Are Frederick County (FredCo) residents paying attention to what’s

going on in Montgomery (MontCo)? On the path to liberalism, some are following them closely. It would appear that many liberals are moving up Interstate 270 into FredCo. It might be recommended to look into the crime stats of MontCo over the past few years — a potential peek into the future. Some say that MontCo (increasingly called “loco MoCo”) makes California look middle-of-the-road, and that look is creeping north.

For those unaware, the MontCo executive has issued an order that no county employees are to contact or cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Because Montgomery has a county police force, that includes and handcuffs police. This is pertinent here because there are those in FredCo who wish to do the same thing to Sheriff Jenkins.

What follows is partly based upon public information that I received from a county employee who is clearly knowledgeable. I had a fairly extensive email exchange with this employee from which background information was obtained.

It seems that the sheriff’s 287(g) program was a subject for public comment at the July County Council meeting with about 100 citizens attending. Many wanted the council to end the program and erroneously felt that the council could do that. When it was explained to them that the council had no role of oversight with the sheriff, some voiced disbelief. It seems that those demanding council supervision of the sheriff chose not to believe the facts as presented by council members. According to my contact, some accused the sheriff of pocketing money and the county of spending millions on the program. Others accused the county of making millions. The accusations were based upon suspicions and allegations — facts not required when making waves. I inferred from my communications that the county has no reason to suspect the sheriff of wrongdoing. Further, it was emphasized that the sheriff, an independently elected official, is not accountable to the council regarding his contract with ICE — despite those who would wish otherwise.

Additionally, audits of county money allotted to the sheriff’s office are usual and routine. None of those audits has revealed irregularities.

Let’s consider those who wish to end Sheriff Jenkins’ 287(g) program with ICE. The question occurred to me that of those 100 objectors, how many were FredCo residents? Who’s to say that some were not recruited from “loco MoCo” (my former residence for over 40 years) in an effort to make FredCo look more like them? Was Casa de Maryland involved? Organizers have a long-established history of busing bodies in to sway politicians.

To emphasize that point, let’s look to a source that I never thought would be convenient to use — a group led by former President Barack H. Obama. A statement released by the group, Redistricting U, said that elected officials “feel more accountable to the most radical parts of their base rather than to the rational, reasonable solutions that most Americans support” (Los Angeles Times, Aug. 27). Wow! This is what happened at the July meeting. It’s happening to you. That’s how it’s done — angry, irrational people disbelieving truths spoken by the council members. And yet, some council members felt compelled to mollify them instead of backing the sheriff.

In conclusion, laws need to be enforced. The MontCo exec Marc Elrich is a scofflaw. Who or what authorized him to ignore federal laws? Who authorized him to order his police department to ignore federal law? I’m certain such was not mentioned in his oath of office. If FredCo wants to be more like “loco MoCo,” it would appear that there are those willing to guide you there.

As I told my confidant, I’m for law enforcement. I’m for legal immigration. I’m for control of sovereign borders. I’m for law and order. Because these goals are consistent with those of Sheriff Jenkins, he has my full support.

While I abhor unfounded accusations by the left, a bit more transparency by the sheriff’s office would not be out of order.

Rick Blatchford writes from Mount Airy. Contact him at

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Rick lives in Carroll county. And has since 8/5/2004. WHAT DOES IT MATTER TO HIM IF LIBERISM IS CREEPING INTO FREDERICK COUNTY?? Explain the logic behind why anyone in Frederick Co should care what he thinks??


For phy's 8:14PM refusal to believe that schools AND libraries across the country are indeed indoctrinating our children to believe that this drag queen culture is normal.


Phy refuses to believe much of the last 20 years.


It is as simple as demographics, Frederick City is 80% (D) and Frederick Co. is 80% (R). It's become two different and incompatible worlds really.

The only cure for this unsolvable problem is that Frederick City should become it's own County, much like Baltimore City is it's own County. Outside the city limits would become Frederick County and we would all live in HARMONY!!!

Obadiah Plainsmen

Are suggesting a big beautiful wall separating republicans and democrats? One side would have health care for all, no electoral college , no 2nd amendment a virtual 24/365 woodstock, a wonderful utopia.


[thumbup] OP


Sounds like both have serious diversity issues.


You do know the city population is 71,000 and the county population is 180,000. But productivity in the city is 61% where the county is 39%. Wouldn’t that put an extreme burden on residence in smaller county communities? Dramatic tax increases for county residents.

Greg F

Libs gave women the vote, freed the slaves and have NOT started wars like the right have. Right wingers gave us repression, segregation and fascism.


Uhhhhh, not sure where you're getting your history from? The slaves were "freed" by Abraham Lincoln, a Republican. The Segregationists (i.e. George Wallace , Dixiecrats, Robert Byrd, etc.) were all Democrats.

Fascism is the economic merger of state and corporate power, not in any way, shape or form similar to free market Capitalism, which Conservatives endorse.

The Wars.... not sure the last time you checked, but both parties love war. Secretary of State Clinton had no problems invading Libya & Syria during O's Presidency.


CNR, the two Parties were totally opposite of what they are today at the time of the Civil War. Republicans were Liberals, Democrats were Conservatives. Over time their philosophies reversed. So you’re wrong about Lincoln, the Liberal, and right about Wallace and Byrd. Check out The Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era by James McPherson, said to be the best history of the Civil War in one volume. The politics of that era were much more complex than they are today. Peace.


oops, wrong about Wallace and Byrd too. Had a Senior Moment there.

The Grape of Wrath

You forgot to mention the southern democrats were dinos. They used to be the "conservative wing" of the Democratic party. Oh the Democrats were so lucky to stick them on Republicans.


Hmm .... Dixiecrat definition is - a dissident Southern Democrat; specifically : a supporter of a 1948 presidential ticket opposing the civil rights stand of the Democrats. They later embraced a different party. Not quite the history you pushed.


Collin, That is the essence of why I would never join the conservative party (which is now known as the GOP).


Woodrow Wilson (D) got us into World War one. Franklin Roosevelt (D) got us into World war two, Harry Truman (D) got us into the Korean war, John F Kennedy (D) engineered (with CIA and State) the overthrow of the South Vietnam president (less than two weeks before his assassination) which began that mess, Lyndon Johnson (D) terribly mismanaged the Vietnam war.

Sounds like you were not engaged during high school history.

By the way, Richard Nixon (R) got us OUT of the Vietnam mess. A pesky fact not to be overlooked.


Wait, Roosevelt got us into WW2? Wilson got us into WW1? Like your other "facts", you present a rather simplistic view of that experience. Why not mention Nixon's role in the Vietnam war, including his public stance but his behind the scenes manuevering? So, who wasn't engaged in high school history?


