make a bigger buck off the American consumer.


The CPI includes more than food. Your anecdata is not probative.


Did you make up that word?


Explain why inflation is up in Europe? Is that Biden’s fault or is it possibly related the fallout from the pandemic?


Everything is Biden's fault, except stuff that is Bill's and Hillary's fault - and Fauci's.

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