Last weekend, Republican political advisor Sarah Isgur Flores tweeted, “A lot of quiet conversations among conservative thought leaders today about how to prepare for a ‘post Trump’ Republican Party — whether its impeachment or a loss in 2020. People thinking about how that shakes out and where they fit. This is not good for Trump.”

Actually, no — it’s not good for the Republican Party. Love him or hate him (and it’s clear that a lot of establishment Republicans don’t love him), Trump’s candidacy and presidency have exposed the deceit of the American press, the corruption in our government and the true political intentions of the American left.

Millions voted for Trump in 2016, having watched Republicans like John McCain, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do a dainty dance around a hostile and aggressive left. Worse, after having given the GOP control of the House (in 2010) and Senate (in 2014), conservative voters watched as it did nothing.

Trump came in as a non-politician and knocked down 16 other Republican presidential candidates like they were bowling pins. Too many Republicans didn’t “get it” then, and they obviously don’t “get it” now.

Republicans complaining about Trump’s demeanor apparently think, “If we just run someone who’s dignified, the press will be nice — or at least fair — to him.” How blind can they be? Romney — as dignified and respectable a politician as ever existed — is one of the leading Republican voices critical of Trump. He seems to have forgotten that the press destroyed his candidacy with lies. The same was true for John McCain, who was evil incarnate when running as the Republican nominee for president in 2008 and only became the left’s personification of “senior statesman” after he lost.

The left has been screaming “impeachment” since Inauguration Day and has shown itself willing to go to the most elaborate lengths in an effort to undo the election and remove Trump from office.

First there were the false claims of “collusion” with Russia. The left knew these accusations were specious. And yet the nation was dragged through a pointless two-year investigation that only revealed that the person purportedly in charge of the investigation — Robert Mueller — had little to no idea what was going on, and that operatives in the FBI and the Justice Department had manipulated the laws and legal process in an effort to spy on Trump’s campaign and administration, and frame him for misconduct.

Then, when the “collusion” narrative fell apart, the story became “obstruction of justice,” despite Trump’s never having interfered with Mueller’s investigation and having provided all the documentation he was asked for.

Now the tack has shifted again, to a recent conversation Trump had with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in which Trump discussed the possibility that then-Vice President Joe Biden threatened to cut off U.S. financial support to Ukraine unless a particular Ukrainian prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, was fired. Biden was captured on tape saying: “I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours, If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch. He got fired.”

Biden’s people claim that the U.S. government wanted Shokin out because he wasn’t rooting out corruption. But that story is complicated by the fact that Biden’s son Hunter Biden had managed to obtain a seat on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company under investigation for corruption. Hunter Biden was being paid as much as $50,000 a month, despite zero experience in the natural gas or energy industries.

Democrats argue that Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president amounts to requesting foreign interference in a presidential election, since Joe Biden is now a front-runner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. They claim not one but two “whistleblowers” have come forward to reveal the conversation. The second whistleblower characterized the conversation between Trump and Zelensky as “crazy” and “frightening.” But the White House released the transcript of the phone call, and neither claims of threats and pressure nor “frightening” tactics are substantiated by it. (In fact, rabidly pro-impeachment Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff have tacitly admitted as much, characterizing Trump’s bland language on the call as “code” and a “classic Mafia-like shakedown.”)

It isn’t just President Trump who is on the receiving end of Democrats’ machinations. They continue to try to unseat Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whose confirmation was nearly destroyed by 36-year-old uncorroborated accusations of sexual assault at a high school party. The Kavanaugh debacle revealed that the left is willing to abandon due process, the rule of law and the presumption of innocence — and even threaten witnesses — to get what it wants.

Trump, Kavanaugh and other enemies of the left have been subjected to a barrage of lies, threats, baseless accusations and manipulation of the law. The left threatens our most basic constitutional rights and disparages constitutional protections against majoritarian abuse, like the Electoral College. In the face of this, Republicans are whispering about what to do “after Trump”?

For years, Republican politicians were such easy targets for the left. They pulled their punches and tucked their tails between their legs every time the political left and their lapdogs in the national media called them a nasty name, or attacked their proposed policies as “racist” or “bigoted” or displays of hatred for the poor. In Trump the left now has a political opponent who punches back — hard. For that, the left hates him.

The question isn’t how the Republican Party will survive Trump; it’s how — and whether — it will survive without him.

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Laura , you have written a wonderfully honest account of the past 3 years and the lefty Dems in general...obama, hillary,schiff watters, pelosi etc are cheats, liars and conspirators AGAINST the citizens of America and only fools or and co-conspirators will vote for them. Trump has done a magnificent job in spite of these despicables


A pity that the account is not true. Otherwise, it is fine.


gar, A pity your account of this account is not true. Otherwise, it would be fine.


The Trump Crime Family worries about Hunter Biden. That’s pretty rich.


Good ol' Laura. "The question isn’t how the Republican Party will survive Trump; it’s how — and whether — it will survive without him." Is it really? As if anyone who's not you even cares.


Excellent! A conservative author who begins her opinion piece by acknowledging that post-Trump planning is well underway; that Republican wins in the House and Senate in 2010/2014 did NOTHING for their party or our country; and then proceeds to blame Democrats and the media for the indefensible problems created by that very Party. Yeah, the handwriting's on the wall. Look, Trump's "Republican Party" will be branded as a group of do-nothing and cowardly politicians as history is written. Now desperately searching to explain away their support and protection of an aberrant, self-serving, and corrupt president, who wasn't a Republican to begin with, and who they are finally admitting (to themselves), is UNFIT for office. The Republican leadership helped to create a sick monster with their silence, but now seek to blame the press, AND the Democrats, AND America's entire intelligence and diplomatic communities, AND the entire FBI,.... AND immigrants, AND the courts, AND Nancy Pelosi,..... AND..... AND ......AND a never-ending litany of bogus excuses as they attempt to protect their own backsides and what's left of their political careers. The wrong side of history to be on, folks. A truly embarrassing legacy for the GOP. Too bad they never stood up to the monster when they remained silent through his morally bankrupt campaign and completely dysfunctional administration. Now the GOP can proudly tune-in as the sick and morally bankrupt liar ramps up his 2020 campaign, while America is turning away in disgust. Thanks, FNP, for publishing a piece which best illustrates why the Republican Party is in trouble in America today. Their leadership? Truly deplorable.