Wilson was president when he committed us to WW1. Worse, he ran for re-election based on NOT entering that conflict and then did just that soon after his re-election. Roosevelt was president when he committed us to WW2. Now, I happen to think he was absolutely correct to do that. But when a comment is posted that claims it was republicans who got us in all these wars, it needs to be corrected.

Now, regarding V/N. There has been much written about that mess and who was responsible. One of the best historically correct and fully footnoted accounts of how the whole thing began is a book called "Dereliction of Duty" by H.R. McMaster. If you have any interest in learning what was going on the the Kennedy and Johnson administrations that led to and totally botched the whole thing, get it and read.

Of course, that would require you to leave your bubble.


My point is, given the world events, the president in office at the times of the WW's really had a difficult choice. We entered WW1 after almost 3 years of Wilson doing everything he could to stay neutral. Congress voted to go to was with Germany for a number of reasons, including their attacks on shipping and trying to recruit our neighbors to the south. We entered WW2 after being attacked. As far as Vietnam, we started based on the domino theory of the Eisenhower administration and the mess continued. Trying to simplify either of them to blaming a president or individual is too simple.


des - thanks for reminding us of your PhD.. Didn't Howard Zinn have the same credentials? [beam]


OK Hay, this thread has gotten long so perhaps you don't remember what started the whole thing. Go back to the comment by collinsm65 that stated the right starts the wars and basically giving the left a free pass. All I did was list the wars that started under democrats (hint: it's a lot more than republicans).

Then you tried to question those facts. And here we are.

I didn't "blame" them. In fact, I said I approved of FDR's move.

When two of you try to make a claim the democrats don't start wars and republicans do, it is fair game to point out that democrats do, in fact, start wars. Many of them.

Did you order Dereliction of Duty yet? It will assist you in getting a much better perspective on that conflict and how Kennedy stirred the pot and Johnson massively mismanaged the whole thing.


Is rick Blatchford FNP Commentor RB? I think yes.


How's all those Mass Killings Going? :(

The Grape of Wrath

Built the wall, across I-270. Better, build a wall totally enclosing Frederick County, just like the Soviets build one around all of the former East Germany. That would keep those nasty liberals out for sure.


If you build the wall, how will you deport those liberal already here? And how will you discern between the RINO's and the Trumpettes? Will the RINO's be deported too?


Blaine Young suggested that during his reign but realized it couldn’t be built without hiring illegal aliens to do all the heavy lifting.


Leave my name out of it!

But seriously, why do you always default to the name instead of mentioning things that actually matter?



Can't say I agreed with your development positions but I think your last sentence is dead,smack on target. We need less name calling, less accusations and more discussion of things that actually matter.


beyoungjr is not former BOCC member Blaine R. Young, according to beyoungjr. If the E stands for Eugene and the stands for Junior, then look to Woodsboro.


I have been trying to discuss things that actually matter with those on the Right here for over 10 years and have had little success beyoungjr. If you’d like to do that, mention something that matters you’d like to discuss and we’ll give it a try.


He should have made Montgomery County pay for it.


jsklinelga, I have also noticed that this particular letter's comments have been heavily censored by whoever is 'checking" all the comments. At least three of mine have been simply not posted. I also notice that all the hateful leftest statements basically "inviting" all of us who agree with Blatchford's letter to leave the area are being posted (as they should be, by the way).

It may be time to begin documenting all this so that contact can be made with the owners of the paper (Ogden newspapers). I suspect they would not approve of this one-sided censoring that is going on. Easy enough to maintain a file of comments/dates that can be compared to what is posted/deleted.

Of course, it may just be par for the course as much of the media has begun silencing opinion that does not tow the democrat line. It won't work, of course, as that approach will only harden the resolve of those of us who support a more conservative/libertarian position.

We shall see.


As a few of the ultra conservatives often post here and tell anyone who disagrees to run to their safe place or worse, I find your comments are not very accurate.


You'll need to cite something specific in my comment that is "not accurate".


Silencing opinion that doesn’t tow

The Democratic line.


Well, Hay, that is exactly what is happening. When the fnp comment moderator simply does not post comments or removes comments that do not violate the "rules" that simply do not agree with the leftist point of view, what would YOU call it?

And it is clear this is happening to several of us who are not in the tank for the left.

Furthermore, all of you on the left are perfectly free to post comments calling President Trump and his supporters racists and nazi's, among other things (two terms that would clearly violate the "rules"). You also are allowed to post completely untrue "facts" frequently. Since those comments are posted and remain published, it is quite clear there is a bias at the newspaper.

Now, for the record, I am a fierce free speech advocate and believe ALL comments should be published...left, right, middle and otherwise. That allows everyone to see how bankrupt the ideas of the left are, see and understand how current administration policy has benefited everyday Americans and hopefully provide a much needed dialog for people. Particularly those living in a bubble who never meet anyone they don't agree with.

Exactly what a community newspaper is supposed to be about.


And you call Democrats Dims or Librats. And you don't like Nazi's and racist is a description of right wing hate groups.not a name per se.How about; "So you're perfectly OK with abdicating your voting rights to some wackos in LA?"


jag, I have had numerous comments that have not been posted over the past few months, specifically some recently that have criticized the Sheriff, and others that questioned other commenters truthfulness about their feelings toward minorities, comments that I feel have not broken the Forum Rules. I also suspect that some commenters have reported their own comments that have been proven disingenuous or silly.


The you would agree, PD994, that there is a problem with the fnp moderators censoring comments. Right?


I would also mention that I have yet to see any comment that could remotely be described as "ultra conservative". Unless, of course, you consider comments that support a policy of putting America and Americans first above all the rest of the world, holding our "allies" accountable for their financial responsibilities and working to correct trade abuses committed against the USA to be "ultra conservative". I don't.

Maybe that's part of the problem with the left. Not understanding that working to keep America strong and successful is actually a very centrist and sensible thing to do.


Really well said Jagman.[thumbup]


Even I can't argue with that.


You mean like Clinton and Obama did jag? Immediately followed in each case by an Electoral College abomination making us weak and failing. And before you accuse me of “Hating America”, what has Trump done to make us stronger and more successful than we were on President Obama’s last day in office? Has factions of our citizens HATING each other? Created a Humanitarian Crisis on the Southern Border? Alienated every one of our closest friends and Allies? Aligned us with 3 of the most brutal Leaders in the World? Please Don, quit making us “stronger” and more “successful” as some of your acolytes call it.


