As we approach the end of County Executive Jan Gardner’s eight years of term-limited governance, we Frederick Countians are asking a simple question: Will the socialist ideas of leftists such as AOC [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] ruin the future of Frederick County or will there be leadership that preserves our freedom; you know, things like lower taxes, roads you can drive on, businesses, schools and kids’ sports that are open and thriving, and attending church without threats of arrest for singing or sitting 5.5 feet from your family member?

I believe the answer depends in large part on the upcoming election for County Executive, the other state and local elections, the persistence of long-term county resident conservatives and small businesses, and the grace of God.

Presently, we have to choose from two County Council members for County Executive: Democrats Kai Hagen and Jessica Fitzwater.

Mr. Hagen, among other things, is overactive on his position that climate change is an “emergency” so he banned balloon releases and set up a “Climate Emergency Workgroup” to see whether to burden our businesses and families with more regulations. Can you imagine COVID-style lockdowns perpetually mandated because of a County Executive Hagen worried about climate change? Not the type of guy I want in the executive’s office with the power of fines and even arresting of county residents and students whose masks fall off their nose.

Ms. Fitzwater sadly supports Elizabeth Warren’s tax increase proposal and helps lead the Hagen “Climate Emergency Workgroup.” Not to be outdone by the overzealous Hagen, she also voted to keep Frederick restaurants and small businesses locked down, and voted to ban dancing at weddings during COVID-19, even after Governor Hogan relaxed restrictions and over 40 small businesses showed up virtually at the council meeting to beg to follow the governor’s guidance to return to normality and not go bankrupt while following CDC protocols.

And both of these representatives voted against the Republican amendment to the 2021 budget to lower our property tax rates during a pandemic to the constant yield tax rate of $1.0344 per $100 of assessed value. Instead, with assessments going up, Frederick County residents are now paying up to thousands more in property taxes each year to pay for the ballooning spending the Democrat-led County Executive and Council are enacting.

They also voted to burden our sheriff and the 287(g) program that keeps us safe from thousands of criminal gang members and illegal-alien violent criminals with an audit and a promise — at least for Ms. Fitzwater — that she will be looking at defunding and even replacing our Constitutional sheriff with a county police force that the executive would control rather than the people of Frederick.

Frederick County residents and businesses want more of the “protect my freedom and way of life” from our leaders and we as Republicans intend to ensure just that.

The nine or so Frederick socialists and their liberal friends who read this and decide to attack me because, “Oh, that’s Delegate Cox, the Capitol Hill insurrectionist…” or “isn’t he a ‘Q-anon’ supporter” fall far short of the truth. None of those things printed about me are true — they were printed because I do my work “over the target.” I try hard to ask questions about bills and issues to expose the radical agendas of the Left, killing bills in the state house along the way that would impinge our freedom. My greatest regret is that I haven’t been able to kill more horrible bills, like this years’ “defund the police” agenda, even while we as Republicans did strip out some of its worst parts before passage.

So where does this leave us locals who have lived here all or most of our lives and who truly want a Frederick County that is lower in taxation, higher in freedom and attractive in our heritage and history so that our kids and our families can actually live, work and retire here?

It means we must do better with our candidates for County Executive and County Council, as well as increasing our Republican candidates in other races such as for the state house and Frederick County Board of Education, which incidentally has broad authority to spend nearly half of our entire county’s $700+ million annual budget.

I intend to continue to work hard for Frederick as I have tried to do in the Legislature these past three years and will be looking carefully at, and helping, whichever Republican conservative who loves our county enough to say “enough is enough” — steps forward and says “let’s fix these issues and bring Frederick back from the brink of socialist destruction and into the freedom and wealth of liberty.”

Delegate Dan Cox represents District 4 (Frederick and Carroll counties) and sits on the House Judiciary Committee where they hear from citizens on a wide variety of legislative issues. He is a Mount St. Mary’s College and University of Maryland alumnus, and received his law degree from Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach. Raised near Emmitsburg, he and his wife have nine children and reside on a small farm in Frederick County.

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We should all unite to vote out Dan Cox in the next election. He has been nothing but a total embarrassment to Frederick County.