Americans, by and large, hate a coward. Today's GOP is the epitome of cowardliness. No words or actions can justify standing with an immoral, disgusting vile heap of dung that occupies the White House now. Eleven thousand Kurds gave their lives for this country fighting ISIS and Trump turns his back on them when they need us the most. We need to ask the GOP if they're with the USA or are they with Turkey and Putin.


That is entirely your opinion fool. Every bit of that comment sounds like talking points from the new group called #letscallhimnamesunlitourheadspopoffclan and their affiliate clan #policetheworldwithtax$wedontpayanyway. ----


ah ah ah, name calling as usual, huh rikki? Just cannot help yourself can you? (re: your comment to olefool)


Your comrade in arms, ole foolish one, can't not call Trump names wheelie and Trump isn't here to defend himself against the pettiness on this board so I will. Got a problem with that?


Of course it's his opinion. He still cares enough to ask Rs anything that might offer insight. Where others think, "eh."


Yet he fails to ask any questions whatsoever pertaining to the last administrations illegal, immoral and disgustingly unethical practices against an american citizen that started this whole waste of time and money "investigations because "she" lost. Do what I say not as I do, right? Give me a break.


An interesting article, but way late and facts have caught up with it. It matters now what Biden or son actually did. We should investigate ourselves and not ask for help when that might seem that we ask for lies for a price, of course.


You mean the "left's" facts right gar? "It matters now what Biden or son actually did." Glad we agree that what "It" really means, means something, and they should be investigated and when found guilty they should be dunked in water and watch to see if they float.

Will wonders never cease? Your "We should..." sentence really hits home. In other words we should "self-reflect"? Is that what you're saying? In the same sentence you say we shouldn't ask for help. You mean no support groups or even individual allies without a price? So in your corrupt world as well as your democrat allies, you have to "pay to play"? For some reason that term sounds awfully familiar. Please explain the way this "pay to play" works. Or, you could just ask the entire Obama administration.


Reading rikki's statement above is like trying to decipher chicken's clucking.... A lot of nonsense but nothing of substance. If rikki needs an explanation of what "pay to play" means or how it works I suggest he call this number (202) 456-1111. That's where the pay to play lessons are going on today.


Truth hurts huh fool?


It is so very simple. The USA has the CIA and the FBI and all; we should do our own investigations. When we ask for another country to investigate many months after the event, it can only be taken as a request for lies. Why else should we ask when we have so many resources? But I do like your theory. Very ingenious. Just wrong.


thats where the investigation started and was destroyed by Biden and his threat to withhold a Billion in loan guarantees unless it was stopped ....wonder how you could miss that one


In YOUR opinion it is wrong. Yeah we know, "lies, damned lies and statistics." That is the left's truth in their alternative universe.

gabrielshorn2013 matter which party wins.




Interesting question? Just the fact that this column appears in the FNP shows the remarkable changes that have occurred since DJT's victory. But is it Trump or is it the American people? Politicians like Biden ( and they were more the norm then the exception) were tolerated as long as people lives were reasonably stable. As long as people were able to live within communities that were reasonably aligned with their belief system. A slow erosion of values and laws have taken place over the last 50 to 70 years. Similar to a volcano building up over time this slow erosion led to an eruption. Trump is the face of that eruption but not the underlying cause. What lies ahead after Trump? The American people.


Trump is proof that lies work. But, as Lincoln said, "You can not fool all the people all the time." Sooner or later, the truth emerges, and it is LATER.


Trump trumped the lie strategy by adding hate-speak. Combining anti-news with anti-immigrant, along with shock jock entertainment has been his trifecta. I would like a boring president, who is super smart, educated, experienced, ambitious, and tries to do a good job and be a good person.


That was obama's game but you never called him out


Spin it like the good democrat does gar. You can even put some projection into your universe's lie.




Me, too.


[thumbup]three "Boring Every Minute of Every Day!" is the slogan I want to see


Nonsense- stuck in an alternate reality.


It's only "nonsense" because you refuse to accept the truth of reality.Your girl will never be President of the United States, NOR, will any more democrats be elected to the office of the Presidency. Get it through that thick skull of yours. It's over.


Wow rikki, you have Hillary doing cartwheels and dancing the bugaloo inside your head. She's not even running for office. Come back after the elections (or impeachment) when reality sets in..


Wow ole foolish one, haven't you seen that Trump is living rent free in "her" head? "of course I could beat him again" She's something else. I'm thinking she will jump in at the last possible minute because "creepy joe" is sinking fast. 'Feel the bern' has heart issues and isn't worthy of the Presidency. Warren? well the DNC won't allow it for the fact that many of the DNC's big donors will support Trump if she is the contender because of her policies towards them. They've already admitted as much. You guys ain't got nothin' but her. Many Trump supporters want her to run. Kind of like Forrest Gump. "Run Hillary, RUN!!


Speaking of values and morality, for all you kids out there regardless of political affiliation, if a 60-year-old man, now 73 brags about putting his hand up a woman’s private areas he’s a pervert, call the police!, Immediately! Even if it’s a family member. He could eventually be president, or worse.

‘A public service announcement’.

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