OK PD994. At the risk of repeating myself for perhaps the 100th time, president Trump has enacted policy that has unleashed the American economy. As a result, unemployment is at historical lows, Black unemployment is at it's lowest, Hispanic unemployment is at it's lowest, the LFPR is finally starting to rise again after sinking to lows under o. And there are still close to 7 million jobs waiting for those willing to work! Millions are now off food stamps after the highest number in history under o. Small business confidence is way up, consumer confidence is way up, the stock market is near all time highs, wages are rising. Manufacturing is beginning a slow but steady comeback (magic wand, maybe)

As far as our "allies", well, Trump is holding them accountable, finally. Those "allies" have been picking our pockets for decades and it's about time they are called on it. Sure, they don't like it but so what? Our country is in better shape, stronger and more successful than it has been since the Reagan era. America is winning again.

As far as dividing and hating? Come on, it's the democrats that began a widespread system of hate the day he got elected. Egged on by democrats in congress, fed by fake Russia collusion garbage, championed by the MSM and furthered by social media. It is painfully obvious for anyone willing to pay attention. Trump has made it perfectly clear numerous times that he is the president for ALL American people. His policies has helped people all across the spectrum. A pretty good set of accomplishments for the first two and a half years.

If you choose to ignore all that, it's on you. No one else.

For those of us who can see what's going on, we're doing great and we look forward to Trumps re-election next year. It's going to be big.


Oh, and one more thing PD994. I forgot to reply you your "humanitarian crisis" comment. You can hardly blame Trump for a horde of Central Americans marching thru Mexico and invading our southern border. What, do you think Trump flew down to Honduras and walked the streets inviting people to "come on up"?

As well organized as those people are, the fact they are mostly well dressed, well fed, have smart phones, nice clothes and knew exactly where to show up, it seems pretty obvious there is a good deal of organization behind them. Perhaps you should spend some time looking into who that might be.

Just one more thing and I'd ask you to answer this: While all the democrat candidates for president bemoan the awful horrible dangerous racist country they would have us believe America is, why would a bunch of foreign citizens, from all points on the globe, want to put forth the effort to come here if we are such a horrible country?


You can’t back up any of your claims with factual data that is readily available in great detail on the Internet. Your comments are repeats of 4 years of Trump Rally/Trump State TV Fox Propaganda Channel rhetoric and untruths. And prg45fans post is pure RRR(RadicalRightRepublican) Conspiracy Theory fantasy. “Our Elementary School kids are being indoctrinated by teachers reciting liberal talking points and having drag Queen story hour”. How can anyone believe all this easily proven false ccrraapp? Thank goodness for those that are saving Frederick County.


OK PD994. You have officially become a non serious person for debate. I gave you multiple examples of success in the Trump administration. Examples that you can easily confirm if you paid attention. It's all been reported in the financial and business news organizations. It's all released in official government stats. But you can't find it?

You also failed to answer my question about why millions of people from around the world risk everything to come to America and yet democrat politicians keep claiming America is a horrible country to live in. Why is that?

It's clear that you are simply a Trump hater just like the other liberals that post here. All fine a good but you can't claim to be interested in meaningful debate if it's all about hating our president. You are setting yourself (and others) up for a huge disappointment in Nov 2020 because Trump support is growing due to all the examples I provided.

Come back for some debate after you do some honest research.


Hear, Hear @Jagman.


Don't waste your time Jagman. some (phy, Mrs. M. the person with a young LBJ pic) see what they want to see and disregard reality because of their hatred for Trump.

Having said that, I admire your knowledge, intelligence and energy. These folks exhausted me months ago! keep up the good work. I really enjoy your posts.


Thank you DES21 for the support. I do realize these close-minded people are never going to wake up. They get fed their daily talking points and are

good at regurgitating them here and probably elsewhere. It's not hard to pin them to their extreme beliefs and many have been exposed.

I do feel it's worth presenting the other side even though it's very difficult when we have a newspaper that engages in selective censorship of our comments thru the leftist moderator (I suspect it may be one in particular, not all...just to be clear).

It is also heartening to realize that the leftist "wall" of resistance is limited to a very small number of constant commenters who seem to live on these pages. Given that FredCo has a population of around 277,000 people (as of 2017), this tiny number of mostly city residents probably do not represent the anywhere near the majority of the city/county. Anecdotal evidence such as the daily poll tend to show a much more balanced viewpoint. Part of the reason I continue to fight the fight.

Meanwhile, on the street, the economy is doing great, people are generally upbeat, they have more money in their accounts and more to spend. The Trump effect is doing well despite the constant bashing by the msm. All good in my opinion.


Then why has the economy ( actual data ) been steadily improving and rising since the Great Recession? Giving any president, D or R, all the credit for the economy is bogus. We will also have to wait and see what the tax cuts do in the long run - and why no mention of the rapidly rising debt? Kind of like having a charge card with no limit until the bill comes due....


The national debt doubled during the Obama administration. No comment on that?

Of course, as I have pointed out numerous times on these forums, CONGRESS passes budgets and spends the money, not presidents.

As far as economic growth, many people fail to remember that the economy continued in free fall after Obama was elected. Example, the markets melted down a further 25% after his election, bottoming out March 9th, 2009. The "growth" was largely created by the Federal Reserve Banks near zero interest rates plus 3 Trillion dollars of newly created money injected into the markets (known as quantitative easing). So, a good bit of that "recovery" was built on phony economics. It is also true that the recovery was the slowest since the great depression, part time employment became the "new normal" and was responsible for many of the "jobs" and we ended up with record numbers of food stamp recipients and SSDI claimants. Hardly what I would call a success.

Compare that to the way the markets and economy have behaved during the Trump administration. The markets are up nearly 50% from an already fairly high level ( a sign of real success), Millions of new higher quality full time jobs have been created (around 400K are those "magic wand" manufacturing jobs), millions more high quality jobs are there waiting for people willing to work and millions are now off food stamps.

For anyone with a clear and open mind, the difference is quite clear.


jag - your facts are selective. Obama was dealing with a recession that he did not create. Job growth, if you look at statistics, was steadily growing and improving during his tenure. The current president is pressuring the fed to go to zero percent rates - maybe even negative rates. Those manufacturing jobs are, in some cases, temporary or time limited. The debt continues to rise at alarming rates. Are we concerned about a return of the recession? Are tariffs hurting workers and small businesses? And, sorry, if you somehow see the problem with the left as being a desire to not keep America strong, you are infected with far right political leanings.


OK Hay, I'm just going to repost your latest comment and I'll answer each of your comments/questions within to make it easier for you. here goes:

1. jag - your facts are selective.

No, they are not. I simply stated exactly what was/is going on.

2. Obama was dealing with a recession that he did not create.

So what? His policy decisions resulted in a very slow recovery.

3. Job growth, if you look at statistics, was steadily growing and improving during his tenure.

Much of that growth was in low level "burger flipper" jobs and 29 hour per week jobs---different from what we have now. It's also true food stamp and SSDI recipients increased dramatically during that time.

