You don’t need me to tell you how politically divided our country is. Although if you remove politics from the equation, on a day-to-day or local level, most of us get along just fine regardless of what “side of the aisle” we’re supposedly on. Yeah, I serious dislike that “side of the aisle” phrase. It fabricates division and leads us to believe that we must pick a side. In reality, I believe most of us want a lot of the same things, like a safe community, economic opportunity, decent health care and good schools, among other things. It’s also one reason why politics is also known as the “art of deception,” the highest of the manipulative arts. Frankly, to even call politics an “art” undermines the real meaning of art, which is at its core, basically, honest self-expression.

Of course, this manipulation, deception and spin is nothing new, but one thing that has taken it to a new level over the past few years is social media. As a platform, social media unleashes a pandora’s box of opinions that gain traction like a virus and almost instantly validate ideas that otherwise would never be considered to have any merit in the first place. It’s basically the wild, wild west, where anything goes (for now). Fair enough, we can categorize it as “free speech,” but the problem is that it starts to infect those who have been elected and entrusted to carry out and legislate rational ideas for the common good. There’s no shortage of divisive issues these days because every issue is divisive. At the top of the billboard hit list these days is, of course, inflation, with a supporting cast that includes abortion, racism, immigration, gun control and one I never dreamed would be rolling off everyone’s tongue: the supply chain.

This leads me to the issue that should be exempt from all this political kowtowing, and that is the baby formula shortage. Now I’m not here to dissect why we have a shortage because you already know if you’ve been watching and reading the news. My issue is, why is there so much jawboning about whose fault it is and how whatever is being proposed isn’t a good plan? Yes, to an extent, that’s the democratic process we cherish in this country, but at the same time, maybe we should just get something going here? I mean, come on, we’re talking about babies. Get something done. You would think that cute, innocent babies, who have no political agenda would be the one thing that might actually bring the two sides together. When I heard about the House of Representatives vote to help out all those families, I figured it would be a slam dunk. After all, this is not a special interest group. We were all babies once.

Luckily, as of this writing, the House of Representatives has passed both bills proposed by the Democrats, one by a large margin of 414-9, with many Republicans joining Democrats in a measure that will allow more low-income women to purchase baby formula through the Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program. The other measure passed by a slimmer margin of 231-192, and it provides $28 million in emergency funds to the FDA to address the shortage.

Next up, the Senate will take up the vote and may have voted by the time you read this. Regardless of what happens, maybe we can see a little glimmer of hope and some common ground come out of this crisis from both parties. Will they let the little children lead them?

Nelson embraces unconventional wisdom and writes from Myersville. Email him at

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Greg F

What a rambling letter. As a population, we are all doomed if we ever have any real conflict on our turf or massive issue with supply chain that is even worse than now (which given the current situation seems inevitable). I can't imagine who did not see this coming a mile away when TP was nowhere to be found. Geez...stock up already and be proactive vs reactive. You don't have to be a prepper to see this was not out of the question as to happening, and you don't have to act like preppers for every scenario, but do act ahead for those you know will directly impact you. My HOA doesn't allow generators...but that will be something I will work my way onto the council to get allowed. Same with solar. I put one in another home that is susceptible and ensured it has months of fuel if needed...and built it to withstand 140mph winds to boot. Some of us can see the obvious. Some of us walk around with blinders.


Greg, your HOA may not allow, but when there is a significant power outage, that is measured in days vs hours, and you start running a generator, wait and see how many of your neighbors complain vs come running with their extension cords wanting to hook-up for a little while to keep the food in their refrigerator/freezer from going bad.


Well, there does seem to be some limits on this topic. I have yet to see that the "special formula" is to feed space aliens that are under a secret plan and that honest opposition means to build a "space wall" to keep the invaders out. No mobs shouting "Build that wall." Or any on the other side saying "You can not build a wall in the air."

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