COX reminds me of the four year old who, unable to play nicely with the trucks in the sandbox, starts trying to install the fear of the boogeyman to all sandbox occupants by flicking his boogers everywhere.

The ignorant, fearful kids left. Me and my buddies would just kick him out of the sandox and lock him in the bathroom, where he would play with the floaties in the toilet from all of the orher kids who forgot what the handle was used for.

Those were good times.


Delegate Cox is the worst kind of politician and hypocrite. Refuses to do his job and represent ALL of his constituents, spouts conspiracy nonsense, can't think for himself, and is, by all appearances, not interested in his duty to work for his constituents. He works against democratic values.


And spent ALOT of time in Pennsylvania last three months of 2020 chasing ghosts. Completely absent from this County, and his own family and children, except for maybe intermittent phone calls back home to his wife and nine kids on the farm.

Total hypocrite to be speaking about need for leadership in Frederick County.


Dan, you say now that you are not a QAnon supporter, but the fact is that you have supported QAnon.


Del Dan, How do you figure balloon release has any connection to global warming? It is about wildlife swallowing pieces of rubber. It is only in America where some people demand the right to release hundreds of balloons into the air at one time. First its our 100s of helium balloons, then our plastic shopping bags, and pretty soon the commies are reinstalling the fairness doctrine, preventing corporations from contributing millions of dollars to political causes, and women can get abortions whenever they decide to. Those commies are just fascists.


How did massive balloon releases seep into this conversation??? OMG, it never dies, does it?


Seems kind of hysterical.


The guy who wants "Frederick First" ditched the state entirely to file meritless lawsuits all over Pennsylvania for months. Give me a break.


"You live by trafficing in fear, you die by trafficing in fear." - 2021 epitaph on headstone of US Republican Party.


I am surprised that the High Sheriff hasn’t said a word of complaint about the CE usurping his authority to arrest county residents.

Or maybe Cox is lying about that.


Del Cox takes his cue from Trump. Whether he is telling the truth is not his concern - only the effect of what he is saying counts.


"Mike Pence is a traitor." Sues his REPUB PARTY governor in his home state. Law degree from Regents University.

Enough said.

Republican Party members in Frederick and Carroll Counties, enjoy this anchor around your neck as his stench and the rot metastisizes on your political party.


No one can take Cox seriously anymore. Been this way since he was elected.

A pariah in Annaoplis. Runs off for weeks to PA to engage in voting conspiracy craziness during last year's November election. Files laughingstock suits against Governor Hogan, from his OWN REPUB Party, alongside Parrott, a KOA , a I-70 kiddie park, a bunch of religious nuts and military buddies.

I got 1/4 through this garbage article and then wrote this. No need to read anymore. COX cannot get off his socialist wagon.

You folks represented by him in Annapolis have a winner winner chicken dinner here with COX. I pity his constituency.

PurplePickles aka L&M

What is the point of this letter? Most of us socialist liberals are just going to point and laugh at your letter today Mr. Cox. It is telling though the only solution you have to offer against these awful socialist liberals is, fear?

I know your base, the people who constantly vote against their own best interests are fear based voters, not solution based voters, they don't care if you have solutions for their problems, they are just fine doing without nice things as long as they can own a lib and have a boogey man(socialist) in corner to be angry with when things don't work out for them. Never dawns on them, or you apparently, that they are the ones that cause their own problems...because they vote based on their fears, not what is in their own best interests.

So as long as you can keep them afraid of the socialists they won't think critically about the fear you feed them...because they have already cut their nose off to spite their face. Those are the voters you are appealing to....and you should be ashamed of yourself actually...but we all know Republicans have no shame.


Please, please, please leave the GOP. You are nothing but an embarrassment to us.


Public, just do what I did - leave. The Trumpist lunatics like Cox have destroyed the party. This man is a seditionist and a provactuer who's draped himself in the American flag like he owns it. He and people like him have convinced themselves that their fellow Americans are a Marxist enemy and they've utterly departed from rational public discourse. These people are toxic freaks who want to dictate their minority value system upon the rest of the country and they have no problem abandoning all little R republican values to do it. Dangerous people to have in a society and now they think they are the majority. Disgusting, really.