4. The current president is pressuring the fed to go to zero percent rates - maybe even negative rates.

He should not be doing that. And he has not suggested negative rates. Alarmists in the media have discussed that and there is some activity in the EU. But not here. I would go further and suggest abolishing the Federal Reserve. The free market should determine interest rates.

5. Those manufacturing jobs are, in some cases, temporary or time limited.

You don't know that. You just made that up.However, one point you could have made is that all private sector jobs are "at risk"'s the private sector. The only permanent jobs are government jobs. It is correct economic policy that keeps those high quality jobs in play. Such policy is in action with this president.

6. The debt continues to rise at alarming rates.

Yes, and as I have said numerous times to deaf ears it's CONGRESS that passes budgets and spends money. Change CONGRESS if you want to stop the spending.

7. Are we concerned about a return of the recession?

No. Only the democrat controlled media are rooting for a recession and they have zero credibility.

8. Are tariffs hurting workers and small businesses?

No. Again, media is pushing that narrative but "street experience" says otherwise.

9. And, sorry, if you somehow see the problem with the left as being a desire to not keep America strong, you are infected with far right political leanings.

The last president clearly was not working for America's best interest. In fact, the last FOUR presidents were not working very well for America's best interest. All of them were committed globalists. Additionally, democrats are currently working as hard as possible against the current president who IS putting America first. I'm just pointing out the obvious.

It's about time we had a guy who puts America first. If that's "far right" what's that say about you?


It seems that Mr. Kline's letter of 8/14/19 has, thus far, fallen on the deaf ears of the moderators and commenters alike. When none of their "rules" of engagement are broken the conservative comments still hold firm with the most deleted. The liberals continue to insult, slander, and call the conservative commenters, as well as the President of the United States childish names. Most of those comments remain while the majority of the conservative comments are summarily deleted for no rhyme or reason. This isn't just a local infection, it is a Nationwide epidemic.

In my opinion, a privately owned media company has the duty to share both sides of the story, not just "their" sides opinion or what their subscribers wish to see. They should not be activists for either side. They should not become part of the story. As it is, I believe the Frederick News Post has indeed become a small part of "The Donald J. Trump Story" to the extent of their paid subscriptions, newspaper boxes and free online content. It certainly is true that you get what you pay for.

The main stream media outlets across this country are even worse. Every page you turn to, every channel you flip to, anti-Trump and anti conservative "attack news" is there for you to enjoy 24/7/365. The not so social media is even worse. "Look what Trump said". "Look what Trump did". "Did you see Trumps latest tweet?" This is along with the berating of conservative lifestyles or opinions.

Our grade schools have become liberal indoctrination centers for our children by rewriting text books to put Trump in the worst light. The teachers are reciting liberal talking points instead of actually teaching our children. Some are even having drag Queen story hour. Our University's have become liberal strongholds instead of higher learning institutions and POC's are demanding to be segregated on campus. If Martin Luther King. could see us now. State Governments are caving in to liberals and supporting the destruction of historical statues that may offend someone. Some city Governments have stopped reciting the Pledge of Allegiance because it isn't inclusive enough. And if conservatives speak out against any of it the liberals label you any number of derogatory names.

It is as if people are trying to push the delete button on our National history. Some are even trying to shred our Constitution and rewrite it to fit the times of today. Whatever they are. It goes on and on and on with no end in sight. It is not only a never ending hate Trump fest, but it has also become a hate America and American value fest while promoting illegal alien insurrection on a daily basis. If this is our new normal I'm proud to be considered an antique in some circles.

Our Presidents *Make America Great Again* slogan combined with Hillary's loss has broken many people and the subsequent TDS has driven otherwise normal people absolutely insane. It sickens me to the bone and breaks my heart.

Final thought: I believe that United WE shall stand and Divided WE will indeed fall.

Final Question: If America has become so terrible of a place since Trump was duly elected, why do millions of people want to come here and why haven't the people that said they were going to leave if he were to be elected not left yet?


Ironic, since you lump everyone you complain about into the liberal pot and further the tribalism this president has fostered. It is not you against the world nor should you condone behavior that fosters divide.


How about Trump calling Warren, Pocahontas? Or calling Biden "sleepy Joe:"?

Here is a list of some Trump has called names:

Alex Pareene, Gawker writer Loser

Alex Rodriguez, baseball player Idiot

Alex Salmond, Scottish politician Loser

Amy Pascal, former chairwoman of Sony Pictures Loser

Ana Navarro, political commentator Loser

Anderson Cooper, journalist Dumb

Aneesh S, random Twitter user Dummy

Angelo Carusone, vice-president of Media Matters Loser

Anika Heinmaa, university student Dummy

Anthony Baxter, film maker Dummy

Arianna Huffington, publisher Loser

Barack Obama, U.S. President Idiot

Bill Maher, talk show host Loser

Bill Kristol Loser

Bill Moyers, liberal activist Dummy

Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana A zero

Brah Sumatra, random guy on Twitter Dummy

Brett Jarka, random guy on Twitter Loser

Brian Williams, former NBC News host Dummy

Charles Freeman, writer Dummy

Charles Krauthammer, columnist Loser

Cher, singer Loser

Chris Cillizza, journalist Moron

Chris Jackson, basketball player Loser

Chris Moody, journalist Loser

Chuck Hagel, former defence secretary Moron

Chuck Todd, journalist Loser

Clare O’Connor, Forbes writer Dummy

Dan Amira, senior editor at New York magazine Loser

Danny Zuker, writer of TV’s Modern Family Loser

Dave Centrist, unknown Loser

David Cameron, British Prime Minister Dummy

David Milne, resident of Menie, Scotland Loser

Dr. Thomas Frieden, CDC director Fool

Eric Schneiderman, N.Y. attorney general Loser

Erick Erickson, red-state organizer Loser

Frank Lutz, pollster Loser

Gary, an astrologer in Cleveland Loser

Gavin Rossdale, musician Loser

George Will, columnist nd autahor Loser

Glenfiddich, a whisky brand Joke

Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair Loser

Gwyneth Paltrow, actress Loser

Harry Hurt, Trump biographe rDummy

Hisham Elzanaty, businessman Loser

Howard Stern, radio host Loser

Huffington Post, online news aggragator Loser

ISISEvil losers

J Papadopoulos, Australian Moron

Jamie Flood, Doctor Who fan Dummy

Jacqueline Goldberg, 87-year-old grandmother Loser

Jeb Bush, Republican candidate Loser

Jerry Seinfeld, comic (net worth $700m )Failure

John Heilemann, journalist Dummy

John McCain, U.S. Senator and war hero Loser

Jon Stewart, comedian Dummy

Jonah Goldberg, editor of National Review Loser

Karl Rove, political strategist Loser

Kirsten Powers, political pundit Dummy

Kristina Oakes, One Direction fan Moron

Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC host Fool

Lindsey Graham Idiot

Lord Sugar, English business magnate Loser

Marco Rubio Loser

Mark Cuban, investor Loser

Megyn Kelly, Fox News journalist Loser

Michael Forbes, Scottish farmer Loser

Michele Shephard, business executive Dummy

Michelle Malkin, conservative blogge rLoser

Mike Tollin, documentary filmmaker Loser

New York Daily News, newspaper Loser

Nick McDougall, random guy on Twitter Dummy

Nick Vranas, salesman Dummy, news website Loser

Patrick Blackburn Moron

Paul Goldberger, architecture critic Loser

Philip Crowther, French journalist Loser

Random Twitter User #1 Loser

Random Twitter User #2 Loser

Random Twitter User #3 Idiot

Random Twitter User #4 Loser

Random Twitter User #5 Dummy

Random Twitter User #6 Loser

Random Twitter User #7 Dummy

Random Twitter User #8 Moron

Richard Belzer, actor Stone Cold Loser

Rihanna, singer Loser

Robert Yopp, refrigerator repairman Dummy

Roger Stone, former Trump advisor Stone Cold Loser

Rosie O’Donnell, talk show host Loser

Russell Brand, actor Loser

Ryan Matt, guy in Phoneix Loser

Salon, news website Loser

Sarah A. Wescot-Williams, Prime Minister of Sint Maarten Loser

Sasha Baron Cohen, actor and comedian Moron

Seth Meyers, talk show host Loser

Sheena Monnin, former Miss Pennsylvania Loser

Shelly Kulwin, lawyer Fool

Star Jones, lawyer Fool

Terry Pegula, Buffalo Bills owner Loser

Thamsanqa Jantjie, sign-language interpreter at Mandela funeral Moron

Theo Moll, Vice columnist Dummy

Thokozile Masipa, Oscar Pistorius trial judge Moron


And that is an abbreviated list so it is weird when Trump supporters complain when we call them deplorables or when we call Trump the short fingered orangutan and such, though I can understand being offended when we make fun of his bonespur disability.


Trump got attacked by these "people". He hit back. I don't have a problem with it. He gets down and dirty with his attackers. Nothing wrong with that. The people that voted for him knew what he was. That's why they voted for him. That's why he will win in 2020 by an even larger margin.


Trump is the best troll this world has ever known. His descriptions of these TDS inflicted people are pretty darn accurate too.


I think part of the appeal of President Trump is that he is obnoxious. Twisted as that may seem, the voters are tired of republicans that are "good sports", "gracious losers" and generally willing to just get along rather than fight. All that works in the left's favor. Another reason why they so viciously hate the guy. They don't like it when we fight back and they don't know how to handle it.


Jagman, Trumps massive wins in the primaries were due to his anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim speeches, along with his promises to build a wall that Mexico would pay for.


Three, not "anti-immigrant", anti-ILLEGAL immigrant. Not "anti-muslim", anti muslim TERRORIST. And yes, we need that wall. The chaos at the border proves we need it. Congress refuses to straighten out our immigration policy so that barrier will help at least get the broken system under control. It won't take care of 100% but it will help.


Sticks and stones right Dick? Politics (and public commenting) is not for children. Trump's obnoxious. Oh well. We've had much worse (Rapists and thieves to name just the two most obvious...………)


OK dick, to begin with, most of these people no one ever heard of so how do we know most of this isn't just made up? "Random twitter user"?? really ? You are sounding more desperate by the day.

Second, when Trump whacks someone it is because that person fired first. Many lefties have fallen victim to their own actions here.

And third, so what? This president is proving to be quite effective in accomplishing his campaign promises and communicating with the people. There are many more to go but it is typical for these guys to forget all about the campaign once in office. You don't like it because he is effective.

And his use of Twitter enrages the left because he calls out the hypocrisy and dishonesty that defines the institutional left for the last 75 years. Twitter is the wild west of technology. Take a whack at the president and it will bounce right back to you. And vise/versa by the way.

You need some new material.

I love it. It's far better than having a "gracious loser" willing to fold up when the going gets tough. This guy gets tougher when it get tough.

I fully understand why you and your ilk don't like it. The same reason I love it.


Somewhat apprehensively I decided to comment a short while ago. I know it is a futile exercise serving little purpose and often I take a negative, off the cuff, jab. I checked on my comment and saw another. Then the other comment was deleted. Why? It has been obvious that the afternoon comment editor is and has been very

anti-conservative. That is a shame. There are over 200,000 people in this county yet only a handful daily dominate this section. I have said it before. This could be a great community forum for ideas, insight or discussion. At present it is not and the FNP must share some blame for this. Hopefully they will change. We need thoughtful. civil discussions. Not blatant political polarization..


Your comments and the one responding to it are there.


Why do you continually play the martyr? There are many, many, many conservative comments posted here daily so perhaps you should consider that if your post is tagged then it is not the political slant but the actual post that is the problem.



"Why do you continually play the martyr?" Ian't that a personal attack. But considering the usual rhetoric this attack seems so mild how could it be considered a personal attack? I was not writing about my post but others. My account was reviewed and over the past three years all but two of my multiple deleted comments were reinstated. You guys are slow to believe what is occurring. But in the long run it only hurts your small group. The negativism and the bias only solidifies the opposition. My only motivation is to see a more inclusive, more educational, more civil discussion. The vitriol directed at the commenters is one thing but the negative attacks against the letter writers is simply wrong. It limits public input. And I must say I have a lower respect for people who anonymously insult and badger folks who are willing to write to the general public and not be afraid to identify themselves. This is a policy, I believe, the FNP should correct. But they are a private company.


Your discussions are always pseudo-civil. A thin veneer of tolerance and intellectualism hiding the rigid beliefs underneath.


Jim, martyr is a good description, Thank you, Shift.


Who do you regard as the most thoughtful and civil commenters? Anyone here worth emulating?



Wow! Fun to see the cranial explosions. Some wondered why the FNP would print such an article. It may be simple economics. A majority of the local readers may agree with you. The same people wonder why or how could it be that Trump is a shoo-in for re-election. Could it be that the very small group of liberals that seem to dominate this space are simply out of touch with reality.


Or they may not agree. That thought ever cross your mind?


Cranal explosions, so civil, Jim.


Well said Rick......not sure it’s been reported on the kook-fringe news sources, but since the end of July, eight Illegal Immigrants have committed sex-related crimes and the County Exec just lets the go. Meanwhile, 6 MS-13 gang members murder an individual in B-More. Time to rollout the Welcome Wagon in Frederick. Wake up!