Piedmont and public - stay registered as Republican so you can vote in the Republican primary and vote for reasonable candidates, if they ever get back to having any - and vote against divisive fearmonger's like Cox who do nothing to bring people together - only to promote an "us vs. them" division of hate to gain power.


britt, That’s what I do.


You REPUBS need to drop out of the party. With all this fearmongering and trafficing in division, factions and zero-sum politics at the expense of showing true American Patriotism and civic accomplishments, the REPUB party is dead in the water for the next generation. If not two.

I left the REPUB Party. Best decision politically I ever made.

The DEMS are simply gaining strength and REPUBS are committing fratricide. Jump ship now and focus on impacting the directions of the DEMS from within. The DEMS gonna be around for a long time.


[thumbup]Hap Sel. Be a member of the party you most agree with. Otherwise you are giving moral support to more things you disagree with. For example, if you are a part of the party of stupid and the party of racism, then you are overtly supporting those things, even if you are strongly against them. I know the GOP was the party of Lincoln, but it is what it is - not what it was. Just my opinion.


Very good points, threecents. I agree with you.


If Dan Cox represents the GOP... the GOP has left use.


Mr. Cox must think Frederick County residents have no memory of what just happened with the republicans nationally and of what happened with local republicans when Blaine Young and his crew tried to govern. Mr Cox, quit pouring water on our legs and telling us it is raining. Contrary to your history, Democrats are showing competence and American patriotism.


Yup, he is a younger Blaine.


The 287(g) Corrections Program determines whether someone arrested and booked into the Detention Center is in the Country legally or not. That’s it. It does not determine whether an Illegal Alien is deported or not, a Federal Judge does that. And unless they are a felon, they probably won’t be. Educate yourself before you speak Mr. Cox.


Dan- you are so far away from offering a qualified opinion on what good leadership looks like, it's best if you simply remove yourself from public life and reflect a bit on where you went wrong.


Republican politicians are incapable of giving Honest answers


The LTE writer states "...set up a “Climate Emergency Workgroup” to see whether to burden our businesses and families with more regulations..."

A logical person could construe the action more along the lines of ensuring people/businesses act responsibly (through regulation since voluntary efforts are sufficient for most to be responsible). What is wrong with the philosophy that people/businesses should clean up after themselves since we know the problems caused by population growth and they are greater than the environment can handle without action on our part to significantly reduce our adverse impact on the planet (both from population growth and pollution growth). Who believes that any person/business should be allowed to pollute other people's property without and restrictions? Mr. Cox, if you thought it through, you should support regulation of businesses and individuals here it comes to reducing their harm to others, otherwise you are not a true conservative. Having nine children, you are part of the environmental problem caused by human population growth. One would hope that we humans could be smarter than the yeast used in producing alcohol keep increasing the alcoholic content until they poison themselves.

The following link is to a video of the Eagles' "Last Resort" with some powerful images of our actions. In the part of the song where it talks about "brought the white man's reign" I'd change it to "brought the white man's rain" as in acid rain.

Wishing everyone a belated Happy Earth Day!


MD1756 you are confusing. More than 300 businesses and investors are calling on the Biden administration to set a more aggressive plan on addressing the environment. Nowhere did they included having less people, less children. The world reproduction rate is now at 1.1% annually. That’s a one for one ratio. Things like pandemics, wars, famines or other catastrophes are controlling the ‘herd’.


After you answer who won the election, please explain why you posted that “Mike Pence Is A Traitor” on your Twitter feed? Then how about telling us why you deleted your Twitter feed?


Shame on you for distorting the truth in almost everything you wrote. I have two questions for you to answer with either Yes or No: Did Joe Biden win the 2020 election? Was there any evidence of enough election fraud to have changed the results (remember, now, the over60 court cases that said no)?


A new poll showed half of Republicans still believe Biden would not have won without voter fraud. [tongue_smile][angry][sneaky][tongue_smile]


You cannot control ignorane nor stupidity; you just gotta deal with it and take advantage of it. If REPUBS wanna believe this pipe dream of massive voter fraud, after 60 court cases failed, they can keep on spending their money and time on chasing ghosts. I will just sit back, laugh, and continue to strengthen and encourage the DEM Party at every opportunity I can.

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