Fox News definitely is one of those lame stream news ‘sources’. Thank you for recognizing that fact


Regarding sources,to quote the nation's worst Secretary of State, and 2-time failed Presidential Candidate, "What difference does it make?" But looking at the bigger picture, today journalism is dead and irrelevant. With the exception of a few outlets, it is simply the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. Exactly like the way Pravda was to Communist Party in the former Soviet Union.


This kind of racist nativism isn't new, and not new to Frederick either. But it had always been -- and is -- despicable, un-American and the minority view.

The author should take stock of his blessings and count among them the blood and sacrifice of forced and voluntary immigrants who made those blessings available to him at all.

We are better than this as a community and a nation. Hate and fear often "wins the argument", but understanding and kindness always wins the day.

- B.G. in Yellow Springs

Comment deleted.
Boyce Rensberger

"It is also obvious, when you look around the whole country, that liberals destroy everywhere they go," jagman claims. If that is true, why are the most liberal states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, California, Washington, etc.) the wealthiest and best educated? Why are the most conservative states (West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, etc.) the poorest both in money and education? Facts matter.


It has nothing to do with liberalism or conservatism.Yes, ‘Illegal Immigrants’ Do Have Constitutional Rights Even Under Trump’s New Immigration Plan law and Supreme Court precedents developed over years of litigation have afforded so-called illegal immigrants some limited protections. he Fifth Amendment guarantees that “[n]o person … shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property” without due process of law.  Further, the Sixth Amendment says in criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy trial, an impartial jury, and the right to counsel.   For U.S. citizens or undocumented immigrants that means, if you are accused of a crime and you can’t afford an attorney, the State will appoint one for you and pay for it. BUT, that only applies to criminal proceedings in state or federal court, for example, if you are charged with assault, murder, or robbery.   However, for undocumented immigrants who face deportation, the law is different. For one, deportation hearings are viewed as administrative/civil processes as opposed to criminal proceedings.  According to a report from the Congressional Research Service, the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has generally been construed to mean that aliens have the right to counsel at their own expense. However, generally, the government is not required to provide an attorney to an undocumented immigrant facing deportation. Further, Section 292 of the Immigration and Naturalization Act requires “In any removal proceedings before an immigration judge and in any appeal proceedings before the Attorney General from any such removal proceedings, the person concerned shall have the privilege of being represented (at no expense to the Government) by such counsel … as he shall choose.” Bottom line: immigrants have the right to an attorney if they can afford to pay for one themselves.  Individual aliens could, however, potentially be found to have a right to counsel at the government’s expense on other grounds, depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case. Several federal courts of appeals have suggested that the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of due process could require the appointment of counsel on a case-by-case basis for individual aliens who are incapable of representing themselves due to “age, ignorance, or mental capacity,” although it is unclear whether any alien has been provided with appointed counsel on this basis to date.  Undocumented immigrants can NOT be detained indefinitely. In Zadvydas v. Davis, 533 U.S. 678 (2001), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the United States CANNOT detain immigrants under deportation orders indefinitely. In other words, let’s say an undocumented immigrant is being deported back to a county that refuses to take him back, he can’t just linger in federal custody for years and years without any justification. In addition, the court found that “substantive due process” applied to undocumented immigrants unless the government can show they are a danger to society or a flight risk. Not surprisingly, Justice Antonin Scalia dissented to this opinion stating: “Due process does not invest any alien with a right to enter the United States, nor confer on those admitted the right to remain against the national will.” But as it stands, undocumented immigrants are afforded some basic due process rights. 


Funny, Rick compares a county with a population of 1,058,810 to Frederick's 255,648 and thinks the issues and problems would be the same. Talk about Apples to Oranges. Wonder how such a progressive county remains one of the most affluent counties in Maryland?

Comment deleted.

Exactly what is a leftist county? Show something that liberals alone have destroyed. How are " Progressivism, Socialism, Communism," the same? Who are the elites at the top - are they all liberal in their philosophy? - Koch brothers, Aldeson, members of ALEC, McConnell, Ross, Perdue and others? Come on man.


Great article. Just turn on the local news. It seems there is a new report of a rape or molestation by an illegal every other day. Where is the outrage?


Rapes happen by others too, do they outrage you as much?

Boyce Rensberger

American citizens rape women more often than do immigrants.


yes so true and they get prosecuting by the local authorities unlike illegals in Montgomery county who get released into the public before ICE can detain them for Federal prosecution and deportation...


These illegals broke the law by being in the country and broke laws while in the country. Therefore, they were arrested. They should have been turned over to ICE but for MoCo Sanctuary policies. These assaults were avoidable and made possible by liberal policies.

Obadiah Plainsmen

Growing up in DC in the 50's & 60's i witnessed "white flight," 50 years later I'm seeing it in Montgomery County.


I agree that Montgomery county has become much more diverse over the last 40-50 years ( but so has the nation.) Given the above statement, how do you reconcile that in 2011, non-hispanic whites were 49% of the population while in 2018 they accounted for 57% of the population. Something in your observation does add up.


Actually, MoCo is becoming less diverse in some ways. Compare the county's demographics with the world's demographics (which if it matched the world's demographics would be the greatest diversity that could be achieved. Even comparing it to the US's demographics would be another appropriate measure of diversity. When one does so, you'll find MoCo has an over representation of certain races and under representation of others. For example the Asian population is greatly under represented when compared to Asian's percentage of the total population. When looking at cultures, for example Hispanic, you'll find that MoCo has an over representation of Hispanics compared to the world's population. If you look at children in K - 6th grade it's even less diverse since Hispanic children are now the largest group in those grades. Finally what study can show quantifiable cost/benefits of diversity. Many (particularly politicians) state the diversity provides enormous benefits as if it is an indisputable fact. How does that square up with other economic powerhouses such as Japan or Germany which aren't terribly diverse? MoCo talks about how much wealth diversity has brought to the county but not the costs. For example, look at the differences in the categories of students who miss the most school in high school. MoCo explains the gaps as students needing to be absent from school to help support their families. If that is true, then those families are not likely contributing to the county as much as the politicians state they are. Something just doesn't add up.

In general, diversity is neither good nor bad, it simple is. In case specific situations, diversity could be good or it could be bad. Without realistic projections of costs/benefits it does not seem like a useful expenditure of resources to just start adopting policies to promote diversity without some appropriate measures such as return on tax payers' dollars.


MD1756, you said’

“the Asian population is greatly under represented when compared to Asian's percentage of the total population”. Total population of what? Asian Americans makeup 4.8% of the state of Maryland population, whereas Asian Americans account for 13.8% of Montgomery County’s population.

But, all of your comparisons are simply ridiculous.


Compare the county's demographics with the world's demographic ??? Montgomery has an over-representation of Hispanics compared to the world's population and other statements like this are not valid comparisons.


Aweteam if you carefully read my comment you'd realize the most appropriate comparison is to the world's population if you really want diversity. 4.8% or even 13.8% don't even come close as China alone has over 1.4 billion out of the roughly 7.7 billion people on the planet. How is that a ridiculous comparison? You state that "all of your comparisons are simply ridiculous." How so? Can you not come up with a logical argument to counter the facts I presented that you can only try to insult?


Hayduke, if you truly want diversity, how are the comparisons not valid? What is your measure of diversity and when we've achieved maximum diversity? What are the quantifiable benefits of diversity? I believe your comment saying my comparison is not valid is the comment that is actually not valid without especially since you don't provide any logical arguments/proof.


When one speaks of diversity in the United States it applies to our nation, a country created by diversity (others). Not only indigenous people, Not Chinese, not Japanese, not German, not English nor French, not Indian, not Spanish or Hispanic, not Nigerian, not Ethiopian or African, not Jews or Gentiles but a diaspora to come as one in the “New World” as Americans and their descendants that live here as Americans.


Actually Montgomery County continues to grow across all ethnicities. Total population up 8.3% from 2010 census.


Using averages can be misleading as is evidenced when you dig into the numbers. So in this case, the average is meaningless. And aweteam, when you speak of "this nation" it is made up of people here and people coming into this nation. One major way for it to change in its demographics is by people coming in from outside in proportions that differ from those already here therefore it is quite valid to compare this county's diversity and this county's diversity to the diversity of the world population as that is the maximum diversity you can expect to achieve at this point. Plain and simple logic. Anything else I would contend is not an appropriate yardstick if your goal is truly diversity. Why should the county diversify if the state doesn't? Why should the state diversify if the Country doesn't. Why should the world population diversify if there is no clear benefit (and generally we're talking economic, and environmental benefits. Again, Germany and Japan are economic powerhouses (beyond their percentage of the world population) and yet they aren't terribly diverse. China is becoming more of an economic powerhouse and they aren't terribly diverse. I'm not for or against diversity but if you're going to spend money on public policies promoting something there better be a clear benefit to the tax payers. And I hold that position for any governmental policy not just immigration. To go one step further, It would help diversity and be economically beneficial if we discouraged people here from having children and then allowed more educated people to immigrate above current levels to meet our skilled workforce needs. I would support policies along those lines.


MD1756, what’s your definition of diversity ?

The color of one’s skin, physical features, their sex, economic or cultural difference? If it’s the color of one’s skin that train has already left the depot.

This year is the first year where minority babies born in America, Americans, will out number those of European descent (white). By 2040 the USA will be a majority brown country. That’s in 21 years. There ain’t anything you can do about that.

Most feel the definition of diversity is the condition of having or being composed of differing elements, variety, especially : the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures). Typically diversity is based on ethnicity (tribal or ancient cultural traditions). And btw, when it comes to ethnic diverse countries the USA ranks 85th.


Aweteam, my definition of diversity doesn't matter, however in these comments I'm using what I think the various governments in the US use, which is a combination of race, sex, and just one culture (Hispanic). However, I don't really care what definition you use for diversity as long as it makes sense. The current common measure seems illogical (use of race and only one culture) but it is what the governments use.

Bak to the numbers, again aweteam you can't just look at averages. If for example, a large percentage of "minority babies born in America" are Hispanic and Hispanics make up only a small percentage of the world's population then we really haven't likely become much more diverse and have probably become less diverse. Now if it is Asians that are responsible for most of the growth in population in the US, then we are becoming more diverse. Whatever groups you want to use to describe diversity, our population should be compared to that of the world in order to measure how diverse we are.

I see you use a wikipedia source that uses only one method, and that method uses different factors than the governments in the US are using to come up with "fact" that the US ranks 85th in the world diversity measure. That list you use places that Soviet Union and Yugoslavia ahead of us in terms of diversity (neither entity currently exists), but more importantly, the list compares the levels of ethnic, cultural (biased towards linguistic variations as opposed to genetic), linguistic and religious fractionalization in different countries, which again are not the measures used by our politicians so what relevance does it have here? I don't really care one way or the other about diversity except when people start putting our limited resources into it and demanding change without providing good numbers as to the cost/benefit. If the overall benefits outweigh the costs (and that's a measure I use in much of my decision making of significance) then of course you spend the resources to realize the benefits. If the benefits aren't clear, then you gather more information before expending a lot of resources. However, since there are more pressing needs (core governmental functions that are not being properly addressed), you take care of those first and put the less important issue on the back burner. And when governments already can't meet their basic core needs, how much should they put into something with questionable cost/benefit?

By the way as far as diversity in my immediate area, I have Cuban neighbors on one side of me and white neighbors on the other and I like the Cuban neighbors better but it has nothing to do with race or culture. It has more to do with the Cuban neighbors being more technically oriented (and since I'm an engineer, I find it easier to relate to technically oriented people (whether or not they have a formal education)).


And population growth is not good. Will it stop when MoCo looks like Northern NJ? Will it stop when the prices get so high that rents will be like Manhattan? With more than one million people in MoCo will it be better after we have more than 2 million? We are ultimately destroying this planet and other species with our continued growth. I for one have sympathy for the species we are killing off because of our population growth.


Howard County has experienced the highest population growth in Maryland since the last census with a growth rate of 11.26% to a total 2019 population of 321,113. Other counties that have posted population growth of more than 5% since the 2010 census include Charles County (8.53%), Montgomery County (8.47%), Frederick County (7.62%), and St. Mary's County (6.53%). The county that has experienced the most significant decline is Allegany County with -4.48% growth since the census.

Obadiah Plainsmen

"White flight" does not mean one has to cross from one jurisdiction to another. Back in the 40's & 50's & early 60's SE Washington Ward 8 (Anacostia and Congress Heights) were considered white neighborhoods. Then something changed, the "flight" began. They moved to MC, PG but also many to Ward 3 (upper NW) in DC. Now look at the demographics of Takoma Park, Langley Park , Wheaton/Glenmont. The white liberals of Chevy Chase/ Bethesda/ Potomac have constructed a large wall of wealth around them. No none is allowed in unless we see your bank account. Just google pockets of poverty in Montgomery county. Tell me who is mostly affected.


Agree but you've just proved the point. It is a function of economics, not race. The same is true of other areas in poor states that have issues - look at crime rates in the poor south, or West Virginia, etc.


Look at these cities... Do they all fit your narrative OP??

Obadiah Plainsmen

Yup, point proven, economic discrimination is alive and well in Montgomery County. And it will soon be disguised here under the title of Livable Frederick.

Obadiah Plainsmen

HD you missed it completely, it's not about crime.But that's the excuse they all made. But with all these people coming into Frederick how does one keep their community small & rural. Maybe they are not welcome unless they can pay to play!


Hate to break it too you but economic issues are alive and well in every county, city, state and country. Are you advocating for a more socialistic system ???


Rick, educate yourself before you embarrass yourself with ignorance. First, learn what the 287(g) Program does in Frederick County. It is not a part of the Law Enforcement Bureau arm of the FCSO. No Deputies are allowed to make arrests of people for immigration violations. I think there is another lawsuit now against the FCSO for a Deputy inquiring about a lady’s immigration status and arresting her illegally for a broken taillight. The 287(g) Program is not a Law Enforcement Program!!! The 287(g) Program MOA is with the Corrections Bureau arm of the FCSO. It allows ICE trained CO’s to interrogate persons arrested for a crime and brought to the Detention Center to determine if the are in the Country illegally. If they are, a “detainer” is placed on them so they can be held until ICE takes them to be tried for the Federal Laws of Immigration violations. The Sheriff has earned Fame and Fortune touting the 287(g) Program as something it is not. No one is taken off the streets of Frederick County for being an illegal alien or a gang member under the auspices of the 287(g) Program. Actually, most of those arrested and found to be in the County illegally were originally arrested by the Frederick PD or the MSP, not the FCSO. Sheriff Jenkins can’t keep that a secret any longer, try as he might.


Phy, the woman was detained for one hour on the roadside for an equipment failure violation until a Spanish speaking Deputy arrived on scene. SHE requested the deputy, and it took time to find one and get them there. She was not arrested, and was free to go after the stop. Her drivers license clearly indicated that she was an undocumented alien. The officer may comment on the status, but not act on it. She was also free to not answer the question.


noted gab, she was not arrested, my error. She also did not have a broken taillight, the supposed reason she was stopped. Peace.


Were you there? If not, how do you know? Do you honestly believe that the officer thought “hey, that car looks like is being driven by illegals.” I was pulled over for the same thing several years ago due to a loose bulb. In my case I was given an equipment failure warning and had to provide a receipt to show that I got it fixed.

Rick Blatchford

You are missing the entire point.


Thanks to Ba'Lane Young and his frat boys, Frederick county is a democratic county. All the new housing developments rubber stamped by Ba'Lane have spurred an influx of new democrats to Frederick County. THANK YOU BA'LANE FOR TURNING FREDERICK COUNTY BLUE :)


[thumbup] Very true Kelly. Every house. townhouse, condo, JTP, Urbana etc etc approved under the last BOCC has resulted in Frederick County turning ever so slowly BLUE.

Boyce Rensberger

Not since the Red Scare of the 1950s have we had as irrational and ignorant scaremongering as Blatchford offers.

Why does the paper give valuable space to columns like this that give opinions without argument, without explaining the evidence that leads them to their opinion. Shouldn't the point of an opinion column be to persuade others to accept your opinion or at least to give it some thought? Columns that fail to do that, such as this one and those of Harry Covert, are just the written versions of a toddler stamping his feet. So tiresome.


Boyce.... have you been asleep since 1985? When was the last time you stepped foot in MoCo?

Rick Blatchford

As usual, you miss the entire point.


"Some say that MontCo (increasingly called “loco MoCo”) ...." in your dreams


MoCo i common (not MontCo). I'm not so sure about the "loco" label combined with MoCo.


Rick says "While I abhor unfounded accusations by the left" in his last sentence. Ironic that the entire column is founded on accusations that are from an unnamed source and full of his own unfounded accusations. Another example of tribalism. Well many here would probably place my opinions in the "lefty" or "socialist" column they fit in what used to be a moderate or middle ground outlook. Do I think violent criminals, whether citizen or immigrant, should be released, no. However, the courts are the ones who establish this.

Rick Blatchford

Hayduke2 - If you're still out there, my source is an established Dem. [wink]


Blatchford again shows he has no understanding of true law enforcement. It is bully Bully, Bully, all the time


Rick, From the last line it looks to me like you are in favor of the audit, so why are you criticizing the county government for asking for the audit??? Also, please stop with the name calling. That is disappointing.


The only people who call Montgomery County “loco MoCo” are the people who give Frederick the nickname “Fredneck.” This op-ed is nothing but a xenophobic rant. FNP— Why would you publish this?


My thoughts exactly. Beat me to it!


People in Frederick County have been called "Fredneck" for many decades. Has nothing to do with any other county.


All of this because Jan ordered an audit of the 287 (g)? No where has it been suggested that it should end. Rick has his head in the sand.


All this liberal cares about is cleaner air and water. This liberal is plenty well armed and trained to deal with any scofflaws that might come around the house. Why conservatives do not like clean air and water is beyond comprehension- they claim they need their guns for hunting, but race to mow down every bit of wild land for extraction and exploitation. Of course, with their private game farms where they can shoot hand raised "game", there really is no need for wild public land, is there?


Clean, What are you extrapolating?


Just heard this morning on the news that Montgomery County arrested an 8th illegal immigrant since July, for rape. One of them raped his 15-yr old step-daughter. Yet, bc of the ridiculous sanctuary city law, instead of turning these people over to ICE, they have released them back in to the community. How does that help the citizens there?

Liberal policies ruin their county, then the residents who wanted these policies don’t like what’s happening, so they’ll move to Frederick County & ruin things here.


Reminds of Trump's line "that's what people are saying; some very respected people are saying that."


They do NOT get released back into the community any more than any accused rapist would. Their immigration status has nothing to do with them being released or not. Why is this so hard for people to understand? Accused rapists make bail all the time.




AW, stop with the facts. I am only interested in "what people are saying; some very respected people..."


Resurbana, Have you seen the Frederick County Crime map. There’s a lot of sexual assaults in our own county, out pacing Mont. Co., especially in the Thurmont area. Quite a number of pedophiles.

Btw, the alleged rapist wasn’t from Montgomery County and is being held on bail in Fairfax, County.


More fear mongering to keep the 287(g) program from getting audited. This is really getting pathetic. What are you guys afraid of? Why is an audit so terrible?


It might reveal something the far right wingers don't want you to know.


Ask the esteemed sherf. Maybe his tough guy border trips will be curtailed.


For the same reason that their President doesn't want to show his taxes.


wow - solid letter now wait for the liberals to show up and rain on the parade!



Comment deleted.



Frederick county liberals will get what they deserve. Tiz a pity. It was a nice area.




So, you are leaving?


Not soon enough


Morsus mihi powers.


A nice area when? 60’s-70’s when everyone knew their place? What we deserve is to have the good ole boys depart.


You Got that Right.


Yes! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

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